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Default Fury
Hello, This story is based off of an idea that I have been playing around with in my head. This time, I am very happy to see it come into frutition using The Sims 3! I really hope you enjoy the story!

Chapter One

It was a cold, grey morning in a suburban area known as Crystal Falls, Colorado, a nice little community, a few neighborhoods, a town square with a rather large shopping district, vast rural stretches of land, a little bit of everything in one town......A rather nice place to live.

The truck was travelling at approximately 55mph on a long, windy road....the driver’s destination was not far. The truck had a design painted on the trailer and the hood bearing the words “Crystal Falls Animal Rescue: Equine Division” From the dashboard, he can hear faint banging sounds and a man say “easy, boy!” Not given many details about the animal he is transporting, he just views it as another paycheck, his way of putting bread on the table.

The trailer arrives at the place, Six Gable Stables a medium-sized horse farm on the outskirts of town. Almost immediately, two stable hands unlock the hatch of the horse trailer and take the animal out.

“Looks like the rescued horse is here, can you tell me anything about him?” a voice said. It came from a man that is decked out in worn-out denim jeans, work boots and a plaid jacket. A tall man at six foot one, his face has rugged and arguably handsome features, a beard that covers his face, but not long and unmanageable, his eyes were a crystalline sea green color. His name is Jack Silver, but everyone that knows him just calls him by his first name. “His name was Tornado, sir. He’s 14 year old Arabian stallion with a bay coat. The poor boy’s been so badly abused that every single attempt to rehabilitate him has failed. We’ve heard about how you and your stable hands are able to work with dangerous horses, and we trust you, but I feel I must warn you. If you don’t break him within10 days, the Animal Cops are contracted to seize and put him down. It’s a damn shame though....he’s such a gorgeous horse” said the animal rescue worker. Jake is confused, he’s worked with unbroken horses for a long time and there has never been such a short window of time to break a horse. “Why are the animal cops giving us only 10 days?” Jake asked and the answer that the animal control worker said sent a horrible shiver down his spine and for some reason awoke nameless fear in his heart.

“Because sir.....he killed his last owner.” After he said that, a feeling of dread had encompassed both of the men, he continued. “His last owner was always very tough on his horses, one day he decided to use the bullwhip.... after a huge commotion, stable hands found him with his neck snapped at the base of the cervical vertebrae, and hoof shaped bruises on his body.”

One of the stable hands leads the horse away from the trailer, the animal shows resistance, but the stable hand is persistent. Suddenly, without any notion of a warning, the blazing guitar riff of the song ‘Thunderstruck’ as made famous by the Australian band AC/DC suddenly blasts as Jake’s cell phone rang. The horse as a result goes into a frenzy and rears on his hind legs and bucks wildly, stable hands scramble to keep the horse under control.

“SH*T” Jack curses, It’s his son on the phone. “Listen Joe, I can’t talk now, call me back later, ok? Bye!” “Get the horse into the quarantine pen!” Jack barked to the stable hands.

The stablehand, already shaken up by how violently the horse reacted to Jack’s cell phone going off takes the horse to a quarantine corral for horses to be rehabilitated. He moves slowly, breathing at a constant, calm rhythm to avoid spooking the stallion and leads him into the concrete and steel pen.

Right before he walks out to lock the gate, a metal shovel falls over, and switches on an old stereo system that Jack used to own before he got his iPod and “Yankee Rose” by David Lee Roth starts to blare over the stereo system. The horse suddenly lets out a terrifying, almost demonic neigh so loud that it resonates off of the metal walls, the horse looks at the stable hand with his piercing black eyes with hate and malice. While the music is still blasting, the horse suddenly charges the young stablehand, rears up and nails him in the chest. “Hey! Easy! EASY!!!” he yells, but to no avail. The horse continues his rampage, stomping the stable hand nearly to death, horrifyingly akin to an episode of Bonanza named “A Matter Of Circumstance” where a spooked horse maims Little Joe. The same thing was happening in real life, right here, right now.

Jake rushes over, as fast as his strong legs can carry him to the containment pen and sees the horrifying scene. “Hey! BACK OFF!” Jake yells at the horse while he grabs the injured stablehand and takes him out of the pen. He then, as fast as he can, locks the gate.

“I’m fine...I think he broke my wrist though...” the stablehand says, rising to his feet. “I’ll take a look at it. I just want you and everyone else away from that horse. It’s for your own protection.”

While the stablehand walks into Jake’s office, Jake turns around and looks at the horse inside the containment pen and watches as the beautiful bay stallion rears up wildly and gallops around the pen’s perimeter in circles. He says to himself, “This is going to be a challenge.....”
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Default Chapter Two
Chapter Two


The sound of iron weights colliding. The high-tech bench press machine was set to 120lbs. The sound of someone grunting and cursing under their breath, It is rather obvious that a very strong, athletic person was using the machine to work out.

“Urrrgghhhh....Come f***er.” The muscular man curses. He’s been trying to adjust his workouts to keep his physique, which to be frank, is usually the only thing that’s going for him.

Michael Schaefer is his name, but everyone that has the (dis)pleasure of knowing him simply calls him “Mike”. He’s about five foot eleven; he wore baggy jeans and a wife-beater. Facially, Mike is the epitome of Australia-handsome with his rugged looks, chiseled jaw line, short brown hair, and lots of facial stubble with a chin-strap beard.
In terms of looks and physique, he is an absolutely stunning man. But his personality is a whole another story.

He used to be a middleweight MMA fighter, under the name “The Lone Wolf.” Named after his brooding, sullen nature and the fact that he looks like a stereotypical “modern werewolf” in which girls fantasized about. He was known for his swift and brutal knockouts, almost too brutal. His tenure with MMA is over now, however. He was caught one day injecting himself with steroids. His coach was so livid that he almost murdered him right then and there.

Mike then goes on the treadmill to do his usual 30 minute run for the cardio part of his workout. Not only does he do it to reach his optimal heart rate and to burn calories. He feels that cardio is the only thing that can take his mind off of things. Reminiscing about his days as an MMA fighter and the steroid debacle gets him angry, it always does. But then another thought entered his mind....about how he lost someone he really loved....

“But Genevra!”

“Genevra.....” Mike grunts to himself. Realizing the reason why she left was because of his stupidity and arrogance....he gets off the treadmill, still angry and stressed-out....

He exits the gym, mounts his iron horse, and rides off.

The Lone Wolf is on the prowl.
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Cool , keep up the good work. Mike is a hunk by the way . Love all of your pictures to.
Now I want to go and get Sims3 pets.
Stop over and take a peek at my stories if you get a chance, I would love to hear
what you think.
Happy Simming,
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Default Chapter Three
Chapter Three

It was two days after the Arabian stallion came to the stables. Jack decided it would be best if he began the process of taming the dangerous horse. The beast snorted, neighed and galloped around the pasture, all in an attempt to escape from his adversary, his nemesis. A human named Jack Silver that only wants to help him.

“I heard that it took Jack like, 3 hours to get the tack on him.” The dark skinned, dark haired beautiful young woman said. “3 hours? Jesus!” The blonde haired woman said. The strawberry-blonde haired girl just watched. Their names are Jennifer, Karilla, and Marissa. Everybody calls them “the sisters” because they’re so close to each other, like sisters. They’ve been riding at the stables since they were in High School. They’re attending college with the exception of Karilla who just graduated a month ago.

“He’s one of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen.....why the hell would abuse him like that?!” Karilla shouted in accusation to the unknown former owner of the stallion as the wild horse galloped wildly around Jack who is trying his absolute hardest to calm him down. “I don’t know, Karilla...” Jennifer told her in a comforting tone. Karilla thinks to herself “That stallion is acting the same way Raven did before Jack broke her. Now she is the most loyal, friendly and trusting horse I have ever ridden.”

“Julian is getting his cast removed today. That’s why he’s not here.” Jennifer was talking about the young stablehand that broke his wrist when the stallion attacked him. “Oh...that’s good” Marissa said sheepishly, trying her hardest not to blush.

“HEY!! EASY!!! EASY THERE, BOY!!!” A booming voiced yelled. Jack had tried to leap on the stallion’s back and ride him, but his plan failed when the horse retaliated and threw him right off his back with a loud thud. A loud groan in pain, akin to a lion’s roar came from Jack.

“Oh my God!! RUN, JACK RUN!!!” Karilla screamed after the horse looked at him with intentions of attacking him after throwing him off his back. He raced out of the paddock and locked the gate.

“Oh my God! Jack are you ok?!” Jennifer asked with utmost concern in her voice. “I think my back is a little bruised, but I’ll live.” Jack replied.

Karilla had walked away in sadness, Jennifer followed her. “Sweetie? Why are you upset?” She asked her best friend. “It’s just....I wish I could help him somehow...He’s such a healthy animal I don’t want him to be euthanized!!” said Karilla. Ever since she was a little girl, Karilla loved horses and she was always closer to them than Jennifer or Marissa. “Karilla...I know that this is going to make me sound like a total heartless bitch, but....something tells me that it would be for the better if he was put to sleep.” Karilla is shocked that her best friend would say such a thing like that. “What?! WHY?!”

“I mean, look! That horse is VICIOUS!!! He almost killed Julian, and now he almost killed Jack! And Jack is one of the best horsemen I have ever seen!” Jennifer said as the horse reared up wildly.

“I’m sorry....but something tells me that the stallion is too far gone to be saved. I know that you were always very close to horses, but I think its best to let go.” Karilla looked at Jennifer with sadness.

She sighed. “I’m going to tack up Raven and go on a short trail ride with her. I won’t be long.” Karilla said as she walked to the stable.

“Hello, were waiting for me weren’t you?” Karilla said in a sing-song voice as she pet Raven, her 9 year old Andulasian buckskin mare. Just like the Arabian stallion, Raven was just as wild and dangerous. Jack’s horse breaking talents had successfully tamed her. Karilla’s family bought Raven from him but she still stays at the stable with Jack’s other horses. “Come on, girlfriend, lets go for a ride...”

As Karilla rode Raven down the trail, she thought to herself. “God Karilla, you’re 18 years old and still obsessed with horses.

Keep going at this pace and you’ll never have a boyfriend!”
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Default Chapter 4 Part 1
Chapter 4 Part 1

He woke up, groaning. “Good God....what happened last night?” His eyes burned like two marbles of molten magma were in his eyes. His nasal passages burned like he just inhaled a flame.

The clothes he was wearing were all orange “I didn’t wear orange last night!!” He looked around the perimeter. Stone floor, stone walls, and the bars made it an instant giveaway.
Michael Schaefer is incarcerated in Crystal Falls Penitentiary.
He had no idea why he woke up in prison. He seems to be suffering from amnesia for he cannot remember what he did last night. He could remember the farthest childhood memories of playing football with his dad or making cupcakes with his mom, he could remember his first day of preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school. He could remember when he lost his virginity.

He couldn’t remember the past 24 hours of his life.

Mike looked up in fear as a sullen police officer glared down at him in a silent rage. Before Mike could even say something, the cop said. “Do you really want to know what you did last night?” His throat hurt so much that he couldn’t speak a single word, he just nodded. By now, Mike was confused and angry. Why was he incarcerated? Why couldn’t he remember? What could he have possibly done?

(clomp) (clomp) (clomp) The police officer walked down the prison hallway to Mike’s cell with his rap sheet.
“Michael Alexander Schaefer, you are hereby charged with battery and assault of a teenager at Crystal Falls City Place. Eyewitness reports from your friends tell us that you allegedly thought the teenager was quote “starting sh*t with you” so you called him an anti-gay slur and the next thing they saw was you violently shoving him into a wall and punching him in the stomach."

Mike didn’t know how to feel at that moment. He suddenly remembers.....and for the first time, he genuinely feels horrible. A tear flows from his eye as he realizes that he easily could have killed that kid.
“ ok now?”

