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#176 Old 5th Dec 2012 at 3:48 AM
There are no empty templates at that link. Tarlia did clean and fixed versions of all of the shipped hoods, plus Business District (OFB) conversions of the primary neighborhoods, so that people could make their own megahoods.

For empty templates, MATY is the place to go:
#177 Old 5th Dec 2012 at 5:07 PM
Quote: Originally posted by dfryer36
My question is how does the rule that you have to play every family in the bin apply to the families that are already in the bin when you create the neighborhood? Do you have to play them too or do you delete them when you begin?
You don't have to play them if you don't want to, but if that's the case then they're also not counted as part of the population. They're treated like townies if your sim brings one home from work or school.
What I did in my game was to class them as CAS (even though I didn't personally make them) and listed the CAS-point requirement in the family bio (eg Goodies and Ramaswamis required 2 apiece, Ottomases needed 6) to move them in. That was my choice. As Peni said, you mustn't delete them once they are there - I made that mistake and restarted rather than play a hood that I knew I'd busted and would go boom later on.

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#178 Old 11th Dec 2012 at 3:57 AM
Hey All,

I am trying to go by the original rules of this challenge found here http://boolprop.prophpbb.com/topic36.html

but I'm having a bit of a hard time figuring it out. It seems that I need to earn points to have additional CAS. So how do I go about gaining these points? So I have my founder... is she allowed to have a townie or npc move in to marry or do they need to be earned? Just a bit confused about how to earn my population. Also if she does marry a townie can she have kids or does she have to earn them?

Pleasantview challenge my way.
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#179 Old 11th Dec 2012 at 4:01 AM
You are allowed to move in a townie and you can marry them to enlarge that family or some people move them out to begin another family. You gain points from having owned community lots and when your sim starts having children. I use a tweaked version so I'm not hundred percent sure on the original rules, but I think that's how it was. Just that any townie you move in must be played.

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#180 Old 11th Dec 2012 at 12:28 PM
Following the original rules, you gain CAS points for a couple of things: 1 CAS point for every community lot (the only exception being the military lot), 5 CAS points for every business district, 5 CAS points for every university, and 20 CAS points for the Downtown area.

Any townies can be moved in and any sims can be born in game without problem -- you don't need points to move them in or let sims be born. Only if you're planning on making new sims in CAS will you need to worry about needing/using CAS points. (For myself, unless I have a family dynamic I really want I tend to save up my CAS points to be able to make uni students.)
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#181 Old 12th Dec 2012 at 1:00 AM Last edited by lauratje86 : 12th Dec 2012 at 3:44 AM.
This thread caught my eye again today as it was back at the top of the Challenge board, and as I've been rather at a loss lately I decided to start yet another BACC. I will be documenting it on its very own website, which you can find here.

I'm using a mix of iCad's original and new rules, with a bunch of my own modifications thrown in. All of the usual things that I incorporate into my gameplay, like fertility, motivation levels and a different structure for qualifications (which includes Associate's Degrees, Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees and PhD's) and a need for qualifications for some career tracks and levels, are part of my version of the rules. So it should make things interesting!

I am starting with a group of founders, as per iCad's rule modifications, but they're not single adult sims - well, one is, but there are also two three-person households (each consisting of a married couple with a youngster) and two sims who are starting as YA students (because, also as per iCad's rule modifications, my 'hood has a university right from the beginning). I don't like the idea of YA/adult sims not having any skills or qualifications, so I've given my founders some skills, qualifications and so on that fit in with their back stories (or in the case of the Buckleys with the lives of their RL counterparts - they're based on myself and my parents). This does make the start easier, as my sims have more career options open to them, but hey, I'll enjoy it more like this, so who cares?! It's only a game, after all! :-)

Malcolm Landgraab V, son of Malcolm Landgraab IV and his wife Jacqueline, has just moved to Velden Island. He was very wealthy when his parents were still alive and he never thought about what life would be like if he wasn't so privileged. But when his parents died in a 'plane crash just before he was due to start university he was left to put their affairs in order, and once all of their assets had been sold and their debts had been paid he inherited a "mere" $40,000 - still a lot more money than most 19 yearday olds have, but a lot less that the millions he'd expected. He's now 23 yeardays old and is living in a small house next door to his new business, Landgraab Basketball Park. He loves basketball, and now he can share that love with his new neighbours - and they'll pay him for the privilege!

