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Lab Assistant
#101 Old 15th Oct 2014 at 4:32 AM
Okay so I'm really confused. If my sims go out and about and find frogs and maybe do some fishing, am I allowed to sell those frogs/fish? All collectibles really. None of them have anything to do with my sims' jobs etc, so I'm not sure if I should skip over them entirely or what.
Test Subject
#102 Old 15th Oct 2014 at 8:38 AM Last edited by colacola : 15th Oct 2014 at 8:56 AM.
Originally Posted by Kittifizz
Okay so I'm really confused. If my sims go out and about and find frogs and maybe do some fishing, am I allowed to sell those frogs/fish? All collectibles really. None of them have anything to do with my sims' jobs etc, so I'm not sure if I should skip over them entirely or what.

As stated by tigger89,

Originally Posted by tigger89
4. During this challenge, heirs, spouses and helpers may only make money from the actions permitted to them under the parameters rolled for that generation, though they may begin doing so as early as childhood. In addition, other sims in the household may not assist them in their careers(such as many sims digging up collectables and giving them to the collector sim to sell), nor can they directly sell efforts from previous generations(planting perfect fruit from a previous generation to get better produce off the bat is okay, a painter selling their hobbyist mother's collection of paintings is not okay). Retiring as an elder is okay, but if you're affected by the bug that gives two pension payments each sim day(you'll know because you get two pop-ups), you must cheat the extra payment away somehow. You can't keep the money.

...you can only sell the collectibles if your sim has a career that allows for it - Gardener, Fisherism or Treasure Hunter. I guess the only other exception would be if your aspiration, in which you are allowed to advance freely, requires it for the next step (at least that is how I understood this, please correct me if I am wrong tigger89). Otherwise, you would have to either keep the stuff in your family inventory or sell it and cheat away the money earned through that (or delete it without getting money somehow though I don't know how to do that, there might be a cheat for that too). And of course you can use the objects in your household as decoration - that is what I usually do with my sims' collectibles.

By the way, more about the "Babies for everyone" mod - I noticed that it is usually the case with two female sims - if they try for baby, both often end up pregnant instantly. With a hetero couple it has never happened in my game that the male ended up pregnant too (though I know it is theoretically possible), and with two male sims, usually only one of them gets impregnated. So unless you play females couples exclusively (guilty of that, LOL, though I try to change the approach so I don't have to get rid of all the extra babies - and no, I don't kill them, they usually just move out and live with their aunts, uncles or grandparents), it would be possible to use the mod without any trouble. Till there is a more controllable mod for same-sex pregnancy, I will just say I play a 99%-Random Challenge as I like the mod too much to remove it.
Lab Assistant
#103 Old 15th Oct 2014 at 6:22 PM
Originally Posted by jezzikah22
how is everyone going with this challenge?

Decent, but slow. I've been working on finishing a sweater and Christmas gifts, so my play time has been protracted. Plus I'm rotating between two households.

I'm on the second generation and about a sim week from technically being on the third generation. Second gen is a perfect careers one and Alexander Goth achieved that a few days ago, Zuri West-Goth (heir) is one slow-going writing point from it. Lauren West, her sister, is really not getting there quickly. Astronauts don't work that many days per week, which is a problem. I think she's only on level 7.

Next gen will be for perfect kids instead of careers, and a party a week with the heir, Peyton, only able to earn money through parties. She's supposed to be single with five pregnancies. I'm trying to decide what is going to happen because I am wanting more and more to move lots and rebuild, leaving Zuri and Alexander at the old house. Three generations is about how much I can take in one setting and I need a house that's geared towards tons of spawn and has a dedicated party space. Their current house is on the smallest lot in Willow whatever. Plus, having some interpersonal issues. I normally make my sims work on whatever promotion goals they need during the week and aspiration goals during the weekend. Otherwise, I let them do their own thing. Well, sisters Zuri (good) and Lauren (evil) went from being the best of friends all through their lives to being pretty low on the friendship meter with an increasing number of bad interactions. I had the same problem with their brother Antoine, but faster, when I'd moved him out to live with his twin Alise...they are also an evil/good pair and Antoine was in a horrid mood all the time with Alise's and her husband's good vibes.

