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Default Too much and Not Enough - Chapter 1
Meadow, a young fairy, was determined to show her parents that she could make it on her own, her own way as a gardner. She knew it would be hard, but she would make a living out of it she was sure.

After getting her garden settled, Meadow decided to spend her first full moon in Moonlight Falls at a lounge.

Things between progressed quickly...

They even got to know each other better in the booth outside!

And before Meadow could believe it, the handsome vampire she always felt like she wanted to know was gone.

"I'll call you soon," Conner had said. "But, i really had a great time with you tonight. Take it easy."

Meadow decided to stay and dance around in the lounge, feeling better than she ever had!

But that joy quickly turned to nausea. Meadow flew to the bathroom as fast as her wings could take her and threw up until the lounge closed.

Meadow woke up from a deep sleep the next morning with the taste of vomit in her mouth. Her stomach felt bloated and she ran for the bathroom.

"Oh god, what's wrong with me?" she wondered as she pulled on her green dress to get ready for the day. Finally the sickness started to go away. She finished zipping up her dress when she noticed it felt really snug. She just tugged at it to loosen it.

The phone rang. She knew who it was.

"Uh, hi mom!"
"Hey, how are you hon?" Meadow looked down at her bloated belly, her dress feeling tighter by the second.
"Great. . ." she managed to lie.
"Have you met anyone new?" her mother asked.
"Uh, yeah I met a vampire guy. Now, I know you won't approve. I know how you feel about them, but this one's really awesome."
Her mother sighed. "Dear, its not that I don't like vampires. I told you not to get involved with them because fairy bodies and vampire bodies don't match. Especially if they try to have children. Usually the vampire fetus can kill a fairy from the inside!"
"Yeah. It's not me, Meadow, it's just nature."
The young fairy felt cold and silent.
"Meadow? You didn't do anything with him, did you?"
"Uh, no of course not mom."
"Good, now your father--"
"Look mom," Meadow suppressed a moan of pain, "I've got to go." Meadow rushed to her bedroom to find something more comfortable, her dress felt like it would rip.

Meadow changed into a stretchy shirt and jeans, Now maybe this will be more comfortable! It's only been a day, I can't get much bigger than this.

She went to work in her garden some to get it off her mind.

Whatever happens, she told herself, I just have to keep this a secret. Conner can't know. Mom can't know. But the churning in her stomach made her feel otherwise.

After a hard day at work, Meadow had dinner but still feeling hungry stopped to eat some ice cream. Suddenly, her tummy flipped, and she felt the worst pain she'd ever experienced. Not again, she thought. Her stomach was growing again, and fast. The jean shorts she was wearing busted as her stomach fought for room.

In the biggest pair of pajamas she could find, Meadow looked at herself for bed. This has to stop, right? She thought. And Meadow went to bed hoping it all would just go away.

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