The Buckleys have also moved to Velden Island. John and Lynne are both young and were interested in making a move to a new home and a new life. They think that Velden Island will be a safe and friendly place to raise their daughter Laura, along with any future children they may have - John is quite happy with one but Lynne would love to have a larger family. They also brought along their elderly cat, Monty.

William and Joanne Rivers have also moved to the island. Like the Buckleys they are young parents. They chose to move after their house was destroyed in a fire. Almost all of their possessions were lost, but they are alive and well and they managed to save a few precious photos. Their son Michael is excited about life on the island, though he's worried he may be lonely and is very glad that he has the family's cat Daisy to keep him company.

Stella Terrano and Meadow Thayer have just started university and are currently living in the same dorm. Stella is studying for a BSc in Physics and Meadow is studying for an A.D. in Business Management. They don't know it yet, but they will both be moving to Velden Island when they graduate, as I rolled to start with 9 founders.... :-)

**ETA** And what do William and Joanne do as soon as they move into their new home? They hop into bed, of course! So Joanne became pregnant right away and they now have a second child. This one's a daughter, named Hannah.

**ETA** And John and Lynne did the same, albeit not quite straight away - they now also have another child: a son, James.
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#182 Old 12th Dec 2012 at 4:26 AM
Thank you for the clarifications on those rules. I see through a google search that there are a few modifications to this challenge. I'm going to give it a try with the original and then add in gradually rules that make sense to me. I imagine Pomgrove District {my town} will be a testing ground at first.

Pleasantview challenge my way.
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#183 Old 13th Dec 2012 at 3:56 AM
I've been tempted to start one of these hoods, but have been discouraged by the fact that I have empty (and clean) templates, which makes it nearly impossible to populate the town with anything but one founder and whatever stray NPC (playable, of course) comes along. I really don't want to make any townies, either.

It would be an awfully empty town for a very long while.
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#184 Old 13th Dec 2012 at 4:55 AM
Didn't you back up the original templates? You can put them back in long enough to generate the townies.

You can also generate random townies with the Tombstone of L&D, I believe.

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#185 Old 13th Dec 2012 at 5:16 AM
I've got three CAS so far. The founder worked to get to level 10 in cooking and when she married Troy Go she opened a community lot for a restaurant / take home dishes that she sells which gives the people a place to "suprise propose engagement", dates, and buy prepared meals so I don't have to skill them or waste time on cooking. My second CAS is a fisherman / gardener / orchardist who has a community lot where he sells his vegetables & fruit. This is where the founder buys her supplies for the dishes she makes. My third CAS opened a hair salon with a boutique for buying clothes and changing appearances. Which is handy for changing ugly townies. That's it so far.

I did wonder what about adoption? I imagine that would be the same as a townie since it's not CAS.

Pleasantview challenge my way.
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#186 Old 13th Dec 2012 at 11:01 AM
Oh, believe me, I've got the original templates (which I carefully saved), but the real reason being that I hate the numbers of townies the game does produce, especially with having all the EP's. They're all so boringly obnoxious.

But you did give me the hint of how I can do the challenge, Peni. Thanks!
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#187 Old 13th Dec 2012 at 11:42 PM
Quote: Originally posted by FranH
I've been tempted to start one of these hoods, but have been discouraged by the fact that I have empty (and clean) templates, which makes it nearly impossible to populate the town with anything but one founder and whatever stray NPC (playable, of course) comes along. I really don't want to make any townies, either.

It would be an awfully empty town for a very long while.

This is one reason I use Nepheris' version of this challenge, where you start with a handful of people (generally 5-13) in a few families, as I also use empty templates.

Or you could take out notownieregen and let the game generate some, and then put it back in, I guess.
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#188 Old 11th Jan 2013 at 6:27 AM
Default The Colonist Variant of the BACC
This is yet another modification of the BACC Challenge.

I've actually stuck with this one more than others that I'd put on the shelf - but still play time to time (Apoc and Test of Time)

Here is my spin...

The Colonization Variant of BACC
A caveat - taking photos and writing lenghthy diatribes about the progress of a challenge is what I call a challeng killer. So don't expect any, but I am having a good time this variant thus far.

I read many of the versions of the build a city challenge and enjoyed them but wanted to do something a little different to meet my own intersts and play-style. So, I present to you the Colinization Variant of Build a City. (My comments may appear in parentheses). Which is a hybrid of other hybrids

Rationale: The ever expansion of Simcity has created the need for new land to be settled and an expedition was authorized to colonize the far off widely unknown area called "The Frontier".

