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#7526 Old 5th Aug 2022 at 2:01 AM
I managed to get into my game to test some new CC alarm clocks that give me a few options that won't look too out of place in my Pleasantview game and placed the family's phone on their homestead lot and that is a CC one that looks like it belongs in the 17th century.The first ancestors of the Pleasantview families are due to arrive any day now once the sailing ship make land after having a few cholera cases and having had two cases of smallpox causing a few sailors to be lost.
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#7527 Old 5th Aug 2022 at 3:15 AM
In Veronaville, Consort Capp has enacted his evil multipart plan. First, after obtaining the cowplant and bone phone from the Secret Society via Tybalt, he resurrected his daughter Cordelia. Second, he broke up his daughter Regan's marriage to that jerk Cornwall and moved in Regan and his new grandchild. Third, he had the cowplant eat his lover Titania, drank her essence, then resurrected her so that she forgot all about Oberon and lives with him now. Fourth, he got Cornwall over on false pretenses and had the cowplant eat him too for more life essence so he'll have lots of remaining years to dominate his family, woohoo with Titania, and be evil. Last, he persuaded Regan to go out with Malcolm Landgraab IV, get married to him, and move him in along with his vast fortune. Now he's planning for Tybalt to come home and run his evil empire with him.
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#7528 Old 5th Aug 2022 at 3:58 AM
I play with big families, the only thing leaving my household is the limit. Besides the parents I currently have three eligible couples in my household, three siblings and their partners each. They married and of course immediately wished for children afterwards. Couple 1 is a twin and an only child, none having super fertility but they ended up having twins, anyways. Couple 2 is the other twin and an only child, both with super fertility. My rule while playing is that super fertility x2 + at least one twin WILL result in triplets. Couple 3 is two only children, no super fertility, and they're pregnant with one child. I didn't think it through and just immediately went for making a baby when they all wished for it. I currently have two toddlers, three babies and another one on the way. Mistakes might have been made.
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#7529 Old 5th Aug 2022 at 4:23 AM
I had to go through Thalia again to make sure every household was in sync with one another. I can't stand being out of sync for more than a few hours-but I got a pair of twins grown to toddler.

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#7530 Old 5th Aug 2022 at 3:48 PM
Quadington student Flynt Stone wanted to impress Secret Society member Cassidy Clark by taking her on a date to a posh restaurant in Emerald Heights. It did not go as planned… she came home a vampire. On the up side, she’s now a playable and has her own house on campus. Flynt still feels pretty guilty about it all.
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#7531 Old 5th Aug 2022 at 10:03 PM
I installed the most recent version of the lifetime wish chooser and replaced the object in my Pleasantview game after updating the Mod which is to fix another EA mistake.That was the one where the game almost always assigned impossible lifetime wishes that could never be filled in that town as it stood at the time.I like being able to choose a lifetime want based on the progress of the town insteadof it being a random assignment.
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#7532 Old 5th Aug 2022 at 10:25 PM Last edited by sturlington : 6th Aug 2022 at 12:35 AM.
Kent Capp couldn't take living with Consort anymore, so he moved in with Goneril and is now sponging off of her...I mean, helping her out with the kids since the killing by fire of her husband Albany in retaliation for Antonio Monty's poisoning. Kent has a hopeless crush on Puck Summerdream, whom he resurrected as a teen, but that is unrequited, as Puck wants to get married to Hermia Capp and marry a rich Sim but is also quite in love with Miranda Capp. Meanwhile, Hermia was seeing Mercutio, but as a faithful Capp, she broke that off, and now Mercutio wants to marry Ellen Frost. I think that will be a good match for him, and he can take over the Monty ranch. Now that Oberon is single, Bianca Monty pounced on him and got pregnant shortly thereafter, but unfortunately, Oberon was a victim of a fire at the Monty ranch that I presume was in retaliation for Albany. Or perhaps Consort just wanted to ensure that Titania wouldn't get re-involved with him. Either way, he's out of the picture. Patrizio also died of natural causes.

For some new blood, I moved in the Tinkers. They own a farmhouse and grow produce for the produce stand/restaurant as well as flowers, and Stephen got a florist bench to sell the flowers from his garden. He and Wanda are very conservative, church-going people, in contrast to the other families around Veronaville.

