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Default The Sims 2 - Random Picture Thread (V12)
Got some really random S2 imagery to show us?

We would love to see it here.

- S2/S3 Sims For Download
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Interesting things going on in my custom college with my custom-made dorm.

I don't think these two like each other much:

But they managed to break it up long enough to yell at the coach, who was trying to swipe the dorm's gnome. Oh, and BTW, it's an electrified one I downloaded from MTS:

Then this particular dormie loves going around in her robe and slippers:

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28th Jul 2012 at 4:51 AM
This message has been deleted by Fivey. Reason: 5iscool
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Nice car, Fivey. Reminds me of a set of twin girls I knew in high school (I graduated in 1991). They'd painted their car psychedelic colors and referred to it as the Psychedelic Chariot. Back in 1989 the 60s came back in popularity, for a short time....

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Franz Strudel is the biggest jerk ever.

Phillipa was at the town park one day, when Franz was on the lot constantly annoying and poking people. His favorite target seemed to be Jimmy Pheonix.

"Ow, that hurt!"
"Yeah, and you deserved it, you -large number of insults and slurs pertaining to race, sexual orientation, and generally mean things-"

He continued to poke and tease him several times, until Phillipa intervened.

"I don't get it. Why don't you just kick him in the nads or something?"
"I'm not sure if that's a good idea. What if he tries to hurt me again?"
"The idea is that he won't be able to, because he'll be on the ground crying."
"I think I'll pass."

So, Phillipa took her own stand.

"You're a bully! You're no better than anyone else! Who made you best in class at the dog show?"
"At least I am best in class. You're the rat terrier who wasn't even able to enter for being so dirty!"
"Get out! Stop bugging people! Leave us alone!"

Franz proceeded to leave, and with Phillipa able to breathe again, she made hot dogs for everyone.
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Matthew Hart proceeds to ruin longterm fratboy Mickey Dosser's date. "Hi, Amy!"

Vidcund Curious finally realizes that Circe Beaker is creepy.

Nervous Subject and his sorta-daughter-in-law Genesis Lam contemplate the soda machine. It looks like they swapped out the local soda brand (Area Fifty-Onederful) for something national. Simountain Dew? It'll never catch on.

Difficult Subject is a strong woman.

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#7 Old 31st Jul 2012 at 8:21 AM
How did Michael Hart die?

Anyway, I created and implemented my own Multi-PT set, so I tested them out on Gilbert Jacquet. I typically see him as a cradle-robbing creep who hires the youngest employees he can find to hit on, but I am trying out the guy in a new perspective:

A smooth-words, charismatic French Man with a honey gold voice. However he can't help but ruin his voice with a pack a day, because his mama won't stop harassing him about grandchildren! Ah, such a headache!

It doesn't help that she speaks the bare minimum of the dialect of Simlish that most use around here. Nobody can understand her!

"Gilbert, arrêter de laisser votre sperme mourir! Je veux petits-enfants! Maintenant!"
"Soyez tranquille, ma mère! Personne ne veut entendre vous plaindre! Laissez-moi tranquille!"
"Tu es tellement paresseux, Gilbert! Observation des étoiles ne me donnera pas leurs petits-enfants! Vous avez besoin de trouver une femme! Avoir beaucoup d'enfants! Cul sans valeur..."

She stopped complaining when Gilbert was abducted.

Well, at least mère can stop yapping, now. Hopefully.
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Originally Posted by Fivey
How did Michael Hart die?

Anyway, I created and implemented my own Multi-PT set, so I tested them out on Gilbert Jacquet.

Matthew's death was an awesome coincidence

Gilbert got abducted in my game, too Since he and his girlfriend Breanna were both sprayed by a skunk right before and during his daughter's birth, I just had to name her "Flower."

Sarah Love is still sporting the Miss Havisham look:

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#9 Old 1st Aug 2012 at 8:53 PM
Technically, Gilbert's abduction was forced, since I was testing out my Multi-PT hack. I basically used cheats to force the abduction to have a story outlined, then used the Tombstone of Life and Death to get the babies to toddlers quickly, impregnate Gilbert with more alien babies, and so on and so forth.

Since nobody is posting in Babies and Toddlers, I may as well post the little guys up here.

