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Default Ever had Dreams or Nightmares of Sims 2? (Or fears)
I have nightmares about Sims 2 quit often... mostly I play the game in my dream and mostly it is acting weird... starts to change resolution, corruption or graphic bugs... Just today I dreamed that a random toddler had a LTW and aspiration and thought my whole neighborhood was broken... Then I woke up and was happy that all was fine of course XD I do have a fear of these things and everytime something happens like a crash I get pretty scared... Low Resolution is even a thing I can't see... If I would start Sims 2 and it would suddenly change to 800x600 I would just start to panik and cry .-. I guess thats why I have nightmares about it such often? Do you guys also sometimes have Dreams or Nightmares about Sims or Sims 2 specific? Do you also have fears about it? I mean as Child pretty sure but my fear didn't changed the past 13 years since I started playing it lol
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Sims 2 is to get away from nightmares for me
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I used to have nightmares about sims fighting on apartment lots and community lots when playing on my old computer because that used to actually happen back then because I was playing the game fully vanilla and those nightmares no linger happen now playing UC heavily Modded and I do still have the option to allow sims on communit lots withoug restrictions though fighting is only supposed to happen on a rough community lot in a very tough slum neighborhood or in a slum apartment building.
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Kind of had this night, actually. Something having to do with my story, or telling someone about it - and then someone insisted on throwing a lot of snow in the entrance door (in the dream), and I woke up. Kinda weird...
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As a kid I had a kinda nightmare about Sims 2 in the pre-release to it. At the time I was playing a game called "Ghost Master" where you sent ghosts into people's homes to haunt them. The game was fun, but the humans had that early, awkward 3D look (I think they looked similar to Sims on the consoles back then) and if you zoomed out too much the game turned colourless and all sounds were muted except a ghostly wail, that always freaked me out.
In my dream not only did the Sims 2 Sims look like those kinda weird looking humans in Ghost Master, but the whole grey screen and ghostly wail thing happened too.

And a couple of days ago I had a nightmare about Sims 4 (even though I don't really play that game, I do like to follow the news). If anybody doesn't know, the last couple packs for Sims 4 were bugged to the point of unplayable. In my dream they announced a pack where there was some sort of scenario where contractors were fixing something in your Sims' house over a weekend and your challenge was to keep your Sims happy despite the typical, Sims 4-branded "whacky shenanigans" the contractor NPCs would come up with to annoy them.
From what I understood in the dream the NPCs were supposed to run through several stages across a 48-in-game-hour period. However, the scenario was so bugged that it was still running after 9 Sim days and hadn't even come close to finish, all the while my Sims' sinks and toilets were backing up constantly, and most of the contractor NPCs were having a loud non-stop party in the kitchen keeping my Sims from sleeping. One bug I remember was that the head contractor was suppose to order a replacement part through the computer, but due to a glitch she just stood there, staring at the computer for 9 Sim hours (my Sims were naturally blocked from using that computer during that time)
So all in all it sounded weirdly realistic for a Sims 4 pack, didn't it?

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Originally Posted by Orphalesion
At the time I was playing a game called "Ghost Master" where you sent ghosts into people's homes to haunt them. The game was fun, but the humans had that early, awkward 3D look (I think they looked similar to Sims on the consoles back then)

