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Mad Poster
#201 Old 23rd Oct 2011 at 8:17 PM
Riverblossom College now has two Greek houses.

The frat brothers. Back row--Evan O'Mackey (son of Gabe and Alexandra) and Scott McGreggor (son of Leod and Lillian). Seated--Ian O'Mackey (Evan's twin) and Alexander O'Mackey (son of Jason and Violet--yeah, you'd think he'd be Ian's twin and not his cousin)

The sorority sisters. Brooke Hill (former townie, Evan's fiancee), Marissa Hawk (Ian's fiancee, family moved in when she was a toddler), Gabrielle O'Mackey (Scott's fiancee and Alexander's twin), Marlena Miller (former townie and Alexander's fiancee)

A sorority pledge warms up after some serious bubble-blower time:

A professor decided to pick a fight with Scott, who has only one Nice point...and has LOTS of Body skill:

Mad Poster
#202 Old 27th Nov 2011 at 6:30 PM

Lisandro Iana graduates from high school and moves straight into the residence occupied by his friend Tommy and his big brother's fiancee Sharla. I'm pleased with how the Ianas are growing up, but wondering what I'm doing in CAS to make the broad cheekbone/narrow chin combination so common in my game.

Over at the frat, Alon Livingstone gets a good look at the guy Sparrow Hawkins considers worthy of her charms and is personally insulted. Gerry's fat, he's two years younger than Alon, he doesn't have a 4.0 - how the hell is this guy better than him? But she strung him along for two years telling him he "wasn't ready" to woohoo and as soon as he looks elsewhere, she's let this guy into her bed? Sparrow is not in the least disconcerted (no crying; she just slaps him back), but her distant cousin Margaret, the newest pledge at the sorority, appears to be mortified.

So Sparrow drags her away from the interesting spectacle of pacific, never-even-argues Gerry getting in Alon's face for his behavior. (The arm-linking is one of those happy accidents of animation - couldn't pass it up!) "C'mon, we got a party to go to."
"This is so humiliating!"
"Why? S'nothing to do with you - just Alon getting over stuff he never should've been under."
"Because - you're my cousin! And his fiancee's my sorority sister! And it's so embarrassing!"
"I don't see why."
"That's because you don't know how to be embarrassed!"
"Don't see the use of it."

Later, Alon goes to Chestnut Park and has another run-in with Gerry, who didn't much enjoy getting in his face (but he couldn't just stand by, could he?) to begin with but apparently has been stewing. Alon's not sure who starts it. He doesn't think either of them even wants to start it. But they do. "It's not her fault or mine you're too lazy and stupid to know when you're well off. If you wanted Sparrow, why didn't you do the work?"
"It's not supposed to be work!"
"Who told you that? Nothing easy's worth anything. Did you really think you could get engaged and still keep Sparrow? Did you really think you could be worth that much to somebody like her?"
"Oh, and you are?"
"I don't expect to be able to keep her, you moron. But You threw her away and now you're mad at her? For what? For being too good for you? Newsflash, bozo, that's not her fault, it's yours, so stop acting like she or me or anybody did you wrong!"

What really bugs Alon there is the guy can't tell an object from a subject and he still got laid younger...I'm afraid Alon's an intellectual snob.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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#203 Old 12th Dec 2011 at 1:20 PM Last edited by dieKristina : 13th Dec 2011 at 10:29 PM.
Let me introduce some sims I havn´t showed you yet (but they are all born-in-game). Those boys are all currently living together in the OHV-Fraternity in La Fiesta Tech.

Christoph Schneider: Son of Philipp and Sarah Schneider. He´s got a sister, Jessica, who lives in the Sorority. He also has two little brothers, Dirk and Daniel, both kids.

Johannes Berg: Sister of Maria Berg (of whom I have posted some pictures before). He has 6 other siblings too.

Bastian Herz: I don´t think I have posted any pictures of his family yet, but he is the oldest of three siblings. His mouth and face are pretty odd, but I like that!

Rasmus Skoog: Brother of Isak Skoog and three other sims.
#204 Old 31st Dec 2011 at 4:48 PM
Pictures from a while ago of the rebel of my Attention Family Legacy, Journey Langerak, and her long-time beau Sean Walton.

"Somtimes the stars align." ~Dean Lowry, ABC's Pan Am. ♥ ⚓ ♥
#205 Old 11th Jan 2012 at 7:01 PM
These two ladies will graduate very soon, so this is my last chance to show them as young adults.

