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Default Downloaded dog breed looks weird in-game
I downloaded this Basset Hound Breed. When I checked it out in the game the dog looked very different compared to the preview pictures of the upload. I attached comparison pictures. And while it is hilarious I would still like the version that looks like an actual Basset in my game.

This has never happened to me before, all the other cat and dog breeds I downloaded so far looked the same in the game as they did in the previews.

What I tried so far:
  • I deleted the breed and redownloaded, in case something went wrong the first time (while downloading / extracting using WinRAR / installing with the Clean Installer). Still the second time the dog still looked like this.
  • I read through all the comments in the upload but no one else seems to have the same problem as me. I can't really contact the creator since they've been inactive since 2014.
  • I googled the problem but couldn't find anything. I got a lot of results for dog breeding in the game itself though, so I might not have done such a stellar job at googling.
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