“Judging on how much you really screwed him up, I HIGHLY DOUBT YOU WANT THE AWNSER TO THAT QUESTION!!!!!!” The cop screamed. He took a deep breath and gave Mike a calm but blatant warning. “You better pray that the family will be nice enough to drop the charges, or else you are going to be in here for a VERY long time.”

Eventually, everything was all sorted out. It was an out of court settlement. He was turned loose on ONE condition. That he gets a job and cleans up his act. Only one problem, almost NO ONE in Crystal Falls was hiring, and the fact that Mike had a rap sheet didn’t help his case either.

But then he found the answer. It was an ad for a place called Six Gable Stables. The ad itself consisted of offers for riding lessons, rehab for problem horses and not only that, they were also in need of new stablehands.
Mike had never told anyone this, but he has always admired horses. He always thought they were beautiful, graceful, and intelligent creatures, when people discuss what the strongest animal is in terms of wit, intelligence, and brute strength. He thinks of not a tiger or a lion, but a mighty stallion.

That was basically it.....the only way for Mike to redeem himself was to become a cowboy.
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Default Chapter 4 Part 2
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Default Chapter 4 Part 2
Chapter 4 Part 2

“I’m doing it.”

Mike had made his absolute final decision. He reaches into the pocket of his leather jacket and pulls out the E-Mail address he had written on a scrap of paper, The one that he found on the billboard in the town center. It’s the only way he can redeem himself, and the only way he can possibly become a better person.

He sits at his personal computer and writes the E-Mail, trying to make it sound as professional as possible.

“To Whom It May Concern, I had recently found an advertisement for your stables and I noticed that you were in need of someone that can work with horses. I’m writing to you because I am interested in the job. I know how to ride horses thanks to a girl I used to date in high school and I’m considered to be pretty good at it actually. I hope that you can give me the job and that I can start work soon.

-Michael Schaefer”

And within two days, he got a voicemail from a Mr. Jack Silver, owner of Six Gable Stables.

“Hi Michael, I’ve received your E-Mail and I am calling to tell you that you have the job! You see, I’m a man in my mid to late forties and I find it difficult to keep up with the horses, and I would really appreciate it if you were able to help me out a little. Six Gable Stables is quite a ways out into the country, but you’ll see it’s a very nice place.
I hope to meet you soon! Bye!

After he got the E-Mail, Mike put on his leather jacket and cowboy boots and rides his Harley-Davidson to the stables. It’s time for him to pay his debt to society and to hopefully reshape himself into an overall better person.

And pretty soon, he made it there. He saw that it was indeed a very nice place. In the center was a beautiful house that reminded him vaguely of “Little House on the Prairie” And to the right was the actual stable itself with several different types of horses.

Jack was waiting very patiently on the front porch to greet Mike and tell him his duties around the horse farm. He has taught stablehands for several years and every single one of them admired his fatherly approach to his employees. It has gotten to the point that they tell him everything that happens in their lives and he tries his absolute best to help them out.

“Hey there, kiddo. You must be Mike Schaefer.”
“(sigh) yep, that’s me.”
“Why don’t you come inside?”

Jack and Mike walk into the house. Mike is rather surprised at the down-home decorative style of the house. It actually makes him feel like he’s in an 1800s style ranch house, Very authentic to his viewpoint.

“How old are you, Kid?”
“I turned 24 in March, can you please stop calling me ‘kid’?”
“Ok, do you prefers Michael or Mike?”
“Just ‘Mike’ is fine.”

“So” Jack began. “What is this talk I hear about you being a good rider?”
“Well, I went out with this girl in High School who taught me how to ride horses. And right then and there I realized that I had a love for horses. They’re undoubtly the most gorgeous and graceful animals that God gave to us.”
“That’s good to hear you love horses. Not a lot of guys are willing to get in the saddle nowadays. I mean, if you look at horse movies, all of the main characters are girls! No offence to women, but guys should ride too!”
“I agree.”
“So anyway, your duties for this job are to take each horse for a ride each day. I’ll have other stablehands do the grooming and mucking out the stalls so you don’t have to, sound like a good start?”

“Yeah, it sounds good.”
“That’s great! I can just tell that you are going to like it here.”
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Default Chapter 5
Chapter 5

It was just a day after Mike got the job.

The ‘sisters’ Karilla, Jennifer, and Marissa are having their usual gossip session in the stable, something that no matter what, best friends always do. The topic of the day, mutually agreed by all three girls was attractive men and who they have a crush on. Just as soon as the conversation got started, someone walked by. Julian Sprockett, the same stablehand that was attacked by what was now nicknamed “The Killer Stallion”

“Oh my god, there’s Julian!” Marissa yells.
“Hi Julian! How is your hand feeling?” Karilla asks.
“Pretty good, thanks for asking!” Julian replied.

“Admit it, Marissa! You have a crush on Julian!” Jennifer teased.
“I do NOT! I’m just friends with him!” Marissa retorted.
“Nice excuse!” Jennifer teased once more.
“Jenny, Shut it.”

After the small argument between friends, the conversation takes another turn.

“Is it just me, or does Julian kinda look like that crazy Swedish guy on YouTube? He’s so funny!” said Karilla.
“Oh yeah! What’s his user name? Like.....PewPewDie? or something along the lines of that?”
“It’s PewDiePie and he’s actually kinda cute!!”

“Now that you mention it...Julian does look like Felix Kjellberg.”
“Who’s that?”
“It’s PewDiePie’s real name”
“Yeah but Julian has a more pronounced jaw.”

“O.M.G How could we have not talked about this!? That new stablehand Mike! Ok, HOW HOT IS HE!?” Jennifer yelled.
“I know right, He is so goddamn gorgeous!” Karilla replied.
“He’s hot and all, but....if you look at his background, he really is kind of a douche.” Said Marissa.
“Oh, God, there he is!”

The girls stop talking at the exact same moment to get a glimpse of Michael Schaefer in his new outfit that he bought himself the day after he got the job.

“He’s so rugged....and yet so beautiful....” Karilla whispers to himself.

“You know, even though that tank he wore really showed of his muscles, he looks so much better when he’s dressed in actual clothes....”

His outfit consisted of his cowboy boots, a pair of fresh blue jeans, a cowboy-style leather belt, a black leather vest and a long sleeved shirt.

Michael goes outside of the stable, but unbeknownst to him, Karilla is following him. Mike goes to get Jack Silver’s horse. A large and well-muscled 7 year old Clydesdale/Andulasian mix named Buddy. Large and heavy Draft horses are not really for riding but for pulling large wagons or for plowing, but Jack and Buddy have been inseparable since his rescue and he is now the primary horse he rides. Karilla watches and Mike shows affection for the animal and pets him.

“Somewhere....under that sullen, brooding tough-guy exterior is a sweet, kind and loving man inside...I just know it.” Karilla whispers.

As Michael leads the horse back to the stable, Karilla cannot help but think of her the lyrics to her favorite 1980s pop song that her mother used to play for her when she was a little kid.

“I wanted to be with you alone
And talk about the weather,
But traditions I can trace against the child in your face
won’t escape my attention.
You keep your distance be the system of touch
And gentle persuasion
I’m lost in admiration, could I need you this much?
Oh your wasting my time, your just, just wasting time.

Something happens and I’m head over heels
I never find out till I’m head over heels
Something happens and I’m head over heels
Oh don’t take my heart don’t break my heart don’t, don’t throw it away...."
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Default Chapter 6
Chapter 6

Later that day, Mike had the duty of scattering hay around the paddock. He was getting paid for his work at the stables, nothing extravagant. But it was enough to get by financially.

In the corner of his eye, he spots something with four legs, a mane and a tail. His eyes didn’t deceive him. It was indeed a horse. An impressive bright bay coat and a well muscled but yet lean and streamlined body, which leads Michael to believe that the animal may be a retired racehorse.

Michael slowly approaches the horse. The horse raises his head and whinnies. Michael keeps on approaching the horse, whispering in a low voice.

“Hey there, handsome.....don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you....”

He caresses the horse’s left flank gently. And the stallion goes into an absolute frenzy. Michael doesn’t even see the iron horseshoes reach for his head until it was too late.


“He gave you a pretty nice cut there. I should have warned you about that bay horse.”
“Am I going to need a few stitches?”
“No, but you should consider yourself lucky that you don’t have a black eye, or worse. But listen to me, stay away from that stallion! He’s a danger to himself and to others! Hell, after what he’s done in the past, you’re lucky you’re not dead!”

After Jack yelled the warning at Michael....Mike gets the courage to speak up.

“Jack, there is something about that horse that you’re not telling me. What is it?”

“(sigh) According to his pedigree, his original owners named him “Tornado” he’s about 14 years old. And he is an Arabian.”
“Well, Arabs, as beautiful as they are, they’re very hot blooded horses that get scared and pissed off easily.”
“Not at this level though. The stallion was treated very roughly by his owner to the point that it was considered animal cruelty. He was always very tough on that horse and one day that horse just couldn’t take it anymore. The stallion attacked his abusive owner, and killed him. And the animal rescue group gave the horse to me because they thought I had special horse whispering skills. But....all of my methods to help this horse had failed. And I’m sorry to say this but.....he’s scheduled to be euthanized in about five days, as soon as the shooter arrives.”
“Are you sure there isn’t anything else you can do?”
“I....I honestly don’t know...”
“God...It’s such a shame that he’s so beautiful...”
“I agree Mike......I agree....”

Now that he knows that he does not need stitches for his face and that the cut will heal on its own, Michael walks back to the stable where he runs into Karilla, who wants to ask him something.

“Hey Mike?”
“Karilla, What’s up?”
“I wanted to ask you something...”
“Ok, I’m all ears.”
“Umm........Uuuuummmm... Oh yeah...Can you take Raven out for me? You see, I’m going to be out all day today and I want to make sure Raven gets her exercise.”

Following Karilla’s request (or excuse rather) he opens the massive barn door, mounts Raven and takes her on a trail ride.

“Sh*t......that did not go as planned....”

Karilla noticed the cut on Mike’s face during their conversation (and her botched attempt to ask him if they could hang out together) and had to tell someone. She found Jennifer near the porch and she told him.

“I was talking to Mike before, and I noticed he had a cut below his eye!”
“Ok...mabye he accidentally cut himself on something....”
“No...I think...that the Killer Stallion kicked him...Maybe you’re right Jenny.....maybe we would be doing everybody a favor if we put the stallion down....”
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Default Chapter 7
Chapter 7

“Hey! Come over here, Mike!”

Mike hears the voice of Jack calling him over. He wondered what he wanted; he hadn’t done anything wrong on the job, so there was really no reason for him to be concerned about him being angry. “Maybe, he just wants a favor” Mike thought to himself.

Mike walks into the house where Jack is waiting for him.

“Hey Mike, I have an idea.”
“What is it?”
“I’ve really paid attention to what you said earlier about it being a shame that we can’t help the stallion. But now, I thought of a way that could possibly, and I mean POSSIBLY tame him.”
“Yeah? Let’s hear it!”

Jack pauses for a few seconds.

“Mike, I want you to tame the horse.”

Shocked is the only word that could describe how Mike felt at that point in time. Is Jack trying to get him killed? Had he gone completely off his rocker? Although he never mentioned this, even though he was sympathetic to what happened to him, Mike had become genuinely afraid of the stallion.

“ ME?! You said it yourself, Jack! That horse is a killer! I’m sorry but even though I have done plenty of dumbass things in my life, trying to break that...untamed demon of a horse is something that I just cannot do!”
“MIKE! That horse is not a demon! I had to do a background check on you when you got the job and you know what? Believe it or not, you and that horse are not all that different! You are both very spirited, but can be very dangerous and aggressive.”

