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Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
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#101 Old 16th Sep 2011 at 6:02 PM
Originally Posted by Rayea
um..i wouldnt know how to do it XD
I just showed you. You type [url= webaddress ] description words here [/url ] but you don't include the spaces between the = or the []s.
Mad Poster
#102 Old 16th Sep 2011 at 7:03 PM
Originally Posted by Rayea
um..i wouldnt know how to do it XD
but i'll try something else.
awaiting edit in3....2....1....

Much appreciated - thank you!
Field Researcher
#103 Old 16th Sep 2011 at 7:22 PM
ah XD
*head desk moment*

well i'll leave it like that anyway, im working on a MtS version one at work to post with it XD
(would have finished that one but i had to finish my build and close shop for the day, so internet off and PC to sleep hehe)

i may have to try it sometime
Test Subject
#104 Old 17th Sep 2011 at 2:30 AM
After going back into the game, the Service Pet was acting like it's supposed to - I couldn't select my elder founder at all. But when her spouse aged, I could select him and issue commands like anyone else, until I saved and exited the lot, then returned. Then he became unselectable.

It's frightful and delightful to have elders you can't control, lol. They are truly out of reach - you can't even peek at their stats.

You can get your founder's spouse a job in the last career available under R1, but you can't get started on the next yet. That rule was only a way of incorporating Townies marrying in.

Ah, I see. My founder's spouse spent the last few days of adulthood milling about the house, watching the little nest egg his wife had built up slowly disappear as the bandits take an ever increasing chunk of money. The bills are up to $7,200 now. Thank goodness the teens grow up soon - they'll be broke before too long at this rate. He wrote a couple of novels, but never got paid for them. They were published, and a copy delivered to his house, but no phone call with money came. I blame that on the bandits, too.

Teens don't gain fun by practicing romance - so they can't skill for that. About the only things mine could do is play chess and play the violin. I had them clean the kitchen and toilet, cook when possible, and repair things when they broke. It doesn't add up that much, but hey, it's a few extra points. They also spend time befriending the women that walk by the house so they'll have future mates.

I can't believe how much harder it is to keep your sims happy when you don't lock wants. Especially since they change everyday. I guess I always took that for granted. The whole family is miserable most of the time, lol.
Field Researcher
#105 Old 17th Sep 2011 at 10:22 PM Last edited by Rayea : 18th Sep 2011 at 1:13 AM.
i finished my MtS list (then found some mor elinks...*smacks self* typical)

going to try what you said Phae...(for the leftovers)

fallout 3 edging fence and razorwire fencing for your defence bunkers and tornado fencing for your military lots

*hopes that worked properly*

anyway, here is a rar (oopsy, brains being nibbled on, rar not zip doh) of links to grungy, dirty, rusty, industrial and generaly tatty or trashed items here at MtS

edit:: great, it worked ^^ now, i only have one more problem....i have the insmouth fences (dune fence and rope fence) but i cant find them here..and insims gone..and beo's sites not got them *sniffles* (goes to look again, eventualy finds only the rope fence at tsr....grrr)

oh, and i forgot the playground set! i use the rope ladder a LOT! becasue zombies have trouble with ropes
Attached files:
File Type: rar  apox MtS link list.rar (1.8 KB, 64 downloads) - View custom content
Description: grab that stuff, players :) (i even found a couple of new ones :O )
Lab Assistant
#106 Old 18th Sep 2011 at 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by Ileeya
It's frightful and delightful to have elders you can't control, lol. They are truly out of reach - you can't even peek at their stats.

Yes, it is, which brings up a story that will likely get this reply removed. My Elder founder and his wife, both unselectable, were home with their pregnant daughter-in-law, Meadow (nee Thayer). Both still worked at level 10, and were on days off. Meadow was due that afternoon. Her comfort, fun, and social were near critical. She wanted to make BFF with her Father-in-law, so I sat them down at the chess board. When the above stats were improved and her bladder near failure I canceled the chess. As soon as my founder stood up the Reaper spawned. Before the Reaper reached my Founder, Meadow went into labor. Due to the lag and all, when I had control of the camera my Founder had a Platinum urn! He was Family, so must have scored on the granddaughter. No way to tell now.

The whole family is miserable most of the time, lol.

