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Default Wallowa Valley - CAW project

Let's try to recreate Wallowa Valley circa 1800's for the Nez Perce theme.

This is the early design stage where we decide what should go into the world, and the general shape, etc.

I'd like to see the rabbit holes redesigned to look like an old time sheriff office/jail, a dancehall/saloon/courtroom, a tradingpost/grocery and hotel/restaurant, etc. all done on the 1800's style for the area. Wallowa Valley is a wide vally with a broad flat center with winding rivers in it. The high mountains surrounding it are snow capped. there is a large glacial till lake at the southern end of the valley. See pictures.

My idea is to make most of the valley open for horse access and only a small town for the rabbit holes. instead of asphalt roads, use dirt roads.

Here's some pictures I got from Google maps.
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Ok. My first attempt to create the basic valley was an interesting experience. CAW kept locking... I forgot to to make it LargeAddressAware.. To make is usable for SIMs3, it will only be the lower part of the valley by the lake. What I want to do is find out how to rotate the camera for a people's eye view so I can see what it looks like.
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