So I'm thinking about moving Peyton and her aunt Lauren (who won't be at level 10 yet) out to a new house built for the new rules when Peyton reaches YA. Or maybe a couple days later, so her brother Ryder can have his YA birthday with his sister in the house. That could be the first official party. I might split the money, too, because right now the household has $179k and it grows about $50k a week with all the writing royalties Zuri and Alexander get.

The other household I play is Zuri's sister Alise and her husband whose name is escaping me at the moment (Antoine lives in Oasis Springs and visits all the time, but I don't play him). I'd wanted Alise to be the +1 in Zuri's generation, but she rolled the Big Happy Family aspiration and it seemed unfair to bar her from it. I'm trying to manage two romantic aspiration teen sims (one of the philandering type, one of the monogamous), play career and skill point musical chairs with a Renaissance dad, and build up a resource garden on that lot. Since I only have the 'hood age while I'm playing Zuri/Peyton's house, it's always a surprise to see who has aged up over there and what the new personality traits are.
16th Oct 2014 at 2:53 PM
This message has been deleted by HEAVEN-SENT.
#104 Old 16th Oct 2014 at 2:53 PM
This is my legacy here

Whatever people consider to be normal, it never is.
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Test Subject
#105 Old 21st Oct 2014 at 7:18 AM
Default Yay Random Legacy!
This was how i always used to play in the Sims 2, however I don't think I ever got past generation 4 or so, for various reasons.

I rolled:
A. Couple
B. 4 Children
C. Painter (Master of the Real)
D. Career Hopper
E. Idle Careers
F. I rolled Moody, but I'm not really sure how to fulfill it, and was ignoring it.

Rylie Watts is my main sim, She aspires to be a master chef, and is family oriented, materialistic, and a bookworm. Her husband Corey Watts is ambitious, evil, and a music lover. I used the platinum simmers trait randomizer, and I'm pretty happy with the results because they aren't sims I would normally play. However, I'm not sure how to handle the combo of ambitious and idle careers. if he has a wish to get a promotion, can I tell him to do the reqs?
Test Subject
#106 Old 22nd Oct 2014 at 7:44 PM Last edited by MegaMutant : 24th Oct 2014 at 4:48 PM.
This is the only Challenge I've played in Sims 2, 3, AND 4, but this is my first time recording anything. I'm going to try my hand at blogging it, and will be posting here: http://evaplayssims.tumblr.com/

2 children
Criminal (Oracle)
Freelance author
Joker (rerolled for couple)

I went a few extra steps by randomizing other things, like traits and my beginning sim's gender. I've also mixed in the Alphabet challenge (each generation has a different letter).
Test Subject
#107 Old 24th Oct 2014 at 1:42 PM
I started at the beginning of the week after only messing around with the game for a few minutes before starting the challenge and it's been a great introduction to Sims 4. So far my first generation is a doozy! Generation 2's heir ages up to a YA in a few sim days though I think I'll keep her parents in the house until they pass on because I've grown quite attached to them.

Generation 1 roll:
Marital Status: Mixed couple w/ help
Number of Children: 3
Primary Career: Astronomer (Space Ranger) (she's at level 7 now)
Spouse's Career: Career Hopper (He's been in the culinary, painter, astronomer and tech guru careers so far and only has entertainer left to go)
Help's Career: Secret Agent (Villain) (She's stuck at level 5 because she has the mean trait and keeping friendships is next to impossible! She was friends with everyone in the household at one point but with 6 sims, I can't watch every social interaction and she's insulted, yelled at and jeered at them so much, they all dislike her. The husband is actually her enemy. They got into a fight in the middle of the living room!)
Generation Goals: Dependable (which has been a real doozy with 6 sims and 3 of them having conventional careers. Not always easy to get their daily tasks done but I've managed. It helps that my primary's daily task is to work out and she has the bodybuilder aspiration. She's just a few mentored sims shy of completing her aspiration though! Yay!
Miscellaneous Fun: Fixer Upper (Definitely not easy at the rate things break in this game!)