First we have Emilia Skoog. She is a shy, mean and ridiculously playful pleasure sim, who happens to be engaged to no one else than Johannes Berg.

Then we have Elisabeth Berg, the popularity sim who is a bit self-obsessed, but otherwise pretty nice and smart.
#206 Old 5th Feb 2012 at 4:33 AM
Clair Leong, a sophomore at La Fiesta Tech.

"Somtimes the stars align." ~Dean Lowry, ABC's Pan Am. ♥ ⚓ ♥
#207 Old 5th Feb 2012 at 1:26 PM
During this rotation, 6 teens went to college. Here are 4 of them.

Ron Lieb

Joel Berg

Daniel Schneider

Viktor Skoog

I´ll post the two other next time.
Lab Assistant
#208 Old 7th Feb 2012 at 4:03 PM
Wow a page before (like page 8 I showed you how Casper and Roxie Sharpe fell in love, now - long time later - I can show you what happened to the little boy they had. I think he is darn cute.

Damian Black

He lives in a dorm together with Dustin Broke - really

Damian Ster(son of my alltime favorite Sim Nicky Ster

But the absolut most adorable hunk I ever- EVER had is Jordan Price. From kind of a nerdy ordinary Teen he grew into Mr. Campus. Well look for yourself



Currently contestant in picturePERFECT; cycle three
Contest results so far:
3rd in Para Anoma and 3rd in Rising Star
Mad Poster
#209 Old 8th Feb 2012 at 4:39 PM

Oh, dear. The usual fashion emergency of transition is exacerbated when you send seven teens to University in one lot. Stodgy Ted Ottomas is in a track suit that makes me sweat just looking at it; girly-girl neatnik Summer Thyme has a sweater inappropriate to the balmy spring weather and pedal pushers in shades of blue that clash with her hat; self-consciously slutty Theodora Ottomas somehow got into a sparkly ballerina outfit that would win the "WTF" prize if it weren't for Jeremiah Gavigan's shiny turquoise satin pants and matching neckband; Jovita Casa looks great in a pink shirt and khakis, but comes from a conservative Guasimalan family that socialized her into wearing skirts only and she hasn't had that character arc yet; butch Naomi Gavigan gets a nice halter dress that doesn't suit her coloring or her lifestyle; and Naomi's girlfriend Justine Thyme gets lucky in an uninspired but tolerable blue and white ensemble. Note that Naomi and Justine aren't worried about clothes - they're wondering where, now they're legal, they can go to buy beer.

So everybody troops off to the University Way shops to buy new clothing. The first person the Ottomas twins run into is their brother Tommy, who seems overjoyed to see them. At any rate, he won't stop dancing with her long enough for Theodora to pick a better outfit.

But with seven people on the lot, they manage to cover everybody, though Theodora's going to have to go back for something sluttier. Summer wouldn't fit in the picture and in any case I want to change her hair - that hat is no longer working for her. At least everyone looks better and more like themselves.

Much better!

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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#210 Old 10th Feb 2012 at 8:14 PM
Here are three more young adults.

Dirk Schneider

Aron Berg

Sandra Skoog
Mad Poster
#211 Old 15th Feb 2012 at 3:41 PM

Jay McCullough hates Theodora Ottomas; yet he finds her weirdly hot.

Polly Esther Skirt is confused - yesterday she and Paul were making out everywhere they went; now she goes for a quick cuddle and he refuses her? What gives? "I saw you with that cow mascot," he snaps.

I have no idea whether she's guilty or not, because they're not engaged, so the absence of a "had affair" memory next to the "caught cheating" memory tells me nothing; and I didn't see it happen. She decides to apologize, regardless. Oblivious to drama, their housemate makes lunch around them.

"Whatcha doing, Ted?"
"Whatcha painting?"
"...Why don't you wait till I'm finished and find out."
Summer's really looking out the window on the other side of him, but in the game she looked so much like the idle passerby watching over his shoulder and asking stupid questions that I thought for a minute I'd discovered a new intereaction.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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Link Ninja
#212 Old 29th Feb 2012 at 7:35 PM Last edited by Charmful : 2nd Mar 2012 at 4:30 AM.
This is kind of different but I think it applies. I made a College yearbook page with my University sims

Click Here to get a much bigger view.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

Mad Poster
#213 Old 12th Mar 2012 at 2:24 PM

"Just ignore my sister, Jeremiah. She's trying to get a rise out of me, coming down in her undies; not out of you. But I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction of scolding her for her trampy ways. Please pass the sugar."

