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Default Pow-wow time

I've been working on a jingle dress for modern day cultural diversity competition. The dress is almost ready I plan to make as many recolors as I can once the mesh is perfected. I had a couple of goofs and just realized that auto-smooth was on so I have to remake the dress and arms but that should not take too long.

Originally, I had made individual jingles for the dress but the vertice count was out of bounds so I had to remove all the jingles on the dress, leaving a 3D row only on the cape/collar. I had to 'paint' them on the dress and hope the bump map gives them some depth.

Oh! It's for Sims 2. I don't think I'll have time to make a hairstyle unless someone wants to take over the jingle dress recolors for me. The dress really needs a new hairstyle since there really isn't a good one in the game. The pigtails aren't correct so the ponytail is best when there is nothing. The jingle dress dancers usually have fancy french-braided hair with zigzag parts and pretty hair adornments.

Well, I'll get busy again tonight when I get home from work.

Here's the prototype. The purple is just a bucketfill for bodyshop. I plan several colors for the dress

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