Generation 2 should be interesting as well! My heir is to be a single mixologist with FIVE children! I rolled Idle Careers for my generation goal and I'm looking forward to it after having Dependable as gen 1's goal. Misc Fun is Hobbyist. Really hoping I have more luck with this random legacy. I attempted it more than once in Sims 3 but never made it past generation 3 due to save errors and laggy game play.
Field Researcher
#108 Old 25th Oct 2014 at 5:05 PM
Just started this. I'm excited. XD

Here are my Generation 1 Rolls, followed by my first Generation, Justin and Cali Mixon
Generation 1
Marital Status - Couple
Number of Children - 5
Primary Career - Chef
Spouse Career - Painter
Generation Goal - Fulfill Aspiration
Miscellaneous Fun - Free Reroll

Equality Modern Last Born for Heir

Here's the lucky couple.

Test Subject
#109 Old 26th Oct 2014 at 12:35 PM
I managed to finish my first generation ! Was quite hard because I had 4 children. But well ! A more quiet one now!

1 child
primary : fishersim
secondary : criminal (oracle)

This is the lucky guy starting it all :
Test Subject
#110 Old 27th Oct 2014 at 5:38 PM
I may have missed it somewhere, but are there any rules regarding babies and aging them up to children? Can we age them any time or do we have to let them age naturally?
Test Subject
#111 Old 27th Oct 2014 at 8:22 PM
Originally Posted by MegaMutant
I may have missed it somewhere, but are there any rules regarding babies and aging them up to children? Can we age them any time or do we have to let them age naturally?

You have to wait until the morning after you get the announcement that it's their birthday.

Sims may not be aged up early. You must wait until you get the announcement that it's their birthday and the little bubble shimmers appear on their age bar before you can celebrate their birthday. For babies, you should wait at least until the morning after you get the announcement that it's their birthday(which has always come in the late evening for me, please let me know if it's different for you).
Test Subject
#112 Old 29th Oct 2014 at 10:11 PM
Generation three's heir was born today. I used the roller Coreina's husband created (works great, btw! Thanks!!) to roll for gen 3 and got this:

Marital Status: Couple
Number of Children: 2
Primary Career: Carpenter
Secondary Career: Career Hopper
- Astronomer (Space Ranger)
- Painter (Patron of the Arts)
- Culinary (Mixologist)
- Tech Guru (Start-up Entrepeneur)
- Writer (Author)
Generational Goal: Change of Scenery (Thankful for this one since I'm getting a bit tired of their house anyway)
Miscellaneous Fun: Gourmet

Should be a lot easier than my current gen (single mixologist with 5 kids!) so I'm looking forward to it.
Lab Assistant
#113 Old 30th Oct 2014 at 12:37 AM
I'm currently doing all my houses random legacy style. I have one sim I consider my family's ultimate heir (matriarchal lineage, either kid who rolls Family Oriented aspiration or first born), but all of 'em get rolled for. If they get "helpers", I might fill those slots in with siblings. Right now I have five houses going. Three couples, one single with three helpers, and one single with no helpers (but five pregnancies). Changed the baby roll to 0-5 so there's a chance of having childless households.
Test Subject
#114 Old 30th Oct 2014 at 7:01 PM
Is it OK to use this mod and just add them to the career rolls? For more variety since there aren't too many career choices in the base game.
Test Subject
#115 Old 5th Nov 2014 at 7:55 PM
Ok, so i made my heir named Helena Marques (im portuguese so obsiously her name is portuguese) and his 2 husbands (i'll tell you why in a second) named Luís Marques and Miguel Marques.