And something unusual happened. I have a mod in that makes it easier to become a werewolf, and a townie teen visiting the Montys got bit and became one while she was over. I think a werewolf makes a nice addition to the town.
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#7533 Old 5th Aug 2022 at 10:55 PM
Last night my husband had to stay over at the hospital (he's home now, feeling much better; we're still in diagnostic hell but there's no immediate danger, don't worry about us), so I was zoning out playing an undocumented throwaway hood that I don't have to care much about at 1 AM, when one of the cats came in meowing imperiously. I paused the game and got up to see what he was upset about, and he led me straight to the bedroom, where nothing was wrong at all except that my husband and I weren't in it. I sighed and said: "Odin, they're on a community lot. I am not going to bed now this instant."

Returning to the game, I unpaused it, and the game crashed.

So I turned off the machine and went to bed. I know when not to argue with the cat. He obviously put a whammy on the game. And I did need to go to bed.

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#7534 Old 6th Aug 2022 at 3:27 AM
@Peni Griffin -That sounds like me sometimes except that my game dosen't often crash though I do end up exiting it when I notice the time and find it's late like 1AM or even 2AM when I see a clock.I've had my game run a bit slow when I forget some of the steps of switching my computer into gamng mode for sims.
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#7535 Old 6th Aug 2022 at 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by sturlington
In Veronaville, Consort Capp has enacted his evil multipart plan. First, after obtaining the cowplant and bone phone from the Secret Society via Tybalt, he resurrected his daughter Cordelia. Second, he broke up his daughter Regan's marriage to that jerk Cornwall and moved in Regan and his new grandchild. Third, he had the cowplant eat his lover Titania, drank her essence, then resurrected her so that she forgot all about Oberon and lives with him now. Fourth, he got Cornwall over on false pretenses and had the cowplant eat him too for more life essence so he'll have lots of remaining years to dominate his family, woohoo with Titania, and be evil. Last, he persuaded Regan to go out with Malcolm Landgraab IV, get married to him, and move him in along with his vast fortune. Now he's planning for Tybalt to come home and run his evil empire with him.
I must say I prefer *my our utopian version of Veronaville to your possibly dystopian (?) one. I suppose a fundamental difference is that I have concentrated on the lives -- and loves -- of the ordinary townspeople, rather than just the leading families. I've now been playing it for nearly ten years, and I still find plenty to interest me in the lives of the many different Sims who live there. While I steel myself to try to deal with the Andrew-Julian-Jack problem, I have been playing Regan and Cornwall. In our game Cornwall's biggest problem is having to content himself with Regan's (or his own) spaghetti, rather than the salmon or turkey that Kent used to cook for them. It's the first time I've played them since Kent moved out to set up home with his boyfriend Daniel in the new house next door. (They live in Custer Boulevard in downtown Veronaville.) It was a Sunday, but both of them had to work in the morning. They're both looking for promotions to try to increase the family income. In the afternoon they entertained Goneril (Regan's sister), Titania, and Ross Moore, the teenage son of Scott Moore who runs a small grocer's shop in Poet Place. At night Regan invited Ross to stay the night in the bedroom previously occupied by Kent. (Actually I did this mainly to see if Ross would accept a clearly non-romantic invitation to stay the night -- a few years ago Andrew pointedly refused a very similar invitation from Gloria's boyfriend Garry. I'm sure he thought Garry had dishonourable intentions!) Anyway, Ross did stay the night, and when I left them the three of them were just finishing their breakfast on Monday morning. With a bit too much high drama in real life just now (i.e. my mother's death), I rather like a little domestic idyll with my Sims. And what a transformation! When I first played Regan, Cornwall and Kent were about the least idyllic family in my whole game!

I love the way that different Simmers can do totally different things with the same neighbourhood and the same families. Of course after nearly ten years playing it our Veronaville is really quite a mature neighbourhood, with long-established relationships and friendships. And Sims that I have known and loved for years. With so many CAS Sims (I keep adding more) and townies-made-playable, it has a different dynamic to what you get if you only play the pre-made playable pre-mades. Not necessarily better, but definitely different.

* I call it "our" rather than "my" Veronaville in token of all the work my Veronavillian friends have done to make the town what it is today. My Sims deserve most of the credit. :lovestruc

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#7536 Old 6th Aug 2022 at 1:39 PM
Originally Posted by AndrewGloria
I love the way that different Simmers can do totally different things with the same neighbourhood and the same families.

