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Default How to remove cc from a lot package file? (Specifically CEP/Colour enable package)
I had the CEP installed in my game, but I remove all of my cc before building cc free lots to upload. When I went to upload a lot the other day, it included "CEP-EXTRA_OFBWindows-Fix-for-AL.package" as a CC mesh in the .package file. I went back and uninstalled the CEP and then repackaged the lot, but the mesh is still there according to MTS. The window itself is not cc, I have no cc objects in my game currently, and this lot I made only uses the one type of window. Is it possible to fix this? Or do I need to go and replace every window on the lot? After uninstalling the CEP, those windows should have nothing on them in terms of CC at all, so I have no clue why it's still showing as there.
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@RoseaMarie Open the lot in Clean Installer and untick anything that you don't want coming with it then do 'save as' and make sure to type the name in slightly differently. For example if the first lot was named in all lower case change the first letter to a capital or if it had gaps make it have no gaps. just a slight name change. Open it again to double check and you should find all the things you don't want are now removed and you can rar the package.

No need to uninstall CEP or anything else. Many things will try and come with a lot so always open and check. You may find that if you removed CEP that the windows on your lot may have all now reverted to red. This is what they do without the CEP fix. Which if you don't want downloaders to get red windows means putting back CEP and repackaging. This is probably why CEP was trying to come with because you changed the colour from red to something else.

If the build has OFB windows you might want to say CEP required since CEP fixes the OFB windows recolours. You don't have to though.But without it they will get all red windows.

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Thank you both! It's been a bit since I installed CEP so I've forgotten the install instructions, so I'll look over them again, and use the clean installer.
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