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Default My Name is Mommy

Sure, she has a "real" name, but she can't think of it right now. And who can blame her, with kids needing attention (Mommy, play catch. Mommy I'm hungry), and toddlers following her into the bathroom, where she's having morning sickness (again). I won't go into the details of this challenge, except to say it's all about keeping everyone happy. Except maybe teenagers, who are expected to be melodramatic. The challenge will require a "big family" mod, and a way to produce instant pregnancy (I use SimBlender)

Mommy is a custom dark skin, which I chose hoping for a range of skins on the kids.
Mommy is one of those women who seem to get pregnant just standing down-wind from a man - and she like it that way. A bit untrusting of men, she thinks children are the important part of a happy family. And a big happy family are all she wants.

Mommy greets Eldon Hicks (from Sim1!). Nobody else ever likes him - maybe because he's a slob, doesn't work, and lives with his mother in a trailer with two nasty dog. But for some reason they hit it off. (I set her to like werewolves and vampires, trying to make her not pine for a man). In the background is Kennedy Cox - he was the first on the lot, and she's already pregnant (with twins I didn't plan on!). The guy fishing is Robert Kim, a future father.

Her first kiss was with Eldon Hicks - a nose smoosher.

The first house is just a shell; no walls inside, no floor. Mommy is pregnant by Eldon. Twins Alice and Andy don't have cribs and the tub is broken already, but she's afraid to spend money - it will be a long time before there is an employable teen in the house. Well, it's not so bad; the leaky tub makes funny flowers.

Oh no! She had Eldon's daughter Brandy and collapsed; she didn't WANT a baby?!

Things get better. Eldon gave her a fish tank; but the house is so small toddler Alice had to go outside in the snow to see the fishies

With Andy happily playing with a pot, and Brandy on the floor (she has a cardboard box to put her in, but "forgot), she proposes to Eldon. She (meaning ME) has learned to invite him over whenever she need cheering up. He's always good for a laugh and a snuggle, and never minds that she's always pregnant - with someone else's baby

She spent just enough money to wall off the bedroom.

She splurged and hired a nanny so she could go out with Eldon, when she came home she was so exhausted she went to bed without sending them away. Then one of them wanted to use the toilet (which is just sitting in the bedroom), and Mommy went clear outside - where she fell asleep on her feet, in the snow.

Hiring a repairman for the tub and toilet ment she could make a REAL bathroom, with a floor and everything. It also ment she's pregnant again.

But the twins are happy toddlers,

and she's making friends with Benjamin "The Nose" Long. {sorry for bad pic} He must be the one that gave her the hot tub (Eldon doesn't have any money!); everyone enjoys it - except Mommy, she's usually too pregnant to get in.
And life's getting better. The repairman was an old man, but must have blond hair, and some strong genes - his son Christopher is also blond. She loves all her children equally, but this happy boy will always be extra special.

A clean child is more important than a clean house, and there is always time for a story.

Toddler beds are the best; Christopher puts himself to bed as Mommy changes Robert Kim's son Darnell.

The house now looks like this--

Mommy meets red-head Kormie Tellerman, who seems impressed by "eggs"

The happy family develops: happy children have chores, and homework,

Every one is happy, even if it's pancakes for dinner again, but with only $1600 Mommy is afraid to add another bathroom. There's not even enough beds; everyone sleeps in shifts.

It's fun to fish, there are even a few "stuffed" ones to look at, but they aren't good to eat.

FINALLY! The twins become teens and get jobs! But the important thing is, they grew up HAPPY>

And Mommy was smart enough to buy Andy blocks when he was a toddler, now he can fix stuff and Mommy doesn't have to call the old handy-man.

For a little while Darnell and Christopher were toddlers together. They will always be close, as all the kids are. Family looks out for each other.

Christopher grew up happily, of course.

When Mommy met Goopy You-know-who, he didn't like her. But she is getting good a being charming.

Mommy stuffs herself while the teens do homework. They just CAN'T loose their jobs, they are down to $47!

Inviting Eldon and his mom seemed like a good idea (they are the only ones she ever feeds). She's only a LITTLE bit pregnant by Goopy, so they can have some watery fun.

Andy knows Eldon will someday be his step-father, and wants to make friends. Mommy wants all her children to be friends with their fathers, but he has never met his father Kennedy Cox, and his mom isn't friends with him.

Mommy invited Benjamine Long over to meet his daughter, red-haired Evangelina. Surprisingly, he plays with her all by himself. And the little imp has his nose!

Blond Christopher (you remember, the repairman's son) loves meeting people. Easy to see what sort of teen he will be. Outgoing, easy-going, and smart as a whip.

So with this house full of boyfriends and kids and their friends, Mommy entertains everyone by giving birth to baby seven (by Goopy)

Life is good, and Mommy is LOOKING good

With teen Alice wanting a boyfriend, Mommy invites her to join her and Kormie on a date. He lets her do some "man-scapeing", which she thinks really shows off his rugged good looks. Pretty Alice doesn't hit it off with everyone, but meets lots of people.

Kormie comes home with them, and now EVERY one is happy. REALLY happy. And, of course, pregnant.

Red headed Evangelina grows up - into a little Mrs. Crumplebottom. A real neat-freak, she runs around the house cleaning up after everyone. The only time she gets upset is when someone else gets in the way when she's trying to make their bed. She's going to be a feisty teen.

We've added a bedroom, but there is still not enough beds. It's cramped, and not pretty, but it's all about the HAPPY!

Mommy is happy to meet Peter Ottomas. She didn't know he was married (so was Robert Kim). He's going to be trouble.

When she tries to have the Ottomas twins (!) something goes wrong --- with my game! They show in the family, but never showed up "in her arms", never got option to name, and she still looks and walks pregnant! They don't want to be born into this happy but poor family?

I couldn't SAVE, finally just moved the family out, and put them on a lot.
There, Mommy was holding toddler Francine, and went into labor before she could put her down. The toddler hung on while Mommy delivered two babies. Mommy took a bath, trying to "unglue" her. Didn't work. Had Mommy give Francine a bath; awkward but it worked.

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I played a sim like this once
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Default The End
Obviously, this story ended abruptly when it glitched. If only I knew how to OFFICIALLY "END" it!

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