I too love this. It is really quite amazing and inspiring to see how many different ways people take their stories and their neighborhoods. That's one reason why I love this thread and love reading all the updates here, in both the original neighborhoods and the player-invented ones. I love both the stories full of drama and the ones that are more reflective of the enjoyable small pleasures of life. I must admit that in my own game, I enjoy high drama, plots, chaos, and surprise, but I also try to play a few happy, peaceful families. For instance, the Tinkers in Veronaville simply tend their garden, cook hearty meals, go to church on Sundays, and quietly send away the teenage werewolf when their daughter brings her home.
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#7537 Old 6th Aug 2022 at 6:14 PM
Jill Smith, her partner Copernicus and their children Norfair and Brinstar moved into the former Beaker house along with Copernicus' cousin Crescendo and his (and Erin Beaker's) son Houdini.

Jill and Copernicus got married.

Crescendo and Houdini eventually got their own place, since it got rather crowded after Norfair and Brinstar grew up to children.

Copernicus' other sons Sugarpie and Honeybunch, who live with their mother, hung out with him before going out to Downtown.

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#7538 Old 6th Aug 2022 at 7:45 PM
I love how many ways the town canvary even if it's from a blank terrain map instead of the ready-made town shipped with the game like my Pleasantview which is the colonial origins of Pleasantview with me creating the ancestors of the modern Pleasantview families and slowly bringing them into the colony to grow it into a town.I've been into my game to place more trees around town as they're going to have to clear some heavy forests out before placing many more lots.
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#7539 Old 6th Aug 2022 at 8:31 PM
A little update from Veronaville. Bianca has started calling Goneril on the phone and they have become friends. I think Bianca wants to enlist Goneril's help to end the feud and make Veronaville a more peaceful place for their children, but they both have to know there's not a lot of chance of that while Consort is alive.

Juliette has tried to be a good Capp like her sister and resist Romeo's charms, but darn it, he's just so sexy, especially now that he's ditched the stupid hat and grown some dashing facial hair. So they ended up eloping, in the middle of Mercutio's wedding party. Mercutio was not happy with Romeo's antics, but I think they'll go on being best bros, and Consort has disowned Juliette. Romeo wants to be an artist, but for now he is going to try to support Juliette and what I'm sure will be a growing family on the salary of a convenience store clerk. And Juliette has expensive tastes.
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#7540 Old 7th Aug 2022 at 7:18 PM
Beech Household - Virginia and Rocky get along great. Sandy gets a job in the culinary career. Pebble looks a lot like Rhett... Daytona is now a judge (lvl 8). Virginia and Rocky are wonderful students. Sandy tells Daytona she'd love to save up for a vacation. Pebble becomes a child. Sandy is now a fast food manager. Daytona recognized that Pebble looks a lot like Rhett and confronted Sandy about it. She isn't a good liar and at any rate, it's very obvious Pebble is Rhett's. Arguing insues.

They already had a party planned so the party happens and Penny and Rhett are invited because they need to be told. Penny is ... was, Sandy's best friend and Rhett needs to know of his child Pebble. Virginia ends up banging Jules O'Mackey even though Virginia is with Woody Weiss. Sandy is really fed up with Hamilton being a mama's boy and wants to make a point so ... she kisses Rhett, and both Penny and Hamilton see! Slapping insues. Hamilton slaps Sandy. Penny slaps Rhett and Rhett slaps her back. Rhett cries. He loves Penny, he does, but he doesn't know how to keep it in his pants. Penny and Sandy are no longer friends and somehow the party is still a "good time".

Hamilton argues with Rhett and they get into a fight. Rhett wins, Hamilton cries. Hamilton and Sandy can no longer sleep in the same bed. Hamilton is getting up in the middle of the night unable to sleep. Daytona is not having Sandy's bullshit. Penny invites herself over and inside the house, for revenge! Seriously she ends up kissing Hamilton, who gladly accepts! Sandy sees and slaps Hamilton, who slaps her back. Hamilton cries. He goes between being upset and being angry. Rhett and Hamilton get into another fight, Rhett wins, and Pebble (who has been informed of who his biological father is) sees it! He runs into the bathroom to scream and cry. Poor kid. Rhett and Pebble do get to bond some with a snowfight. The household is very tense. No one is happy. Beau Broke and Pebble Beech play in the snow. Penny keeps inviting herself over and inside ... Sandy is now hostess. Hamilton and Sandy break up and Sandy and Pebble move out to the trailer park that has Andy Bellum and Ida Juana Knowe. Sandy is now Sandy Hills and Pebble is Pebble Hart.

