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Anyone else feel like My First Pet Stuff promotes improper pet care?
I'd say I'm quite pasionate about proper pet care, and I am quite knowlegeable on rats, and I can tell you, the care for rats in the Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff is not good at all.

You can only have 1 rat per cage, which is very bad. Rats are social animals, you should have at least 2 per cage, it's even illegal to own less than 2 rats in Switzerland. Rats can even get depression if they are kept alone.
The cage is also not very suitable for rats, it's clearly made with hamsters in mind (although, it is not entirely suitable for them either, I will get to that later) and not rats. Rats like to climb, and there is not much to climb in the cages, it's impossible to climb at all really due to the cage being made of plastic instead of cage bars. Rat cages are much better off being taller instead of wider, with many many toys.

When it comes to hamsters I am not quite as informed, but I do know that they love to dig, and there is nothing for them to dig in the Sims 4 cages.
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Methinks the pets of First Pet Stuff were an "idea" someone had to add to TS4. "Hey, let's make some other pets other than dogs and cats for the game!" But it was never meant for these pets to be properly considered for their care. I mean, IMO even toddlers are not properly cared for (they can go to parks and wander around without adult supervision???)

I think you know; it's not going to be changed.

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It also provides clothes for cats, even on their head lol. Something they really don't like. Any cats that lets you dress them has just learned to tolerate it. It is still forced.
But then TS4 is just at the youtube level of pet caring. Everyone knows those 'cute' pet videos where they sometimes show a pet that is clearly stressed out. All for their owner's entertainment and seeking attention.

(Not saying all pet videos show stressed animals, I even follow one of them that doesn't make that mistake)
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