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Default Scales for Age Conversions?

I'm sorry if there's already a thread on this or already an answer out there. I am notoriously bad at actually finding what I want on google.

Is there a chart or list somewhere that has all of the numbers one would enter to scale a mesh to different age groups? For example, I read that to go from adult to teen you'd do 0.94 because teens are 94% of the adult body. But I'm not sure what the exact numbers, if there are, would be for everything else.

I was converting a toddler outfit to child and I had to just guess until it looked decent, because whenever I tried to google it all I kept getting were results on how to literally age your toddler into a not anything helpful. Alternatively, the person wanted the same toddler outfit for teens as well which I'm trying to work on now.

But if there was a list of all the actual numbers from each age group to the rest, that would be super helpful. Is there such?
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Hello, Just resizing things up by percentage is a bad idea. The skeletons have different sizes so heads will float above or go inside the body.
Other age groups have different skeleton sizes, and age conversions will not work properly. Clothes that are for a smaller skeleton will result in your sim’s head floating over a sliced-open neck. Clothes that are for a larger skeleton will result in a small head being swallowed by the neckline of the clothes.

Faylen's tutorial for age conversion. - Mainly it is just teen-adult-elder that can be changed in this way. You can't make a toddler outfit into a child's outfit just by changing numbers because the skeleton sizes are different.

Take a look through the wiki and read the tutorials for Sims 2 clothing meshes.

Everything you need to know about meshes -

Have fun!
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Maybe Kalux, DeeDee or someone else who tends to make similar clothes for various ages can give you some pointers on the age conversion scale question? I have seen some discussions on the matter, but it's been a while and Google isn't helpful today.

For the few conversions I've done (mostly baby conversions, occasionally toddler/child), I've extracted the naked body of whichever gender/age I'm converting and fitted it roughly around that, so it's not too big/small anywhere and looks fairly decent (and delete the extra body later). I use the resizing buttons in Milkshape, for x/y/z and just eyeball it as best as I can, varying which side/angle I'm resizing, trying to keep shapes roughly the same so round things stay round and patterns don't stretch the wrong way and all that.

It's common to use the male frame if you're converting to children/toddlers (to avoid the breast area), of course if possible depending on which clothes you're converting - you will have to make the shoulders less prominent, adjust the legs/arms a bit so they aren't so thin.

If you want skin to be visible (hands/legs/neckline/etc.), it can be an idea to cut&paste from the proper age/gender, especially for hands, so the animations are proper.

The neckline and other areas can be edited to fit with the head and/or other body parts, that shouldn't be too big of an issue.

Toddler to older ages might be a bit more difficult than older ages to toddler, because I think they have a bit less polys to work with, and the textures are 512x512 (original TS2 outfits and most CC not from TS3/4) so they'll usually look a bit more grainy (probably need to be scaled up).

You also have the issue of breasts if you're converting child/toddler to teen female and up, because there's not enough geometry to get a smooth enough shape, so it's going to be a bit rough.

And a few tips at the end - make sure you don't import extra skeletons if importing more than one mesh into Milkshape, because this will cause havoc in your files, and turn off autosmooth or you get sharp edges everywhere!
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Good advice above, but here's what I've successfully used as approximate good base numbers for scaling to other ages from adults for years. I recommend starting by importing in a mesh of the age group you're converting to for the skeleton and reference for shape adjustments. In Milkshape you need to be scaling to ORIGIN, not center of weight or whatever the third one that's never used was:

child to adult: 1.45 (not exact, but will get you where you need to go)
adult to child: X 0.686 | Y 0.683 | Z 0.684
adult to teen: 0.94 to all three, needs further small adjustments
teen to adult: 1.0638297872340425531914893617021 (lol)

It's always good to have a body mesh group of the wanted age group as a reference you can toggle hidden and visible while working. For example what's easily forgotten in child conversions are their feet and waist in bottoms: directly scaling down results in too tiny feet, and distorted textures at waist.

Toddlers to other ages are a little tricky because the bodyshape's so different, and textures are generally just half the size of the other ages(512x512), so those get blurry and pixelated. Have you looked into WSOs for automated first half of converting? Those too require some work by hand but it results in standard sizes quickly. I think Lifasims has a wide selection of different age group conversion wsos on livejournal.
Good luck and have fun meshing!
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Thank you guys for the tips, I forgot I posted this tbh. I've gotten the WSOs from Lifa and heaps of other things, meshtoolkit, morph refs, etc so I'm getting very good at T-E conversions, but child and toddler are still stumping me quite a bit because they're so different body-wise. But I'll take in all this info!
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