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Default Bing Search Result Optimization
To whomever the site administrator is these days..

I am one of the admittedly small percent of users in the world that uses Bing as their search engine. For years I have had to switch to google for Sims mod related searches because ModTheSims does not show up in the search results. It's annoying because the engine works perfectly fine for me for any other type of search.

Apparently you can (or have to) manually add an "XML File, XML Meta Tag, or CNAME record to DNS" to the website data via the Bing Webmaster to add the site to the search results. If you have previously registered the site via the Google Search Console, you can also apparently import it that way.

I initially tried doing it myself with my own account thinking I could just make a suggestion to Bing, but obviously this is not something a random person can do. I just really want MTS to show up in my search results.

Anyway, below is the link to the Bing Webmaster. If you could pretty please with a cherry on top take some time to do this, I would be forever grateful.

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Thanks for the heads up. This is now done, so hopefully it'll start working for you.

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