The 1st gen is like this:
A) Marital Status - Second Chance (18) - Your heir must obtain two live-in
partners during the course of the generation. At least one child must be born
or adopted with the first partner.

B) Number of Children - 3 (7)

C/D) Careers:

Heir: Unconventional Career (7)
Freelance Musician(3) - Play a musical instrument of your choice in
public to earn money from tips. You may also sell jingles and license songs
you've written.
[Aspiration - Creativity (Musical Genius)]

Spouse #1: Unconventional Career (7... again)
Professional Host (13) – Host social gatherings of all kinds and
sell the rewards you earn for money.
[Aspiration - Popularity (Party Animal)]

Spouse #2: Career Hopper (9): (Now i see why she choose to leave her 1st husband... she found a better one!)

Career #1: Writter (Author) May publish all book genres
Career #2: Tech Guru (eSport Gamer) May mod games, make apps,
perform freelance programming jobs, compete in gaming tournaments and
Career #3: Astronomer (Space Ranger)
Career #4: Entertainer (Comedian) May perform comedy routines,
publish comedy books(self-publishing), and perform comedy in space.
Career #5: Culinary (Mixologist)
[Aspiration - Knowledge (Renaissance Sim]

E) Generation Goal - Fulfilled (2) The heir and spouse(s) must complete their
first aspiration.

F) Miscellaneous Fun - Perfect Attendance (7)

The Heir Selection is as followed:
Succession Law: Equality; Modern; Strengh.

I've got one question: since i got second chance on marital status and fulfilled in generation goal, do i have to complete the 1st husband's aspiration? Please tell me.
#116 Old 10th Nov 2014 at 1:08 AM
I have a rules question.

Am I allowed to build on/modify community lots? I'm asking because some challenges disallow this and placing a microphone on one or both of the park lots would greatly help my double-Freelance Comedian roll.


The Darkdusk Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
The Nightmagic Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
Last of Her Kind has ended thanks to a dead computer.
Test Subject
#117 Old 11th Nov 2014 at 8:08 PM
Hey, tigger89, could you add some "weekly events" to this challenge? I've been playing it for a while and it's starting to get a little boring. I would like a lot if you replied.
#118 Old 11th Nov 2014 at 11:34 PM
Originally Posted by GamingGama
Hey, tigger89, could you add some "weekly events" to this challenge? I've been playing it for a while and it's starting to get a little boring. I would like a lot if you replied.

I know I'm not tigger89, but what I would suggest to you would be to merge this challenge with the Do It As You Go challenge. I've done that before with TS3 and it's a lot of fun!

The Darkdusk Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
The Nightmagic Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
Last of Her Kind has ended thanks to a dead computer.
Lab Assistant
#119 Old 13th Dec 2014 at 11:55 AM Last edited by HH22 : 14th Dec 2014 at 11:48 AM.
Rolled for my first gen goals, and they're not too bad.

Marital status: Single
Children: 1
Primary income: Treasure Hunter
Generational goal: Fulfilled
Miscellaneous fun: Health Nut

I think I'm going to choose bodybuilder for my sims aspiration, as it seems like the easiest one to complete with these requirements. Treasure hunter is the only one I'm really worried about, but the rest are pretty good rolls!

Been playing a lot since yesterday, and gen 2 is almost a teenager! She's called Story, and is super cute! Journey has three requirements left to fulfill her aspiration, and she's almost an adult. I rolled for generation 2's goals when Story was born, and here they are:
Marital status: Couple
Children: 3 (the 2nd will be the heir)
Primary income: Freelance author
Secondary income: Culinary (mixologist)
Generational goal: Expansionist
Miscellaneous fun: Fighter
Lab Assistant
#120 Old 15th Dec 2014 at 3:22 AM
I just feel like is too confusing :P

Play my sims 3 version of The Princess Challenge

Currently playing The Dynasty Challenge
Test Subject
#121 Old 17th Dec 2014 at 9:26 PM
Is the conventional careers list going to be updated for the new business and athletic careers?
Test Subject
#122 Old 18th Dec 2014 at 1:00 AM
Originally Posted by superswifty
Is the conventional careers list going to be updated for the new business and athletic careers?

