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Default Accurate rig scale between child, teen and adult?
After completing accessory mesh for adults, i wanted to reposition child and teen meshes according to DrPixel's sim body mesh rips, eventually finding out teen and child meshes scale according to adult rig and pull accessory with them, meaning i cannot accurately place accessory without wild guessing back and forth between Milkshape, SimPE and bodyshop. Is there some information about scale numbers that i could use to better position mesh on child/teen samples before importing in Milkshape?
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Normally I just have a body and face/head mesh (obj works fine) imported into Milkshape, which I scale and move the accessory around. I've found there's no such thing as accurate scaling or positioning (and guesswork takes too long), but this way I can get it to work with most sims as long as their face sculpt isn't too far off the base face used (if I'm making face/head accessories).

A/YA/E female OR male - head, face, lower legs - mostly the same for the same gender. Body will be different for elders if you use the elder frame.

Female and male, teen and up, have different faces/heads and bodies, but can mostly use the same hand-held accessories (excluding rings and other spesifics) for the same age. I've found accessories roughly scale down from the female or male frame to the same gender teen about 0.96-0.94. Teens generally scale to 0.94 for clothes, but not always accessories.

Child/toddler/baby - I tend to start out with the item I've edited the least, whether that's the male or female version (so there's the least amount of distortion). I often find the female version fits these better for head/face accessories, and the male version for the upper torso.


I have some files I did a while back, mostly for my own sake, and probably uploaded for my accessory tutorial or some such (can't remember).

All the resources extracted, in case you want to mix them with other body meshes, or just need the heads/faces:

Full Milkshape files:
(I assigned the heads, so it works if you want to test animations for the accessory)

(Don't use them to make animations for poseboxes, as they'd need some bones deactivated. They're mainly for accessories, with morphs just in case you want to make accessories that fit roughly around the pregnant/fat morphs. You can import in other clothes instead of the body if you need that, or hair if you're making hats, or other accessories if you're making a set)
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Thank you for the response and files. I have been testing a bit and i think main problem i have is pivot point or transformation origin in general. If i take teen/child model of a sim in Milkshape/Maya and match accessory on desired height, in game it ends up being lowered on Y axis.
If i put accessory on child's head in Milkshape/Maya, in game it will show up around child's lower back
If i put accessory on teen's head in Milkshape/Maya, in game it will show up around teen's neck
X and Z coordinates seem to work as intended however.
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You usually have to move it around a bit due to the head position being different between the TF/AF and TM/AM and CU + PU meshes. Haven't found any fully trustworthy scales or methods that gets to the exact place.

In Milkshape, "Origin" for scale, and scaling the AF/AM meshes down to TF/TM (proper gender for each) to 0.94 might get you the right position, but not always. CU/PU is just trial and error, sometimes you have to fix the size/shape of the item, too. That's why I prefer using the mesh bases, so I can see what I'm doing.

"Origin" uses the 0.0.0 point, "center of mass" uses the center of the item. Not 100% sure about "user point" when using buttons, but if you do free rotation it rotates around the mouse pointer, and it does something of the same with scale too (sometimes you see a difference, other times not).
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Thank you again for everything so far, i will experiment with some positions and pivots and see what i can gather from it
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