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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
StalkyGurlNC4T_PickpocketingMod - Polish Translation (Spolszczenie) (Script & Core Mods)
DigitalGothAdult traits For Children and Teens (Traits)
SungwoopsUnlocked Lot Traits & Challenges (Updated version of Dorsal Axe) (Overrides)
DeveloperGoddessWeb Developer Career (Careers)
Rieszky123Triangular Blue Loading Screen (Game Mods)
MasterOfDarknessAura PC & Notebook (Study / Office)
KiyraNekochanThe Great Smudge Carpet (Walls and Floors)
Likki Green Cat99 Unnatural Colorful Skintones (Skintones)
UnLeashedWolfieSpecial Sims Can Age (Traits)
Mrs MerleSimArt for your walls! (Decorative)
TowairaitoForgotten Grotto Wedding Venue (Community)
EvillinSpanish Villa (Residential)
ViiK26Heartstopper Leaves Wall Paper (Walls and Floors)
hmcb96Plant Art Recolours on 3 Maxis Meshes (Decorative)
Ts TeamBuggy Bunny Toddler T-Shirt (Everyday)
TenNoKoe_Modern Apartments 2022 (Apartments)
spherefishWildlife and Minor Pet Hunting (Script & Core Mods)
fukasetrashAlex Casto (Other)
LunarKatriBasegame Long Skirt Waist High (Everyday)
darren111Scratch Off Mod for Grocery Store (Script & Core Mods)
ePSYlordEarn Money Practicing On Piano - Mansion and Garden version. (Object Mods)
0ph12 Cover Up Road - Makeover - No CC (Residential)
avamarie073Mens Rollingostones T-Shirt in Black (Everyday)
Sennievery language have english version names [CAS & random townies] WORKS FOR PETS TOO! (Overrides)
Mister GustravaPrince Escalus Manor apartment (Apartments)
DazzaJayAustralian Wheelie Bins (Appliances)
nasakuraTurn on/off & Auto-Lights on Unowned Lots (Script & Core Mods)

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