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#1 Old 31st May 2022 at 8:48 PM
Default How to delete the Male resources completely from an Accessory recolor?
It's about the Lola beads necklace. It appears as invisible amongst Male Accessories (I recat'd it to Jewelry), but I guess because it isn't linked to Male.
I want to delete the Male resources, but how do I know which 3DIR and BINX belong to the relevant TXMT/XMOL (from those two resources, I can see clearly which ones belong to Male)? I cannot make up anything from the Offset hex.
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#2 Old 31st May 2022 at 11:37 PM Last edited by simmer22 : 1st Jun 2022 at 12:23 AM.
Sort by "instance" (not "instance high")

The 3DIR that has the same instance as the XMOL/MeshOverlay belongs to that resource.

* Unless they've been edited in some way, male resources tend to be the even numbers, female resources tend to be odd numbers in the Instance. Female = 1, Male = 2.
(Ages - Toddler=1, C=2, T=4, A=8, YA=40, E=10)

The BinaryIndex and 3DIRs with low instance numbers also belong together by number. This 3DIR has the instance number for the age/gender it belongs to in the last number of the "Mesh Overlay XML" line at the bottom when you open it up.

There's usually one "empty" 3DIR with the Group number as the instance and a BinaryIndex with the instance 1. Don't delete this pair.

The TXMTs usually have the name of the age and gender after the ! in the name, but can be difficult to spot
##0x(8digits)!<-- here

Don't delete the textures/TXTR, they're shared throughout the file.


If you want a simpler way, you can find the male MeshOverlay/XMOL resources (the ones with the gender set to 2) and set the gender and age lines to 0, commit and save. This very effectively hides the male resources from the game. This is a reversible process, in case you want to unhide them later (can be handy for some accessories).

If you want to completely delete them, make a new recolor using that file, and all the male resources will be gone in the new file. This is an irreversible process (but if you have the old files, you can make recolors with the male resources).

You can also delete the XMOL file for the age+gender you don't want to keep (also irreversible).

You can do the same if you want to hide/delete ages at the start or end (don't hide ages in the middle, or you'll get troubles with it not aging up properly with the sim), or for females (gender 1).


(Tip: You can get rid of unused ages in hairs in much the same way, but there I absolutely recommend doing it via the PropertySet (same function as the MeshOverlay/XMOL) deletion/editing method because of how the files are built up, and not going on a deletion spree on the other resources, because hairs are built weird and will stop working if you as much as think about deleting a resource even if it looks like it's the right one...)
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