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Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?
What is your most favourite/least favourite stuff pack, and why?
If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?

My most favourite, would be the free time.
With free time the Sim gets fun with hir or her life, instead of endless work with not so much fun or quality of life gained.

My least favourite is definitely nightlife, allthough it must be meant for partying all night but actually, its all the antifun. Sim wont get any more better qualities on its person by going to town or having fun etc.

The best
1. The free time
2. Seasons (for it's nice variation to simlife)
3. Pets (I love dogs, that enough)
4. Bon Voyage ( nice stuff in this expansion)
5. University (the new exiting life in university)
6. Open Business (for workcaholics)
7. Nightlife (vampires, might be fun)

I dont have any of the stuff pack's because I think they are too expencive for what they bring to the game
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Expansion Packs:
  • University is still my favorite. I've been in academia for some time and college was one of the best segments in my life. Normally my new 'main' sims are taken through college. And cell phones are SO convenient!
  • Apartment Life would be a solid second, however very close to first. It is really nice to move sims into a nice place, provided with rent apartment furnished cheat. I like a lot of the decor that comes with this EP, and adore the witches. Also, this EP caters to the wealthy sims...which I enjoy playing the most. The (fixed) butler is a joy!
  • Seasons-I really like the features in this pack. The weather changes in the background adds realism to the game. And the bonuses per season are a convenient perk. The garden is fun and FISHING! The country style furniture is gorgeous and am thrilled that they made a theme for more than one room. The sparkly food bonus is a great feature especially paired with the save leftovers feature.
  • Free Time would be my fourth. The many little perks make such a huge difference in the game such as the personal rewards tree, BFFs, and interesting objects. So much to do, so little time.
  • Bon Voyage is squeezed here. I like the mass improvements it made from the Sim 1 version. Vacation homes are a marvel idea, and I enjoy all the different tasks you can do on a vacation 'hood.' I love the gestures, sims are so adorable when they are just learning them.
  • Nightlife is about the same rank as Bon Voyage. The car feature gives it a nice boost. Certain mods make dating more enjoyable. It was pretty frustrating when a 'crush' smacked you around when you're on a date. IRL they shouldn't be concerned if it's just a crush, and I would find this sim a bit psychotic if he pounded my face in just from a date! (ACR hack makes this better).
  • Open for Business - My tone has drastically changed with this pack. At first, I thought it was really annoying to run a business and pretty buggy. However, I installed some hacks and learned some tricks to make it enjoyable. I do like having a 'suburb' to my main hood, and I like a lot of the decor and furniture as well as building objects. Different kind of businesses are more of a PITA to run than others; I found that restaurants are much harder than retail so that is something I avoid.
  • Pets would be last in comparison to the other packs. It used to be ranked high in my book, but fell in status pretty quickly. I have pets myself and love dogs so of course my sim me has to have a sim chihuahua, which is why I kept it. However, I turned to cheats and bottomless food bowls to make it easier to care for them. The atomic themed furniture is a pretty ugly and I rarely use them. I don't remember what else comes with this EP but I'm sure they're not significant.

Stuff Packs:
  • IKEA - I wasn't attracted to this set right away when I saw the pieces online, but they look really great in game and so versatile. I am pretty pleased that I have this pack in my game and only regret waiting on it. Most of my sims' houses have at least 40% of IKEA items.
  • Teen Life filled some gaps in the decor and all three themed sets are enjoyable. They are even suited for children and young adults. The clothing that comes with this pack is pretty awesome for teens and (zomg!!) visors for males! I got a conversion from MTS2 that enables it for all ages and it's pretty sweet.
  • Kitchen & Bath - Another pleasing buy. As with IKEA I didn't think it was all that great from the previews but enjoyed it when I installed the pieces. Nearly all my houses have their fixtures from this package.
  • Glamour Life - I really like the colors and the style of this package. It's too bad that the fur coats aren't outerwear enabled, but it's easy to convert. My downtown lofts and duplexes use a lot of these items.
  • H&M Fashion - I bought this pack for the shopping stores and the men's clothes, even though the pack is heavier on the female clothes. I'm pretty pleased with this pack and very impressed with the store items. The female clothes are average but the men's clothes are amazing to me which makes this pack enjoyable.
  • Celebration - If you like throwing the parties then this pack comes with a lot of items to fit wedding or birthday. I really like the wedding gowns that come in this package. I deleted a lot of CC dresses in favor of the ones that came in this pack. However in comparison with the other packs, it has the least use.
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I decided to spam this thread because in my original list, I didn't have BV yet.

I hated vacation in sims 1 - and was susspissious about this one - but I'm actually likeing BV. I don't take my sims on vacations alot, in this hood I'v gone on one or two vacations, staying three days is too much, so I stay for less, usually one night is enough. Its best in small doses.

