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Default Voltus Pravitas - Diluting the Ugly Gene
Chapter 1.1: Welcome Home
This is Rosalie Graham, a young woman who recently moved to the quaint town of Riverblossom Hills. She was born with a rare congenital disorder called Voltus Pravitas, which results in a severe deformation of the facial structure. This disorder is likely why her parents placed her for adoption. In an era that had few people seeking to adopt Rosalie spent her formative years in an orphanage. Rosalie worked hard as a teen, saving money so as to afford her own abode when she moved out of the home. And, as fate would have it, her hard work paid off. When she became an official adult, Rosalie had enough money saved to invest in a small home of her own.
Despite it not being much, Rosalie found comfort and relaxation in her small shack. She knew that without any floors, and half-finished walls she would need a job, the sooner the better! Cracking open the classifieds section Rosalie set to work circling a couple wanted ads. She even called a few of them, and landed a same-day interview! She could hardly contain her excitement, and who could blame her?

When it came time to go, she suited up in her best attire and was off to meet her potential employer. But when she came back, she had far less vigour in her than when she left. "Thanks for coming in, but I don't think you're quite what this company is looking for." The interviewers words were like knives, but it was something she had grown accustomed to. Rosalie had gone through all the ropes to get the part-time job she had back in SimCity. With a face like hers, very little came easy. A fact Rosalie was painfully aware of.
It was just shortly after when one of her neighbours popped to visit unexpectedly. Leod McGreggor, a farmer from just around the corner. He seemed to take to Rosalie's looks much better than the interviewer did. Not that Rosalie was complaining, it wasn't very often she met people who were comfortable with her oddities. That and Leod did seem nice enough maybe they could even be genuine friends?
Leod ended up staying pretty late. Eventually the two of them got bored of football, instead picking up some pillows to use on one another. A couple of good hits from Rosalie, and a few games rock, paper, scissors later and Leod retired for the night. "Well, it was nice hanging out with you Rosalie. See you later, friend," He said as he walked away, leaving Rosalie with quite the smile on her face. Rosalie was broke, jobless and living in what could essentially be called a shed, but at least she had good company just a short call away. She was content. And wasn't that enough?
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Default Chapter 1.2: Happily Ever After?
Chapter 1.2: Happily Ever After?
It took a while but Rosalie did eventually find a job. She was to be a Test Subject at the local Science facility, and who knew, maybe her involvement would lead to a cure for her Voltus Pravitas. She could only hope. As part of the tests and experiments, Rosalie was assigned a diary that she was to write in periodically.
It was part of a new program called the "Generational Cure" the idea being that the scientists at the facility would track her, and her descendants for the next 10 generations. Keeping track of any abnormalities that were passed on, and the ones that weren't. Particularly interested in finding how and why.
Dear Diary,

Well, this feels a little odd. But I guess if it's what I have to do, then I'll do it.
It seems that my neighbour, Leod McGreggor, really sees me for who I am. At first I though he was just being nice, but I'm glad to know it's genuine. We've become pretty close friends, through and through. It's always blast being around, and I do kind of enjoy being the only girl whose close to the local "hearthrob", the angry stares from the local women actually feel pretty good! I know that's awful to say, but I can't help it, I've never really had anyone envy me before.
I'll admit, I think about Leod a lot. He comes over pretty often, and we always have the best conversations. Leod really makes me feel.. well, special. You could even say I like him as more than just friend, love even. I started to wonder if he felt the same. Although with a face like mine, it wasn't too likely.
However, my doubt aside I figure I should take the chance and ask him out. I'm sure we'd still be friends, even if he said no. Of course I was amazingly surprised when he agreed, he even seemed to be flattered by the idea! Honestly, I couldn't believe it was happening!