@goodhanded just updated his roller to have the 4 new careers under 'conventional careers'. I hope that helps you all!

Field Researcher
#123 Old 20th Dec 2014 at 8:04 AM
Previously, on my random legacy...

It's been a while since I updated. Gen 4 was born and already reached teenage-hood before I took a long break from the game. But I after the recent patch, I came back to it and gen 5 was born. I normally would just start a new game after taking a long break, but I loved my family so much I didn't want to play any house but them. I did manually change my job rolls for gen 4 to try out the new careers though. Since I'm in gen 5 now, that's the longest I've ever played any type of legacy in any of the Sims games! About halfway through the challenge Sadly, money is no problem for my sims anymore. But I am trying to have them do different things, create some drama, and even the game helps me out some times~ I'm not going to give a full breakdown of my rolls anymore, maybe just an overview with some elaboration instead.

Without further ado~ Here's a family tree I made:


Purple/Green boxes are descendants of my founder. Blue/Pink boxes are relatives by marriage. White boxes are for sims not directly related to my legacy (Unmarried, not moved in, side births. Even if one of the descendents has a child outside of the house for storyline purposes, that child will get a white box too). Pink arrows indicate marriage, red arrows indicate divorce. All other arrow colors are for offspring, I just used different colors to help differentiate the parents.

For gen 4, I rolled second chance. So, gen 4 heir had to have a spouse, a child with that spouse, and get remarried. I also rolled three children. It just so happened that his wife had my first ever triplets in TS4. I was surprised to say the least, haha. However I love all three of them. Currently, Soonkyu and Sooyoung look literally identical (I took pictures in CAS and flipped between them, everything was identical except their eyebrows). I'm not sure if that is just because they're children though, so we'll see if they are still identical as teens. I really liked their mom and she is super pretty (hopefully those good genes pass to the kids!) so I was sad that I had to make him remarry, but it was my choice to make her the first spouse, so I had to live with it.

For storyline purposes, I had gen 4 heir Kyuhyun's wife cheat on him with her sweetheart she was seeing before marrying him. She got pregnant and he broke up with her because of it. She went and married him. Now the triplets visit their mom and step-sister and step-dad every weekend for a few hours. I'm considering having the two who aren't heirs move into the mom's house when it comes time for them to move out, instead of the usual "2nd home" that I dump all my extras into when they become adults. Kyuhyun remarried the handsome Austen, who was a bit overweight but now he is in the athlete career. He's focusing more on building muscles than on losing weight though, because he wants to be a bodybuilder. He's pretty beefy now, hehe :P

For gen 5, I rolled couple and the dreaded 5 children. Why in the world did I have to roll 5 children? Soonkyu's going to be a busy mama. Her spouse will be unemployed which is good for taking care of the kids. Luckily they have quite the inheritance so money won't be a problem. I also rolled perfect children for gen 5, so those 5 children have to meet those requirements. That's going to be so much fun.
Mad Poster
#124 Old 21st Dec 2014 at 11:56 PM
Incoming Legasims:

The Moreland siblings

Founder: Corey
Marital Status: Single w/ help (his younger sister)
Children: 2
Career: Journalism
Goals: Deadbeat parent
Misc: Gourmet

Helper: Janae
Career: Painter (Patron of the Arts)
Test Subject
#125 Old 24th Dec 2014 at 5:50 AM
Hey folks! I updated randomlegacy.com with a couple new features. You can now filter out any of the attributes you don't like when you roll. Also, if you click the Save & Share button, there's a link that you can copy to get back to your roll results. Eventually I'd like to add a button to copy the summary to clipboard for convenience and a way to save the filter settings to your browser's local storage. If you have other ideas, let me know!
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