“You.....really think that?”
“My friend....I know that.”
“Ok....I’ll try...Anything that could save that beautiful horse’s life.

Just minutes later, Jake and Michael meet up near the quarentine pen where the stallion is kept. Both of the glance at each other in agreement and Jack says...

“You know what to do...”

Michael starts to walk very slowly, like a wolf stalking its prey. Mike doesn’t hesitate, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to risk spooking the horse.

“Easy boy....I’m not gonna hurt you....”

Unbeknownst to both Mike and Jack, there is a small audience watching them, Julian, Karilla, Jennifer, and Marissa, who raced to the stable’s large door to see what is going on.

“I can’t believe Mike is doing this...” Karilla whispers..
“If he can touch the horse without it killing him, then he is my hero.” Said Julian.

As soon as Mike gets too close for his comfort, the bay stallion perceives this as a threat. He freaks out and rears on its hind legs, the hooves missing Mike’s face by mere inches.

“WHOA!!! Easy there!! Now calm down!”

He appears to have calmed down. Mike then continues to stalk the horse at every foot step. Again, he gets way too close to the stallion and he bolts. Mike then gets angry and yells at the top of his voice at the stallion as he canters around the corral in circles.

“I know that you blame us for whatever happened to you....BUT WE’RE ONLY TRYING TO HELP YOU!!!!!”

Then, the horse stops absolutely dead in his tracks. Jack then tells Mike what he did.

“ made the stallion realize who’s boss. The next step is to have him realize that you’re not trying to hurt him.”

Mike then approaches the stallion quietly and slowly and in fear because he doesn’t exactly know what the stallion may do next. Instead of freaking out though, the horse stays right where he is. Mike extends his hand and actually is able to pet the horse on the head.

“I......I understand why you’re so dangerous and aggressive. You don’t really hate humans, but you’re afraid of them...The cruel, heartless bastard that hurt you, he’s gone now, forever. You’re with us now, you’re safe here....”

“Very good, him.”
“Jump on his back and ride him. You’re ready for this, I know it.”

Michael has ridden enough times to know what it’s like to ride bareback. He did have some concerns riding a horse that was just tamed without a saddle, but he jumped on the horse’s back anyway and the animal didn’t move at all.

“Ready? GO! Atta-boy! Faster!!”

Mike then kicks the side of the animal and the stallion darts through the corral, seemingly at the speed of light. Jack would have expected him to fall off, but no. Mike seems to be in total control of the horse’s actions.

Mike dismounts the horse right near Jack, who is in absolute awe.

“Mike..... There is no other way to say it; you were born to ride that horse. I...don’t even know how you did it. You’re a true horse whisperer...”

“What should I name him Jack? I was thinking about naming him ‘Killer’ but I kind of think that’s a little inappropriate. Should I just call him by his original name, ‘Tornado’?”
“You can name him whatever you want, man. Incedentally, have you ever heard of that old western TV show from the 50s named ‘Fury’ It’s about a little farm boy that tames a wild black stallion and is the only one that can ride him...”
“THAT’S IT! That’s his name!! Fury!”

And so, the stallion was now christened “Fury” by Michael Schaefer, who in turn is the only human being that has earned his trust.

Mike walks back to the stable where Karilla, Jennifer, Marissa and Julian were waiting for him. They were all absolutely starstruck.

“MIKE!! HOW THE HELL WERE YOU ABLE TO DO THAT?!” the four of them screamed simultaneously. Mike’s only reply was....

“I guess I have that special talent to earn a horse’s trust.”
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Default Chapter 8 Part 1
Chapter 8 Part 1

It was the day after Michael saved the stallion’s life by showing him that humans are nothing to fear. But Fury’s taming did come with repercussions though. Mike is the absolute only one that can ride Fury. The only way someone else can ride him is if Mike is also on his back. And also, Fury dosen’t like having a saddle on him, so Mike always rides him bareback.

“I gotta hand it to you Mike, I did not expect you to become such a good rider!”
“Aw, Jack you don’t have to give me all the credit. Fury knows and trusts me. Don’t you boy?”

Mike hugs Fury's neck proudly.

“I was right; you truly were born to ride that horse.”

Sometimes, Jack lets the girls have sleepovers at his house right next to the stables and today he obviously said yes. That night, Karilla, Jennifer, and Marissa change into their pajamas and stay up at night gossiping about celebrities, reality TV shows and of course, good-looking men. And inevitably, Mike comes up in the conversation.

“Karilla, if you like him so much, why don’t you ask him out?”
“Why not?!”
“What if he says no? I’ll be heartbroken!”
“You’ll never know unless you ask him, in fact I think he’s outside with Fury.................let’s look at him!!!”

Marissa and Karilla shove past each other in order to look out the window and spy on Mike bonding with his new equine friend, Fury.

“Hey! Quit shoving!!!”

“Oh. My. Gawd. They are so cute together. And HOLY CHRIST!! Is he...SHIRTLESS!?! This is something right out of a romance novel!!!”

Karilla then walks away from the window, throws a simple outfit on and grabs her iPod.

“Karilla? Where are you going? Its almost 9:00!”
“I’ll be right back.”

Looking at Mike hugging Fury’s neck while shirtless had sealed the deal for her. This is the man that Karilla has been looking for. Not only insanely good looking, but also loves horses. She commands her iPod to play a song that is absolutley perfect for this moment in her life.

Spare a little candle, save some light for me
Figures of the hand, moving in the trees
White skin, in linen. Perfume on my wrist.
And the full moon that hangs over
These dreams in the mist.......

Darkness on the edge, shadows where I stand
I search for the time on a watch with no hands.
I want to see you clearly, come closer than this...

But all I remember

are the dreams in the mist.....

(“Good boy, Fury!”)
These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night, I live another life
These dreams that sleep when It’s cold outside
Every moment I’m awake, the further I’m away...

“Uh...Hey Karilla!”
“Hi Mike!”
“God, it sure is a pretty night!”
“It sure is...Mike can I ask you something?”
“Mike....I don’t even know how to begin, but....From the time I first saw you, I was just captivated Something inside me told me that you were special. I saw that underneath that brooding, tough guy exterior was a beautiful man both inside and outside....I’m gonna be blunt with you Mike. I love you. Do you think we should go out sometime...”

Is it cloak an dagger could it be spring or fall?
I walked without a cut through a stained glass wall
Wrinkle in my eyesight, a candle in my grip
And the words that have no fall....
Are falling from my lips....

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night, I live another life
These dreams that sleep when its cold outside
Every moment I’m awake, the further I’m away.

There’s something out there, I can’t resist.

Mike is taken aback at Karilla’s proposition, but soon enough he regains his composure.

“Karilla...I.....No one has ever asked me out on a real date since God knows how long. For the longest time, girls just viewed me as a brooding, handsome sex symbol and that’s all....but somehow, you see as something more than that. Not only you, but working here has made me learn so much more about myself....

It’s a date, Karilla! Is Thursday good?”
“Any day is good, baby....”

The sweetest song is silence that I ever heard.
Funny how in dreams your feet never touch the earth
In a world, full of princes...freedom is a kiss.
But the Prince hides his face from the dreams in the mist....

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night, I live another life
These dreams that sleep when its cold outside
Every moment I’m awake, the further I’m away.
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Chapter 8 Part 2

Marissa is doing some spying......

She has had suspicions that Karilla has a romantic interest in Michael Schaefer, and a week ago, seeing Karilla hug Mike while he was shirtless almost confirmed that they had a thing for each other, but she had to find out for absolute sure. She walks behind the stable by the silo to see Karilla and Mike flirting with each other like there’s no tomorrow and then embracing in a tight hug.

“They are not....they totally are not.....holy sh*t...they’re totally together.” She whispers to herself.

Marissa then walks over and proverbially “crashes the party”.

“KARILLA JOHNSON FINALLY MAKES HER MOVE!!!!! Jesus Christ, it’s about time, your heartbeat has been driving me crazy for weeks!” Marissa yells.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Mike shouts at Marissa


“HA! Admit it! You and Mike Schaefer totally are an item!”

“OK! You caught us and Karilla are....together...”

“O.M.G. I totally anticipated this! When you first came to the stables, Karilla told me how hot you were and as soon as I saw you, I TOTALLY saw you and her getting together one day!!”

An ecstatic Marissa leapt and gave her best friend a hug in congratulations for her.

“I am so happy for you two!!” She sqeals.

Hours later, Michael Schaefer walks down the main staircase to Jack’s house wearing a slick outfit consisting of black pants, a red collared shirt unbuttoned, and a black blazer.

“Look at Mr. Don Juan here! I really gotta say, Mike you look like you jumped straight out of GQ!”
“Well, all the men in the Schaefer family always looked sharp in suits. Now where is Karilla?”


Karilla sang as she strutted down the stairs, wearing a very regal-looking pure satin dress and inexcusably expensive Gucci pumps.

“ look...”
“Mike, I think the word you’re looking for is “beautiful” and you really look that Karilla, very elegant. I hope you guys have fun on your first date!”
“Well technically, we’ve been together for a week now....”

Mike and Karilla spent their first date at a nice steakhouse on the other side of Crystal Falls, near where Mike grew up as a kid. Karilla had a salad while Mike had a ½ lb sirloin steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. (“Where the hell does he put it? He’s ripped has hell.” Karilla wondered) after they ate, the couple engaged in a conversation that would further increase their relationship.

“ know...we’ve been boyfriend and girlfriend for about a week now and you never really told me much about yourself.”
“What is there to know? Ok, I was born in 1988 which makes me 24 years old...I am the eldest of two boys....and...Oh yeah. I was arrested.
“Arrested?! For what?”
“I was drunk one day and beat the sh*t out of someone that I thought was annoying me, of course it was my own imagination because I was totally on Planet Four Loko. And to this day it still bothers me that I was so stupid that I did that...I’ve been sober for about a month now. When I got the job at the stables, I promised that I would never drink again for any reason.”
“Well, that’s good to hear...”
“I was such a douche back in the day. It really explains why my little brother Kevin hates me now.”

“Really? What happened? You can tell me....”
“I was because I was so jealous that Kevin was getting all the attention back when I was a kid because he was the youngest by 5 years and was over-protected by my folks. Kevin wasn’t athletic, but he didn’t like eating so he was always very scrawny. I on the other hand was extremely athletic and I dreamt about being a pro in the NFL. I was also incredibly popular in high school while Kevin was socially-awkward and didn’t have many friends at all. Me and my friends......I...I’m sorry, Karilla...
(“Is that a tear? Is he crying?” Karilla thought to herself)
“Me and my friends used to literally torture that poor kid....I used to call him names such as “freak” and “loser” I used to drop him off blocks away from school in order to avoid being seen with him because I thought he would make my image look bad. Some of my friends even told him to his face that he should “just go home and kill yourself.” And, I’m surprised he was strong enough not to end his own life...Kevin is currently 19 years old and in college and he’s no longer that scrawny little weakling. He’s been working out for a long time, so now he’s absolutely jacked, he’s athletic now and he’s on the school’s lacrosse team, and he is literally chest-deep in hot college girls, very similar to me at that age. Only one difference, Unlike me, Kevin is a good kid. Unless he had to, he would NEVER hurt a fly, he never did drugs, he never smoked weed and only rarely has a beer with his friends.
There is only one person Kevin hates, and that’s me. I was such a sh*tty big brother to him. I don’t blame him at all. I just wish there was some let him know I’m not that person anymore and that I want to be a real big bro to him....I want to let Kevin know that I love him.....”

Karilla is at an absolute loss of words. This is the side of Mike that she’s been looking for, a sweet, loving and caring man. She tries to help him in any way she can.