Mostly I love the other things that came with the pack, like walking to lots, the tea set, camping, digging for treasure and things like that. So even thou I don't use the main function of the ep that much, it's a good ep.
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#129 Old 2nd Sep 2008 at 3:58 AM
1. University.
I had this EP as soon as it came out, but I ended up not installing it upon my 'return' to the sims last October. I never sent my sims to Uni because I thought it was a waste of time and plus this had no other redeeming features except for zombies but you can get them in other EPs now anyway.

2. Nightlife.
Nightlife is by far one of the best EPs, and my second favorite. Ive always had a vampire obsession (Twilight, Anne Rice, Buffy, you name it I love it) and nearly died when I heard they were coming in this one. Cars were very great too and Downtown was extreameley well put-together. Turn ons and turn offs added a whole new world of gameplay as did Pleasure and Grilled Cheese.

3. Open For Business.
At first when I got this I loved it. Now it is just okay, I think. I hardly ever play businesses and when I do i end up forgetting about them altogether and just getting normal careers. Home businesses are a pretty cool feature, I must admit.

4. Pets.
I can see why everyone seems to hate Pets so much, but the thing is, it's, well... Pets. Not Unleashed, not Animals, but pets. It added cats and dogs to the game and did so very well. I am an animal lover and though I was indifferent at first I now cannot see myself playing the sims without this EP.

5. Seasons.
My favorite EP. I don't even know where to start. Simply a masterpiece IMHO, and I may go as far as to say that it is the best game ever made with the word "sims" tacked onto it. The seasons are totally gorgeous and actually add atmosphere to the game and a crapload of fun and realism. The country themed furniture and architecture is beautiful and the best of its kind made by Maxis by far. Riverblossom Hills has the best pre-made sims and best Maxis made houses. Plantsims are cute and fun to play with. The careers are well done and I use them quite often. Farming was incorperated very well and I use farms alot as well. Skating rinks are cool and so are ice rinks.This game definatly set the standard for the sims 3 EPs in the future.

6. Bon Voyage.
Ehh, I sent my sims on vacation a few times and got some cute looking family pcitures but that's about it. it was the same case with me for vacation from TS1. I can't really see myself going on one again. Bigfoot is a funny addition to my custom neighborhood, and I love the new turn ons and turn offs + jewlery.Not one of the worst EPs at all even if I dont like it too much. EAxis did admittidly do a pretty good job on it.

7. Free Time.
I got this a few weeks ago, and I say its the third best one. Hobbies make sims seem like they have lives outside of romance, drama and peeing/eating/sleeping. They are fun and a good diversion from my normally dramatic and soap opera worthy playstyle. I love BFF's because it is more realistic than having a billion different best friends and gives a feeling of being closer. Desiderita Valley had entertaining sims and decent houses. Also, secondary aspirations make my sims seem alot more well-rounded.

8. Apartment Life
I got this a couple of days ago, and it is definatly one of the better ones. Witches/Wizards are truly what made this game. They are the best creatures in any EP, and I am pretty much in love with them. This EP would be mediocre at best and boring at worst without them. Cielings are secondly what made the game. I've always wondered why i found it hard to be totally involved in my sims lives, to play the sims for more than an hour at a time, and after getting this EP I realized it was because, oddly enough, there weren't any ceilings. Now there is a huge depth of realism and I feel like I am actually in the game sometimes. Dorky I know but you have to experience it to get the feel of what I am saying. Apartments were alrite, I just use them for sims who I no longer really care about.
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From best to worst:

1. Apartment Life: Added a very necessary realism to the game. I always played with my families in apartment/condo buildings anyway, but this finally lets me seperate. It has a lot of cool new feautures and interactions that were always missing.
2. Freetime: It actually gives your sims a personality so they're not all the same.
3. Seasons: I like having weather. Gardening is pretty fun too and plant sim babies are so cute.
4. Bon Voyage: They did an amazing job on the beach setting. I love that you can swim in the ocean.
5. Open for Business: I actually really like running businesses. I probably played this EP more than any other.
6. Nightlife: Hot Date was one of my favorites for sims 1. I like downtown.
7. Pets: Pets are a lot of work in the game and I wish you could have more of a bond with the animal, but it ends up being more work than it's worth.
8. University: I've never had a sim complete College. I only keep it installed for some of the content...but I might uninstall it because most of it (like rugs) has been included in later EPs.

for Stuff Packs:
1. IKEA: I don't download nearly as much custom furniture anymore because the quality in this pack is so good.
2. Teen: It has some really cute stuff for decorating teen and kid's rooms.
3. Kitchen & Bath: Again, has some really cute stuff for decorating. Good quality.
4. Celebration: When I actually do hold weddings, it comes in handy.
5. H&M: deffinately has some content I couldn't do without. Esspecially for stores.
6. Family Stuff: I like the mermaid dresses and kid furniture.
7. Glamour: It wasn't really what I thought it would be, but the artwork is nice.
8. Holiday: I never decorate for holidays, but I love the fireworks.