True! looked the game up and it really looks like a sims game.. How scary XD

One thing that is kinda weird that Sims 1 and 2 in my Dream is always broken and scary but when I dream about Sims 4 (Which I'm also not playing at all since years) it always looks like the perfect game even though its mostly just me dreaming about the amazing looking CC it has... The only good thing about Sims 4 are the mods and CC... I always wake up after those dreams with the strong desire to buy all Sims 4 packs .-. then I have to tell myself the rest of the day to not do that cause that would be the worst usage of my little money... How weird would it be if companies could hack your brain and let you dream about their products to give you the desire to buy them (Maybe EA already did that? lol)
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I know that I dreamt about Sims a couple of times but all the details are gone. This is true of all my dreams; I dream a lot and remember everything after I wake up but ten minutes later all is lost, except maybe for the general tenor. My Sims dreams were no nightmares but they were certainly vexing - trying to make them do something and not succeeding at all.
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I've dreamt more than once since my old computer crashed that I was actually able to start it up again and playing sims 2 and then I've woken up disapointed that it wasn't true. I've also had some sims 2 nightmares. In one, I was out shopping in my hometown and suddenly sims 2 premades and townies started staring at me from across the street or coming up to chat. I hated it, it was like running into people I've met before but don't really know and I have to make small talk to them - an absolute torture. In another, me and Mr AnMal were chased through the Crypt'O'Night club by a witch and Mr AnMal became a sim with the chess-hand glitch. I screamed when the witch was catching up with us and woke real life Mr AnMal up.
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I don't recall any recent dreams about Sims, but I recall a few dreams in my early Simming days, when I suppose I was putting a lot of my effort into learning the game. I don't recall ever having had a dream where I was sitting at a computer playing (or trying to play) The Sims. Generally my Sims were "real" and I was in beside them. I recall one dream where some nasty Sims were trying to hurt me. But a lot of other Sims were on my side and trying to protect me. I was a bit scared of the nasty Sims, but was pleased to have so many Sim friends ready and willing to keep me safe. I only recall one dream where I was controlling a Sim. But I wasn't controlling him electronically. No, he was about 18 inches (45cm) tall and I was taking him round on a lead like a dog!

In addition to dreams when I am asleep in bed, I also have Sims daydreams when I am ostensibly awake. By far the best was when my best Sim friend Andrew paired me up with Chester Gieke. "You should really have more friends your own age," Andrew said. (He is a teen whereas in Sims terms I'm really an Elder.) "You'd make a good pair with Chester Gieke." Slow though I have been in admitting it myself, Andrew clearly had no difficulty seeing that I was gay -- as of course he is himself. This has an effect in my game: I try to keep Chester out of any committed relationship so he'll still be available for me when I'm able to join him.

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Not specific to dreams or nightmares, but there have definitely been some times when I've found myself walking through some building or another of mine while asleep... Stormwall and the Union Grove Visitor Center are the only two I can specifically remember that I've uploaded, and in those cases it was after I'd already completed them, so I can't say they're inspired by a dream or something like that! Union Grove I actually dreamed I was working at, which is kind of amusing, since at least my subconscious thinks it's a believable enough National Park setting to be leading a guided walk through!

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When I was a kid, I'd often dream about games I couldn't wait to play. I was hooked back then! Fast forward nearly two decades and I began to play The Sims 2 with my little sister, who I've got 15 years on. She's recently moved away, I miss her a lot and so I've dreamed multiple times that we're playing together again and making up stories. In one of those, somehow we were the ones speaking Simlish with the dialogue boxes and all and the Sims were interpreting our words... which is what we did often when they spoke lol.

For example...
Sim: [Ladybug, sun, city, crossed out city.]
My sister with her crazy ideas: He says that a ladybug harnessed the power of the sun through photosynthesis and destroyed SimCity.

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#12 Old 9th Jun 2022 at 4:42 PM
I rarely dream about the Sims but it definitely happened. I firstly started dreaming when I was a tween who just discovered CC. I couldn't figure it out how to put it in my game and I was fixated on that idea so I dreamed about my game having a lot of CC and making gorgeous emo sims lmao. I was particularly dreaming of Body Shop and browsing through 50+ eye colors, skin tones, makeup and hair. Fast forward to today, I'm constantly decluttering my game and trying to use maxis as much as possible by downloading recolors and add ons.

Nowadays, whenever I dream, which is once in a couple of months, is whenever I play the game before bed and was fixated on something. It's usually me making a super gorgeous home that looks like it's from Pinterest interior designs, or when I get fixated on a storyline that I dream about playing that family. It's crazy how we never dream of our phones except of me loosing/breaking it but are more likely to dream about The Sims.
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Bodyshop... That remembers me that I also had nightmares about that one cause it always confused for what it was... I one time started it as little child and the grey Sims and the dark surroundings always I never used it for years cause I thought its some kind of unfinished, broken part of Sims... I didn't knew that CC existed and thought on youtube they would have some kind of amazing AP with things in different Artstyles... I was always jealous

I also never dream about my phone even though it's always there huh...
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Y'know the whole "look at player" behavior in the game when sims are idling? Yep. That was enough nightmare fuel for my 9 year old self.