That is the whole point, it means you're doing it right. Now that I've cleared level R1 They are a lot happier. Last session I cleared Service Pet, but that's all I'll be able to do with R2 until the toddler reaches teen. Meadow's pregnant again and Granny won't last much longer.
Test Subject
#107 Old 18th Sep 2011 at 5:18 AM
I am excited to check out the links, I think I spend more time looking for stuff then I do playing my lot! I am thinking of starting another neighborhood with a mid-uni start in which I increase the odds, maybe any double roll, or only roll one die for 6.

In my current lot, I was planning to hold off on getting a pet, but I found a dark gray cat that was already toilet trained, and has 3 other commands learned as well. Its a bit harsh, but if I leave the food out from the one meal a day they cook, even if it spoils the cat can jump up and eat some of it off the counter. Kind of gross but beats starving to death. Once I get the spouse and cat employed that should ease the feeding since they can eat at work I believe.

As a side note, if I do the other neighborhood I am thinking I might remove the sponge bath mod that was recommended. I dont see the challenge in being able to essentially tell them to go wash off, although in my little scenario I imagine they bring in some snow to melt into slush in the sink so they can use it for washing to explain it...
Field Researcher
#108 Old 18th Sep 2011 at 11:26 AM
well sponge bath only works well when they are below half hygene.
if you tell them to use it when your close to, or above half the bar, it gives you little benefit, and hand washing over and over works better.
you could do like i did, get a barrel for water. im currently using oil drum sink in Pattys (its a cyclonesue) but there is a good few bucket sinks and toilets around.
a wooden one that was a castaway shower add on or this bucket bathroom sink and loo recolor of same set and i use lethe s kitchen waterbut and brick stove alot in my old medievil lots. the waterbutt sinks a good item as it makes it look like your sim stores water to wash with. you can think of it as if your sims could also collect rainwater/falling snow.
technicaly it might be radioactive if thats what your apocalipse is, but if yours is something else...(zombie apocalipse from magic/greed/chemicals....Umbrella Corp induced end of the world lol) then the snow and rainwater would be fine.

for me, well the town was allready in the desert, so it was hit less badly by the radiation, and more badly by being cut off from all the rest of the simland necesities like the main watersuply, gas supply and trade routs ect. i decided that it used to be a nuclear nutter place (about 100 sim years ago rich paranoia sims built it for the Bomb Dropping...but after it never did, they retired from panic mode) so it has a lot of left over (mostly unuseable, but still semi usefull in a story way) stuff. if my simmies scaveneged well enough they could find some of this stuff. so the waters dirty (rainwater and snowfall melt mostly) but not totally toxic...the big City that went boom and the power plants that melted down are a good distance over the mountains from my hood hehe.
also,. if you grabbed one of coopers set of storage barrels and used the wheatherd texture, empty view outside, it ends up looking filled with snow (casue i had a old tub outside befor the pets chewed and scratched it up lol, and it had snow on it and it looked like it was inside it too) so you sim could look like they were collecting fallen snow in that
Test Subject
#109 Old 18th Sep 2011 at 1:26 PM
I really love this version - it actually makes sense. I'm planning to play with TS3, just trying to figure out how to make the TS3 only careers make sense..
Field Researcher
#110 Old 18th Sep 2011 at 1:35 PM
well most of the rules would work the same for sims3 right? the mods wouldnt but the rules would.
appart from the additional careers such as interior designer and fireman ect lol, most careers would be okay.
ghost hunter would cary over into the paranormal i guess, hairdressing/tatooist would be in art or entertainment? the best usefull one would be tinkering / engineering/ inventing. allthough the time machine would be banned becasue its too tempting to go back and stop the Event hehe.
maybe we can get a sims3 version running parralelle to this one?
Test Subject
#111 Old 18th Sep 2011 at 3:48 PM
That's a funny story, Jeff. Grandpa got his grandchild just in time.

