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Mad Poster
#1051 Old 6th Mar 2021 at 2:18 PM
I've just got my own version adapted from the fact that mine is about a situation in Europe that led to the colonization of the new world as history happened in the TS2 version of history.My disaster event was a volanic eruption in Asia in the 16th century disrupting the weather patterns and causing crop failures that led to colonization in mine so they have different things to un;ock like schooling and expanding the town.My sims also have to unlock jobs and what unlocks that is population growth and sims can still earn money by alternative methods like growing crops and by trades or vocations.I've also got a perma fridge patch in because sims can't buy groceries and I don't want them to starve though I cna restrict use of the fridge in a food shortage.
Lab Assistant
#1052 Old 26th Apr 2021 at 7:00 PM
Well, hello. It's been more than a month but I'm still alive! I've been really busy (and I still am) but I could play a couple of hours today so I'm here with a small update:

Anthony lifted the Medicine restrictions (finally showers!). He also married a townie, Gwen, and had a baby, Vanessa. Gwen is both taking care of the baby and skilling to join the Military later. I hope she can make it...

What else can I say...? Well, I got a genie lamp but obviously I can't use it yet. Oh, I
also got 80k monies from a chance card! My problems to pay the bills just vanished. I should use some of that money to make a basement, that is, if I can find a place for the stairs...

I think that's all for today. See you next time, whenever it is.
Mad Poster
#1053 Old 28th Apr 2021 at 8:52 AM
I've got a lot of setting up to do in my town before going live in mine.My town is a colony in the new world and they have to start from scratch though my settlers can garden though their new home might have a different lenth of growing season than they were used to back home.
Test Subject
#1054 Old 16th May 2021 at 1:25 PM
I started the apocalypse challenge (again), and I've been really enjoying it! It seems to be a lot easier than before, need wise, so I decided against getting need perks for my future sims.
The weirdest thing is that I haven't gotten even a single burglar, but my founder's spouse lit on fire when cooking grilled cheese sandwiches! And he was at the top of the culinary career! (luckily having lifted the restriction before dying, lol)
Mad Poster
#1055 Old 17th May 2021 at 4:17 PM
I've got to get ready to create my first colonial couple for my apocalypse challenge and get them settled into the colony.
Lab Assistant
#1056 Old 8th Aug 2021 at 12:40 AM Last edited by Borja20 : 9th Aug 2021 at 4:22 PM. Reason: small update
Not being able to control elders is probably my least favourite rule. Please, I can't help him. (And he started another snowman in the front of the stairs, smh)

Ok so I'm back after many months! I swear, I want to play, i just don't have time...
Sadly, Gwen (the mum) didn't make it to the top of Military. She grew up to elder with 9 of body skill, and also with negative aspiration level because she feared ghosts. Gwen's life is being harsh... To make it worse, Anthony (the dad) died and all family friends were his. Looks like Vanessa (their daughter) will have it hard too. Why is making friends so hard without the phone...? I really want to top Military already. Not just because of the restrictions, but also I want do do some building.

Small update: Gwen was fired from a chance card, when I thought nothing else could go wrong for her...
Good news is Vanessa is making friends pretty fast.
Mad Poster
#1057 Old 8th Aug 2021 at 11:02 PM
I won't be controlling any elders in my game for some time because nobody will reach that age for a while as mine is starting out as a new colony settled by young couples and they have to grow old over time.I can control my elders a little though I'll have to let them make mistakes once in a while as they might become forgetful with age.I'm starting my settlement from scratch and slowly building it up and some things like getting jobs are unlocked though some are allowed right away for sims being sent over as convicts.
Test Subject
#1058 Old 8th Feb 2022 at 10:46 PM
Well, I was trying this YET AGAIN, but my game got corrupted. I WAS definitely having some trouble with the Pets mods, for some reason. The Pets Service mod made it impossible to open any lot. I have no idea why. At least one other of the mods somehow managed to FORCE DELETE some of my mods, like SimBlender and the BatBox, and I MUST HAVE the SimBlender and the BatBox, so I added them back. Some random other things were lost as well, and I found MOST of them?

But then... Then, I wanted to use Brandi LeTourneau as a villain character. So, I had Cyd Roseland (A much-too-nice zombie Patient Zero, who never DID anything, because he's too nice to fight) use the Tombstone of Life and Death to add her to his family. But, because the original designers of the game had something against last names, I wound up adding Brandi THE BUS DRIVER to the household, and BOOM! Big Flaming Ball Visible From Space. However, not before I noticed a jump bug in all social interactions AND when my sims visited post-apocalyptic community lots, all the visiting sims just stood around doing nothing. The ONLY things they would do was interact with the visiting pets on the lot.