I did recently have a dream about corruption and MTS though. In my dream I was playing as a single elder alien sim. I was messing around with testingcheatsenabled, as you do, so I shift clicked the elder and discovered a new interaction-- "Toddler Test". Upon clicking it the interaction spawns the base game high chair. In it sat an invisible toddler (save for a few accessories--bracelets I think?). The toddler was just an NPC or something because it wasn't added to the family. I couldn't get rid of it; deleting the high chair or toddler in any way was impossible. All I could do was exit without saving.

Then I came here and created a thread asking if anyone else had experienced Toddler Test before (as it was undocumented). A few other people tried it out in their game and then complained that it corrupted their games to the point where it wouldn't even run. Apparently, even if you quit without saving, Toddler Test immediately rewrites all of your game files. All of them. So, yeah.

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I've dreamed about the sims various times. Oddly, I'm almost always inside the game myself, so the sims are life-sized, or perhaps I'm sim-sized. Yet I'm still somehow always the player but now directing the sims while besides them in their buildings.

This morning, I dreamed I was inside a neighborhood I hadn't played since April. This made me want to play it again, so this afternoon, I backed up the current The Sims 2 folder and copied in the other The Sims 2 folder. So it goes. I'd been switching back and forth between a couple of neighborhoods for the last 3-4 years, but having a dream prompt me to do so is a first.
#16 Old 13th Jun 2022 at 11:34 PM
I've had quite a few. The last one I remember is a semi-sexy dream about one of my sims. He ran along a street and I came after, he stopped and so that I could catch up and then we kept running holding hands, and some time later I was half-naked on top of him. In the game he's straight and engaged to Jill Smith but evidently a guy can dream.

My favourite sims-dream was one in which me and one of my sims were friends and riding some sort of tuk-tuk. He said he was thinking of "Lush" as a nickname for me (which actually kinda makes sense to derive from my name), I said I'd always thought of him as a "Crab" (which is indeed his name) and he hugged me. Then our tuk-tuk got stuck with a bigger one causing us to go backwards, I eventually said that at least we've got to be out of it, Crab said amused that we actually weren't and I laughed and went "Look dignified, look dignified!"

I changed the hairstyle on one of my sims from long to short because she had short hair in a dream and I thought (still in the dream) that if that's how she wants her hair, I should get on that.

I don't think I've really had any nightmares, I kinda sorta remember one in which the game itself wasn't scary, just... somehow offputting in an unsettling way, though I don't remember any specifics. After I had my first accidental death (rather than old age) I had one where someone's tombstone was in the middle of a pool and I was scared to see who it belonged to.

Other dreams I've had includes injecting the elixir of life with a syringe, my mum asking me to "fetch the simblender", seeing my founder sim as a toddler in a swing and dancing with him singing "This old heart of mine", considering messing with some people who I knew were sims ("Any of you ever feel like you have a big, green diamond hovering above your head?") and having an argument with one of my sims over what to do in a makeover of her mother ("She's my mother, you know!" "Yeah, but she's mine! I mean, I've known her since she was a baby!") and the grim reaper doing ASMR by tapping on an urn.

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I often wake up thinking about something I want to do, or figure out, with the game. Sometimes I have a Sim "moment" that unnerves me: what did I come in this room for? The operator/player/god must have cancelled my action. And I will look up, like the Sims do. Feeling like I should clean or garden or do something else I don't want to do...Who is trying to influence me! I want to watch TV! eat pie! nap! play games! At least I don't keep wanting to swim or buy a drum set. And I don't get "influenced" to find someone to talk to, dance with, kiss...good Lord, I'm not a very good Sim! No wonder "god" punishes me...And I wish I knew how many days I had left, but even the game doesn't tell you that.

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#18 Old 17th Jun 2022 at 6:06 AM
I'm quite sure I've mentioned this in the old Dream thread, in which I've described quite a few dreams, but I am particularly fond of one dream I had when I was playing my Generswapped Uberhood Challenge featuring Widespot Romance sim Rhett Hart. I had been a bit sick plus discouraged about Stuff, and in the dream I woke up to find Rhett spooning me. I sighed and said something along the lines of: "I'm married, Rhett," and he replied that it was okay because he wasn't real and he was only there to make me feel better.