A brave explorer (or team if you like that version)set out from Simcity to this undiscovered country where Sims who had lost contact with the rest of Simcity were known to live, but their cultural evolution was not known. (This way I keep the townies)

Some guidelines:
1) Follow the basic rules of BACC - they are well documented

2) Clear off all the cached sims and make your lot. Leave all townies/downtownies in play. You want to interact with them.

3) After initial contact with the "welcome wagon" or mail carrier etc. It is decided by the local area leader that they would like to get to know you and send a representative of their tribe to live/marry you. (The way I did this was to summon five random appropriate procreation partners and used the hacked arch). I let the "attraction flirt" see if any lightning bolts existed, but feel free to just stick a new life partner with the Explorer. This is how I do it now. Arbitiary and fun.

4) This process is repeated for "every" new addition earned by rewards. If the welcome wagon doesn't bring in an acceptable marriage prospect for creating new biological simmies feel free to summon one or more and let the cultures mesh (or clash). I think that I am for future not going to give "choices" on compatability. The idea is that word has gotten back to Simworld and now somewhat random "mail order spouses" are being prepared for this intercultural activity.

5) Life is tough for the offspring - and for the pioneering couples who often deal with the understandable fear of their way of life being destroyed (Simworld's reputation is not the greatest)and this often creates harshness for their offspring. What I do is I only give offspring only the amount earned by scholarships and/or a 10% share of the "cash on hand" when they turn to adult (and I make them adults at 18 years or so)and they go on some type of seven year or so hejirah and come back as adults.

6) I use the apartment life mod, so I make a lot of shacks for these kids - and those who don't do too well and can't pay their taxes (10% of the total value - miss it twice you're in trouble).

Other than that the rest is up to you. Here are some ideas I use and/or am toying with:

1) Feel free to swap out some of the modified careers if you don't have all the expansions. I don't have bon voyage and free time and don't plan on getting it in the future.

2) I used no technology stuff for the first rotations. Then I bring in things slowly - as new colonists arrive, but feel free to regard/disregard as you wish.

3) I do not use the aspirations rewards ever - but actually am considering to be the "native" contributions. I'll think on that one.

4) I hate those trash can knocker overs and also like the idea of a bad bad person lockup area. So, one of the community lots I'll be adding soon is a jail type area for those guys and for CAS or their offspring who get in fights and/or get caught sneaking out. Prison time needed is up to you, but I was figuring a rotation of the four seasons for fighting and one season for lesser offenses.

Other ideas are forthcoming.....such as...
1) A retirement home for elder sims
2) Having those who are poor (I randomly generate wealth for all CAS between 3-30K and limit teens who grow older to 10% of the Cash on Hand + Scholarships earned (even though I don't use college)
3) Having the poor once the city hits say 500 become "servants" for the more affluent Colonist families - to show perhaps some cultural shift of "mixed" generations.

I'm sure others will be added.
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#189 Old 11th Jan 2013 at 6:30 AM
Default Colonist Variant - Progress
Brief History
42 Years
28 Playable Sims
Population of Colony - Total 112

The Pike Clan Year Founded BACC 0
Christopher Pike was sent to BACC Land as an explorer and to make contact with the natives. His way had been prepared and Calista Fuchs had been chosen to be his partner - and marry in the custom of the people. They had three children, Anton, Babette, and Candence. Chris spend most of his life working the land while Calista opened a small trade in toys. For some reason the children took on the Maternal name.

The Beta Clan Year Founded BACC 7
Brianna Beta was an energetic young woman sent to BACC shortly after Christopher Pike made initial contact. His success allowed Brianna to have a ready made husband in native Joe Carr. Joe settled into a small business of the new gadgets introduced by Brianna's connections with Simcity and Brianna became an important figure in the security of the village of BACC as tensions arrived taking a career in law enforcement. They had one child, Abbigail Beta.

The Cain Clan BACC 14
Bailey Cain a man who wished to strike his fortune in the colonies arrived to BACC about seven years after intial contact had been enacted and due to the growing community of colonists and natives was mated with Camryn Lee. Bailey struggled greatly at first failing in two small businesses while his wife and young family (Danica Lee and Fawn Lee). Finally he found a niche in selling hybrid and imported plants from seedlings he secured from Simcity.