“ literally the saddest story I ever heard....I think what you need to do is to visit your little brother at whatever he goes to school and apologize to him, let him know that you’re not a bad person and he’ll forgive you......I forgive you, for whatever you’ve done in the past...”
“No Karilla, you don’t understand. I have relentlessly bullied that poor kid into oblivion, he has every right to hate my guts!”
“’Hate’ is a very strong word, Mike. He doesn’t hate you; he’s still hurt by what you’ve done to him. But you have the power to make things right. So day find the time to visit Kevin...and tell him your sorry.”

“Karilla.....I.....I love you...”

Before Karilla and Mike even knew what they were doing........

They locked lips.
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Default Chapter 9
Chapter 9

The leaves were crunching as two horses walked down the path, It was just 3 days after Karilla and Mike’s first date. For the first time, Mike felt like he had a true soulmate and Karilla finally had a boyfriend that she can connect with on a personal level, not only with their mutual love for horses, but for so many other different thinks. As Mike rode Fury and Karilla rode Raven down the path, Karilla decides to strike up a conversation with her new boyfriend.

“When was the first time you ever rode a horse?”
“Oh God....It’s a pretty funny story actually. When I was eighteen years old and a young and athletic studly kind of guy, I was dating the homecoming queen from my high school, and like you, she was an equestrian. And one summer night, I, she and a friend of mine were walking home from this huge party and we were still slightly buzzed. On the way back home, we passed the stable where this girl kept her horses. And one thing led to another....


“Yo, look man...It’s a horse.”
“Well, DUH! That’s where I ride!”

Mike hopped the fence and approached the large, already-saddled Chestnut gelding, admiring it’s size and stature. It is then where Garry, Mike’s friend gets an idea, to the chagrin of Jessica, Mike’s girlfriend.

“Yo Mike, If you got on the horse and I took a picture and put it on MySpace, man just think of everybody thinking how badass you look on a horse!”
“Mike, don’t.”

“Don’t do what?”
“You know damn well what I’m talking about.”
“Don’t not ride this horse?”
“Who do you think you are, The Lone Ranger?”
“OK! OK! I won’t not ride it! PSYCH!!”

Doing a quick double take, Mike swiftly mounts the horse and spurs, not knowing what he’s exactly getting himself into.


Following Mike’s spur, the horse goes into a swift canter.

“Ok Clint Eastwood, you had your fun, now get off of the horse!” Jessica sarcastically says. In the distance, she hears a rather humorous scene concerning Mike and the horse.

“Ok boy, slow down. Slow down! SLOW DOWN!!!!!! OH F***!”
“This can’t be good.”

The horse whizzes by Jessica and Garry, totally out of control with Mike struggling to stay in the saddle.


“Damn it, I did NOT sign up for this when I started dating him...”

Jessica and Garry walk to the stable, lamenting on what an impulsive idiot Mike can be.

“God, Mike is such a dumbass. He’s never been on a horse before, what makes him think he can ride like some spaghetti-western movie star?”
“I don’t know, Jessica. That’s just the way Mike’s always been. He’s always taking risks, always upping the ante, he’s a born daredevil, I guess. He ain’t afraid to do anything!”

“So this is the stable that I ride at usually. And right there on the hitching post is my horse!”
“Wow, cool. I wonder if Mike figured out how to stop that horse by now...”

Almost on cue, Mike and the horse blaze by once again.

“Come on Mike, you handled the roller coasters at Six Flags Elitch Gardens just fine!”

Jessica then mounts her horse on the hitching post.

“Come on, girl. Let’s go save my stupid-ass boyfriend.”

She then gallops the horse parallel to Mike who is barely hanging on for dear life on the saddle and with one push; Mike tumbles off the horse’s back.

“THANK YOU!!! Ow....”

Grogilly, Mike rises from the ground, dazed, confused, but uninjured. Jessica rides to her boyfriend then dismounts the horse. Garry runs to his best friend.

“So, Mr. Cowboy. Have you learned your lesson?”
“Yes, MA’AM.”
“But I must give you credit, Mike. Not a lot of boys are willing to ride horses. So, I’m glad that at least you made the effort....”


"Karilla, I swear to God that really happened."
"That was a pretty funny story though. And your GF was right. Sadly,with this whole "pretty pony" image, horseback riding is really becoming a "girls only" hobby, not a lot of guys are willing to get into the saddle nowadays."
"Hey! I'm a guy!"
"I know that! Guys that ride still exist, but not as much as they used to unfortunately. What happened between you and Jessica anyway?"
"Oh you know....we broke up before graduation after a huge fight...I don't really think we were meant for each other relationship-wise. I mean, we met at some high school party for chrissakes. With all of the illegal things going on, It wasn't exactly a romantic setting.......I feel that we're much more compatible...."
"You really think that, do you?"

"I don't think. I know"
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Default Chapter 10
Chapter 10

Mike’s boots made a soft padding sound on the floor of the dormitory hallway. He hasn’t been in Crystal Falls College campus in about two years. He walks across the hallway of dorm section D for freshmen to find the room where Kevin Schaefer was assigned.

He finds the dorm room that his younger brother lives in, and knocks the door. “I really hope this works, Karilla” Mike whispers to himself.

The door opens and an athletic, muscular, strapping young gentleman appears. Mike cannot believe how much his brother has changed. A scrawny frame replaced with a muscular body, a baby face replaced with a small beard on the chin and facial stubble. The young man looks at Mike with both surprise and scorn.

“Michael? What are you doing here?”
“Just saying ‘hi’ to my little brother....” Mike says sheepishly..
“Tell you what, why don’t you come in and think of a better excuse?”

“So, what do you want from me Mike? You want to beat the sh*t out of me again?”
“Call me a freak? Or a loser?”

“Then, why the hell are you here for chrissakes!? I thought I told you I wanted nothing to do with you anymore! After the way you treated me all of my natural-born life! You know what I really, REALLY wanted in life? It’s NOT popularity and it’s NOT having a smokin’ hot girlfriend.”
“What is it, Kevin?”

Those words that came out of Kevin’s mouth cut Mike like a knife. It was the unvarnished truth that he already knew, but still, it hurt.

“Kevin...bro....I......I...I’m sorry.....”
“you’re what?”
“I said that I’m sorry.”
“That’s....the first time you ever said that to me....”
“ little man....The whole reason why I came to visit you was to tell you that I’m not that person anymore. And I would like it would accept me as your big brother once more....The way I acted when we were kids...f***ing unforgivable....”

Kevin is taken aback. He now sees a side of his big brother who constantly bullied him and made him feel worthless that he never saw in his life. A GOOD side. Kevin still had trouble believing his “transformation” but he was willing to give him a chance.

“ win...why don’t we have a talk?”

“So Kevin, I see you’ve been working out!”
“A lot, actually. The only way to get girls around here is to have big muscles. So I decided to start watching my diet and working out 3 hours a day.”
“And I always remembered that you never were able to grow facial hair and you never had to shave...What happened? Did you decide get cosmetic surgery on your face or something?”
“ guess that I had one final puberty spurt when I turned 19. So tell me about what you’ve been up to...”
“Well.....I’ve cleaned myself up. I’m no longer drinking or partying. And I got a job at a local horse stables.”
“You work with horses?”
"I guess that explains why you're wearing cowboy boots..."

“Here’s a picture! That’s me on the horse, and on the ground over there is my girlfriend, Karilla.”
“Wow...she’s really hot....”

“So Mike......I assume that you ride horses regularly?”
“Yes I a problem with that?”
“Not really offense but isn’t horseback riding last century? And the last time I saw you, you were thinking about getting a car. Why don’t you get a car?”
“Car? I hate cars. It’s either horses or motorcycles for me!”

“And also...I broke that horse.”
“You broke him? Like a bronco at a rodeo?”
“Kind of....but it wasn’t as physical. Fury was a very dangerous and an aggressive horse, but I slowly earned his trust and.....I may have had many friends over the years....but Fury I have to say, is my best friend.”
“Your best friend is a horse......somehow that makes a lot of sense with you.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment, city boy!”

“Mike....It’s like I’m meeting you for the absolute first time of my life....All I have to say is...thank you...”

“Don’t sweat it, come here and give your big bro a hug!”

Kevin and Mike embraced in a tight, friendly bear hug. Signifying the renewal of their relationship.....and soon after, Mike left the dorm room with a promise of reunion.
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Default Chapter 11
Hey! This is going to be a bit of a long chapter because I'm introducing new charachter for my story! I hope you all like it!

Chapter 11

Early in the morning, it was very cold and grey outside. Karilla found herself with absolutely nothing to do. She then decides to do something that is her absolute passion, the reason why she spends days on end at the stable, Take Raven out for a ride.


Karilla puts the saddle on Raven’s back and tightens the girth strap around the horse’s belly...

When suddenly, she hears a loud noise that alerts her and Raven. It was the stray cat that had made its home in the hay loft. It had decided to go hunting for rats and ran out of the stable, knocking over a pail and a broom.

Raven suddenly goes into a frenzy, she rears up and bucks wildly, akin to how Fury acted before Mike’s arrival, while Karilla tries to calm the Buckskin/Andulasian mare down.

“Easy girl, it’s just the stray cat! Calm down, girlfriend!!!!”

But it’s too late; Raven rears, kicks Karilla down and canters away, after the stray cat.

“RAVEN, COME BACK!!!! Damn it! I have to ask Jack to do something about that freakin’ cat!!!!”

Jack is out giving Buddy his exercise, so riding the first horse she ever rode at the stable before her and her family bought Raven is out of the question. Marissa and Jennifer are total sticklers when it comes to other people riding their horses, after an incident when Jennifer rode Marissa’s horse and hurt his leg. She then spots Fury in his stall, thinking that being Mike’s girlfriend earns her extra trust points, she lets Fury out and tries to ride him, but Fury has other plans.

“Listen Fury, Raven escaped the stables and I need to ride you so I can catch her. You’re the only horse that’s fast enough and....DON’T SNORT AT ME!!! Hey!! No biting either!!!! FINE!!! I’ll get Mike!

“I’m right here, babe. What’s up?”
“We have to take Fury out! Raven ran away from the stable.”
“What? Why?
“I’ll tell you while you’re riding!”

Mike then mounts his best friend and Karilla decides to walk next to him.

“So what happened, exactly?”
“Well, for starters. I’m not sure if Raven is a horse or a Golden Retriever with hooves and a black mane and tail. She LOVES to chase after things like cats and squirrels and rabbits, and I bet that I can play fetch with Raven if I wanted to. I love Raven with all my heart, but I swear she is too stupid for her own good.”
“Ha ha!!! a dog horse!”
“That’s basically Raven for ya.”
“Wait...look in the distance.....that horse has a saddle...but no rider. That’s gotta be her! Climb on, Karilla and hold on tight!”

Karilla jumps on Fury in tandem with Mike as he kicks the stallion’s side and springs into high-gear. Karilla and Mike begin to chase after Raven......

But what Mike and Karilla don’t know is that there is another rider pursuing Karilla’s horse.

Mike and Karilla were just about to reach Raven. That was when seemingly out of nowhere, another man, about Mike's age riding a horse jumped out of the shadows in front of Mike and Karilla and what they saw absolutely amazed them. The horse the young man was riding was probably the most stunning, mesmerizing, and gorgeous black Friesian stallion that Mike or Karilla ever seen. And the man riding the horse had looks that could give Chris Hemsworth or Matt Bomer a run for their money. A wide, pronounced chiseled jaw line, well-styled hair, facial stubble, and a deep, soothing voice that could give anyone male or female an ear-orgasm. And he was incredibly built, large muscles that bulged from his long sleeved shirt. However, Mike was a little distrustful of the guy.

“Listen, bro. I have 14 years of MMA under my belt, if you even THINK of hurting my girlfriend’s horse in any way. I won’t hesitate to-“
“I...just saw the horse with a saddle but without a rider....and I wanted to see who it belonged to. I mean no harm to anyone, ok? My name is Jason Weiss.”
“I’m Karilla Johnson, and this is my boyfriend, Mike Schaefer, Nice to meet you!”