I'm having a blast with this so far. My two boys grew up, one got a job in medical and the other in military. The one in medical was fired. So now he stays at home with the babies, and his wife will attempt to lift medical. These people are going to be sponge bathing forever, lol. At least they can eat whatever and whenever they want.
Test Subject
#112 Old 18th Sep 2011 at 9:53 PM
Originally Posted by A.G.Doren
You know phaenoh this is how I tend to feel about challenges. Challenges have rules for reasons otherwise they wouldn't be challenges, but at the same time there is no point if its not actually fun. For the apocalypse hood I'm building I downloaded the no social worker hack because where the bloody hell is the social worker coming from in an apocalyptic society. Also I decided no school for kids because what the hell school are they going to. Instead your founder has to spend so much time reading to them otherwise they are ignorant. I'm not sure how I would restrict that maybe your founder has to put the bookcase in their inventory when they are off the lot or something...

Oh, you are so right. There would not be a social worker in a post apocalyptic society, but the threat of disease would be extremely high.

A social worker removes a child forever because of failed grades resulting from to hygiene failure. In the more realistic post apocalyptic world, the child would become sick and risk death from bacterial infection.

There would be no school buses, and the fallout of not reading to your child and instructing them at home would be that they skill more slowly throughout their lives.
Field Researcher
#113 Old 19th Sep 2011 at 2:03 PM Last edited by Rayea : 19th Sep 2011 at 7:49 PM.
hm..i just found something in a redon RTFM that might be usefull. its a hack that limits the walkbys to sims actualy in your hood.
it might be usefull, might not, what do you think, boss?

*peers at Phae to see*

http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/ffs/al/hacks look for the one called localwalkby
it says in the redone rtfm localwalkby.package

Sim residential walkbys now will only be people who actually live in your subneighborhood, so it will greatly prefer actual neighbors, not "guy who walked all the way here from Pleasantview".

this might force the zombies to walkby sooner rather than later, and limit the walkbys a bit. i swear, i have had 3 sims per day now for over a week. usefull for social but without the

Has it always bothered you that you have to greet people, thus giving them free run to traipse through your house at will, even if the only thing you plan to do is pummel the living crapola out of them for kicking your trashcan? Want to just unceremoniously pummel the living crap out of them, or say a word or two to passers-by, and then let them go on their way, without having wave, hug, or do whatever it is that sims insist on doing? Want to beat the snot out of that cow? Go for it!

it takes me too long to cancle qued action, get down the ladder and then say hi.not as bad for sims living on foundation houses but all my homes i want to place playable in will be on 2nd floor, and i plan to place zombified sims in the others...what do you think?

well after testing..nether seems to have any affect. same mount of walkbys, same amount of the same sims. so...that answers that question XD
on a happier note..Patty made general just 30 mins ago and platinumed out casue her dreem was to be a general :D
now i just have to find her a mate and get the next generation cracking befor she gets too old hehe
Lab Assistant
#114 Old 19th Sep 2011 at 10:32 PM
Originally Posted by Rayea
well after testing..nether seems to have any affect. same mount of walkbys, same amount of the same sims. so...that answers that question XD

If you have constructed your 'hood properly, you shouldn't have any sub-hoods except for the University. Therefor the hacks won't have any visible effect. I'm using a hack by Cyjon called "Vampire Walkbys" (sorry, no link) that adds more walkbys at night if your goal is to increase the number and variety of your walkbys.
Test Subject
#115 Old 20th Sep 2011 at 1:22 PM

One of my founder's sons finally unlocked military. Only 6 hours before hitting elderhood!

His brother, however, got fired from his job in the medical field. So I got him married to the first girl I could get him to fall in love with, she had two kids, and then went into medical. But I didn't leave her enough time to unlock it. So I've failed to unlock medical three times now.

They finally managed to take in a stray, named Tigger, who got a job in Security. I was hoping for a large dog for this job, but you can't deny the fierceness of this little guy. Sadly, Tigger was fired. I'm having lots of luck so far! I'm assuming that dogs have to follow the same employment rules as the humans - that they can't take a job in the same career again? Does anyone know?

This is way harder than the original Apocalypse Challenge in that you have to clear the entire first round before you can start on the second. I now have all these useless adults in the house who were supposed to be unlocking the second round, but we're still in R1. This Apocalypse is going to take forever, lol.
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#116 Old 20th Sep 2011 at 3:21 PM
Wow, Ileeya, that's tough... I didn't think of that.

Just curious, is it bad job performance or chance cards getting your Sims fired? If it's chance cards, Snooty Sims Chance Card Guide (Base, Uni and Seasons careers only) is a great resource for avoiding the options that cause your Sim to get fired. I've noticed the Seasons careers seem to have quite a few "both are risky" options, though.

