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Default The Windows Power Button Stopped Working After Installing Sim 3
Hello everyone, I am experiencing a weird issue on my Windows 10 computer after installing 'Sim 3'. The Windows power button stopped working after installing this game. Everytime I need to use the shortcut key. I have no idea why this happens. Could someone help me to fix it?
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Default Power Button Stopped Working - Fix 1

This is my first time i do tech fixes for this community, but it is a bit not too much, OK?

And, also, i don't sure why you are saying that, when i installed The Sims 3, i was not having any issue of Windows Power Button, but, maybe, you disabling it, or something disabling it, of course Windows and InstallShield (The Installation Of The Sims 3 Using InstallShield) or Origin or Steam, you use, OK? That's too much.

To fix that:
1. Press Windows Logo+R (Don't type +) This will open the Run box on very lower corner where your Windows Taskbar is.
2. Type "control" (Without Quotes) and press "Enter" on your keyboard or press "OK" on the Run window.
3. This will open Control Panel, click on category on top-right corner if you find it, and then click "Large Icons".
4. This will put Control Panel showing All Control Panel Items, click on "Power Options" if you find it, it is a green battery with a black battery charger.
5. Click on "Choose what the power on/off buttons do" on top-left corner.
6. Find "Power and sleep button settings" and you find a Power Image Button, if it says "Do nothing" click on that, and find "Shut down" and then, click on "Save changes"

Now, press the Power Button on your Computer Tower and see if works!
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I wouldn't advise anyone to turn off their pc by using the power button on the machine. First that is never the proper way to shut down Windows. Second it corrupts windows over time. And third it fills up the Event Viewer with messages that Windows wasn't shut down properly.

This is a common problem with the Insider Build of Windows 10. A known bug. If you are logged in as Administrator, right click on the Windows logo in the left hand corner (Windows 10) there you will see options to log out and shut down, or sleep, or restart. This is a work around for those who might be using the Insider program of Windows 10 etc. And use this option to shut down the pc at night or whenever, until they fix this bug inside the Insider's build. Or try updating the driver for the Intel graphic card/chip ( it seems to also be a problem for those).

If you are using Windows 11 ( which I'm not) you are on your own.
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I followed those methods, but still the problem persisted. Then I searched online and came across this particular post. First I followed this command "secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose" then run DISM and SFC scan. After doing these methods, the problem got solved. Now the Windows power button works fine. Anyway thank you so much everyone.
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