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Such a great thread! I play a custom hood so I don't use a ton of the Maxis premades, when I do it's mainly from the Sim bin. Really all I have played are the Gavigan's and the Picaso's.

For the Picaso's, their oldest daughter Tabatha is a favourite of mine. She really takes after Matthew! Have some shots from her as a toddler, child and adult.
They also had a son named Eric, I don't currently have a really good shot of him but he looks more like Jessica for sure.

The Gavigan's had a second son who they named Lucas. I will have to get some pics of him to add to this thread!
#152 Old 5th Aug 2016 at 7:13 PM

Dusti (child of Angela and the late Dustin Broke) and Damian (child of Mary-Sue and Albany Capp) Pleasant adapted great to the semi-outdoors island life of the Pleasant family vacation.

Maybe Damian adapted a little too well. (He is sitting on a dead snake's head, and Brutus -- who killed the snake -- does not approve!)
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Finally, some more girls. I had a cluster of boys that are now all teens and/or young adults. They were having trouble finding girls to date as there were 2 boys to every girl. So far in this rotation, three girls aged up to teen.

Monique Nanale, granddaughter of Bella Goth.

Elara Traveller, granddaugther of Trent & Trish Traveller

Lillyanna Grunt, granddaughter of Ripp Grunt. She wants to be a rock god like her parents.
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Anastasia Burb, second daughter of John and Jennifer Burb

Lucy Burb with her daughter, Amy. The father is Don Lothario.

Emma Pleasant, one of the twins of Kaylynn Langerak and Daniel Pleasant.

Ruth Broke, fourth child of Brandi and Skip Broke (and their only daughter). She's so adorable!
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Allison Pleasant, daughter of Mary-Sue Pleasant and Daniel Pleasant. I can't stand babies, so I made her age up a bit after she came into the world.

So far she doesn't look that good, but we'll have to wait and see.
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I think she's cute! I could show you pics of toddlers that are really awful...too bad there isn't a thread for that. :-)
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Okay, I change my mind. She's adorable, and I love her.
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Originally Posted by venusking
I think she's cute! I could show you pics of toddlers that are really awful...too bad there isn't a thread for that. :-)

You could always post them in the Blooper thread.

Edit: You said "hideous" and I automatically assumed you meant "buggy" (tells you what goes on with the kids in my game, doesn't it? )
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Post them in the Toddlers thread where they belong! Every toddler one person finds hideous, another finds adorable.

Meanwhile, some descendents for you:

Ruby Gorey, daughter of Allegra Gorey and Martin Ruben, holding her little brother Ruben Gorey, son of Martin and the standard pollination technician.

It's Ruby's wedding day, but toddler needs still have to be prioritized!

Ruby is marrying Pollux Stacks, son of Castor Nova and Jane Stacks, and therefore possessor of one of the dullest faces on record.

Three of Gallagher Newson's five offspring: Eugene and twins Lacy and Luke.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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This is Una, daughter of Ashley Pitts and Heather Huffington. She has only one nice point like her dad :p

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I worried very much about this sim. She was so very horrible looking as a toddler and child. Now, I think, she is rather pretty. This is Lisiella Newson, granddaughter of Gabriella Newson & Lisa Ramirez (hence her name) by their children Jake and Tessa.
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Robbie Picaso (son of Matthew and Jessica Picaso) being cute with Megan Ottomas (daughter of Peter and Samantha Ottomas).

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Wow! ^^^ Megan is extremely pretty for an Ottomas!

I... bred Samantha and Peter some more, in a different hood. The kids they spawned somehow got worse than the last round. 8(

But as you probably suspect of me by now, that was exactly what I was going for. Dwayne and Roderick, guys. Such beautiful. (Yes, I'm gonna change him out of the dreads.)

This is Michelline. I have a feeling her hairstyle hides some glorious deformations.

It gets better. Her name is Chastity. (I know, it's insult to injury.)

Carlotta. Does this family forget to feed their kids a lot, or something?