Also, this thread at Boolprop lists the pet careers as well and was actually what I used for all the careers in my AC, but I've heard that a choice in one of the human careers is wrong and I found under the Law career the descriptions for Level 6 sb Personal Injury Attorney and Level 7 sb Family Law Attorney (chance card results jive with the actual levels, though), so I'd advise sticking with Snooty for the humans and use the boolprop link for the Pet careers (though once you see what the Pets are, it's pretty easy to remember which ones you'll want to choose).

I haven't been able to find a guide for the FT careers.
Doing all the things, and *mostly* not failing.
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#117 Old 20th Sep 2011 at 4:31 PM
Nope, sorry lorinsv, that would be cheating. I've hacked the chance cards to not let your ignore them, but I haven't made them any more or less risky or popping up. I also hacked the jobs to fire upon missing a single day so I'm not surprised you are getting fired more often. MATY does have a list of right and wrong answers that you could memorize, or try to remember the key phrases. That's a lot to remember and still kinda cheaty, but I think after failing to lift a career more than once you could take a look at that chart to help.

Ileeya, you might want to lift Law as soon as you hit R2, that way you can move them all out and spread out your hood a bit. You are starting to sound a bit crowded, can we see a pic of your 'compound'? Its interesting to notice that starting off with a slower pace at breeding, you might actually do better in this challenge, but that makes sense too. If the world has gone to hell, do you really want to bring that many kids into it just to watch them all suffer because they all have to fight for the same rations, same bed, same space.
Test Subject
#118 Old 21st Sep 2011 at 1:10 AM
Thanks, lorinsv, but peeking at the chart would give an advantage, and I kind of like randomness. :o)

Law is one of the front runners for R2 for me. Or maybe Intelligence. I am ever so sick of the family getting roaches. They are obsessed with running outside and stomping on them every few minutes and then getting the flu. It would be nice to be able to hire an exterminator!

Three of the elders have died of old age, so the house is more manageable. I did breed a little too much at first. But I actually did have a plan - it just didn't work, lol. Back years ago, when I played the original Apocalypse Challenge, it didn't matter which order the restrictions were lifted, so I had several adults working on them at the same time. But this one plays different. And I like it. I may go architecture soon, and just build another floor up. That would help a lot, as well. And the breeding will be kept to a minimum for a bit. There are currently 6 people living in the house plus the dog.

The first floor. It's 8x8, which includes the landing at the door.

2nd floor. It's not a pretty building, but it's functional. Sleeping for 4 plus the raggedy little recliner for napping. They sleep in shifts, with the working adult(s) getting first dibs.
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#119 Old 21st Sep 2011 at 2:29 AM
I thought I liked it rough, but it's clear now I've got nothing on you. Your pictures are wonderful... I'll just sit back and enjoy watching the filth and misery then. :D
Field Researcher
#120 Old 21st Sep 2011 at 11:27 AM
if you are having trouble with sleeping in shifts becasue there isnt enough room for beds, try these bunks ^^
the shelf beds at simlogical
save the double bed version for after you loft the sleeping restrictions casue its better than 3 rest, but the singles are perfect

the grab the natural (and atomic-neon if you want also lol) recolors from GoS here shelby made nice worn recols in natural

all you do is place the botom one, then moveObjects on and use the [ and ] keys to move the other beds up and down. i have had three in a line and you just use a sim in game to set the top two bunks at intersecatble and then sims can use them. admitedly, they get on the bottom bunk while the other bunks bedding moves, then they float up to it but those bunks are a godsend for a crampd apocalipse house hehe. i bought the double and 2 singles and made a kinda double bunk from them. my sims dosent use the bottom to sleep in, she's only going to use it to woowhoo in once she is married. (which is why i got 2 top beds lol) once i realised it was too good to use. (i think you have to have appartment life to use the up and down shiftables, but we're supposed to have all eps to play the apox anyway lol)

and the best bit? with the worn natural recolors, the rustic set of the beds (not the modern ones but ya might as well grab those anyway lol, i did for my Vault-Tech bunker) look like they were built for packing sims into shacks like this...they were originaly made for cabin beds in caravans and similar but i think we found their natural home here
Test Subject
#121 Old 21st Sep 2011 at 1:37 PM
LOL! They're pathetic, aren't they? But I'm loving it. Thanks, lorinsv.

