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Default Microwave meals without microwave?
Hi! I'm building a small apartment and using the kitchenette from aroundthesims . However, in this small apartment, I would like my sim to be able to cook simple meals like ramen, but these are confined to microwave use. Adding a microwave won't look good as the oven above the stove already looks like one, and will also take up too much space. I tried using the transmogrifier but it seems hopeless with the microwave, slot issue. Is there any way to make these meals available without a microwave?
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Doesn't that mod oven already provide microwave meals without the microwave? The only methods I can think is besides finding a mod that allows you customize what meals on particular appliance can be cooked, Business as Usual oven, having a Genie power or Food Synthesizer.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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I'm not sure if Microwave Meals are included in the FoodMaker but that could be worth a try.
Would it be possible to add another microwave to the kitchenette with moveobjects on, so that it's not visible but still usable?
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