"Wow, Ted, Ma actually likes you! I didn't think it was possible for her to like one of our boyfriends! Way to go!"
"Aw, shucks!"
Seriously, everybody likes Ted! He doesn't even try to make friends - they just fall into his lap.

The taxi's on its way, the clock is running down; and all Sparrow wants to do with her last moments on campus is dance Gerry across the living room. Well, mostly all. A little corner of her wants to call Alon. Gerry deserves better. "It feels like I'm always saying good-by to you."
"That just means we'll be saying hello again in awhile. You going to tell me to date other people like you did last time?"
"No. But I have no right to object if you do."
"I'll date other people when you're done with me. Not before. I'm not going to throw away my big chance like a certain person we know. And I have your number."

"Hey, I know her! She's dating my dad now!"

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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Field Researcher
#214 Old 24th Mar 2012 at 4:30 PM

Here's the Academie Le Tour sorority at about 2:00 AM. This pizza isn't going to do it for Marla, and she's planning on frying up some eggs. Juliette doesn't want in, though, she's this close to falling off the couch. The girl on the right is one of Francis J. Worthington's sisters, Lizzie. She may dress fancy but she's really very nice. Ellen Frost is living there now too, but I can't say the same for her. Being the only non-rich girl in the house isn't helping Marla feel any less awkward or shy than she already is, but the other girls try their best to make her feel included (again, except Ellen).
#215 Old 25th Mar 2012 at 2:39 PM
When I recreated my neighborhood I didn´t want to recreate the premade LFT-students (Stella Terrano´s an exception because she´s awesome). Therefore I decided to just create all the children of those Maxis-made sims as young adults.

Yesterday I played the three Hart brothers, Sarah (née Love) and Matthew Hart´s children. I took the freedom to change the genetics a bit (otherwise they would all have brown hair, light blue eyes and the same skintone), but except for that they are exactly the same - just older.

Mark, he´s a romance sim with the LTW of having 20 simultaneous lovers. For some reason I just had to give him the Bill Kaulitz hairstyle and a blue lipstick .

Igor, a popularity sim who wants to become the mayor of the town.

Hugo, a family guy who wants 6 grandchildren. He keeps rolling wants to fall in love, but so far it´s very hard to find him someone he has decent chemistry with.
Lab Assistant
#216 Old 30th Mar 2012 at 2:21 PM

So this is Tom and his son James sleeping at college (Tom is a young adult). The mom got pregnant by accident (tehee) but they are by far my cutest family!
#217 Old 30th Mar 2012 at 5:41 PM
Rick Vers (son of DJ Vers and Guy Wrightley) and Kurt Roque (son of Jessie Pilferson) currently live together in a dorm.

Rick, a fortune sim who resembles his father Guy a lot.

Kurt, a popularity sim, who should be happy with this picture because normally he´s actually quite ugly
#218 Old 5th Apr 2012 at 10:35 AM
Amanda Nott:

Melody Brown:

(They're both sisters, although the parents weren't married when they had Amanda, hence the different surnames. Annoying. D: )
#219 Old 12th Apr 2012 at 11:12 PM
In the Moonbeam household the three siblings Kim, Kira and Tara + Kim´s girlfriend Magdalena live together.

Kira, a family sim who for some reason currently has three different lovers. He wants to get engage to Hugo Hart though, so I guess he´s about to settle down.

Kim and Magdalena. Magdalena is the biological child of Cornwall and Regan Capp. But since I don´t play my old Veronaville anymore but still miss its born-in-games, I cloned her and recreated her as a dormie. Kim earlier had problems to find the right one, but he and Magdalena "clicked" immediately.

Tara is like her brother Kim a knowledge sim, but she has great chemistry with the popularity guy Kurt Roque, so they are currently dating. Here she´s giving him a backrub.
She´s the only sloppy one in the household and prefers to eat chew in her own way
Mad Poster
#220 Old 28th Apr 2012 at 5:21 AM

Finally, Jovita gives George the go-ahead. He was afraid he was going to spend the rest of his college career sleeping with her snugged into his back and never daring to turn over. She's obviously taken a lesson from the behavior of their housemates, Paul and Polly Esther, who have been chasing each other all over the house to canoodle ever since making up after the Cow Mascot Incident. Jovita is 2 points shy, but when I told her to squeeze George so he'd know it was okay to initiate the date that would end their mutual careers as virgins, she CLAPPED HER HANDS and looked straight at me with her little face all lit up!