I actually use all the stuff packs regularly.
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I liked Free Time for some features that seemed to come up, but I was actually really annoyed by how much it bugged me about every little thing i was doing. I like to run thru the whole life of a sim, which means that by the end of adulthood free time had made it so I was interested in everything.
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Why isn't apartment life on the poll? Or it isn't an EP.. ??confused.
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Destinita apartment life is a ep, the poll just needs to be updated.

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Oh kaay thanks then XD
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Free time, definitely my favourite.

The introduction of hobbies gives my sims something else to work on. I love all the new interactions and stuff, especially the nature ones.

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I'd have to say Seasons is my favorite EP, the ability to walk to places was a wonderful change and the seasons and new interactions that came with it, like snowball fights and building snowmen. A grade A EP in my opinion with AL and OFB being a close second. Then FT, Nightlife Uni, BV, and Pets. I know people really like FT but I find it a bit naggy, though the crafting puts it in 4th on my list. Pets is my all time LEAST favorite. I was sorely disappointed in that EP. The most annoying thing is the animals you greet once want to come in and tear up your furnishings, which is stupid. Who just lets strange pets into their home? I'm still debating whether I should just uninstall it since besides the pets there's really nothing much that came with that EP.
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Could this poll be reset and updated to include apartment life, please? Since that is the last EP we can get a correct vote going.

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What is your most favourite/least favourite expansion pack, and why?

My favorite would have to Season. I love watching the atmoisphere change when the seasons roll around. And plus it brought an element I loved the most from Sim 1 and an element I always anted in Sims 1. I loved doing gardening in Sims 1, but I absolutely ahted the fact it came with those annoying pets. And I always wished two things in the Sims 1. A: Sims would age and die so I could stop commiting pool murders, and B: weather. I just wanted my sims to ahve a rainy day every once and awhile.

That said, my least favorite is Pets. I can not explain how much the pets from Sims 1 left me with a bad taste.(ha ha) They're like little annoying, money grubbing boobs that run around and tear up stuff. My sims lived are pretty full and they just never had time to dedicate what they needed to make the pets act properly. B/c time my sims hit the door they get dinner ready, family time, skill building, me time, and then bed. And the pets wer ejust not able to fit in. In fact the only succesful pet family I ever had was a celebrity sim who had amassed a huge fortune and had nothing to do all dya except train her and foll with him. Other than was disaster.

If you could rank how much you like each expansion or stuff pack in order, what would your order be?

3.Open For Business
4.Bon Voyage
707070545.Pets :/

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I have to agree with the majority and say that Seasons is my favorite EP. Everything, from new career rewards to the weather thingies and the new objects, was just awesome. I was SO please when I got it. My least favorite has to be University, since I've never really played that one. Tried playing a couple of college-Sims but it wasn't fun at all. I was kinda disappointed.

So, to rank my three favs...

1. Seasons
2. Open for Business
3. Nightlife

I only have up to seasons, so I don't know about the other EP's
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I've always wanted pets, but now after reading about EPS like open for business and nightlife and then about pets... it seems like there's a lot less on pets... so somone whos played them, tell me =|

I've actually ordered University and nightlife , just waiting for them to arrive...

edit: also how long is a season on... seasons
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#141 Old 24th Oct 2008 at 4:27 PM
A 'season' is 4 or 5 sim days (Cant remember exactly), but they can run into another season. e.g when it's spring you may still be getting heavy snow that ocurred in winter.
#142 Old 30th Oct 2008 at 9:22 AM
I'd say Seasons top the list, namely because of their country set which I adore to death. Second to that would be Freetime because of all those hobbies, and lastly University.

I had a complete reinstall recently and didn't really miss the rest of the EPs except for the three above.
#143 Old 30th Oct 2008 at 8:43 PM
I'm going through in order now, just ordered OFB.
My opinions on te two I have
University: Well... it does drag going through uni takes a long time... I love the new items though, the new instrument are just necssesary\

Nightlife: This ones very fun, makes community lots much better.
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#144 Old 3rd Nov 2008 at 3:52 AM
By the way, which stuff pack should I get, IKEA or Teen Style Stuff?
My favorite packs in order are:
1.Free Time - The hobbies, lifetime aspiration meter and rewards, new careers, npc aging, and a host of new items place this EP as king.
2.Seasons - Whether adds a new level of reality to the simulator. The outerwear looks good, the country theme is top noch, the gardening is immensely fun, the bonuses from each season are game changing, and I love the snow.
3.Apartment Life - The magic is fun and the random but necessary addition of spiral staircases, ceilings, and playgrounds really works.
4.Night Life - The dates are fun and the items are good; plus chemistry is a very nice addition.
5.Open for Business - Businesses are fun, and item crafting is very cool. Night Life only wins due to the fact that downtown is far superior to Bluewater Village.
6.Bon Voyage - Vacations are fun, but too laggy. Still, I would recommend buying it.
7.University - The new items are nice, but the actual university was so boring that I never got past sophomore year.
#145 Old 4th Nov 2008 at 11:45 PM
I could have sworn I posted in here before...