Grape Jacquet, the son of the purple PT up there, PT Columbia. Yes, the baby is smustling.

Verde and Meadow Jacquet, son and daughter of PT Earhart. They use the default alien skin and eyes.

Tangerine Jacquet, son of PT Carrot. Carrot has red hair, and it didn't pop up on Tanny, so that was a bit annoying.

Eva and Braun Jacquet, daughters of PT Falcorth.

"Look what I did, sis!"

Since I was testing the hack out, I never saved, so none of these toddlers exist. However, I saved after the abduction, so Gilbert is still pregnant. He just doesn't have any kids. Yet.
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#10 Old 3rd Aug 2012 at 2:01 PM
I didn't know toddlers could smustle!

I'm not sure what cow mascot Katelyn Bui has against Daisy, but she barged in to do this on Tom's last day on campus, interrupting their tender lingering good-byes. "Get out, you! I didn't cut class to be harassed!"

Miguelito Casa, still in his suit after his brother's wedding, learns the ropes at Papi's store. He'd rather be on the sales floor.

Beverly, freed of her excess pounds, decides to check out the new beauty store. Lily is just graduated from Sim State. "Oh, my, yes, they remember you at Tri-Var! Why, your time as senior girl is legendary." How the girls had to sell date rewards to pay bills after she went clothes shopping, how she dated everyone at the frat she wasn't related to, how she boinked the art teacher for a grade and only got C+...
It makes her feel good to know people are still talking about her. "Can you do something about this hair? I've had it the same way forever, and I'm sick of it; but I can't do much interesting with it, or Dirk will chew it, or it'll be all down in my eyes, or I won't have time to take care of it."
"You need to look like Dirk's mom, without looking like a mom, right?"
"That's it exactly!"

When Bev's half-sister Lora goes into labor at breakfast, Rock Goddess Mary Munny happened to be smustling in the front yard. No one knows why. She came in when she heard the screams and stayed all day. I guess she heard that it's always open house at the House of Fallen Trees.

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Beverly sounds like quite a character, whose legend will only grow in the telling by succeeding generations of college kids

Jerry Okuma thinks that Gozer Subject looks like trouble.

He's trouble, all right. Nibiru Drone was all set to stay awake through naptime, but her uncle Gozer messed that up by tiring her out playing with her and making her giggle.

Siggeir Beaker attempts -- and fails -- to impress Guinea Pig with his dance moves.

Scooter Howell is so engrossed by SSX3 that he fails to notice that Misfit has just, er... "engrossed" his sneakers.

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Well, technically only the Toddler New Year can smustle, but with Squinge's Toddler Poses hack, anything is possible!

"JOHNNY! Guess what?"
"What, Max?"

"I finally scored with a woman!"
"I thought you said you were already active in that category."
"Well, uh, I was exaggerating. You know how it is."
"Whatever. With who? Anyone I know?"
"I don't know if you know her or not."
"I'll tell you if I do, if you tell me who it is."

"Oh, okay. Her name's Jill. She's beautiful, man."
"Yeah. Why?"
"That's my little sister."
"You're telling me that you slept with my little sister?"

"Well, I didn't know! She didn't talk about you!"
"She's fourteen."
"She told me she was older then that!"
"I'm not surprised she did, honestly."
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#13 Old 6th Aug 2012 at 5:49 AM

Clovis Point and his brother-in-law Harris Hawkins try yet again to get along. Madeleine Estic-Moiselle there looks like she's referreeing, but in fact she's thinking about the birthday cake that just got cut.

And yet again, their efforts fail. Birthday boy Lance is mortified! "Dad! Uncle Harris! For pity's sake! It's my birthday party! It's supposed to be all about me!"

Lance and his cousin Harlan bond over their mutual embarrassment. "Parents! What're you gonna do?"
"I know, right? Can't live with 'em, can't get emancipated minor status."

"Okay, that's it! We're getting in the hot tub and we're having a conversation in which nobody pokes anybody! Kitty, help us out here. And we need a referee."
"Okay, I can do that," Greg Aerius volunteers.
"Ack! Don't you own a swimsuit?"
"Yeah. But we're not swimming."
"Let the young man be," says Kitty. "He doesn't have anything all of us haven't seen before."