Virginia goes to Land Grant University and choses Economics major. Rocky can't sleep through the night either now.

Weiss Household - Rhett and Penny talk and apologize to each other. Skye writes his first novel, it doesn't do well. Rhett is a great daddy to Justice Weiss. Aww <3 Rhett has a want to fall back in love with Penny. Penny is now a University guest lecturer lvl 6. Woody is a great uncle and Valentine stops by as well to be a good grandfather. Rhett and Penny can't sleep in the same bed anymore, even though they are trying ... maybe? Sandy comes over while Penny goes to work and well ... he just can't help himself! He doesn't want to give up his romancin' ways but he doesn't want to lose Penny either. Will he be able to do both? Rhett now wants to woohoo with 3 different sims. Skye starts another novel. Justice becomes a child. Hamilton stops by when Rhett is at work and Penny is still high on revenge and Hamilton is nice as well so they get some woohoo. But uh oh, Penny is pregnant! Who is the father?

This was all yesterday's play session, so much drama!

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#7541 Old 8th Aug 2022 at 12:54 AM
I went back to Pleasantview for a while today--it was somewhat sedate after all the drama going on in Veronaville.

Beau Broke had a want to sell his cat, Acacia. He's had that cat for a while and no one in the family has bonded with her. The cat tends to hiss and bite people when interacted with. No one who was over at the time wanted to buy her--I think it was Bobby and some townie Allegra brought home from work. Then Beau thought of asking Dustin, who has a lot of cash on hand. He asked Dustin over and Dustin agreed to buy the cat. Beau also gave him all the cat things. Dustin took the cat home, and both he and Angela become friends with the cat in just one evening of playing with her. So I guess that all worked out well. Beau then wanted to get another pet, so this time he adopted a puppy named Banana. He does nothing with the puppy, but Allegra has been playing with him and giving him treats, so I hope she will bond with him. (All my pets seem to be named after words from the Spelling Bee, which I play while I drink my coffee every morning.)

Got some people married. Flynn Goth (son of Dina and Mortimer) married Daisy Dreamer (daughter of Darren and Brandi). That is probably not a marriage that is going to end well, but who knows. Daisy was Flynn's first everything and he is gaga over her, and she likes having him wrapped around her little finger while she cheats behind his back. She'll probably even have his baby to make him happy. Daisy's twin sister Delilah married a dormie named Wendy and they are planning to adopt. Dirk did leave his wife for Ashley Burb, and they got married and set up a household together. Ivy (the former Dirk Dreamer) took their newly grown up daughter Onyx to the pool. Dirk was there (and flirting with Lucy!), but he and Onyx interacted a lot and became friends, so good for you, Dirk, I guess.

The biggest drama came with Manuel Goth. He was out and ran into Ivy Lothario (wife of Calvin, who is the elder son of Don and Cassandra). If you are confused, both Ivy Copurs are in my game--the adult Ivy married and then divorced Dirk, and the teen Ivy was sent to college and then married Calvin. Now, every guy who went to college with Ivy had the hots for her, but she's always been very devoted to Calvin, so when Manuel wanted to go on a date with her, I didn't think she would. But she did. They had a very good date. Ivy went home feeling guilty and, probably not realizing that Manuel is the kind of guy who goes out on lots of good dates with lots of women, confessed to Calvin. He was furious. He immediately left the house, walked around, ran into the other Ivy, and went on a rebound date with her. It went ok. Then he went home and broke up with his Ivy. He and their daughter moved back in with his parents.

Alexander found out about all this and gave Manuel a dressing down for bringing shame to the Goth family by breaking up his nephew's marriage. He told Manuel to put things right. Manuel told Alexander he was in love with the gardener and wanted to marry her. Alexander said absolutely not, he was a Goth and had to do the right thing. So Manuel bit the bullet and proposed to Ivy. She has now moved into the Goth household and they are planning to have a baby. I'm not sure how this "puts things right," but Alexander seems satisfied, and he was never very close with Cassandra's family anyway.
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#7542 Old 9th Aug 2022 at 11:16 PM
Weiss household continued - Penny is having a rough pregnancy. She and Rhett talked because she knew she had to tell him what she did with Hamilton so that the baby may not be his. Rhett is secretly thrilled. He puts it out there that maybe they can have an open relationship, so there will be no need for drama and secrets. They talk it over for awhile, and Penny agrees. She doesn’t want to stop seeing Hamilton now, an open relationship sounds fun. They just have to make sure to not neglect each other, which I don’t think will be a problem.