And it did make me feel better. He didn't even try to feel me up. We just lay there comfortably until I woke for real.

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Does tiling lace in your dreams count? When I was working on the texture for Agnes' wedding gown years ago I had to teach myself how to make tileable lace, and thus spent endless hours trying to get it perfect. I did it so much I had dreams were I was putting together new lace textures, and the next day I contemplated taking a break from working on that, questioning if that was healthy LOL.
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Not so much anymore but a LOT as a kid. I've definitely had nightmares about losing control over my sims needs and having them almost die. I was scared of the Grim Reaper and Sim ghosts at the time so that probably fueled my in-dream anxiety.

I also had dreams, way before I figured out how to install CC (I'm german so as a kid in the 2000's there weren't a lot of tutorials in my language), where I would have a game full of beautiful CC hair and clothes, only to be disappointed after I woke up lol
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Just today I had a nightmare with the sims 2 again... I often read out of boredom the Help threads from the early days where often people showed pictures of their game with artifacts and glitches because their card was to weak or started to break... I just dreamed that... I have an intrigrated card too which of course is much more powerful then the on board cards in 2008 Xd I started to play Sims 2 in my dream and suddenly got those glitches and artifacts.. and I was like "Oh shit my graphics card now finally broke after all the sims playing and video rendering!" And I called my mother and said I need money NOW cause my card broke... and I was so angry and sad... then I woke and was happy that everything is working XD almost at least...
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I don't have nightmares about sims 2, but I can make them. Currently. I am making a backrooms video (backrooms being the latest horror trend.) with sims 2 technology and adding some post processing effects to make it look real. As for the entities, I can make some scary sims chasing you lol. If you don't know what the backrooms are, feel free to google it.
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#23 Old 2nd Jul 2022 at 8:32 PM
Originally Posted by pianogrinder
I don't have nightmares about sims 2, but I can make them. Currently. I am making a backrooms video (backrooms being the latest horror trend.) with sims 2 technology and adding some post processing effects to make it look real. As for the entities, I can make some scary sims chasing you lol. If you don't know what the backrooms are, feel free to google it.
Oh! No thanks! One trip to Gothier Green Lawns after dark was more than enough for me. I was like, "Andrew, can we go home now? I don't like this place." That place really spooked me! It was a long time ago, and we were there to satisfy Andrew's want to see a ghost, certainly not for any want of mine. When he actually saw his ghost (one of the Tricous) he finally agreed to go home -- very readily in fact -- the ghost scared him half out of his wits. Afterwards I told him I wasn't doing that again. If he wanted to go ghost-hunting he'd have to find a way to do it on his own -- I wasn't coming again. Actually I put in Squinge's No More Hauntings mod.

------------------- ooooooooooooooo -------------------

I actually did have a couple of Sims dreams that I remember quite recently (but after my last post in this thread). I probably have lots of other dreams that I don't remember. Both were in a sort of state of half sleep as I was beginning to wake up. They weren't nightmares -- in fact they were reasonably pleasant. In the first one two young men were having a pillow fight. I know they were Sims, because they were both wearing very skimpy white tie-side CC briefs that I made in Body Shop! In the second one, as I dropped back off to sleep, I was just talking to a man, about smoking cigarettes of all things. (I was probably telling him that I never got addicted to them because I never inhaled.) But I think he must have been a Sim, because I'm sure we were meeting inside a house somewhere in Baldrair Bluffs, the custom 'hood that I created as a "feeder" to Peni's Land Grant University. I suppose, when I'm playing The Sims, I get so immersed into their world, that, in my subconscious mind, it just merges into my own world.

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#24 Old 3rd Jul 2022 at 2:57 AM
I dreamt of how I wanted this Australian Wild life park that I am building to go -specifically the platypus enclosure but what I did in dream was not possible in sims 2!
PS. This is Jo.
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Love your avatar for your new group, Jo! A kitten with dragon wings, perfect for you and Gdayars!

I have never dreamed of my sims, but I do have an irrational fear that they will escape my computer hard drive one night, and give me a silly makeover whilst I sleep. If I ever wake up and see tiny smudges of clown facepaint on my duvet, I will know it has happened! I always check the mirror before I leave the house...

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