Soo, I uninstalled the game, and reinstalled, and have decided to try again, using the rules, but not the mods.

And not using Brandi LeTourneau as my villain, or Cyd Roseland as my Zombie Patient Zero.

So, now that it's installed again, wish me luck!

PS: Phaenoh, I don't know why the mods don't work for me. I've had problems with them before, on this same computer, so maybe (probably), it's just me and my computer. But this is what I have to work with, so that's what I'm going to do. I'm still REALLY grateful for all the work you did to make them, in the first place. For one thing, it was a relief to be able to have the "typewriter" be fully accessible, and not always have to worry about cancelling sims wanting to play games.

I'm going to go with the manuscript, instead, for the novel writing, because I have searched for a typewriter-only CC, and couldn't find one, and writing out longhand just makes good sense, anyway. But! If I can find a typewriter-only CC, I will definitely install that, because they had them in the time of the Gold Rush, so why not? I just won't use a computer that can do other things.

Anyway, I'm off to send my founder to college.
Mad Poster
#1059 Old 13th Feb 2022 at 6:52 AM
I've got traits collection Mods being installed to determine who van or can't read as those who can;t read will be very limited on skilling and also very slow at it.I've also got a skip school and not lose any grade and will put a siminlar Mod in for jobs so any sims working at a job can't get into trouble of they arrive late for work though showing up in a bad mood might cause them to lse perfomance.That wouldn't by much of an issue right away sonce most sims would be farming and working in trades or crafts for a long while and school isn't a real issue since children and kids don;t have any school unless one got home schooled.
Lab Assistant
#1060 Old 27th Feb 2022 at 7:23 PM Last edited by Borja20 : 27th Feb 2022 at 7:33 PM.
Originally Posted by FlinkeMeisje
At least one other of the mods somehow managed to FORCE DELETE some of my mods, like SimBlender and the BatBox, and I MUST HAVE the SimBlender and the BatBox, so I added them back.

How is that possible? I had some problems at the beginning (conflicts with other mods) but nothing THAT bad. I ended up making a new Downloads folder with just the mods I can't live without and starting the challenge again.
Now the only mod that doesn't work properly is the one that changes the bill (that 50% of the lot value thing), so I'm just doing that manually.

Anyway, time for my update after 6 months.
Not much in live mode other than finally reaching the top of Military. My next Sim (oops, forgot his name) adopted a dog and I tried for him to work on Architecture while the dog worked on Service, but failed with both. No more restrictions lifted so far. Oh, and that dog destroyed the double bed, so I could buy a better one without breaking the "no selling items" role. But now most of the ghosts are mad, so I'm not sure if it was a good thing.

Now to the building part, I first did the town hall, but I'm not exactly proud of how it looks, so I'll hide it in that button. I was going to make a much bigger one, even having an underground prison so I could use it for Law Enforcement too, but gave up midway. It was looking too modern for an apocalypse hood.
Then I spent sooo many hours building in the Research Base, I didn't count how many but it must be my personal record. I think it looks pretty good from this angle (the other side of the building is ugly).