"Man, do you have to do that right in front of the refrigerator? I gotta make some of my abuela's special soup - I feel crappy."
"Gimme a sec. Sorry. It's too chilly to do this outside."
"The real macho yoga master does his routine naked in the snow."
"The real macho yoga master is celibate, too. Screw that."

Amber Dawn is feeling a little low since her fiance Alon graduated, so she decides to amuse herself with Tommy Ottomas. He's not having any!

Well, not right away, anyhow...

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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#221 Old 20th May 2012 at 10:00 AM
Howitzer Grunt is General Buzz's youngest son (and only child by alien wire-mother Idun). He's obsessively neat, painfully shy, and the surliest 10-points-nice sim ever. Midway through high school, he went from being known as "that weird kid with the long hair" to "that weird kid who got his girlfriend pregnant." While he loves his twin daughters and their mother Grimuara -- and wouldn't trade any of them for anything -- he does wish that Jane Smith and Glozel Howe hadn't managed to get "Sperminator" added below "Library Volunteer" and "Chess Club Treasurer" on his list of accomplishments in the yearbook.

Freya Lam -- or, as she prefers to be called, "Freya Evans-Subject-Lam" -- is the daughter of Joshua Evans and Genesis Lam. Her relation to the Subject family has resulted in a fascination with the paranormal, which is further fueled by her friendship with the Grim Reaper (who views her as an honorary great-grandkid, seeing as how she's his son's stepson's daughter) and her formerly-late mother's return from the dead. She's also trying to talk her girlfriend Tessa into becoming a werewolf.

Videogame addict Grimuara Subject is Frieda and Nervous's youngest daughter, which makes her her best friend Freya's aunt. She's incredibly close to her mom -- she's as much of a mama's girl as her sister Difficult is a daddy's girl -- and her paranormal genes have resulted in the psychic ability to detect the instant that a bed is unmade. It's not the most useful power, but it works for her. While she's happy to be going away to college so she can further pursue her interest in science, she misses her daughters Loyal and Unruly and looks forward to graduation so she can see them more often than just breaks and weekends.

Tessa Ramirez, daughter of Checo and Lisa, has both a well-developed business sense and a well-developed aversion to the smell of furniture polish. She met Freya during a family vacation as a child -- her dad was considering expanding his furniture store into a chain -- and they maintained a long-distance friendship (that became a relationship during their teen years) after that. She's determined to forge her own path and plans to do it far away from her hometown of Bluewater Village. She likes Strangetown much better (and not just because Freya is there, though that is a definite plus): she and her mother were considered "weird" in Bluewater due to their very dilute alien heritage, but there's nothing weird about that where she is now.

My CC creations, updated April 21, 2015.

My Simblr
Mad Poster
#222 Old 20th May 2012 at 1:34 PM
Wow, I had no idea Tessa grew up so non-boring! And Grimaura and Howitzer finally made it to college, where I expect Grimaura to be running randomly into dorms to make beds all over campus.

Dominic Estic-Moiselle of course called his Aunt Margaret as soon as he got to campus, and she came over with all her sorority sisters except the one who's on the outs with his housemate Cousin George. Lily Pond and Helen Wheels strike him as awful gossips.

Emilio Casa saw the cow mascot hitting on Lily Pond, and suddenly every fiber of his being is shouting: "MINE!" This from the guy who was Theodora Ottomas's first conquest on campus!

He's furious, and doesn't know why.

The truth is he's scared of how he feels about LIly, and the cow mascot - who could drop a dime to Lily about Theodora any time he wants, because he saw the whole thing - can smell it on him.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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Top Secret Researcher
#223 Old 20th May 2012 at 2:56 PM
The Fleurada cousins enjoy nothing more than doing attractive manly things to bring in waves of girls and some guys. What could be more manly than playing instruments shirtless?

I have no idea why that cow mascot was playing bass. He was playing it for two days straight without a break. Weirdo.

Sly-as-a-fox popularity sim Aurora Fleurada. Obviously, she is a vampire.

Asks are always open, even to anons. I will always reply to asks, and I do my best to be cordial/less snarky than usual.
#224 Old 22nd May 2012 at 3:18 PM
Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
Wow, I had no idea Tessa grew up so non-boring! And Grimaura and Howitzer finally made it to college, where I expect Grimaura to be running randomly into dorms to make beds all over campus.

