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Default Connecting extended family in the Sims 3
I'm starting a legacy game and I have my founders but I have extended family I'd like to connect the founders with. Is there a way to do that without having to put everyone in one household and then split them up and move them out?
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This is not an operational issue, it belongs in the general forum.

but I'm not sure what you are even asking really. you mean connected through the family tree? And you need to be specific in what you are asking. When you create any family, they are automatically connected. And when you play a legacy game, generations down, the family tree is still intact unless you manually break them. So I'm not sure what you are asking at all.

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As long as you have NRass MasterController and the Cheats module, you can connect any Sim in the neighborhood regardless of being in the same household or not. Putting everyone in the same household to keep relationships has to do with NRass Porter that I am aware of, and that is usually used for moving Sims from one neighborhood/world to another.

To connect family ties click on the active Sim: NRass MasterController > Sim > Advanced > Family > Choose your familial status (Add Parent or Add Child or Add Sibling) Once added then other options will become available (Remove Parent or Remove Child or Remove Sibling)

Most of my family trees are broken so when I move Sims around who are related, I have to reconnect their familial ties this way. Unfortunately, you can only add a parent, child or sibling. However, there is a workaround to include other titles such as uncle, nephew, niece but it can be a hassle. For example I have an uncle in Bridgeport and eventually I will move his nephews and niece there, but the nephews and niece parents are residing in Roaring Heights. So I have to first copy the save just in case I make any mistakes it's not the main save. Then I use the copy save to separate the Sims I need to copy them to the bin. So I just need the niece and nephews with their Dad which is the brother of the one in Bridgeport. Place them into a house or apartment and then after making sure the Dad and his kids are still family, connect the two brothers to automatically get the appropriate Uncle/Nephew/Niece descriptions using NRass MC. Now their Dad isn't supposed to be there as he's meant to be living in Roaring Heights, so I make him a service Sim and assign him as a DJ to attempt to avoid seeing him in the neighborhood, but he will still be a part of it as to provide the necessary family labels. So I cannot delete the Sim or it won't work as he has to be present in some form. And he would be the clone of the real Sim living in Roaring Heights.

I'm pretty sure almost every family tag, if not all, can be achieved this way but again depending...can be a hassle and quite a few extras Sims. But I don't think many, if anyone at all, even plays the way I do without using NRass Traveler to connect worlds. Oh so yeah, you may also want to look into NRass Traveler which can keep familial relationships between worlds. Always make sure you back up everything of importance and use the Save As feature if you don't already. That way going back a save or more is extremely useful when player error or glitches happen. If you don't already do it, try to save often.

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