Stuff takes time of course and they are both still hurt since stuff isn’t retroactive but they are on the path to recovery. They work on building their relationship back up.

Rhett cheats at chess against his own child daughter. Penny and Rhett go on a date, it starts at home but they go out dining and Sandy is there so she slaps Rhett who ends up crying. I guess Sandy was hoping Rhett would leave Penny for her? Or maybe emotions are running high at the moment. They talk it out later, with Rhett explaining he's not leaving Penny but they do have an open relationship now. The Penny/Rhett date was a dream date.

skye writes a good novel. Woody goes to University at LGU with his girlfriend Virginia Beech. Penny and Rhett can sleep in the same bed again.

Newson Household - They also live in Widespot. They are all doing good at school now. Poor Ginger is neglecting her own needs for her siblings and her aspiration has bottomed out, but there is no invisible psychiatrist for teenagers to help her out! So she's doing stuff like destroying dollhouses and kicking over trashcans.

Gavin goes into the teen business career. Gabriella becomes a teenager and a fortune aspiration.

Andy Bellum - In Widespot. He got a job in the Law career so he can get away with shit. He befriended the evil witch and became one himself (but changed back into normal clothes so it's not obvious). He gets along great with Nina Caliente, they both want money and power.

The landlord stole his food and proceeds to fawn over him. What happened was he started cooking, it was in a pot but not yet on the stove when he got a call, so he took the call (I didn't know the landlord could finish making it herself!) and the landlord finished making the spaghetti and ate it herself, then heart farts over him and later when he has to ask her to repair his tv she kisses him! He did not ask for this but he isn't sure what to do. He has no interest in her.

He adopts a cat, Samhain (black and orange cat), so he can put him to work in the showbiz career to make money for him.

Sandy laughs about what she did to Hamilton when talking to Ida Juana Knowe. Andy is not lazy so he does extra work (since he really needs the money asap to make rent soon) by working downtown as a barista.

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#7543 Old 10th Aug 2022 at 6:46 PM
There's been some more constriction going on in Pleasant Valley in preparation for the new couple due to arrive anyday now.It looks like the first colonists will arrive in anither day as they had to land some distance away from the valley.
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#7544 Old 11th Aug 2022 at 7:43 PM Last edited by sturlington : 12th Aug 2022 at 12:37 PM.
I was having so much fun playing Veronaville and having trouble deciding which neighborhood to play that I decided to try my hand at my very first megahood so I could play everybody at once. I thought it would be difficult to set up on the Mac but it was very simple and took no time at all. I'm playing Pleasantview with Strangetown, Veronaville, Downtown, and all three universities attached--no townies but the premade ones, but I left the downtownies in because I like the downtown lots to be very active. So far, this iteration of Veronaville has been much less violent than my last one, so maybe having some outside influence has cooled off the feud. I've only played a couple of days around, but I have only had three accidental deaths. The first two were Kristen Loste and Coral Oldie, who were both caught in the same fire in the Strangetown roadside motel. I don't know what Coral was doing there--I guess she was just passing by and saw the flames. Then Erin Beaker made the poor decision of leaving the motel because she couldn't stop fighting with Chloe Curious and moved in with her brother Loki, who started secretly experimenting on her after Nervous left to go live with Olive. He accidentally infected her with a mysterious disease. Now he wants to zombify her, but a few other people want to resurrect her, so she may be coming back in some form or another. Consort is not too evil yet but he does want to see the ghost of Chloe, so he may be getting there. I've noticed that most of the women who meet him can't stand him but are still wildly attracted to him.

