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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
R92A Cozy Bachelor's House with a GarageNO CCNO CHEATS (Residential)
eooseCAS HEIGHT theme in Metric. (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
thornowlEmbroidered Shirt&Shorts [YA/A] (Everyday)
Aelaan_BluewoodWerewolves always use their walkstyle (Script & Core Mods)
AshangoNo Autonomously Ordering Food or Drinks (Overrides)
MapleDaFlapEco-Friendly / Industry-Driven (Run For Mayor Aspirations) (Miscellaneous)
HisnameisSamuelAnimal Crossing Photos! (Decorative)
InternWaffleMore Expensive Maid Service (Overrides)
ItsLyannaAlphonse Mucha - Dawn and Dusk Prints (Decorative)
rainbowquartzTwo floor shell build (NO CC) (Residential)
CSabuszka234Shadow Woods a small neighborhood (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
TheSims3Fan100Derek Johnson YA (Other)
OdduckVampire Age Traits Mod (Traits)
G&J'sEmporiumWill Lloyd Wright 'Maxis" Dollhouse Recolors (Nursery)
OneSimLeaonCopernicus Court - 4 Upscale Townhouses (Apartments)
juntaruProject Gutenberg - Real world books for your Sims! (Hobbies)
EvocSelf Dedeathify (Resurrection Spell) (Miscellaneous)
ArroNo ''Mod Scripts Found'' (Overrides)
Faith93My version of ZERO's University Costs More mod (Overrides)
kodawaruonnaMoonlight Chic glasses conversion (Glasses & Other Accessories)
olomaya**UPDATED: 26-July** Cigarette Smoking Mod - OVERHAUL (Script & Core Mods)
l3lakeCustom Loading Screen for Starship UI users — Green Plumbobs pattern (Config Mods)
NanawaysImmortal Spellcaster No Aging Anymore (Traits)
nukamichianpauxCats and Dogs Fireplace All-White Recolor (Override) (Miscellaneous)
InternetBarbieBarbie and Ken (Living)
EmmaGANGSTATS1toTS2hair402converted! (Female)
DskechtDark Mode UI (Overrides)
SpidersesGoatee with no mustache (Facial Hair)
VivianYTDeath By Meteorite Ghost Trait FIX (Traits)
averagecitizenWild Rabbits Only - Multiple Options! (Overrides)
ABullWithRedEyesDowntown Replica Map (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
SimsArchModern Monochromatic House (Residential)
RolwenBirthday Party Whenever (No Aging Cake) (Overrides)
9xniraRoman Villa (Test of Time Challenge) (Residential)

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