The Delta Clan BACC 14
Caldwell Delta wanted to start a large family between the two cultures arrived in BACC land shortly after Bailey Cain, but unlike Bailey he was a great success in creating a cultural center where natives could meet with those few colonists from Simcity. The meeting place started as a place to work on martial arts forms and exercises, but also developed into a social forum where many people would gather just to congregate. His wife had been arranged - Lilly Do - and they had three children - Emily Do, Gerald Do and India Do.

The Echo Clan BACC 21
Elias was an adventurous fun loving man who had run into some misfortune in Simcity and was sent to the colonies. There he was an immediate success and due to his high spirited ways was mated to an equally high spirited - some would say amorous mate- Sandy Fairchild. A lover of music and culture and the dance Elias started another community center where music local and dance from Simcity could be practiced. It was a great hit with the locals, although some saw changes in the community - those who loved to frolic rather than work hard - Sandy was one of these. However, the union brought forth two children, Henri and Heather Fairchild.

The Foxtrot Clan BACC 35
Fanny Foxtrot was a very outgoing, desirable and rumored to be somewhat promiscuous. She was sent to BACC simply as a likely candidate to produce offspring for the growing colony. She was paired with Waylon Menon a local whose interactions with the colonist gave him a love for fortune. Together they have a child, Jannah and Fanny is expecting a second. Fanny has a small business that has local workers model furniture after the fashion found in Simcity. Meanwhile, Waylon has found a niche and deals with the growing concept of money and commerce in a new career path for the colonies called Business.

The Golf Clan BACC 35
Georgia Golf was yet another outgoing woman of questionable reputation whose proclivities got her passage to the BACC colony where she was connected with a male of similar passions Nery Turner- although they share tremendous passion for each other it has been thought that it spreads beyond the common bond of partnership. Nery has organized the local produce and fish to be gathered and preserved and he then sells it to those who are working in other occupations rather than farming and fishing. Georgia for now spends much of her time with their young child, Kareem Golf.

The Hotel Clan BACC 35
Hannah Hotel had an aspiration to meet as many people as she could and thought what better place than in the BACC Colony. She was paired with Bret Wren who shared the same interest in meeting natives and the colonists. Bret had come from a family that had learned a great deal about the value of rare items in the colonies and brought significant welath to this family. They decided to meet as many of the colonists and natives as they could but via different paths. Hannah wanted to work with items that could make the rare moments of leisure more enjoyable and sells crafts and items to make crafts or to enjoy cerebral pursuits. Bret realized that many of the new colonists were struggling and actually were having difficulty in cultivating the new land and fishing the waterways. He opened a venue that would allow all to enjoy this bit of nature of BACC colonies...for a price. They have a young child, Kammi Hotel.

Pike Clan Generation Two BACC 42
Anton Fuchs (the eldest son) had broken a serious custom. He had fallen in love with a local girl Tasha Go that had not been arranged by the local elders. However, they had been caught in the expression of their love and facing forced separation fled BACC colonies and roughed it out for several years in the wilderness. Destitute and obviously a pair - albeit a highly unorthodox one that had not been arranged - the couple live on the outskirts of BACC Colony in the poorer section where they do not own their land but squat in a rather poor dwelling. As of yet they have no children.

The Beta Clan Generation Two BACC 42
Abbigail Beta almost fell into the same trap as Anton - unauthorized mating and pairing - with none other than Anton. However, she resisted or was spared that problem when Anton and Tasha disappeared. Now she is spending time in Simcity and with members of the Carr tribe deep in BACC land. She will learn both ways and then be paired either with a colonist or a tribesmen. Certainly the future of the colonists and natives is unsure.

The Inaka Clan BACC 42 BACC working on background story

The Kilo Clan BACC 42

The Lima Clan BACC 42
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#190 Old 2nd Nov 2013 at 5:32 AM
Default Affairs in BACC
Any ideas on how to deal with extra marital affairs and how they count into the population? I have one male sim that is really wanting to have affairs and I'm all for it but wanted to know if any other simmers allowed them in their BACC. My general idea is that he will propose them to move in, get them pregnant,and they would then "find their own place" and move out. They would raise his kids as single mothers or perhaps marry one of the elder townie males. Any ideas? What have you done?