Rayea - I thought about these beds before I started, but I wasn't sure if that would fall under the 'unfair advantage' category since I could squeeze more sleeping area into a small space. They would certainly fit, though, wouldn't they? Thanks for the links - love the recolors!

OMG I finally lifted medical! FINALLY! The 4th gen. kid is now a teen - he'll finally know what it's like to bathe. The second generation lived and died never knowing what a bathtub was. And the poor little doggie, Fierce Tigger, who is now an elder, will finally get his first bath. I don't even care if it takes another whole generation to life the Pet Security restriction before I can move on to R2 -the whole family can BATHE. The kids, especially, are insufferable. They're hygiene is always in the red, and they're constantly clogging up everyone's way by obsessing over the sink. You tell them to do something and they ignore you and go to the stinking sink. I've actually locked them in their bedrooms a couple of times because they were annoying me so much. Happier sims are on the way!

Check out that ride. We're assuming that's an armored limo.
Field Researcher
#122 Old 21st Sep 2011 at 3:08 PM
well i dunno about it being unfair casue i guess you could also make bunk beds with the osmp stuff, or just use the gray recolors of the grand trianon or the metal institutional beds from simlogical too...but i can understand what you mean.

im thinking of uploading an empty build house pack actualy. a few homes with nothing but the walls ect, so fewer links for me to have to remember (im terrible at it sometimes) so in general i wouldnt have to have too many links just to the build and walls/floors.
so i just wana check something else first (or a couple of somethings)
64 tiles, is that interior tiles (so your walkways are not counted, or only counted if they are 2tiles wide becasue a 1tile wide walkway cant have a sim do anything on it) or all tile that can be accessed? i usualy use a 1tile wide only walkway because it looks more apocalipse like...
(another thing, anyone seen a wooden slat floor with see-thru parts like the metal ones Phae and co did with the megaton bottomfull floors? i realy wan to make rickety looking constrainFloorElevation wooden bumpy slat walkways...)
*thinks* i thinks thats the main question i forgot to ask about the tile restrictions, so yeah...walkways counted or only counted if a sim can do anything but stand and go 'its snowing' all day long on? lmao (mine do it all day as i have winter as all 4 seasons)
Test Subject
#123 Old 21st Sep 2011 at 3:17 PM
I counted the landing area as part of my 64 tiles. I originally started it as a 1 tile entryway, but after the family grew, it became very clustery with people and animals all trying to go past each other and everyone getting stuck. I had to expand it to 2 tiles, so I moved in the wall of the house in a little - I didn't add any extra tiles. I wasn't sure if walkways were supposed to be included in the 64 tiles or not, so I did.
Field Researcher
#124 Old 21st Sep 2011 at 3:20 PM Last edited by Rayea : 21st Sep 2011 at 3:37 PM.
i did the same, but now i think about it, i guess we need to ask the boss


yae or nae, Phae

hm, that reminds me...(i was walking over to morrisons for the boss at the time ) i have been using 64 tiles total, not 64 tiles as my base...becasue i caught myself wondering how you managed to get so much space. then i remembered you saying your base size was 8x8...*does a calculation on watch* yup thats the magic number. so have i cheated my sims out of another layer of room they were allowed or is upstairs optional?
all my currently build lots use just those 64 tiles as space with no upstairs. but i have a groundprint for one thats 64 tiles with the upstairs *included in the 64 itself*.
so...have i oopsied becasue i didnt build upstairs (if its optional then thats not so bad, the next generation of my builds can have them instead ^^)
Test Subject
#125 Old 21st Sep 2011 at 4:23 PM
Yes, I have two floors. Under Architecture it says: "You may not build on more than two floors above ground (ground level, next floor, next floor, flat roof is the highest allowed). You may have an accessible flat roof and place items there, and you may have an awning above that to comply with Music restrictions. Basements do not count against this rule."

So you can have a basement, too, without breaking the rule. I've recently added a ladder leading up to the roof, with an awning covering part of it. So far, just the doggie bed and toy are up there, but after I lift Architecture, I may wall it in and make it another house level.
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