The date went great! In fact it was so great that we decided to go out again, and again, and again. Before I knew it he was my boyfriend, an honest to goodness boyfriend! My first ever too, did you know that woohooing felt that good? I sure didn't! I do now though, oh boy do I ever.. Ahem, but the details I'll keep to myself. I mean, this book is meant to be passed down to future generations, after all. Hmm.. I wonder what our kids would look like? As cute as him? I hope so!
After dating for a few months I decided that if I wanted this to go anywhere, it would be up to me to make the first move. So I did. I proposed to Mr. Leod McGreggor; Riverblossom Hills resident chick-magnet. And when he said yes, of all things, I simply couldn't hold back! Poor guy's lips were so purple. But no time was wasted I started making preparations for the wedding right away, before anyone else scooped him up!

White curtains here, red ribbons there, a bouquet of orchids for this table... Oh so much to do!

- Rosalie Graham
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Default Chapter 1.3: Oh Gosh
Chapter 1.3: Oh Gosh
Dear Diary,
At about the same time I came home, this odd looking man was walking past my shack. Really odd looking, but somehow, just a little familiar. Something about his face absolutely mesmerised me, such a weird feeling.
Well, I simply had to stop him right then and there. Once I got closer to him I noticed why something about him seemed familiar. His picture was hung up in the lab I work at, he used to be a test subject like me but ended up withdrawing. This was the first time I'd ever met a fellow victim of VP, it was strange, exhilirating, and oddly fulfilling all at the same time. Such a strange combination of emotions.

It didn't take long for us to realise we had a lot more in common with eachother than just our disorder. We had many of the same interests too, and we were both equally devoted to 'the cause' as he so put it. After leaving the facility he decided to attempt a rise to stardom, to bring VP into the spotlight. He said it would probably increase funding, and research. I've never felt such a strong admiration for anyone before.

It didn't take long for my heart to start pounding and butterflies to start fluttering. I knew it was wrong, I had Leod after all.. but it just felt so right.
After our long discussion; Dillan, that's his name by the way, and I pretty much just played for the rest of the day. Everyting from water balloons to pillows. That and maybe a little harmful flirting. What? Don't give me that look, Diary, Leod wasn't around so it's okay. I mean what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

Wrong, I ended up asking DIllan to stay the night, which he happily agreed. At which point flirting turned into hugging, which turned into kissing, which turned into me feeling like Llama spit. Because now I was torn between two great guys, one of whom I am engaged to. Which really doesn't make matters better.

First, I have Leod, my fiancé. The first guy I've ever met who liked me for me, and actually treated me like a human being instead of a monster. And Dillan, some guy I just met, who just happens to have the same condition as me. Who I also have this amazing connection with, and I really, really want to kiss right now. I guess, until I make up my mind.. I can just have both?
Later that night, Leod decided to pop in unexpectedly. While Dillan was still there. "That's alright, I'll just play it cool." Or so I thought. Dillan and I were talking casually while Leod put on a movie, everything was going pretty smoothly.
After our movie, I cooked up some dinner for the three of us. As I was cleaning dishes the guys chatted amongst themselves, I thought I might actually pull it off. I also started wondering if they'd be ok with polyandry. After the dishes were done Leod put on another movie and Dillan and I got back to chatting. Just when I got a little too confident, so did Dillan as he tried to plant one on me. Right in front of my fiancé. Er, technically behind...

Now granted, Dillan didn't know he was my fiancé. Can't really blame him for that, Leod seemed to understand. Instead he just blamed me.
I can't believe he hit me though. Although I probably would of hit me too, if I were him. And it didn't really hurt. After that he just walked angrily and went back to his farm. As I turned to Dillan I waited for round two, but it never came. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't know.." Was all he said. I told him it wasn't his fault, that I should be the one apologising. Dillan just came back with the most comforting words ever, "Everyone makes mistake, you are only human." Well, maybe not for most people, but when you've been called everything but human your whole life, it means a lot when someone says otherwise.
In the end, Dillan ended up staying the night and kept me company. It was nice knowing that I had someone there to comfort me. But I couldn't help but ask myself, "where should I go from here?"

Till next time
- Rosalie Graham
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Wow, I really enjoyed reading this! Such a clever way to write a legacy. You've got a lot going for this story; hope to see some updates soon!
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