But evidently I didn't! So here goes:

1. Pets: I love this EP! I would probably have uninstalled the sims by now without pets. My pets are a huge part of my life and my sims lives too! I wasn't too keen on the breeds that came with it, but enjoy making my own anyway. I agree that more pets would have been nice, but i'm grateful for the adorable ones we have already!

2. Seasons: This adds so much realism! I love the snow and the weather effects are nice. I also love the feature to apply different hairstyles for different outfits. I also like the fishing and gradening. I don't think I could ever uninstall this one either.

3. Apartment Life: I LOVE the playground equipment! The witches are okay and the aprtments can be fun when they aren't busy lagging but the playground equipment really sold the EP for me. I also love all the new interactions and animations. I also love the goofy, mismatched suits & ties.

4. Free Time: As much as I hate all the irritating alerts about how my sims have gained/lost enthusiasm and the random intrusions from various strangers to invite my sims to secret lots, this is a really nice EP. The hobbies give the sims much more individuality and the toddler drawing table is adorable! I also really liked the clothes, especially the teen ones.

5. Open For Business: My sims very rarely have businesses anymore, simply because it's too much effort, but I love the robots and kites from the craft benches! Along with the sprinkler for that matter.

6. Nightlife: I only ever buy my sims cars if they are late for work/school and vampires are usually too much trouble for me to bother with, but the dance sphere is hilarious and I really like some of the downtown lots.

7. Bon Voyage: My sims rarely go on holiday because the resorts are too laggy, but I love the hammocks and beaches. I love that sims can swin in the sea and build sandcastles.

8. University: Getting sims through uni is sooo dull X.X The only reason I don't uninstall this EP is because I love the pillow fights >.>

Stuff Packs:

1. H&M: The clothes are amazing! I have very few downloaded outfits simply because I have most of the clothes I need just from this stuff pack!

2. Kitchen & Bath: I really like the walls/floor and the fridges come in awesome colours XD I also love the little ducky on the side of one of the baths and I use the male hair that came with it all of the time.

3. Celebration Stuff: I love the new tuxedos and the new wedding arches and it's nice to have a bit more choice with birthday cakes, however all the items are so cheap that my sims are always disgusted with them XD

4. Teen Style: Some of the clothes were nice and some of the furniture was nice, pretty average really XD

5. Family Fun: I LOVE the fishy wall decorations and use them in almost all of my bathrooms and some of the kids Pj's are cute, but I don't really use any of the other items...

6. Ikea: Some really nice items, but I don't often find a place to use them.

7. Glamour Life: I liked some of the new suits, that's about it really :/

So yea, that's my two cents XD I don't know if it's any interest to anyone, but it killed some time!
#146 Old 5th Nov 2008 at 2:02 AM
Wow. Alot of people love season. x3
I love freetime the best, it's so much funner.
I do like all the eps though, but my cousin hates season so much,
she gave me her ep.
#147 Old 8th Nov 2008 at 1:03 PM
I loved this expansion pack, and was shocked to find people get a lot of bugs with it. I must be very lucky, because I rarely get bugs! I love the furniture for girlies and jocks!
I don't actually own this eppy, but I have played it with my friend at her house. It was very good, and pleasure aspiration and the furniture was pretty good, but it majorly changed what I thought it had it, which had upset me. Still well worth 30 dollars! I plan on buying that soon!
This was better then I thought it was, as a sims 1 veteran I thought it was the same as Sims 1 Vacation. WHICH WAS REALLY BORING!! But I was wrong! I watched my sims vacations pass by, hoping it would never end. Could use some Minor editing, though.
I Really do like this. It is a major help with the actual game. The only thing is, the furniture is too old fashioned. I wish it had more Modern Stuff.
im too lazy to think of other reviews. Its really hard to explain why I didn't really like the others.
#148 Old 12th Nov 2008 at 5:49 PM
Well Open for Business is my least favourite from the first three, I just don't really use any of the stuff =|
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Okay, which should I get next.

University, Bon Voyage, Freetime, or Apartment Life?
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miclab312 - Plenty of people have already listed their faves in order in this thread. Why not just read back?

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