Mike dismounted Fury and went down to shake Jason’s hand.

“Sorry about that, We got off on the wrong foot.”
“Don’t sweat it, pal! Do you guys ride around here?”
“Yes we do actually, there’s some horse stables not far from here.”
“That’s actually perfect timing! I was interested in some work.”
“Well.....You’ve met the right people!”

Mike, Karilla and Jason ride their horses back to the stables, where Jennifer is waiting. She already knows that Mike is already going steady with Karilla, but everything changes when she feasts her eyes on the handsome man on the black stallion, Jason Weiss....

“Hey, K. who’s the hunk?”
“Jason? This is one of my best friends in the whole wide world, Jennifer Bettencourt. This is Jason Weiss, he is thinking about getting a job as a stablehand.”
“Hello, Jennifer. Can I call you ‘Jenny’?”
“Well, everybody else calls me that, I don’t see why not...”

After meeting Jason, Jennifer immediately whips out her cell phone and calls Marissa, who is at the local shopping mall with some other friends of theirs.

“Marissa?! O.M.G the absolute BEST thing just happened to me!!!”
“Take a chill pill, Jenny! What happened!”
“I just met ANOTHER Oh my God, SUPER MUY CALIENTE guy that rides horses!!!”
“No. Way.”
“What’s his name?!”
“His name is Jason. He is soooooo freakin’ hot it’s not even funny. Just take all of the hot celebs that you have a crush on, like....Joe Manganiello from True Blood.
“The werewolf? Yeah! He’s so hot!”
“Well, imagine him like times hotter and you got the guy I saw today!! and guess what? He’s thinking about WORKING at the stables!”

Later that day, Mike goes up to find Jason hanging out by the corral. Still angry at himself for his first words to him being threats to beat him up, a step backward in his book when it comes to his attitude, he finds this as the perfect opportunity to apologize to him and hopefully formulate a good friendship, a “bromance” between them.

“Hey Mike! What’s new?”
“I...just wanted to say that....I’m sorry I threatened to kick your ass when I first met you. You really seem like a nice guy.”
“Hey, don’t sweat it! Nobody’s perfect, man. Oh and by the way, thank you for giving this job opportunity to me, it means a lot to me. You know....Even though growing up in a wealthy family can get pretty annoying after a while; it does have some perks, like my riding skills. I’ve been riding horses since by the time I learned to walk, I can ride both English and Western and in high school? Fugghetaboutit! handsome, muscular, rich, rides horses. I was every girl’s dream boyfriend. A lot of the guys on the football team were a bit jealous, I’ll tell you that!”

“I forgot to mention this to you before. Jason, that black horse of yours is......INDESCRIBABLY beautiful.”
“Thanks dude, His name is Dante and he’s a nine year old Friesian stallion, and he’s my absolute best friend. I feel as if when you bond with an equine, you have a friend for life.”
“That’s definitely true with my horse, Fury. Sometimes I feel like Fury is my only true friend. I guess he knows I saved his life. Fury was a very dangerous and wild horse who killed his previous owner by stomping him to death. When I first encountered him, he was deemed a danger to himself and to others and he was scheduled to be euthanized by animal police. I guess the reason why I even tamed him to begin with was because he was such a beautiful creature and I didn’t want him to die, and as a result....this beautiful friendship started because of that.”
“That’s....scarily similar with Dante. Because Dante’s a stallion, stallions are much more aggressive and spirited than mares or geldings. However, Dante didn’t kill his previous owner, thank God. He unfortunately did brutally attack other stallions on the previous owner’s stud farm; they were probably fighting over a mare. Because the owner of the stud farm didn’t train him well, Dante’s rampages became too much to deal with and he sold him. I think it was four years ago today when I was still in high school when I discovered him for sale. He was quarantined, and like your horse Fury, was also declared a danger to himself and others and was going to be put down. But the way he would thrash around in the holding pen, rearing and bucking at the door, I wasn't scared of him, Instead I was just mesmerized by his spirit and beauty..... My parents were totally against me buying a dangerous horse and were already thinking about buying me a prized chestnut mare, but I just felt this connection with Dante. They went through all the trouble hiring horse trainers to break Dante, but I managed to tame him all by myself.....and as a result, it’s like I said earlier.

Once your bond with an equine, you have a friend for life....
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Default Chapter 12
Chapter 12

Jason got the job.

The interview with Jack went extremely well. Jack admired Jason’s riding skills and can-do attitude towards being a stablehand and welcomed him on board. Jason was overflowed with gratitude when Jack told him he had the job. The only thing comparable was a band getting a successful record deal. Jason can also keep his beautiful black stallion, Dante at the stable.

Jason had the job of scattering hay across the quarantine pen for problem horses with Mike. Jason walks in where he finds Mike already scattering the hay. Mike waves to him with a friendly smile and the two of them begin to engage in a conversation.

“’re wearing a Kiss t-shirt! You like Kiss?”
“Hey Mike! Yeah, I love Kiss! Do you?”
“Kiss is one of my favorite bands! Rock n’ Roll All Nite, Shock Me, I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Detroit Rock City....kickass songs, man!”
“I know, right? What is your favorite member of Kiss?”
“Paul Stanley, man! He’s a great singer, a good guitar player, and a killer frontman! Who’s your favorite member? Is it Paul? or maybe Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley or Peter Criss?”

“Mine’s Eric Carr.”
“The one who died in 1991? He was a great drummer, God rest his soul.”
“God damn right he was a great drummer! He is my absolute favorite member of Kiss and my absolute favorite drummer. I play drums myself and Eric Carr is my musical inspiration.”
“You play drums?”
“Yep! In fact, when I was in high school, I was friends with another Kiss fan and for Halloween, I bought a spandex jumpsuit, a coonskin jacket, a long, black curly wig, and some white, black and orange war paint and I went as Eric Carr! My friend went as Ace Frehley.”
“Pretty cool, man!”

The temperature outside was eighty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. After their conversation about the Hottest Band in the World, to feel more comfortable, Jason takes his shirt off and puts it on the concrete wall, exposing his rock-solid build, perfect six-pack abs, large biceps and broad pectorals.

“Holy sh*t much have you been working out?! You’re ripped as hell!!”
“You know what the secret is? It’s all the horseback riding I’ve been doing my entire life. Works your core great! Lets see what you got!”

Mike then smiles and takes off his sleeveless shirt to show Jason his well muscular toned upper body.

“Come on Mike; don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re pretty jacked yourself! I mean, your eight-pack abs is sexier than mine!”
“Thanks dude...maybe we should go to the gym sometime...”

While Mike and Jason are talking while shirtless, they are blissfully unaware that they’re attracting an audience...

Marissa Markham and Jennifer Bettencourt, Both of them have their eyes fixated on two very athletic, muscular young gentlemen, completely shirtless in the quarantine pen. Marissa then whispers something to Jennifer very quiet so that no one else can hear.

“ is so hot....”
“I told you!”
“Holy shit....he’s ten times as ripped as Mike...and he’s like 10X cuter than Mike....”

“Yo, Mike...I think we’re attracting a bit of attention....”
“Hey girls, what’s up?”
“NOTHING!!!! I mean....we’re not...doing anything?”
“Where’s Karilla?”
“Oh...she’s out...she’ll be back here in a few minutes.”

Later that day, Mike and Jason are about to part ways and go home. But before either of them leave, Mike says something to Jason.

“I Love It Loud.”
“My favorite Kiss song...I Love It Loud from the Creatures of the Night album.”
“Very good choice, Mine is Firehouse from the first album they put out in ’74, Even though Eric Carr didn’t play on that song.”


It was now night. 10 o’clock to be exact. The crickets were chirping and the wind caused the wheat field to rustle. The owner of a neighboring horse farm near Jack’s was riding his chestnut gelding back to the stable, where he hears some sort of commotion coming from the stable. He then kicks the horse’s side to make him go faster and rushes back to the stable to investigate what is going on.

The man is horrified to find one of his other horses lying on the floor of the barn, barely alive and the animal has a wound that appears to be bleeding quite badly. It’s evident that something had attacked the horse. The man tries his best to save the horse’s life, but it’s no use. The animal passes away in the man’s arms.


The man, seething with rage after what happened, hears hoof beats coming from outside. He sees the shadow of what appears to be a heavily-built black stallion. He doesn’t want to believe it, but it appears that there is a killer wild horse on the loose. He decides that tomorrow, he should warn his friend, Jack Silver about what happened.
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Default Chapter 13
Chapter 13

Hoof beats could be heard for miles as three horses galloped along a narrow path in a rather impromptu horse race among three friends. Leading the “herd” is Jennifer riding her horse Dancer; an ex-racehorse that was saved from the slaughterhouse after her jockey had no use for her anymore, next up is Jason riding Dante and unfortunately, dead last is Mike riding Fury.

“I WIN!!! Good girl, Dancer!”
“HEY!!! That’s not fair Jen! You’re riding an ex-racehorse for Chrissakes!”
“C’mon guys! We’re just having a little fun!”
“.....You’re right, Jay. Don't worry Fury, It wasn’t your fault.”

After the three friends playfully race along the trail, Mike looks in the direction of Jason. He cannot help but be completely captivated by the sheer beauty of the gorgeous black stallion Dante. The Friesian seemed to have the most perfect physique. Lustrous black coat, and a muscular and powerful body. There is a look of masculinity and intelligence in the deep dark eyes of the stallion. To Mike, Dante is an equine Adonis.

“Only God can create a creature so beautiful like a Friesian stallion.....”

Jennifer then makes her horse gallop over to Jason and Dante. She thought this to be a perfect opportunity to ask Jason the big question.

“So Jay, are you doing anything tonight? Because I was thinking that maybe....we can....go out tonight? just the two of us....sort of a date....thing? ”
“Well, I’d love to, but I promised Jack that I’d groom the horses...”
“Oh...ok...forget I said anything, your employment is the top priority....”

Jennifer rode on, crestfallen.

Later that afternoon, Jennifer returned to her home not far from the stables, where she sees her little nine year old sister Jocelyn in her room listening to 80s new wave music on her iPod. For some reason, Jocelyn is unlike little girls her age and doesn’t like new music like Katy Perry or Justin Bieber, instead she likes Tears for Fears, Blondie, The Police, and many other bands that were around before she was conceived. When her big sister came home, Jocelyn sought this as the perfect opportunity to tease her a bit about Jason.

“So Jenny, how are things going with the big, muscle-y and dreamy horseman? You have been spending a LOT of time with him! Tell me all about the beautiful romance!!”
“What?! No! I’m not interested in Jason or Mike or any other guy at the stables........Ok, let’s just say HYPOTHETICALLY that I am interested in Jason...what do I do?!”
“Just tell him that you LOOOOOVVEEEE him!!!”
“Can you get more cliché?”
“It’s better than NOT telling him, am I right?!”

The next day, Jennifer entered the stable to find Jason grooming Dante. She has her reservations about taking advice from her nine year old sister, but she’s a young adult without a boyfriend, so in her mind she thinks, what have I got to lose?

“Dante is so beautiful.”
“What can you say? I’m a good picker when it comes to horses!”
“I know! So...are you available tonight?”
“Why do you always ask if I’m available?

“You wanted to ask me out? Why didn’t you say so?”
“I was because I was too embarrassed...”
“Jenny....I don’t know what to say....I...I don’t know. I don’t think I’m really ‘dating material’”
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? You’re the sweetest, cutest, handsomest, most awesome guy I ever met!”

Jennifer’s comment causes Jason to blush....

“ me at the park around 8:00, ok? Hope to see you there.”

Jennifer and Jason then join up at the Crystal Falls town park and enjoy a night on the town. They walk around the city square, they window shop in all of the boutiques for women and the clothes stores for men. The “couple” then goes to get ice cream, and Jennifer thinks that it is the best date she has ever been to.