I also have in the mod that doesn't spawn unnecessary NPCs, so poor Kaylynn is the maid for every family in all three neighborhoods, and she's keeping up her affair with Daniel Pleasant to boot. Good thing that she caught Don cheating already and dumped him or she'd be exhausted, poor thing. Don made the mistake of asking Nina on a first-night outing and bringing all of his lovers with him, so he got dumped by Cassandra as well. Then Dina made the mistake of bringing Don with her when Mortimer invited her over; she got caught and dumped too, and now she wants to marry Don. I think this time I may have to make that marriage happen.

Little Update: I went into the Specter house last night, and Nervous had the want to resurrect Erin Beaker. I think that's really fitting because right now he's the only one with access to the direct line to the Grim Reaper (located in Olive's bedroom, of course), and also he really understands what Erin has been through. The resurrection made them best friends, and for now, Erin is going to stay with them and be Nervous and Pascal's live-in nanny.
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#7545 Old 12th Aug 2022 at 8:47 PM
I've been into my Pleasantview game to test some new content again.It looks like my sims might get a few objects on the home lot changed.
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#7546 Old 12th Aug 2022 at 11:10 PM Last edited by deadhead_kay : 12th Aug 2022 at 11:40 PM.
Julian Nielsen, a notorious bachelor, has consistently rolled the want to fall back in love with an old fling, Katerina for the past nearly 4 years. But she's been happily married to a townie named Dominic Nott and mothering two toddler children. Her situation is pretty good considering her husband is a mayor with plenty of vacation days he can use to care for the children so she's unhindered in trying to reach her career goals. But of course, everything has to change when out of the blue Katerina rolls the want to fall in love with Julian. She takes advantage of a day off while Dominic is at work and quickly pursues her wants. Within one autonomous romantic interaction, they are back in love. They have a dream date while her children nap, and a passion filled woohoo is squeezed in before Dom gets home from work. Immediately upon Dominic's arrival home, well as immediate as events occur with two needy children, Katerina jumps Dominic for woohoo. Even with a strict birth control schedule she gets pregnant, and I suppose the only grace I can give is that at least it's not Julian's child (even though that would make for a great story). But still, a 3rd child is going to be in the middle of this mess, because Katerina's current wants do not lead me to believe she feels any regret of her affair. The next few rounds is definitely going to be very interesting with them.
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#7547 Old 14th Aug 2022 at 8:04 PM
I had to restart my megahood to solve some bug issues but fortunately, I was not too far in and this gives me an opportunity to put in play some rules I refined. I'm only about 2-3 days in for each household, and so far not much surprising has happened, but I swear that every house has had at least one kitchen fire! This time, Erin and Coral did not perish prematurely, but Kristen still died in a motel fire. There's a conversation going on elsewhere about least favorite premade Sims, and Kristen Loste tops my list, so while I don't actively try to bring about her death, I don't do a lot to help her either.

Expected marriages have occurred. Don did not leave Cassandra at the altar, and she is pregnant. Oberon and Titania got married at their first-night party. Olive took Nervous out to dinner and explained who she was, so he moved in with her and got his first kiss with Pascal. On the Curious round, Pascal proposed to Nervous at the local diner. Back to the Specters, Nervous threw a wedding party and moved Pascal in with his daughter Cleo. Pascal seemed very surprised that he had married a rich Sim. I would be too, if I were him.

Some of the teens have chosen to go to college, but most would rather date and party, and I guess who could blame them. In Veronaville, I moved in all the Montys together and all the Capps together, with three big families there (including Goneril Capp's household), I would love to get some of the teens out, but there's just been no interest from the oldest kids. I haven't really played college yet because so few Sims are there. I'm not going to play the premade students until I really start needing new Sims, if I get that far.

The biggest surprises have come in the Caliente household. Dina went into aspiration failure when they got robbed, and my rule is she has to randomly change her aspiration, so she changed to Pleasure, which I think fits her. She is engaged to Mortimer but she wants to marry a rich Sim and he has had no wants in that direction, so no marriage yet. She is furious at Don because she saw him out with Chloe Curious, and she is having a little side fling with Lazlo. And Nina got pregnant with Don's child. For once, risky woohoo kicks in with an interesting result. So she and Cassandra will be having their babies at the same time.
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#7548 Old 15th Aug 2022 at 2:03 PM
In medieval Arundel, there has started the discreet parental scouting for a wife, and eligible girls are now being checked out as potential spouses for boys-Brian and Viola Lawrence have had visits from Jordan and Amber Moseley who have been attempting to find out what kind of money they earn, what their daughter looks like and if they are civilized people.
Jordan is a surgeon, on his way to becoming a Royal Physician, (he hopes) and he would like to have a suitable young woman picked out for his eldest son, Peter-who came over later after school to make her acquaintance. They appear to get along fairly well, which bodes very well for their eventual betrothal and marriage.
Never mind the fact that the children are only 13. The earlier the better!
However, Brian has talked to his daughter about the possibility of going to university, and she is rather eager to do so. He wasn't being deceptive, because as being his only child, he knows she needs some education and will need to have a dowry when the time comes.
He told her 'there is a possibility I could arrange for you to go, but you must understand that women are normally not accepted as students" when she eagerly asked him, "Daddy, are you saying I could go? I've never heard of that before!"
He is pretty sure he can arrange it, being one of the towns' council persons. He has the power-but he also wants what's best for his daughter.