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Spring time in Tailor Bay:

The newborn ward in the City hospital:

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An Alien Sim stargazing, looking for her own planet. The ocean is in front of her too.

Same Alien babe visiting another Sim's lot, (The owner is behind her, you can see the other green alien). I just wanted to take the picture because even with the big eyes (And Elf ears) she looks so pretty). Wait you can't see the owner but she's behind her.

A sim I made when she was a teenager, made her face a little more unique then most of the sims who have template one face. She turned out cute even thought I am not always good with it.
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Mackenzie Phoenix rolled Grilled Cheese for her aspiration, something I gladly obliged. So, she got to meet Mr. Ren-yu, and the transformation began. Grandpa Rudy is immensely confused, while her dads are too busy making out to care.

Luckily, daddy is a good sport about the whole obsession thing, and she is able to have a nice conversation about the difference it makes to use real Cheddar cheese rather than greasy American cheese.

Also, local jerkass Franz Strudel gets quite a shock.

"Vat just happened?"
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"Mrs. Beare, can I just say, how hard it is to believe you keep doing this when birth control is so cheap and readily available?"
"No, you can't. Go clean something."

The homophobes call it "recruiting." Leslie Gay calls it "outreach and education."

What do you do when, having dropped by one of your boyfriends' houses for a quick make-out, his wife comes out and starts yelling and beating on him? And then his daughter, only a few years younger than you, comes up the stairs?

Game break! It's much better to stay out of family drama.

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#18 Old 7th Aug 2012 at 6:07 PM Last edited by Fivey : 8th Aug 2012 at 1:06 AM.

Damn, Ponsy, you fucked up big time, didn't you? Oh, yes I did. Wife kicked me out because I'm a bastard. Kids hate me because I'm a bastard. It seems funny, because I am literally a bastard, but it really isn't.

I've shouldn't have thought so much about myself. I've hurt so many people, like that. Why do I keep doing it then? People have made sacrifices for me, and the only thing I have ever done is spit on their feet. How did I get to be this way?

My kids look at me with the dirtiest scowls, and I don't blame them. They hate me.

I can't change the world, but I can change myself. I need to end it. With all of them. It'll break their hearts, but nobody is going to win this battle unscathed. Someone is always going to get hurt. I shouldn't have gotten so carried away. I think I can get things back to normal.

After all, I think she wants me back. That sounds egotistic, considering how badly I hurt her...but I managed to convince her to come over, so that must mean something. Right? I can do this. Yeah.

From what I remember from High School, hope was the last thing released by Pandora when she opened that box of evils. It was the only good thing, but it was also the worst thing. Hope forces a man to keep going when it is wiser to fall back and give up. One can possibly argue, in a somewhat insulting manner, that hope is for idiots...

...however, I am an idiot.
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Nothing feels as good as a redemptive character arc, Fivey. I'm pulling for him.

I think the Points need a bigger living room. There's barely room to hula and talk about ladybugs when they have a family party. That's Gabriella Hawkins in the middle, with her big brother Gavin Newson in the tank top and her niece Alma talking about ladybugs. And on the far right, Clovis is apologizing to Gabriella's husband Harris, but things go sour again between them immediately.
A good time was had by all.

Allegra Gorey decides to train her cat Gothpuss in performance art.

Gothpuss is skeptical of the whole procedure.

Allegra's daughter Ruby invited her boyfriend, Miguelito Casa, and his family over for dinner. His big brother Emilio just got married to a woman named Lily, of whom he seems very fond. Miguelito is mortified. "Y'all! Can it! You can't make out in my girlfriend's bedroom!"
"Sure we can! Watch us!"
"It's all right, Miguelito," Ruby giggles. "It'll convince Mom and Dad your whole family isn't square."

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I think I shall pursue a simple plan: make all my lovers hate me. It couldn't be that hard. If my exes are right about my jerkish, selfish ways, then this should be a walk in the park.

I started with Beverly. Since she was a Romance sim, it would be ideally harder to accomplish. However, it was quite easy. Easier than her. Heh.

Our relationship was already faltering, as I have not made love to her for a while. It was great sex, but it was not worth what I lost, in retrospect. I quickly ordered a device called a SimVac from a magazine, and used it on Bev the moment I got it. I felt much better after I used it, though she lost trust in me completely. Which, honestly, made me feel even better.