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^^ It's all thanks to makeup .. without it, she looks a little uhm... yeah
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venusking, she's a stunner.

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These 2 are Storm and Nico Lothario. They are actually half-brothers, but as far as they're concerned they're full brothers. Storm is on the left, Nico is on the right

Storm's parents are Don Lothario and Nina Caliente, although Cassandra Goth adopted him when she married Don. Nico's parents are Don and Cassandra. I think Storm looks just like Nina, even more obvious as a teen (he just aged up), and Nico looks a lot like Don. They're adorable and Don's genetics are actually so good. I'm regretting not playing with him more.

EDIT: added a pic of Storm as a teen
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More descendants

So basically: Loki Beaker engaged in a cloning project with Nervous Subject and as a result 2 clones were made: Nova (who was born with corrupt eye shape since her "paternal" DNA came from one of the Specter lot ghosts) (Lyla) and Aphroditi (a random townie I generated since I use clean templates). Circe was so disgusted when she found out she left Loki, but only because if it got out she might have lost her lucrative Medical career. She took the clones, change hers and their surnames to Salamis, and raised them as adopted children. Loki later died in a freak accident involving one of his inventions, so the old Beaker household is empty aside from Nervous.

Here is Aphroditi, she kinda looks like Nervous~

Aphroditi (the name is a cross between Aphrodite and Afroditi, which is the modern Greek pronunciation/transliteration) met Ripp at school and later sparks flew. Since I have Inteen and risky woohoo, the second time they did woohoo Aphroditi got pregnant. She and Ripp moved into an apartment of their own which I decorated for 2 soon-to-be college students (I have a college at home mod as well as a teen move out mod, my game is heavily modded lmao) and a single baby.

Sure enough, she had triplets.

Here are all 3 of them as toddlers, held by their dad just before he aged into young adult. I had a pic with all 3 of them together, but it looked really awkward so I deleted it.

Oldest to youngest:

Lara Salamis

Adam Salamis

Kostas Salamis
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#168 Old 18th Sep 2016 at 6:28 AM
Pascal's alien daughter has the biggest eyes, cutest alien eyes I've ever seen in my various restarts.
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28th Sep 2016 at 5:55 PM
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Descendants, the twins that look nothing alike edition:

First up, Rhea & Romulus - Ripp's grandchildren.

Next, we have Silver & Selenium - Johnny Smith's grandchildren.

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#170 Old 4th Oct 2016 at 8:08 PM
Shalimar Ramaswami, she is Priya and Sanjay's first child.

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#171 Old 6th Oct 2016 at 6:39 PM
This is Alante, the grandchild of Buzz Grunt by his daughter Rose and townie Abhijeet.

Once Buzz was dead, his daughter (Jade) had a brief affair with Johnny Smith. Juno is the odd looking lovechild of that affair. Strangetown is now so interbred between families that her half-uncle Buck (on her mother's side) is married to her aunt Jill (on her father's side) and her cousin Q is also her half brother. Her aunt Terra (on her father's side) married Garrett Newson, making Juno related to all 3 of the main families in town. It's gotten a bit out of hand.
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I have no excuse.

I have no excuse. I AM A DIRTY DON APOLOGIST

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Brandi'sons ( Kevin is married to Angela Pleasant and he has got two daughters )

Brandon Broke

Ethan Broke

Brandi Broke is married to Darren Dreamer, they've got four daughters.

Laura Broke

Célia Dreamer

Stella Dreamer, she is Célia's twin

Sophia Dreamer
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Julianna Hanby (granddaughter of Gabriella Newson & Lisa Ramirez). This is the younger sister of Lisiella (a few posts up). Again, she was so horrible looking as a toddler and only marginally better as a child. But they seem to grow up ok in this family...
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Amélia Curious, Pascal's daughter. The baby in her arms is her cousin Sven, Lazlo and the grim reaper'son

Chloé Curious, Victor's daughter, she isn't the most beautiful girl. Now her eyes are different, I removed these ones...

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