The Lord Mayor's daughter, Sarah Potter, is not having any of this 'pre-arranged' marriage stuff, and she's been seen around town talking to everyone about it. It's agreed among the townspeople that William Potter would do well to put her in a nunnery pretty soon because women should not be allowed to dictate their own lives!
Sarah does not think that this is acceptable and she's become quite outspoken about the issue. Her father does not dare to stop her because his ex-wife would hear and she'd have something to say about that!
So William hopes in private that he can keep Sarah in check until she is shipped off to the convent because he can't have a daughter with a questionable character ruining his chances of promotion.

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I've gotten through around 4-5 days with some households in the megahood.

Goths: Mortimer caught Dina flirting with Lazlo and broke up with her. He still had a want to woohoo, though, so he invited Bella over to get reacquainted. After some flirting, he asked her to move in. They are not going to get remarried but they have fallen back in love. Whatever spell was on her disappeared, and she aged up to elder and retired from her Slacker job. Don took his sixth lover during a dream date with Circe Beaker. He then ran into a very pregnant Nina and had a quickie with her in the photobooth. When will his blatant cheating catch up with him? At home, Cassandra was tending to their daughter Calliope and pining for Darren. She thinks she may have picked the wrong man to marry. Really, Cassandra, ya think? She had Darren over for dinner, just as friends, but they did do some harmless flirting after everyone else was asleep. Alexander became a teen and took the Fortune aspiration. (I'm giving the premade kids the aspirations that match their hidden tokens this time.) After a couple of days, he decided to go to college early to pursue his dream of earning $100,000.

Calientes: Dina is the only one with a job, and she often wants to stay home from work, so there is not much money. She thinks Don's child support will be enough to live on; Nina kindly told her she was an idiot. They had a fire that destroyed a lot of the kitchen, so they are making do with just a toaster oven and ordering pizza. Nina gave birth to Don's child, named Gino. She was so exhausted afterward that Dina did most of the initial childcare while Nina recovered in her bed.

Burbs: Jennifer has been focusing on her medical career and doesn't have time for much else. John met Brandi on a community lot and was very attracted to her. He invited her over and tried to start an affair with her, but she refused, and now their relationship is very low. Following that, John fell out of love with Jennifer. This has happened to me before with the Burbs; this time I'm calling it a midlife crisis on his part. He wants to work on the marriage now. Lucy became a teen and took the Family aspiration. She wanted a first kiss, which she got with her childhood friend, Buck Grunt. They have one bolt.

Brokes: Beau is feeling neglected now that little Bobby needs so much attention. Brandi has been spending much of her time taking care of Bobby and hasn't given one thought to John since he tried to seduce her. She hasn't been able to get a job yet and money is very tight. Dustin is off at college but calls Beau frequently.

Summerdreams: Puck made besties with Ripp Grunt and then decided to go to college. He is going to La Fiesta Tech because he figures that's where all the weirdos are and he should fit right in. Bottom became a teen and took the Romance aspiration, but now has food poisoning from bad pizza, so hopefully she'll recover. A very pregnant Titania, unfortunately, collapsed and died in the middle of the night. I'm not sure why--perhaps it just took too long to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen in that gigantic house. Oberon wants to resurrect her, but that will take some doing on his part, or maybe Puck can join the secret society and bring home the bone phone from college. We'll see.
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I've got quite a few things to install for my game so I have more content options to fit the period of my Pleasantview game.I found a tudor build set and quite a few wall and floor sets that look rustic enough to pass.
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