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Default Sims Short -- "The Sming"
Hi guys,

this is something i made years ago when i thought i was clever. i just rediscovered it and thought i'd share it here. warning: there's one slightly startling picture at the end. ;D this will make the most sense if you've seen/know the plot of The Ring.


The Sming

Alyssa and Mandy were rather average teenage girls. They enjoyed shopping, hanging out, gossiping, and were both members of the "Taylor Lautner, Take Off Your Shirt!!!" fanpage on Facebook. Despite this, they were not stupid; in fact, they had just received their final marks and had gotten As in all of their classes. For this reason, they were having a celebratory slumber party.

Their conversation covered the necessary topics for a highschool slumber party: gossip, crushes, drama, drinking, scholastic desks, etc. However, Alyssa, never one to resist playfully scaring her friend Mandy, began talking about a scary videotape that her friend had seen a week prior.

"Remember that videotape you said you watched at Scotty's lake house?" said Alyssa. "Well...I did some research, and... nevermind. Nothing. Forget it. It's just a coincidence."
"What?!" asked Mandy, piqued. "What's a coincidence? Huh? What are you talking about?"
"Well, if you insist, I suppose I'll tell you," replied Alyssa after a slight hesitation. "I found out that two other people actually saw the same tape."
Mandy looked at Alyssa incredulously. "Wow, Alyssa, I don't know what to say. I...I'll alert the media."
"No, no. Your sarcasm is dripping, dear. But listen. A week later, they got a phone call at ten o'clock."
"At ten o'clock? Yeah...what'd it say?"
"You will die in seven days."
"... You're kidding."
"Nope. And guess where they are now?"
"Six feet under. Dead. Gone. D-U-double-N."

Mandy looked frightened.
"I'm sorry, Mandy," said Alyssa. "I shouldn't have told you that. I didn't mean to scare you, I just--"
"Didn't mean to scare me?!" Mandy interrupted. "Thanks a lot Alyssa for being sooOOoo mindful of my feelings. Next time I found out that you're going to be killed by watching a videotape, I'll make sure NOT to tell you, just so you won't be scared. Wow! Thank--"
Alyssa giggled. "Mandy..."
"What a saint! What a hero! Alyssa saves the day yet again! GOD, you are such a bitch!"
"You're an idiot."

"I'm JKing. OJing. It's a joke. Not for real."
"...You were joking?" Mandy asked quietly.
"Of course I was, you dumbfuck."
"AUGH, YOU BITCH! I HATE YOU!" Mandy yelled, but was obviously relieved that her friend was kidding.
"Wow, throwing your entire world into a tailspin is so easy I almost feel guilty doing it. It's like stealing candy from a baby. You know, if I told you that 'gullible' was written on the ceiling, you might actually--"
Alyssa's rather trite insult was cut short by the sound of a phone ringing, which pierced the otherwise quiet night air.

"Oh HELL no," said Alyssa.
"ALYSSA, WHAT THE HELL!" shrieked an obviously terrified Mandy. "If I find that this is a trick planned with one of your dumb-as-shit burnout pothead friends you better watch your asses 'cause I swear to GOD I am going to bust a cap!"
Alyssa rolled her eyes in an unconvincing facade of confidence. "Oh, come on, it's just the phone."
"But Alyssa," whined Mandy. "Don't you realize that I, like all normal families, have only one phone in my house and answering it requires walking through abnormally narrow and poorly-lit hallways?"
"Oh, suck it up!" said Alyssa. "I'll lead the way. If there's a monster waiting for us, it'll eat me first. K?"
Mandy was hesitant. "O...okay," she stuttered.

Alyssa and Mandy walked down the stairs. "Dude," Alyssa remarked, "Your hallway is literally one foot wide. How does your dad fit in it? He's like, mad fat!"
"Shut up and keep walking!" Mandy whispered harshly.

They reached the phone.
", I don't wanna answer it," squeaked Mandy.
"And you think I do?!"
"I'm too scared!"
"Get over it!"
"I can't!"
"It's your phone!"
"Augh, FINE!"
Alyssa picked up the phone. "Hello?"
The suspense was excruciating. After several seemingly year-long seconds, Alyssa laughed.
"It's your dad," she said, and Mandy laughed too.

The incident was soon forgotten, and the sleepover progressed as usual. Gossip was exchanged, drama was shared, and laughter was frequent.
That is, until Mandy had an idea. It was 4am by this time, and the girls were not thinking rationally.
"Dude! I have an idea!" Mandy exclaimed. "I'm gonna go downstairs and get some of my parents' wine coolers!"
"We're such rebels! Without a cause! Do it! Go go go go go!" replied Alyssa.
They laughed. "I'll be right back!" said Mandy.

She wouldn't.

"What the--"
When Mandy pranced downstairs, she was startled: without warning or reason, her TV turned on behind her. It played static.

She laughed nervously to herself and rationalized the incident. "I hate technology," she said. "I'm never going on Facebook again. Thanks a lot TV. Killing my social life." She laughed again, this time feeling a bit less afraid.

Her temporary calm did not last long. As she headed to the refrigerator to pilfer alcohol from her parents, the refrigerator door burst open before her.

Paralyzed by fear, she backed away from the refrigerator.
Then the TV turned on again. By itself.

She turned around and started to run.
She didn't get far.


Alyssa heard her scream at initially assumed it was payback for her cruel prank earlier that night. But due to its intensity and length, she feared for the worst. Was her friend really in trouble? She darted downstairs to make sure Mandy was okay.

She wasn't okay. She was dead, gone, D-U-double-N.

Now Alyssa was the one screaming.
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Very funny and clever. I liked it.
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Me too, i thought it was very clever.
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so far I like XD
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This Should Be Fun :]

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I thought that was really good! It reminded me so much of the Ring that I had to read it with the lights on though...I am such a wuss :P

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Wow awesome! =D Too bad you didn't keep going though lol
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really cool!!
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"Don't you realize that I, like all normal families, have only one phone in my house and answering it requires walking through abnormally narrow and poorly-lit hallways?"

Yee! You almost made me spew juice out my nose there.

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