But one person doesn’t think so.


“So THIS is how you treat your best friend, you SKANK? WELL NOT ME!!”
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Chapter 14

It was three days since Jason and Jennifer’s “date”. Their relationship didn’t really flourish in the terms of romance, but increased tenfold in terms of friendship. That late afternoon, both Jason and Mike have the duty of once again scattering hay around the quarantine pen. They engage in conversation about various topics, also increasing their relationship.

After their work was done, they exit the quarantine pen to find both of Mike and Jason’s stallions nuzzling each other.

“Hey Mike! Look at Fury and Dante!”
“They’re becoming Bros, kinda like us!”

Mike then leads Fury back to the stables when Jason notices something, or rather someone different.

“Who is that guy talking to Jack?”
“That’s Roy Peterson, a friend of his. He owns another horse farm not far from here. What does he want, though?

“Roy, I’m sorry for the loss of your mare, but I really find your story hard to believe.”
“I SWEAR what I’m saying is true. At about 10 o’ clock at night, I rode my horse back to the barn and I found my prized mare dead on the ground! After that I heard some sort of animal sound, It sounded like a horse neighing, but more intense and malevolent. That’s when I saw....”
“A phantom horse?”
“Not a phantom, it was real! What I saw galloping down that field.....was this...huge, intimidating and evil-looking wild black stallion. I knew right away...that my mare was killed by that unbridled demon!”

While Roy Peterson was talking about what happened to his mare, Dante then follows his owner and walks up to the edge of the corral where Roy and Jack are. Almost immediately, Roy looks into the dark eyes of Jason’s black Friesian stallion and is in absolute shock.

“What are you yelling about, man!?”
“That dark horse! That’s the stallion that killed my mare!”
“No, no, no, no...I think you’re mistaken. If you’re talking about the black horse in the corral, that’s Dante, one of my stable hands owns that horse.”
“I don’t care WHO owns that...that...DEMON! I will have that horse seized and euthanized by the Animal Cops!!”

Jason overhears everything and he is furious. From the day that Mike, Karilla and the rest of the gang met him, Jason did not come off as aggressive or mean at all. But now after Roy threatened to have his Dante, his best friend put down, no mere mortal could calculate the amount of rage in his system.

“Hey ASSHOLE! for your information, that is MY horse and NO ONE is going to touch him! Who the f*** do you think you are anyway? Coming up here and ASSUMING that my horse killed yours?”

“Listen here, BOY. I personally don’t give a f*** HOW much you love that horse, You are in possession of a dangerous and deadly wild animal! You will be doing yourself and everyone around you a big favor if you just shut your mouth and let me do what has to be done!”
“F*** off!! And by the way, I’m not a boy, I’m a MAN.”

Jack tries to be the voice of reason and keep Roy and Jason’s tempers under control, but it is evident that his efforts are in vain.

“Listen both of you! Just calm down!”

Michael Schaefer has absolutely no qualms about sticking up for a good friend of his. One of the ways that working with horses changed him is now he is very loyal to his friends and will do anything for them.

“Excuse me for butting into this “pleasant conversation” but I will have you know, that the weeks that me and Jason have been working together at this stable, Dante has been one of the sweetest, most well-tempered stallions I have ever met! You have no goddamn idea what you’re talking about, so I want you to take my advice. Get the f*** off Jack’s property.”

Roy then explodes and lets his anger out on Mike. He curls his fingers into a fist and is about to lunge at him.


Just as Roy was about to pounce on Mike.....

Fury senses that his friend is in danger and reacts very violently. He neighs wildly and gallops over to where Mike and Roy are about to fight. He then attempts to stomp Roy to death by rearing up and kicking at him, thankfully Jack, Jason, and Mike hold him back so he can’t do any damage.

Roy is then outraged with his “friend” Jack, accusing him of stockpiling dangerous animals.

“I expected better from you! No real rancher would keep killer horses at his stable! What the hell are you anyway? Some sort of PETA fanatic? This is your ONLY warning Jack, if EITHER of those untamed beasts attack my horse farm AGAIN. I will not only have that black stallion and that bay stallion destroyed, I will also have this stable of yours shut down FOR GOOD!”

Roy storms off and stops harassing Jack, but Mike is still rather angry and annoyed.

“FURY!!! What the hell possessed you to do that?! LISTEN TO ME!! Do you WANT people to think that you’re vicious!? Do you want to be EUTHANIZED for chrissakes!?”

Jason then walks over and calms Mike down.

“Easy there, shouldn’t be punishing Fury, it wasn’t his fault. I saw the look in his eyes before he went berserk. He saw that guy about to punch you......he was protecting you, Mike. He didn’t want you to get hurt....”

“You’re right, J. I’m sorry I yelled at you, Fury....You will always be my buddy.”

Jason sees that it’s getting late, and before he goes home to his family in the large The Great Gatsby-esque mansion, he opens the gate to the corral and approaches Dante. He took the time out to appreciate the beauty of his horse. Lustrous black fur basked in the moonlight. Jason then hugs his neck as Dante nuzzles him.

“I know you’re not a killer, boy......”

“I hope not.”
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Chapter 15

“You SLUT!”

Marissa’s angry tone crescendoed across the entire house. Two days after Jennifer and Jason’s date in the town, Marissa has been looking for the right moment to confront Jennifer about what she and Jason were doing together. Two girls fighting over a man, World War III has begun.



An enraged Marissa just cannot hold back anymore. She pulls her hand back and violently slaps Jennifer across the face, using her fingernails to scrape her and draw blood.

“THAT is for stealing Jason from me, you HO!”

“Are you saying that I STOLE Jason from you?”
“You know what, All is fair in love and war! I saw Jason first and it’s only FAIR that I ask him out!
“You selfish BITCH! You don’t care about Jason! All you care about is getting back at Karilla because she’s going out with Mike!”

“Yeah, you probably WOULD!”

Marissa and Jennifer then begin to violently slap the living bejesus out of each other and a full-out catfight breaks out between the two girls. Along with physical attacks, various different vulgar and profane remarks and personal attacks fly across the room.

“(slapping sounds) HOOKER! You SLUT! YOU BITCH!! (slapping continues)”

Michael overhears Marissa and Jennifer’s catfight and all he can do is shake his head in disapproval.

“Are they honestly fighting over Jason At a time like this? Do they even realize what the poor guy is going through right now? He’s dealing with the possibility that his best friend could be taken away from him and then put down!”

After the slapping fight, Marissa says those words that sealed the deal with their now broken relationship.

“That is IT! Jennifer, we are NOT friends anymore!”

After the fight, Mike meets up with Karilla to check on Jason and Dante. For his own protection, Dante was put in the quarantine chamber isolated from the other horses. Jack doesn’t believe that Dante is a killer horse, but he must take precautionary measures for both the safety of the other horses, and for Dante himself. Mike and Karilla can’t help but notice Fury standing defiantly next to the quarantine pen.

“I think it’s so amazing how Fury is protecting Dante.”
“Another reason why I love horses, Karilla, they’re just like human loyal and trusting.......but unpredictable and dangerous when angry or scared....

“I’m also pretty worried for Jason. I mean, he’s so worried about Dante that he barely leaves the quarantine pen. He won’t even shave! I initially thought he was just growing his beard out, but he is so protective of that black stallion that he won’t even leave the pen to trim his facial hair!

“I can’t bear to see him like this, I wish there was some way we can prove to Roy Peterson that Dante didn’t kill his mare!”

Like an older brother comforting a younger sibling. Dante knows that Jason is going through inner turmoil. He lowers his large, powerful head and licks Jason’s unshaven face in an attempt to comfort him.

“Hey there, boy...Thanks for the support.....”
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DISCLAIMER: There is a reference to a really bad word in this chapter, if you don't like bad words than I am truly sorry for

Chapter 16

Just mere minutes ago, Karilla found out about the massive fight between two of her greatest friends, Jennifer and Marissa. Right away, she suspected that it was between Jason because of a few crucial facts between them. Both Jennifer and Marissa want boyfriends and Jason is a handsome and muscular young man who loves horses and is also single. Mike tried to go upstairs to try to talk to the two girls who have barricaded themselves in two of Jack’s spare rooms. His efforts are null and void.

“So how did it go, Mike? Did you finally get them to calm down?”
“Are you kidding me? Trying to get them to talk to each other was like talking to two brick walls. Neither of them will either acknowledge the other’s existence...”

“(sighs) I don’t know what to do, Karilla. They’re obviously jealous of each other over Jason. How can I get them to get along with each other if one of them is going to be unhappy because one of them is going out with J. and the other one isn’t?”
“We don’t even know HOW the feud started...And you tried talking to them about it and neither of them would open up...”

“How about this, neither of them will talk to each other, but what if us individually try to talk some sense into them? They may hate each other, but we’re still friends with them! I’ll talk to Marissa and try to get her side of the story on what happened.....”
“And I’ll talk to Jen and try to see what happened!”

Meanwhile, outside by the paddock, Jason looks out to see Dante standing defiantly in the grass and smiles. With nothing better to do, he talks or rather thinks out loud to the black stallion.

“You know Dante....I dreamt about you last night....The animal police came to seize you, and just as they were about to take you away, I jumped on your back. I made you rear up to scare away the animal cops and then we rode off...we escaped together.”

“The dream probably came from the fact that I was watching ‘The Black Stallion’ last night...that’s one of my favorite movies, you know? I never was a huge fan of horse movies to begin with. They usually they have the same plot over and over again. A small town girl loses a family member in a riding accident, vows never to ride again. Then befriends a wild and dangerous stallion and her love for horses comes back and it’s all happy and raining Skittles and sh*t like that...Either that or they’re just too sad and heartbreaking to watch. The ESPN movie ‘Ruffian’ was such a tearjerker, man. That movie was basically the equestrian ‘Marley and Me’.”

“But sometimes, I do feel like my life is becoming one of those horse movies. And I really hope it’s not one of those sad ones....”

Jason looks into the dark eyes of the Friesian with sadness. Hoping and praying that it won’t be the last time Jason will ever be close to Dante...He then says something in his mind. Something he doesn’t have the fortitude to speak out loud about.

(“If you did kill that man’s horse....and if they really are going to have you put down...............I am going to miss you, buddy....and I want you to know that.....In the few years I’ve known have been a very good and loyal friend....I love you, Dante.”)

Meanwhile, inside the house.....

“So can you PLEASE tell me what is going on between you two?”
“There’s nothing to talk about! Marissa is a spoiled brat that’s throwing a tantrum like a baby!”
“Come on, Jen! I’m only trying to be a good friend to you!”

“Alright, I’ll tell you the WHOLE story. I’m telling the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. It all started about a week ago. I still had a major crush on Jason and I decided to finally make my move. After he rejected me the first time, he agreed to go out with me the next day. We go out in the town, we have a good-ass time. And I WAS going to tell Marissa the news that I and Jason are going out, but she must have found out on her own. Yesterday, out of the blue she goes up to me, bitch-slaps me and starts f***ing SCREAMING at me and accusing me of stealing Jason from her! We have a huge fight, and we are never going to speak to each other ever again.”

“Jennifer, come on! I mean, that was a week ago! Can’t you at least talk to her as a friend?”
“I am NOT saying ONE WORD to her until she apologizes for the way she’s been acting!”
“JENNY! You and Marissa have been best friends for a long time, are you going to let one miscommunication destroy that!? Can you at least try to work things out? If you won’t do it for me or Karilla, do it for Jason. Just think about it, would a sweet and caring guy like J. want to see two best friends at each other’s throats over him?”

“I guess you’re right...I’ll just tell Marissa that I forgive her and no hard feelings...”

And in the other room...