Next was Edith. I had crank called her in the middle of the night a bit back, so she was already annoyed when I got there. It bothered her more when I purposely harassed her by attempting a smooch as a greeting, rather than a hello. She firmly stated that she would 'never get near that stupid dick of yours again', or something of that sort. It was satisfying to see her storm off.

Sharon, the delicate maid I ruptured my own life for, also had to go. She was too much of a threat. She was also a Family sim, so I did not put much effort into making her despise my guts. I invited another lover, Patricia, over to the shack I now resided in. Pattie didn't appreciate me groping her butt, and neither did Sharon. My face was starting to ache from the beatings it got, but it had to be done.

Patricia was the hardest to pull off, since she really did have a more developed thing for me. It was a trial, you bet. I tried using the SimVac, but despite the three aspiration failures she had, she still loved me. After some drastic measures, I finally got her to leave me alone.

This can't be good for business. Those were my best customers. Anna's more important, though. She always was.

I was so blind, to not see that before.

I really don't deserve her.
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Leave it to you to make a redemptive character arc that involves skillvaccing innocent people!

Lily Casa feels that her beauty salon provides important psychological services, like making Ty Bubbler feel good about starting to need glasses. She also convinces him that he can keep his hair short and neat for his chef job and still look good.

She is of course thrilled when Beverly Spitzig, the legendary Bad News Bev of Tri-Var House, walks into her House of Transformation. Bev's ability to spend money on clothes and makeup nearly bankrupted the sorority, and it just so happens she stocks clothes and makeup.

Mary Munny invites her neighbors, the Curians, over in the wake of Marie's death. She's always double-bolted Pierre but never did anything about it because she's not a homewrecker and anyway he only had eyes for Marie. But now Marie's dead - well, she lost a husband herself, long ago, so she knows exactly how he feels. And nobody should mourn forever...

Not in front of the kids, though. His youngest, Marius, is a lovely boy. Too bad she probably won't be around when he grows up...(You can see the Curians' house in the background. Don't think harshly of Mary. Marie was her good friend; but she has an ardent temperament. And marriage is for life, but Marie's dead.)

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#22 Old 11th Aug 2012 at 11:15 AM

Well, my life's finally back to normal. I succeeded in getting the love of my life back, and my dear family and house. I can breathe again. Do I deserve it? Probably not. I'm thankful that I have it though.

I've always taken for granted the conversations we had at the table, and the warmth it provides. My children don't look up to me the same as they did before, but they accept me as their father again. It will be hard to gain back their trust, but I'm willing to work for that.

I hurt this woman so badly, yet she is willing to forgive me. I mean, she's still angry. Why wouldn't she be? I believe of all things I am proud of having, it's her by my side. I almost lost that. I was so stupid. Her body provided a comfortable welcome home for me, which I spent every second indulging graciously in.

My wife quit her life of crime to help me in the stores. I know she's just doing it to keep an eye on me, but I don't mind. I don't need anyone else but her.

And just in case, the pictures of my wife and I should deter off lustful customers.

I'm happy to be home.
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#23 Old 11th Aug 2012 at 6:52 PM

Synchronised eating

"Just pushing my niece who is about 18 years old on the swing."

Jennifer meets a look alike at work.

Lucy with her new sister, Laura Burb

I have some nice photos of John and Lucy for next time =)
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#24 Old 11th Aug 2012 at 8:51 PM Last edited by Fivey : 11th Aug 2012 at 11:05 PM.
Tragedy struck, as Aurora and Travis Fleurada died in a kitchen fire.

Okay, it wasn't a kitchen fire. Levera and Rosemarie were unable to save the two parents.


The most affected was little Vladimir Fleurada, a toddler.

He's now an orphan, so Levera and Rosie will raise him appropriately.
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#25 Old 11th Aug 2012 at 9:23 PM
John and Lucy time...

John with his bass guitar.

Lucy with her violin. Lucy is soon to be the first teenager to max a skill with her violin playing.

Dinner time conversation. John was the one who brought that topic up... (twice)

There's nothing he won't talk about with Lucy 0_0
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