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Default The Egg

Once Upon a Time.

A boy named Jack walked along the beach
by himself.

Jack was a miserable child, his dear mother died
a few years back leaving him with his mean,
old Grandpa to raise him. The Grandpa beat
Jack daily, for no reason at all.

They were also very poor and Jack was often
This all took a toll on young Jack and he became
as mean and nasty as his Grandpa that he hated.
As a result Jack had no friends at all.

Jack kicked the sand angrily and screamed at the
wind. "Why must I always be so hungry!
"Why , why , Why???? he shouted.

After Jack's outburst of emotions he felt faint
from hunger.

Jack recovered his strength, and spotted something on the beach.

Jack was astonished at the huge prize.
"WOW, what a huge egg.??"

Jack's stomach growled loudly at the thought of
scrambled eggs or eggs cooked in any way for that
matter, especially eggs that he personally would get to
He crossed the beach quickly to see his

To Jacks delight it really was a giant egg on the
"Oh Lucky Day for me,
you look delicious," he said to the large egg as
he examined it more closely.

The egg was indeed very large and it took both of his hands to carry the egg.
"I'm going to cook you up and eat you for lunch today," he told the egg he carried.
He staggered along under the weight. "But I wonder, how should I cook you? Should I boil you or fry you up with some butter and fresh herbs?"

After walking a distance Jack stopped to take a break, he set the egg down on a log of driftwood and scratched his head. He seemed a bit puzzled. The egg appeared to have gotten alot bigger since he first found it on the beach in it's nest of sea weed.
It must be my imagination, he thought to himself. But when he picked up the egg, he noticed it was much heavier than when he set it down. He struggled along the beach dunes with the large, heavy, greenish egg and tried not to trip through the scraggly beach grass.
Then to Jacks relief he seen his small, run down shack that he lived in with his mean old Grandfather.

Never the less, it was his home for now and he was happy to see the small but sturdy wagon his mother had given him long ago as a birthday present back in happier days.
Jack brushed away a tear at the thought of his mother. She had been long since dead and he missed her much.
Then Jacks stomach growled very LOUDLY.
Jack once again put the large,greenish egg down, and left it at the edge of the sand dunes so he could go and get his wagon and use it to pull the egg home.
When Jack returned a few minutes later, the egg had grown even bigger. Jack could barley get it into his little wagon.
"I had better cook you up quick, before you get to big to fit in any pan or pot we've got!" I hope you are delicious, I am very , very hungry," Jack told the egg, he patted it and began the short journey back to the shack he called home.

His mean old Grandpa already had a fire going when Jack brought the now HUGE egg home.
"I bet it is going to be delicious," crooned the mean ol Grandpa and he licked his lips in anticipation.
"Looks like you finally did something right for a change, Sonny boy," the mean old Grandpa made a attempt to pat Jack on the head, but Jack thought he was going to get hit as usual and quickly shied away out of the old mans reach.
The mean old grandpa cackled.
"Well, lets cook it up." said the grandpa.
"How should we cook it ?" Boil it or fry it in butter with herbs?" Grandpa asked eagerly, for he was very hungry to.
"I don't know, " said Jack. I think I would like it fried in butter with herbs."
"Sounds good," said Grandpa and he brought down a fry pan, spoon and large bowl.
When Jack turned around to get the egg out of the wagon, the wagons wheels suddenly collapsed under the weight of the now GIANT, Greenish Egg.

Then the egg gave a loud "Crack!" and cracked open.

A large yellow eye peeked out of the crack .

The egg then cracked open the rest of the way and out popped a Red Sea Dragon.

Right in front of their eyes it quickly became the size of a cow, then as big as their house.

The Giant Red Sea Dragon looked at them both, it seemed to have stopped growing for a moment.
It smiled at them with sharp teeth.

Then it said to them.

"You look delicious, I bet you will taste great! Hmmmm, but, how should I cook you? Boil you or fry you up with butter and herbs?"

Before the mean old Grandpa and Jack could come to their senses and run away, the Red Sea Dragon was upon them with his huge sharp teeth.

With two quick bites the hungry Red Sea Dragon gobbled up the Grandpa and Jack.
"Mmmmmm," said the Red Sea Dragon after consuming the boney old man and the bitter boy Jack!
"Not to bad raw either." said the Red Sea Dragon.

With a loud "BURP!!" The Dragon walked back to the ocean, jumped in with a big splash and was never noticed again.

The End.

Thanks for reading
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Hmmmm, I think I need some more pictures with this one.
Long ago I found a dragon on this site. Anyone know where
I can find a dragon to go in my story??
Thanks for reading,

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Cute story Tasia!
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Thanks Dysdk11. Are you going to do any posting here??
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That's a cute story! Loved that egg! But I agree more pictures would enhance it.
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Default Bubble Butt. A short story I wrote from a glitch in my game.
I wrote this from a rather silly glitch.

"Hello, my name is Ginger "Snap" Cookeyum. My friends call me "Snap."

"This is my older brother "Monster Cookeyum."
We are roomates and lifelong pals.
It has been just the two of us for about 10 yrs now.
Our parents were killed in a racing accident. But, in spite of this we are both
'Gear Heads' and it's all about the Cars for us."

"He is a little Strange and Scary to some people. But he has a heart of Gold.
And he is one heck of a body and engine man."

" So here is my short little story about my " Mysterious Bubble Butt" and how it all started.

"Well, it all seems to have started like this.
One day, I noticed this freaky looking guy outside my house.
He kept hanging around and checking me out."

It was really creepy the way he was always around everyday.

This guy was about as attractive as a dead cat on the side of the road,
he smelled about the same to.
*******Gross!********** and *********Ewwwww!*********

" What a FREAK! What did I ever do to deserve this guys attention?"

"This guy would not take " NO!" for a answer.
He would not leave me alone!
So, I told my big brother about him."

Monster, was not pleased by this news.

The End for now.

Thanks for reading. This story is all written and ready to post. I am just out of time tonight. Please check back later for the rest. Thank you.
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Default Bubble Butt. Part 2

Monster has always been my protector.
"He was 19 when both of our parents died.
I was 10yrs old when Monster became my Legal Guardian
according to the Last Will and Testament of our parents.
You could say he is very protective of me, we are all each other has.

"Oh yeah, Just to let you know, Monster also works out Constantly.
He is in Great Shape and is well known in the local area as "The Punisher."
The Fight Clubs know him as Champ. Lets just say that freaky guy never bothered me again.

" But a few weeks later a bad thing happend.
I died."
It was so sudden and unexpected.
Here is how it happened.
One day, I got a phone call to go and pick up some parts for a car that Monster was working on.
The guy on the phone had a strange accent and he sounded familiar, just like that freaky guy from a few weeks ago. I thought about this as I wrote down the address then blew it off as just my imagination."

"I thought the address was a little unusual also, but they were custom parts and sometimes
you gotta go and pick them up where ever the machinist is located."

"My brother stayed behind working on the car."

"When I got to the location, I thought it very unusual that it was at this place.
What was even worse, was that the building was on FIRE!
I could here people screaming inside.
I called 911 on my cell phone and then ran inside to see if I could help anyone."

"This was very stupid of me.
I should of never ran into the burning building."

"People were catching on fire and burning to death!"

"It was horrible!"

"I watched death himself arrive.
He came for me.
I had caught on fire and burned to death."

"It all happend so fast. Next thing I knew I was a ghost!"

"It was a hellish nightmare!"

The End for now.
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