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Default What Is Your Least Favorite To Favorite Day When Working On The Job
My least favorite day when working in school growing up was Wednesday, favorite day was Saturday, most people would say Monday but for some strange reason I usually didn't mind Monday or Tuesday as much as I hated Wednesday, Monday always seemed like a new adventure after the weekend and by Tuesday I used to start to get tired, when Wednesday came for the 3rd time usually after working for 3 full weeks I was in a terrible mood, Thursday was my 2nd most hated day much like Wednesday the week felt like it would never end in elementary school my school hours were 7:00am-3:45pm in 6th grade time frame in middle school they were 7:00am-2:45

In Highschool the hours in schools were 6:30am-2:15PM I worked hard in school and graduated with honors and homework in elementary school was 120 long division math problems a night on top of the almost 8 hour day. Mind you I never had and air conditioning at any of my schools, and on top of that no friends to play with at recess because everyone thought I was not cool and gay and retarded as all the kids used to call me, so in turn I never had a playmate during school hours.

I like Friday usually teachers would let you slack off on Friday with a movie or less work. I currently don't have a job but I'd rather go to work than back to school again those days were my bad times, I also deal with a life long mental illness that makes me sick it started in 3rd grade.

Fortunately in 1-3rd grade school was only from 8AM-3PM just like in the sims but when I got to forth grade I would walk to school at 7AM and not come home until about 4:00PM each and every week day with a ton of homework

My 2nd favorite day was a tie between Friday and Sunday

(edit) no I don't live in China or Japan I lived in Michigan in the United States, still do

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I work shifts, and my schedule is a bit all over the place (days, evenings, weekends, holidays...). No night shifts, though. They messed too much with my brain, and at the end of one I barely knew which day it was (especially if it had been a tough shift).

Weekends can be a pain. Mostly because I don't drive, so I always have to figure out other ways to get to and from work when there aren't buses. I'm generally not fond of working late-to-early shifts (a lot of weekends tend to be), because there's little to no wind-down time between the shifts (just sleeping), and at the end of this, my battery is flat... If I have sorted out the transport, weekends aren't necessarily the worst days, though. There's a bit less to do, so the days can be a bit calmer.

The absolute worst are vacations and holidays, because we're working with fewer people, and there's often issues with transport (especially during Christmas/Easter/etc.). The first few days after longer vacations and such are annoying, too. Brain is still in vacation mode, or there's a lot of new things and messages that only got around to a few people, or a lot of things that have happened.

Favorite days... Except for days off and vacations (gotta love those) - Difficult to say, really. When there are people I thrive with at work, and when things generally go smoothly, and when nice things happen. Basically the days when I have a good day at work. I don't know if it's been a good day until it's nearing the end (in my line of work, things can take turns and twists when you least expect it).
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Favorite: Monday, I get paid $14 for brushing my teeth to keep them out of the incinerator.

Either Way: Friday, because I was born on a Friday. Whether or not I have housework is dependent on a few factors.

Least Favorite: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, I have guard duty. Both parents work that day and I have to bring in packages while not letting the cat out. It's currently beautiful out.

I have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off with my mother and Sunday, Monday and Friday off with my father. So Sunday and Monday is a day for collecting up supplies for the week and weekend dinners.

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Like most people, I'm not a fan of Mondays because it's the start of the week. Just ugh again, you know? My job isn't terrible but I'm very bored so a lot of the time it feels like a chore. Plus they should pay more.

Thursdays sucked as a kid. I also managed to be in the class with the lame Thurday timetable for all 7 years of highschool and most of my time at uni. It was weird like why did they ok that timetable? It wasn't actually that bad but it was like ugh effort.

Wednesday mornings during uni were horrible. Like that class and teacher were like a blight upon us. It was The Cursed Lesson TM. Def still traumatised and its been like 5 years..
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Sunday is my only day off, and I can't even properly enjoy it. No favorite days for me.

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