“So let me get this straight, you’re not going to tell me why you and Jenny are fighting?”
“No. Now leave me alone!!!”
“FINE! That’s you’re choice! But don’t come crying to me for anything else!”
“OK! OK! OK! I’ll tell you everything! Now you know that I have a HUGE crush on Jason. I mean, handsome, muscular, compassionate, loves horses...he’s like the perfect guy! Well, in the weeks that he’s been working here, all I wanted to do was go on some sort of romantic date with him but I just couldn’t muster up enough courage to ask him out. Last week, I heard from Jack that Jason was going to be at the Loews Multiplex to see a movie. So I decided to meet him at the theatre and chat for a bit. I get there, and almost instantly, I see him come out of the main entrance with another girl! Obviously, I was shocked to see that he already had a GF. But I didn’t lose my temper until I saw that the girl he was with was JENNIFER! How could she do that to me?! Anyway, I confronted her yesterday, and she tells me “Oh, all is fair in love and war and I had him first!” We have a huge fight and we will never speak to each other ever again!”

“But Marissa, didn’t become jealous with me when you found out about me and Mike! In fact you were happy for me! And you should be happy for Jenny too! Why can’t you just forgive and forget?”
“I’m sorry, but I will NEVER forgive that bitch until she gives me a full and honest apology! She wants to say something to me, she knows where to find me!”

Almost on cue, Mike and Jennifer walk into the room with Karilla and Marissa. Almost instantaneously, the expressions on Jennifer and Marissa’s faces change to one of anger. They realize right away that all of this was an elaborate setup to get them to talk to each other again.

“Excuse me, Karilla, but Jenny has something to say to Marissa.”
“So does Marissa.”

Both girls swallow their pride and stand next to one another, but neither of them makes eye contact.

“Yeah, Hi.”
“ and Jason?”
“Yep. Me and Jason...”

Like a flame on a gas stove, the girls’ tempers begin to flare.

“You know what? Just change the damn subject!”
“Don’t you tell me what to do!!”

“Girls, please keep cool!”

“Look, if you didn’t come into here to apologize, why don’t you just get the hell out!?”
“Why in the holy name of Christ should I apologize to YOU?!”
“I’ll tell you why, because you’re nothing more than a lying, backstabbing BITCH!”
“Oh yeah? You know what you are? You’re a $2.00 prostitute with bad teeth!”
“Oh yeah? I hope the next time you go tanning; you get skin cancer and DIE!”

“YOU CU---“
“ (exasperated gasp) JENNIFER!!!”
“Did she just say what I thought she just said!?!”

Needless to say, the plan to reconcile the friendship between the two girls went horribly wrong. And now, it seems like they’re relationship just hit a new low as Mike and Karilla both forcibly restrain the girls to try and keep them from killing each other. Then, the final blow came.

“You want to play that way? FINE! I am NEVER riding at these stables EVER AGAIN! As soon as a can I’ll ask Jack to call a transport trailer for Dancer and we are going ELSEWHERE!”
“GOOD! We needed to take out the TRASH anyway!”
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Default Chapter 17
Chapter Seventeen

These last weeks at the stables have certainly been very eventful. With the possibility of Jason’s horse being a killer wild stallion and the massive catfight taking place between Marissa and Jennifer, Mike wonders if there will ever be a return to normalcy. Strolling out of the house, he spots Jason sitting on the ground by the stable door. The old Mike Schaefer would have made fun of him and called him a “pansy” but the new Mike Schaefer views this as an opportunity to try and help his friend out.

“Hey J. How’s it going?”
“You shouldn’t keep things from you’re friends, bro.”
“(sigh) It’s Dante. I can’t help but think.....what if that guy was right? What if Dante did break out of the stable and got into a fight with that mare and killed her? I understand would be the best thing to do if he is deemed a threat to people around him, but how will I deal with the pain of losing him?”

“’ve only been here for a few weeks, while I’ve been working here for many months. Let’s just say that Roy Peterson is not the best role model for up-and-coming horse trainers. I’ve seen him break stallions before and the way that he treated some of those horses made me want to jump over the fence and K-O him. He claims to be the best horse trainer in Crystal Falls and better than Jack but that’s complete bullsh*t. He punishes the young colts and stallions way too much instead of training them using compassion and sensitivity like you’re supposed to. He claims to be the best horse trainer, and yet it seems like every 3 months he’s putting another “unruly stallion” to sleep.”

“Are you serious?! What a f***ing scumbag!”

“Unfortunately, what I’m saying is 100% true. Just a week before we met, Roy acquired an absolutely beautiful Clydesdale stallion and he was going to train him to pull wagons, like in the Budweiser Superbowl commercials. During one of Roy’s “breaking sessions” after being viciously beaten several times with a studded whip, the young Clydesdale stallion starts to freak out and he literally BODY SLAMS Roy and tries to trample him. He was able to escape before he was seriously injured though. Obviously, it’s just natural that when you beat the living crap out of a horse for no reason, he or she is going to become aggressive, but that cocksucker believes that it’s good to beat horses so that they ‘respect’ their master. F*** that! Instilling fear and teaching respect are NOT the same things. Just a day after the incident, I found out that Roy put the colt down. I was ready to go up to his door and beat the f***ing sh*t out of him. He was such a gorgeous horse and he was incredibly young at only three and a half years old.”

“OK. I am NOT a violent person, but I would love to carve him a new asshole. That kind of sh*t pisses me off and to know that there are more guys like him killing horses when they too lazy to train them the PROPER way. I know enough about horses to know that Clydesdales and Shire horses are NOT naturally aggressive, there is a reason why draft horses are considered “gentle giants” This guy CLEARLY doesn’t know sh*t about training horses.

“But my point is, I can’t help but wonder.....what if Dante really did it?”

After days of holding back tears, Jason finally lets it all out in front of Mike


Mike can’t help but think of the way he used to be. Before he got the job at the stables, he would have most likely would have made so much fun of Jason for crying. But that Mike is dead; the Mike that is currently living consoles his good friend.

“You need a hug J. Come here...”

“Jason. I have an idea. Tonight, we will spend the night at the stables. You need sleep, ok? I can just tell that you have been sleeping like sh*t lately. I will keep an eye on Dante for you. Ok?”

And they did do that....but around 11:55 at night. It happened.

“F*** ME!!! WHAT DO WE DO?!!?!”

Mike unlocks Fury’s stall and puts a bridle on him.

“Come on, buddy...we need to go for a ride.”

Meanwhile, Jason rhythmically mutters nervously....

“Please don’t let it be true...please don’t let it be true...please don’t let it be true...”

“You ready, J.?”
“Yes....yes I am...”


Gently kicking Fury’s sides, Mike and Jason riding tandem, the bay stallion darts out of the stable so fast that Mike could swear he heard a sonic boom. Jason however, is absolutely heartbroken, as he makes the assumption that they are going to witness Dante kill another horse for no reason. Soon enough, he finds the stallion galloping twoards a valley and AWAY from Roy Peterson’s horse farm.

Soon, Mike stops Fury as he looks out and sees a sight so incredulously beautiful he almost cannot describe it in words.

“ really should see this....”

“What?....Oh my God!”

Jason is in absolute awe as he sees Dante gently nuzzling a wild palomino mare....

“That’s the reason why Roy saw Dante gallop away from his ranch, Don't you see?Dante's got a GIRLFRIEND!”
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Chapter Eighteen

Things might actually be going good for once after weeks of chaos. Roy Peterson’s abusive horse training (quote-unquote ‘horse training’) has been exposed to Crystal Falls’ humane society and the Crystal Falls Police Department. It’s evident that what really happened was that one of Roy’s poorly-trained stallions went berserk and killed the mare. Needless to say, he will NOT be harassing Jack and his stable hands anymore. This, of course means that Dante is no longer in danger of being put down. But something is still bothering Jason as he thinks back to a certain point in his life.....

The wayback machine has turned back to four years ago, June of 2008. At that time, Jason had already made the passage from adolescence to adulthood by graduating high school; however both of his filthy rich parents still have the habit of doting on him like a child in order to “give him the best life possible.” Just mere days ago, he picked out his very own horse. Out of all the gorgeous mares and geldings that his family was prepared to buy, Jason chose a gorgeous but dangerous black Friesian stallion that was placed in isolation. The stallion has been in a frenzied state ever since it was brought to the stables at Jason’s family’s palazzo, Galloping around the pasture, rearing, and letting out near-demonic sounds which sound more like screaming than neighing.

“Jason, we have to get rid of this horse, we just can’t handle it!”
“Hell to the NO! I am NOT giving him back. You know what they said! If we give this black stallion back to the equestrian center they are going to have him put down, and I am NOT going to let that happen!”
“Son, look at him! That horse is a bloodthirsty BEAST! I’m telling you, if you go near it, it’s going to kill you! I know it sounds mean but euthanizing that monster is probably the best thing to do!”
“Why the hell are you blaming the stallion? It’s not his fault that he had a sh*tty trainer that didn’t care for him! You think that you know what’s best for him, but just because you’ve OWNED a few horses don’t mean that you know a lot about them! That horse is NOT dangerous, he’s SCARED. He’s NOT USED TO PEOPLE!”
F*** YOU, DAD! You’re such a douche bag! By the way, that stallion is a ‘HE’ not an ‘IT’!”

That same day back in 2008, Jason approached the fenced pasture and attempts to tame the black stallion without alerting anyone. Unbeknownst to his family, Jason sneaks out every night to see the black stallion and try to earn his trust.

“Hey there boy....Don’t worry....It’s just me, Jason.....”

After assuring the stallion that he is no threat, Jason pets his jet black fur gently.

“We’re going to try something new tonight, ok boy? I want to see how you are with a saddle...”

It is rather evident that Jason wants to ride the black stallion for the first time.

Jason straps his father’s old leather English saddle to the black stallion but the animal knows all too well what Jason is going to try and reacts very violently.

“Easy boy! It’s OK! I’m not gonna hurt you!!”

Just like his father warned him, the horse then looks at Jason with intent to kill and subsequently charges him, rearing an bucking at Jason.


Jason tries to escape the pasture as the stallion brutally attacks him, but just his luck, the gate is locked.


The flashback ends abruptly as Jason looks at the faded scar on his left arm. Looking back on that day, he’s still surprised that his father gave Dante another chance after what he did. Mike walks by the stall to see Jason persistently staring at Dante.

“Hey J! What’s got you down?”
“COME ON! Dante is going to be okay, that piece of shit Roy got arrested for animal cruelty and he’s is going to lose his ranch. You should be happy!”

“It’s just that....I can’t help but Dante truly happy the way he is?”
“What do you mean?”
“Seeing him nuzzling that mare....This whole ordeal, I was scared sh*tless that Dante was going to be seized and destroyed and I was so terrified that I would never see him again. But now I realize how selfish that was of me....Dante looked so happy when he was with that mare....and you know me...I always want to give Dante what’s best for you know where I am getting at?”

About a half-hour after the conversation between Jason and Mike, Jennifer already had her bags packed and is ready to walk out the door for good. Karilla and Mike both follow her, trying to persuade the scorned young woman otherwise.

“Oh Jenny, you really don’t want to leave...”
“I’m sorry, I’d love to stay for you and Mike but I hate Marissa.”

Out of the blue, Marissa walks down the stairs to bid her ex-friend a less-than-warm goodbye.

“She’s still here?!”

“For Chrissakes, can’t you two at least say goodbye to each other?!..........That’s IT! I can’t stand anymore fighting! Marissa, goodbye! Come on Jen, the trailer’s waiting.....OH GOD DAMN IT!!!! JEN, GET BACK HERE!”

“I have just one more thing to say. This may sound incredibly corny but when I first started working here, I didn’t know the meaning of friendship. But after observing how good everybody was to everyone, especially you three girls. I’m telling you right now, things change in this world, and if you walk out that door Jennifer and you have a change of heart years from now, it’s possible that you will never see each other ever again! So PLEASE! Try and make up. I’m sure there are other occasions where you’ve fought over guys, do you really want to end this friendship like this?”