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#191 Old 2nd Nov 2013 at 9:39 PM
One of the rules I'm using, which might work well for you, is that Sims can move no more than once a week. So your sim could invite someone to move in to impregnate her, but she would have to wait a full seven sim days before finding her own place.
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#192 Old 27th Nov 2013 at 7:05 PM
Hey all! I've recently started this challenge and I am loving it so far. You can find all of my chapters here: http://cecigrace.wordpress.com/archives/
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#193 Old 30th Nov 2013 at 3:05 PM Last edited by jones7659 : 30th Nov 2013 at 6:02 PM.
I never do very well with challenges, I always get sidetracked by other projects. But I've started this one. I went with the random # of founders option and have 4, the Marshall siblings, who have founded Marshall Island. Will, the oldest, Susan, Tom and Zack. Just started my first week with Zack, the last in the rotation (and youngest sibling). I'm really enjoying it so far. Tom seems to be the favorite sibling, all the others love him, Will a little too much accidentally...all I did was make them do a friendly hug and they ended up with a mutual crush! I don't have a problem with same-sex, I've already decided that Zack is gay, but I draw the line at incest When I left Tom, he and his new wife were about to have the first of the new generation.

All of the founders have different aspirations, Tom is working toward unlocking the science career, as he's a knowledge sim, it went right along with a lot of his wants. Though his lifetime wish is top of the medical, which I'm sure I wont have available with in his lifetime. Will is a family aspiration and a farmer. Susan is a fortune sim who has a food and drink true hobby and just took out a loan to open a deli, and Zack is a popularity sim who I'm not sure what to do with yet,, need to play him a little bit more.

For anyone interested, I've started a Marshall Island website/blog. Not much there yet, as I'm only in my first rotation of the households, but will add to as it goes You can find it here
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#194 Old 19th Jan 2014 at 7:32 AM
In my BACC, the village of Treebank now has a population of 504, unlocking the majority of the NPC services. To commemorate this occasion, I have begun the Treebank family tree at http://www.familyecho.com/?p=START&...147952225855790

Only sims related in some way to the founder get included in the tree, so it has 40 entries even though there are currently 56 playable sims. Also, I'm only including pictures for adults, because I'm too lazy to be changing them all the time.

Most of the other sims are in the military. Exactly half of the original recruits managed to escape the barracks. All of the Knowledge and Fortune sims got themselves promoted, as did one Popularity sim, Cressida Machado, whose lifetime want is to be General. One of the Fortune sims, Tatiana Feld (now Bruenig) got promoted out of the barracks and then got fired from a chance card, allowing her to leave the military altogether. She's a bit bitter about the whole experience though and has turned to a life of crime. Her lifetime want is to be a Criminal Mastermind, so that works out well. Ambrosios Harel was able to move out and get married because of the luck of the random name generator; all sims whose names begin with the letter "A" are required to start Alphabet Legacies.

Anyway, the Men's and Women's barracks each only have four soldiers now. As they get older, there could be a serious danger of the military dying out. So I've come up with a new rule to prevent that. Any time one of the barracks is at less than half capacity, the next townie or eligible NPC to appear on the lot will be required to move in and join the military. Yay conscription!

Treebank residents have been paying taxes since the founding of Fort Treebank (which is when I started keeping track of rotations) and the town's immortal founder already has more than half a million simoleons. Maybe my next post will be to announce the grand opening of Treebank's first university.
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#195 Old 15th May 2014 at 9:59 PM
Treebank has grown considerably since my last posting. It now has a college, La Fiesta Tech, and a second business district, Apocalopolis, which will be the site of my Apocalypse Challenge within my BACC. I've modified a few of the rules to make the two work together. Most notably, I'm opening up the Oceanography career to sims with a degree in biology (because until its lifted, they can't earn fishing badges) and I'm tying the Military restrictions to a custom superhero career instead (because military sims have to live on the military base.)

The next sim sent to college after the creation of Apocalopolis was to be designated the founder of my Apocalypse challenge. That turned out to be Brankica Harel. Lucky her.
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#196 Old 21st Jul 2014 at 5:29 PM
Is anyone still doing this challenge? I am in love with it, especially with so much free time now that I have broken my leg (I can assure you it wasn't to play Sims more often, but it worked out nicely anyway ). I have tried a Sims 3 version but it doesn't work out as well (if you turn aging off you will come back to their house with them having more money, for some reason) as with Sims 2. I have started to wonder how it will work with Sims 4 but we will have to wait for it's release.