And now is when I proceed to disappear for 6 months again.
Test Subject
#1061 Old 30th Mar 2022 at 8:10 AM
Well I'm bummed out! I've been playing for hours and (so I thought) was adhering to all the rules well. I'm on generation 3 now. My founder lifted culinary, married a wife who was at the top level of Science so I just let her be and will remove Science when I get to R2, founder's son unlocked military but founder's daughter got fired from Medicine so the son's wife has been working on it instead. It's been a lot of fun to play in a more challenging and creative way. However, I obviously made an oversight at using the Job Noticeboard as recommended to get the founder his job and didn't adjust it to level 1. I only realized my mistake when reading through the thread. I'm not sure whether to consider this a small mistake and keep going since everyone else has started at level 1 or if it's too egregious and I should start over
Mad Poster
#1062 Old 30th Mar 2022 at 4:07 PM
I'd just pretend that he'd gotten promoted on his first day because he was overqualified for the bottom and there were toomany at the bottom.It can make a great tool for telling a story like he'd studied logic to a higher level and was able to advance faster because of that.It's fine to have one slip and I'm letting the rule about elders go as I won't even have any until couples who arrive in my new world colonial settlement evenually reach old age and mine is set in the 16th century so I had to change some rules as mine started with a 16th century volcanic eruption disrutpting the weather and resulting in food shartages in Europe which forced the settlers to set sail for the new world.Mine will be alloqed to grow gardens though the growing season might be a little shorter because of colder weather or they might have a drought.
Test Subject
#1063 Old 31st Mar 2022 at 7:44 AM
Just checking - are children allowed to stay home alone while adults work? I can only find the rule about having to take them to community lots.
Mad Poster
#1064 Old 31st Mar 2022 at 9:57 PM
It's might be possible if you have a no social worker Mod from Simlogical and one from here that let you leave little ones alone.I've got the social worker Mod as well as ablilty to take toddlers along to coomunity lot and leave little ones home alone though toddlers only for a short grocery run.
I've been into my Apocalypse challenge town in Riverdale and added lighing to the service center and a few to the homestead.
Test Subject
#1065 Old 1st Apr 2022 at 1:46 PM Last edited by dietcoke : 3rd Apr 2022 at 5:27 AM.
Originally Posted by TadOlson
I'd just pretend that he'd gotten promoted on his first day because he was overqualified for the bottom and there were toomany at the bottom.It can make a great tool for telling a story like he'd studied logic to a higher level and was able to advance faster because of that. It's fine to have one slip

Thank you! I decided to start again because giving myself such a huge advantage at the beginning didn't seem in the spirit of the challenge (especially when so many people fail at that first hurdle), and I had fuzzed up by having both of the founder's children romancing people when only one can get married and continue the legacy until Law is lifed. So

This is my founder, Cody, skilling his way through La Fiesta Tech. He's a knowledge Sim, and I was originally planning to have him just max the skills needed for Culinary plus body, but he had the LTW to max all 7 skills so I went for it! He was on top of the world leaving college with perma-plat and 10 BFFs, so much so I wonder how much the nuclear devastation bothered him. His hair already looked post-apocalyptic anyway.

This is his new home!

I went a little crazy with grunge-CC to cheer myself up about starting over and it worked! I'm excited all over again and I feel better prepared now that I've had some practice. Hopefully the Bennet family will make it all the way through back to civilised society

Update: Cody managed to clear culinary with 16 days to go! He didn't even need to touch his Elixir of Life. I was worried about chance card firings but he only got one (with a result of 3,000 simoleons) and was getting promoted every time he went to work. He quickly called over his uni sweetheart Lucy to elope (side note, I had to reset her temperature because she was so cold she would immediately leave after being greeted ) and they got started on the next generation with their son, Asher. Cody quit his job to look after the baby and Lucy joined Medical. She's up to level 5 so far, hopefully she'll make it and they can put an end to all the sponge baths. They did adopt a stray dog, which celebrated the only way they know how by rolling in the trash. Unfortunately it refused to eat from its pet bowl was fired from Security on its FIRST day (not sure if the rule about not re-entering a career once fired applies to pets so I decided to give it away to be on the safe side.) We will need to find a new furry friend and hopefully Asher can clear Military. I'm debating whether to have another child as a "spare".

Mad Poster
#1066 Old 1st Apr 2022 at 8:47 PM
I don't restrict how many of the children from the original settlers could get married though the numbers of children they do birth might be restricted because it's couples without children who are coming out to the new world to settle in the colony in the 16th century.My restrictions are that sims won't have running water and will be fetching it from wells and will only have tabel or floor lamps if they aren't using wall lights.They also won't actually shop for groceries as they're supposed to be growing their own food and raising farm animals.Most of the sims will work in crafts take up in a trade if they aren't working in general labor.
Test Subject
#1067 Old 10th Apr 2022 at 4:31 AM Last edited by dietcoke : 17th Apr 2022 at 12:06 PM.
Default Tier 1 madness

The family are working on Tier 1, but it hasn't been without drama. The zombies walked by more than I expected given the town's small pool of custom townies, and I was horrified to notice that after one was greeted in order to be fought, she dragged herself up to the top floor of the house where a foggy minded Cody was playing chess! Luckily Asher had grown up by this point and managed to fight back. He got to level 9 of Military and found a wife, and they worked on the next generation with two kids (Ella who is the heir, and Oliver) before sleeping through his carpool one day and promptly being fired! He dabbled in a business job to keep him busy before growing into an Elder.