“Yeah, He’s right! I’m still pissed off at you for what you did during that party when you kissed my high school boyfriend!”

Mike sighs in disappointment.

“Oh here we go again....”

“Hold up, are you referring to Farah Libstein’s grad party back in ’09?”
“YEAH! When you made out with Torin Namaste, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!”

“What, I never kissed Torin! Hell, YOU never even kissed Torin!”
“I remember that party like it was yesterday, you were wearing those booty shorts and that tight top!”
“I never wore the booty shorts; I lent my only pair to Lucy Lopez! Remember? All of the guys were bored because the DJ left and they all took turns stuffing dollars in those shorts? She walked off with $30 of Farah’s money! SHE was the one wearing the booty shorts and that spandex top, not me!”
“Are you telling me that it was LUCY that kissed my boyfriend?”
“She made out with him and basically every other guy at that party!”

“If that’s the case, why am I mad at you?”
“You’re not mad at me, but I’M mad at you because that was the same party that you stabbed me in the back!”
“I would never stab ANY of my friends in the back!”
“Bullsh*t! You told everybody at that party that Francesco San Giminano tried to make out me!”
“I never told ANYONE!”
“NO ONE ELSE KNEW BUT YOU! We were all alone in the pool room when I told you the whole story!”

“We weren’t alone! Timmy Tool was lying completely wasted on the floor! Remember?! He threw up on your brand new Gucci pumps! He must have overheard our coversation!”
“TIMMY was the one that threw up on me? (GASP) HE’S the one that told everyone! That means never betrayed me?”
“Why would I betray my best friend?”

Almost on cue, the waterworks begin between Jennifer and Marissa as they begin to passionately hug each other


“Isn’t that sweet....thanks to you, this whole problem worked out itself!”
“Yeah.....I still think they’re both crazy though.”


(you should get some Kleenex for this part of the chapter, folks...)

The earth did it’s usual 360 and it was now the next morning. For some undisclosed reason, Mike, Karilla and Jason decided to go riding at the crack of dawn. Little do Jennifer, Marissa, Jack and the rest of Jason’s family know is that Jason is about to do something momentous.


They reached their destination where Jason dismounts Dante. He looks back and sees Mike and Karilla still mounted on their horses nodding and encouraging him. Without a moment to lose, Jason forcibly rips the halter off of Dante’s face, slaps his hind quarters and yells.....


Dante gallops out to the open prairie, but then stops and turns around. Jason walks up to the beautiful black stallion, facing eye to eye. A crystal tear flows down Jason’s eye as he hugs the horse’s mighty neck. Mike and Karilla wonder what is happening...

“What happened Mike?”

“I think thanking Jason for setting him free.”

And now, Jason no longer has a horse to ride, but that is not the thing that is on his mind. All he can think of is how happy Dante is now that he is a feral horse. Maybe he will become a herd’s lead stallion, maybe he will mate with the palomino mare and have beautiful colts and fillies.....but one thing is for sure....

Dante is off to greener pastures.....

(I assure you, this is NOT the end of “Fury” , I might need to think up of some chapter ideas though.Can you guys help me out with some chapter ideas?
SPOLIER ALERT: I am already planning having Michael Schaefer’s younger brother Kevin Schaefer eventually come into the story, having him learn how to ride horses and making him another main character.)
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Default Chapter 19
Here it is!! A new chapter!

Chapter Nineteen

It seemed much longer than that, but six entire months have passed since Jason Weiss did a completely unexpected move and decided to set Dante, his beautiful black stallion free to roam the wild plains.....

Out of the original “crew”, only Jennifer remained. Jason broke the news to his parents that he set Dante free and after a few altercations, they finally began to understand his decision, however they did force him to find another part-time job for a few months to make up the money that the family paid for the stallion, leaving Jason no time to visit his friends the stables. After making up with Jennifer, Marissa decided that she needed some time away from horses for a while. She managed to find steady work as a beautician at local beauty salon. In the months following Jason’s arrival at Six Gable Stables, Mike and Karilla’s relationship flourished to an all-time high and as a result, they made the decision to live together at Mike’s house. Despite their undying love for each other, they have dropped approximately zero hints of tying the knot or attempting to start a family.

But very soon, a reunion will take place.

“Jack, I think it is so sweet of you to give your horse to Jason.”
“Don’t mention it....Buddy needs his exercise and I feel it would be right to move him onto a new rider...”

Jack looks at the other side of the paddock where he sees the Arabian stallion that is Fury waiting patiently for Michael Schaefer’s return.

“(sigh)....I wish that you’d let people other than Mike ride you.......He’ll be back soon, Fury....I promise.”

The first member of “the crew” to arrive at the stables is Marissa. Jennifer jumps in excitement at the sight of her friend coming back to her, a dire contrast to the fact that a half of a year ago, they almost parted ways bad terms.

“Oh my God, how have you been?!”
“I’ve been doing good, I LOVE your new outfit by the way!”
“OMG, thank you! I love your new look!”

The second and third friends to arrive were both Karilla and Mike. Even though Mike is very happy to see Jennifer and Marissa again and getting along, he’s quite predictably chomping at the bit to see Fury again.

“Karilla’s here!!”

(I love how the girls totally overlook Mike and jump right to Karilla XD)

“Heya, Jack!”
“Mike!!! It’s been too long! How’s life?”
“It’s going good, where’s Fury?”
“He’s right over there!”

A smile is instantly plastered on Mike’s face as he see’s his best friend for the first time in several months. Without saying much, he pets Fury’s mane and then hugs his neck. A tear of joy rolls down Mike’s face as he says....

“I’ve missed you, bro.”

Thirty minutes after Mike and Karilla’s arrival, An old car pulls up to the stables. The car is an Aston Martin DB5 which is known for being James Bond’s first and most recognized armored car. The driver of the vehicle is none other than the fourth and last friend to show up at the stables, Jason. The reunion is now complete!

Jennifer announced to everyone who had just returned and Mike just jumped at the opportunity to greet one of his best friends back to the stables.

“Hey everybody, look who just showed up!”
“Oh my God, Jason’s back!! How the hell have you been?”
“I’m doing well....Say Mike, did you put a hoof pick in your pants or are you just happy to see me?!”

After all five friends exchanged their hellos and hugs, Jack announced that he wanted to give something to Jason and he takes him aside.

“Jason, I’d like to show you something...this fine beast of a horse is mine, he is a Clydesdale/Andulasian mix. Like Fury, he is also a rescued horse and I trust him with my life.”
“You’re very lucky to have a horse like that, he’s beautiful!”
“Well.......he’s yours now.”

Jason is just stunned at his former employer’s gratitude towards him. Jason expected a hello and a hug from Jack, but never in a million years would he expect that Jack would willingly give him his horse!

“(GASP) Are you serious!?”
“I’m completely serious! His name is Buddy, but you feel free to change his name if you want!”
“I can’t believe you’re giving me your horse!!”
“Well...I felt bad that after you set Dante free you don’t have a horse to ride anymore and since I sadly almost never find the time to give Buddy his exercise, I figured that he should meet a new rider. Buddy is a very friendly horse and I’m sure you’re going to love riding him!”

“If it’s not too much trouble, can I saddle him up and take him out now?”
“I don’t see why not!”

Jason finds that Dante’s old saddle still remained at the stable. Even though it is a heartrending memento of his time at the stables, he decides to put it on Buddy as a constant reminder of Dante’s presence in his life.

Without warning, Jason makes Buddy spring into a swift gallop out the stable door and out into the open range, falling out of sight as he rides over the horizon. Mike and the girls smile at the sight of Jason satisfied with getting a new horse.

“Wow, for a heavy draft horse, you sure are fast Buddy!”

Jason pets his new mount proudly.

“Come on, let’s ride to the hillside, there might be something there worth looking at.”

And as expected, there was something worth looking at by the bottom of the hill. Jason smiled as he knows that Dante is now in very good company. What he saw was a herd of wild horses grazing in the wide open plains. He takes a small pair of binoculars from the pocket of his jacket and gazes at the herd. Sadly, he found no sign that Dante was nearby. But he did see something else....

Straying away from the herd was a creature that was absolutely stunning. The animal’s coat was a pure white color with a slender, yet muscular build. The wind rippled through its mane. To describe the animal much more adequately, it was “a white stallion that real cowboys ride.”

“It’s so beautiful....” Jason whipsers to himself...But before he could even think of getting close to the steed, the stallion (or mare, he doesn’t know) gallops off into the forest.

As Jason rode his new horse away from the hill, he ponders over what he just saw...

“That really is a fine specimen....I wonder...Could that be the lead stallion of the herd? Or perhaps it could be someone’s horse that broke free. There was a mark on one of its flanks that kind of looked like a brand...I should tell Mike about this....what do you think Buddy?”

Jason’s new horse neighed quietly.

“I know horses can’t talk, It just makes me feel better to pretend that you do!”

Buddy nickered sarcastically.

“I’m going to pretend that I didn’t pretend to hear that!!”
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Sorry that Fury's twentieth chapter is so short...I hope you like it anyway!

Chapter Twenty

While Jason was out and about the forest, The rest of the friends had some SERIOUS catching up to do. Even though they are all engaged in the social network phenomenon, they all agree that nothing truly beats an in-person conversation. Mike begins to tell everyone what he’s been up to and then tells an anecdote on how he crashed his motorcycle a few weeks ago.

“...and after the fiasco with me trying to fix it myself, which is how I got this cut on my arm, I finally gave up and took Karilla’s advice. I finally called a mechanic.”
“Are you okay, otherwise?” Marissa asked.
“Marissa, I’ve been practicing Mixed Martial Arts for about thirteen years now, I can handle a few scratches...”

Suddenly, Jennifer points out that a certain someone has returned....

“Hey look! Jason’s back!”

Mike looked back to see Jason mounted on his new horse Buddy cantering back to the stable grounds. Holding on to the reins with only one hand in a true Western fashion, there is a visible look of eagerness in his face.

“What’s up, J.?”
“Mike, I got something to tell you. I saw something incredible!”
“How incredible?”
“Pretty damn incredible if I may say so myself!”
“.........Ok, I’m convinced. Can you guys give me and J. a minute?”

“So, what’s up?”
“I don’t even know where to begin....while I was taking Buddy out for a ride, I saw a herd of wild horses grazing on the other side of the cliff!”
“Wild mustangs, huh? you’re pretty damn lucky!”
“But that wasn’t the only amazing thing I saw. Straggling away from the herd was possibly the most gorgeous stallion I have ever seen. It was a pure white horse, I could tell by the pink skin around his muzzle...”

“But one thing is really bothering me though, why was he so far away from the other horses in the herd...I thought he was the lead stallion, but when he ran away, the other horses didn’t follow him....And I also noticed this weird black mark on his flank, it may have been a brand...”
“I’ll tell you what, we can ride over there and see if he came back! It’s worth a shot!”

Jason and Mike saddled up their horses (well, maybe just Jason because Mike always rides Fury bareback.) and set out for where Jason found the herd.

“Where did you say they were again?”
“The wild mustangs were right along that shallow cliff on the other side!”
“Alrighty then! Come on, Fury!”

Sadly, they were in for an unfortunate surprise when they find that there are no wild horses by the Cliffside. They all must have detected Jason and Mike coming and vacated the area.

“Damn! They’re not here!”
“Well, wild mustangs are pretty skittish animals J. The moment they detect that a human being is coming, they scatter. That’s why I said that you were pretty damn lucky that you managed to see an entire herd.”
“Let’s go back to the stable, maybe they’ll come back here to graze tomorrow...”’

Dejected, the two boys rode on....
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