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Default How can I have more than one working custom world?
I have multiple world's in progress but I can only install one. Installing a second world breaks all previous custom worlds. Each are from scratch and different sizes with roads and lots only. I can play any of them fine if only one is installed. Any ideas on a fix are welcome.
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When you say from scratch, do you mean like clicking "New world" in CAW and adding new map etc? In this case that's a weird bug, as those should all have their own world IDs.

How do you name them? Any special characters in the world name or layers? Those are known cause problems sometimes.

You can also change the world ID manually, Make a backup of your world. Open your wip world (the CAW version, not the installed one) in S3PE and find the resource file with the tag WPID. Delete this resource and save (just save, do not save as). Close s3pe. You won’t notice any difference but next time you save your world in CAW, CAW will generate a new WPID resource.
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I've used some underscores so should be an easy fix. I thought there was a way to change the world id but I wasn't sure what I was looking for in s3pe.
I think changing the id might help with my timeline project.
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