Anyway, my point is that I want to start this conversation up again. I love this challenge and it has become my little project. The to-be city is called Windy Valley. Currently, it has 33 sims and a SM of 4 (1 original, +1 for first community lot, +1 for 5 lots and another +1 for extra five lots as there are 10 community lots in total) which makes a population of 132. I am using the boolprop rules but with a few changes (namely one: because it took ages to get 1 burglary, I changed it to having a mixture of fires or burglaries totaling 3, and I have 1 burglary and 2 fires). I have unlocked: athletics, music, military and dance and have 2 people level 9 of the military career (they'd unlock a position in the Intelligence career). I am looking forward to the 250 mark to unlock the services and a position in the Education career.

I like reading BACC's too, so if anyone has a BACC documented and would like someone to read it, post here

I am struggling raising the 1,000,000 uni funds. I have a club business (run by Joe Carr, a popularity sim who wants to earn 100k) and he sells tickets for an extortionate 150 an hour. However, the sims aren't staying longer than maybe 1 or 2 hours. I have 2 of those card tables, a bowling lane, 1 hot tub, 1 of them dance spheres, a buffet table (that they barely touch), 3 pinball machines (the three different types), the most expensive stereo, 2 bars, a juice keg and a pool table. It's rank 6 (very slowly progressing, as clubs tend to) but Joe has several of the perks because he also has a level 9 shop. Does anyone have any suggestions to what else I could add to keep the Sims in? I had a couple of them showers from University in but no one (apart from Joe) touched them so I took them out. There is a bathroom with 3 bathroom stalls and 2 sinks and it's unisex. Should I separate the bathrooms, would that make a difference? Would perhaps upgrading the items to their most expensive version also help? Installed I have most expansion packs but Bon Voyage (I have it, but a friend has the disc) and Pets. For stuff packs I have family fun and outdoor living installed. Any help would be appreciated

Thank-you for reading this (rather long, I admit) message. Happy simming!
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#197 Old 21st Jul 2014 at 5:48 PM
Add an espresso machine and bring the price down! It'll pay off in the long run - more people willing to come in the door and stay longer.

There's an LJ site devoted to collecting BACCs: http://buildacity.livejournal.com/
But my favorite (I might be a weeny bit biased) is Quinndominion's BACC in Widespot: http://quinndominion.livejournal.com/ .

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
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#198 Old 21st Jul 2014 at 6:17 PM
Quote: Originally posted by Peni Griffin
Add an espresso machine and bring the price down! It'll pay off in the long run - more people willing to come in the door and stay longer.

There's an LJ site devoted to collecting BACCs: http://buildacity.livejournal.com/
But my favorite (I might be a weeny bit biased) is Quinndominion's BACC in Widespot: http://quinndominion.livejournal.com/ .

The expresso machine is a good idea. But that means I'd have to hire another employee to clean everything up. Joe can handle the plates (when the buffet is running) and the odd plastic cup from the juice keg and still dazzle the others. I had him charging what the "quite expensive" price was and I had read that simmers charge sims like 1,999 an hour just to raise the funds quickly. The townies have infinite money so they can stay forever, it's just giving the something that keeps them in for longer is the problem. The hot tub works a treat when a sim is already in there, cos they stay there till their energy/hygiene is totally depleted, and others join and it raises the social bar up and thus customer ranks.

It used to work for the card table but that only works when a Sim is already playing so I'd have to have Joe or company sit at the table, invite someone over and then others soon follow. I COULD send his wife over (Lily Carr, nee Do) but she gets jealous when he flirts with the female customers... They have a teenage son who could help but I don't want him getting that bad memory something like "witnessed betrayal".

How would you be biased? Is it yours? I will check it out however, but I have seen that BACC word press site before. It's how I found one called Albion Falls? But they've stopped updating for a year or so now.

On a side note, one of Joe's side-romances keeps calling Lily, despite never having met. Their son picked up the phone, she asked for Lily and he called her name. Joe was sitting nearby and I can't even imagine his reaction should this be real life!! Has anyone had anything like this happen? It's truly bizarre!
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#199 Old 1st Aug 2014 at 8:47 PM
I remembered the main rules of this challenge and I wrote down the ones about unlocking things. I started it out and have already unlocked one community lot. I am doing the original challenge, so I don't want to waste my time on reading improved one. I was just wondering if the university could be unlocked after getting population of 40.000. This way the challenge is not so hard, because half more careers can be unlocked with university. And it just have no point after you reached 50.000. So I want to know if it can be done after population of 40.000?
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#200 Old 14th Feb 2015 at 10:42 AM
love this challenge
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