Tessa really does have an unusual-looking face, doesn't she? She looks like she has her dad's mouth and cheeks, only without the facial hair to disguise the sharp corners, and her mom's fantastically catlike, overlarge eyes. She's been a fun sim to play, too; she's got a lot of personality.

The bed-making frenzy has already begun. I don't play many dorms because they have a tendency to lag, but she's been showing up outside a lot of the campus houses and most of my sims roll the want "influence someone to clean" when she's around .

And Emilio had better watch out for those cows. They're a mess of trouble. (Does your game have an irresistible "sexy cow," too? He might be in for some curiously-seductive lowing if the sexy cow decides to really mess with him )

Jane Smith is the daughter of PT9 and Jenny, and I don't think that any of Jenny's genes made it to the party at all; she looks almost exactly like a female version of her dad. Her and Glozel's reign of terror as Strangetown High's Mean Girl Squad left a lasting impression on the student body...especially after they joined the year book staff.

She's teamed back up with her partner-in-crime (they both say that the other is the second in command) where they patrol the campus looking for trouble. Jane the Pain torments the general student body, while Glozel the Terrible -- who the cows actively avoid -- battles the pep squad. They're also continuing some of their old feuds from high school, along with the infamous Smustle Wardance.

The moves of the Smustle Wardance are pretty simple. First they look for a target...

...and, once sighted, proceed to make fun of it.

My CC creations, updated April 21, 2015.

My Simblr
Mad Poster
#225 Old 22nd May 2012 at 4:42 PM
I have come to believe that, evil as they seem, my cow mascots are secret hopeless romantics invested in all the campus relationships with which they interfere. Every single one of them has gone on to be permanent, often stronger than ever due to the process of recovery.They're like annoying bovine cupids, and once they've set the cat among the pigeons and poked a lovelorn target a few times they tend to go back to playing pool (at the frat) or the piano (at the sorority) with an air of a job well done. I really wasn't sure about Lily and Emilio - but now, watching exactly what happened to Emilio's relationship and want panels from the moment of the event (which I don't always see) I'm pretty sure once they're both out in the world he'll marry her. He may need parental pressure to get him to the mark, but he hasn't spent a moment thinking about Theodora since it happened. He fumes about Lily and the cow mascot, cries about Lily and the cow mascot, makes out with Lily, snubs Lily, sits in the hot tub with Lily, dances with Lily...and even when he's got her in flames above his head, his animations and expressions toward Lily are so tender and sad I can't bear to take the opportunity to have him revenge-date random dormies or adult Romance sims. (Though Georgette bonking him and his brother Estebanico in parallel has occurred to me as a logical storyline.) I can't promise myself that, if he does marry her, he'll be faithful - he is a Pleasure sim still, after all, though I gave him a Family secondary so he could combat flu in the frat - but this is almost certainly as close to true love as he'll ever get.

I don't suppose you made any of those yearbook pages? I can imagine the kinds of captions they used if they could slide them past the advisor.

Dominic Estic-Moiselle as he walks in the front door of Alma Mater House for the first time as a resident (he's been here before for a grad party or two). I can't seem to get a tolerabe picture that really shows off his neck bolts. He had two girlfriends in high school, one older and a runaround, one younger and obsessively faithful, and his future is up for grabs.

"So. Theoretically. If I meet a girl before I resurrect Spring..."
"You're not going to resurrect Spring."
"Yeah, 'cause you know what's possible, lit major. If I did, and we, you know, got along - "
"You haven't even heard the questsion yet!"

"What y'all talking about?"
"Nothing! Nothing important. Just, you know, random thoughts. You know what? Somebody needs to teach the new cockatoo to talk. I'm going to go do that. Right after I clean the bathroom."

It's not that he's ashamed of Daisy. Far from it. It's just that - right now, he's just this guy Tom to her. As soon as she meets his friends she'll find out - everything - and he'll be The Guy Whose Girlfriend Burned to Death and it won't be the same. And she's young enough to get over him when he graduates and goes out in the world to figure out how to resurrect Spring. Who will then be younger even than her...Now is not the time to think about that.
And it's a good thing nobody ever talks to the streakers...
(Tommy did this on his own. She invited him over, he walked onto the lot, she kissed him hello, the streaker ran up, and he grabbed her and started squeezing. They haven't been on a date or had a directed kiss yet - she's just flirted him a few times. It doesn't matter how high your grades are, you can't fight your own biology.)

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
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