The family also adopted a stray named Salem who managed to get to the top of Security without a hitch. Ella grew up reasonably well and did well in her military job as a teen so I designated her to be heir, and she met her beau Seth while at the Military community lot. He soon moved in, and Ella is still working in Military while I let Seth keep his Law Enforcement job that he moved in with. She's currently up to level 7 or 8 and they just gave birth to their daughter, Lily. Hopefully Ella can lift Military so I can finally be done with Tier 1 that's taken multiple generations!

*UPDATE 17/04/22* Ella did lift Military! Hello Tier 2. After Lily they had one more son, Diego, before Ella hit Level 10 and aged into an Elder. Oliver didn't manage to lift anything and didn't marry. Sadly, Ella didn't last long as an Elder, but Seth and Oliver are still around. It's been really hard to find a new pet, strays never stay on the lot for long (can become friends but not adopt) and the same ones don't come around very much at all but I'm working on it. Lily grew up and is working in Law, she married her townie bf Mark and I let him keep his lvl 2 Politics job, Diego is working in Business. I need to be a bit craftier with getting them to the top of their careers as no one has managed to lift any Tier 2 jobs yet. Ah well.

Test Subject
#1068 Old 25th Apr 2022 at 12:16 PM Last edited by dietcoke : 6th Jun 2022 at 10:35 AM. Reason: update
Default Spaghetti, and a mental breakdown

Lily has been the hardest heir so far, she managed to lift Law and the friend requirements were pretty tough.. they had to go to community lots a ridiculous amount to meet people! I had her use some of the Founder's items Life of Elixir which was a struggle in itself since Lily's aspiration was almost always in the red and being visited by the therapist, but eventually she did it. They adopted a stray called Patches who is working on Pet Service (UPDATE: success!) Mark also managed to lift Politics (which happened to be his LTW, much to my surprise when he got perma plat). Felix (Lily and Mark's only son) got a job in Science, but due to an unfortunate chance card involving llama field work he was unceremoniously fired. He married his friend since his teenage years, Eliza, and they had a daughter called Hazel who looks JUST like her cousin Isabel.

Since Law was lifted 5 days before Diego became an Elder, so I rushed to move him out and get him married to his townie friend Liana. They had a daughter named Isabel. I didn't think he's going to lift Business in time so I nearly forgot that, but I managed to lift pet service so he was able to make it on the very last day of his life! He became the first Sim since the founder to die in Platinum aspiration, and Business successfully lifted. So I now have the founders lot, with Lily, Mark and their only child Felix, and Diego's lot. I have made a family tree to show so far. Also, I believe all the zombies have been defeated! Slowly but steadily, the town is rebuilding.

**EDIT 02/05/2022:** Tragedy strikes!

I always thought ghosts would be a problem on the founder's lot, with the whole family plus several zombies making a pretty sizeable graveyard, but asides harmless spooks I've had no problems. Diego, of all people, was the one to change that. He scared Liana endlessly and I couldn't get her to eat or sleep at all save from all the scaring. As she was getting a bottle for Sienna, she collapsed and died! Damn you Diego. I had Lily adopt her two oprhaned nieces so now they're in the house. They grew up into teens and Hazel, Sienna and Isabel all have the EXACT SAME HAIR. I've never hated the Show Business rule about changing appearance so much until now. It's made the house extremely more difficult to run but at least there's always people around to babysit the young'uns. I plan to move the Rodrigo sisters out when Isabel ages up.

Update 15/05/22: Isabel and Hazel are now adults, so Isabel has moved back into Diego and Liana's lot to keep that family going. Hazel married a townie named Sam (who is good looking enough to forgive him staying at level 1 of his job for a week) and they had TWINS because my game hates me. Isabel also got married, a townie named Finn. Eliza and Felix passed away, Felix just BARELY managed to become the Hand of Poseidon so Oceanography is lifted! Eliza was at level 9 of Law Enforcement that's what I get for playing with shorter lifespans. I think in the vanilla game Elders can get as much as 20 days? In my game they get like 7 days. I may use the Sim Blender to give them an extra 3-6 days if needed because I don't want to remove my lifespan mod entirely.

UPDATE 06/06/22: So Finn managed to start a fire while burning some hamburgers and Isabel passed away in the fire I was too busy trying to extinguish it (still no fire alarm allowed) to take pictures. Sienna happened to have chemistry with him and they autonomously did something romantic... so now Finn (who was ALREADY having an affair with a townie) now wants to marry Sienna instead! Tragic. Hazel's twins Eric and Lauren are now teens, not sure who will be the heir yet. She managed to lift Education and Sienna and Finn are both doing really well in Architecture and Intelligence repsectively. Family tree updated.

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