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Default Before The Dawn

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"When I was a little girl, my father always told me, once they are dead, they are dead. They never come back. So, when I read books about Vampires, Zombies, and Werewolves, were tall tails, told by men that scared children from leaving the house at night. When I was about sixteen my father passed away, but the months before he died, he told me a story about a prophecy. That was to be had.

He told me about two people that were destined for each other. Like two peas in a pod, that would always call for each other. But their personalities would be completely different. One would represent Night, while the other represented Light. As if they were good and evil, but to become one, and bare a child of neutrality. I sort of laughed at the story he had told me. But he also told me, they would not look like humans. Their ears would be pointed. And their eyes would be completely different from their parents. And Night's parents would have blonde hair, and their child with black. Light's family on the other hand, the parents would have black hair, and their child with blonde. I wonder till this day what my father meant.

But there is one person I could see being Night...Viktoria Ravenmoon. She has the grip of ice, and a heart of coal. She is dark, and twisted. But who would of thought...I would be shown in a different direction...Enjoy...Mortals."

"Milady..." Jonhanthen's words began with a soft tone, as he looked towards his mistress, or in some cases his master. A loyal butler, that would surely die before the woman that stood before him, "Milady, are you alright? Its bright out here, morning. Why have you sent yourself out here, alone?" After his question was asked he heard a soft chuckle linger away from the mask.

"Why not? Johnathen, my dear. You have served me well, for many years. And yet, you ask the same damn question every time I come up here!" The female spat out, "But aren't you lucky, I am in a rather good mood. Have my 'troops' arrived?" She asked with distain in her tone. She heard nothing but silence, "Well, then I suppose, I shall wait in the throne room until they have arrived."

Viktoria sat upon her throne, waiting, waiting. Hours had seem to go by, "Shallow ingrates! They should know by now, I hate to wait. And yet, look at the time." Viktoria snarled, as she tried to calm herself down. She sat there, now thinking to herself, "I do not wish for this prophecy to come true...For if it does..." She sighed, "It'll be an end to amazing civilization. And I can not let that happen." She mustered to herself, as she was beginning to get even more restless, she heard a loud bang against the wall. She looked up, to see her butler running towards her.

"MILADY! MILADY!" He screamed through the hallway as he ran towards his master, "They have arrived. And they are here. Shall I send them in?" He asked, knowing that he was about go get his ass chewed.

"No, keep them outside! ARE YOU THAT NAIVE?! Of course, send them in! And as soon as you do, you'll stand next to me like a good dog." Viktoria hissed.

But before leaving, Johnathen lowered himself to the floor upon one knee, and his hand to his chest, "Forgive me, milady. I shall not use an ill tongue towards you again. I should not be so naive. And I ask for your forgiveness, and if I shall, I will beg like a dog for your mercy." He stated, he kept his head bowed, before a silent hiss behind soft spoken words.

"I will not tell you again." Was the only words that fell from Viktoria's cold lips.

Viktoria watched them all emerge within the throne room, a cold smirk rose to her lips, as she watched her loyal butler take his place next to her.

"Well, what do you think of them, milady?" Johnathen asked, as he leaned over close enough for their conversation to not be heard. Johnathen was more or less scared of Viktoria, he knew in one moment he could be dead. And Viktoria would show no remorse for her actions. He remembered when he was a child, she took him in. But now everything had changed, and he was regretting walking within the deadly walls of Viktoria's castle.

"What do I think? I think they are rather pathetic. But that shall too pass. For they will not last very long here. They will die like the others before them. Whether they die of old age, battle or even an illness. They will die, and more will take their place. Johnathen, I wish for you to leave us. I wish to speak to all of them, and see if they know why they are here. Please, for once in your life be useful, and cook these of pathetic flesh dinner." Viktoria stated, she watched him bow then leave the room.

Viktoria rose from her throne, and headed down the stairs. She could feel the aura of each of them. All of them showed that they were ever so nervous around this masked female. And all of them wondered one thing: "Why did she have a mask on, and what is she hiding?"

All of them surely stopped breathing as this female was now standing only two feet away, Viktoria smirked as she heard them gulp, "Nervous?" She asked, "Well, you should be. But that isn't the question that comes to my mind, and I do know that is not the same question that comes into your pathetic minds either. My question, I ask is...Do you know why you are here?" Viktoria asked, and she heard no answer.

"How about you?" Viktoria's hues were directly on the male named David. "Do you know why you are here?" She asked with now a linger darkened tone,

"No...N..No milady." David replied. And he heard the word: "Pity" crawl into his ears like a spider.

Viktoria's glare was now upon a female named Janice, "Do you know why you are here? Or are you like the pathetic male that has a tongue like a stuttering snake." Viktoria chuckled eerily behind her mask, and awaited for an answer.

"N..No..Milady." Janice replied, and Janice too heard the word: "Pity."

Viktoria was now standing before a female named, Dalia. "One of you better answer the damn question at hand! Before I discard all of you! Now you!" Viktoria kept her focus on the female that was before her, "Why are you here?!" Before the girl answered, Viktoria was now right in front of the female, staring down at her.

"We are here to serve you, milady. Whether it be cleaning toilets or fighting. We are now your servants in life, death and all of eternity. That is why we are here, milady." Dalia spoke with a bold tone. Though she couldn't see the eerie smile behind Viktoria's mask, she could only assume what she was thinking, and Dalia was truly frightened.

"Rise." Viktoria stated with a rather calm tone.

"My dear child, you may just have a purpose. But only time can tell. After all, I am not looking for some stupid...Wench...That can waltz her way in here, thinking she owns the place." Viktoria spat out, "Now, listen for I shall only say this once. And you can tell your little friends. That I seek for the best, and the strong. And he or she will be in command of the group. And will ONLY follow my orders." Viktoria emphasized the word only, she needed the point to get across.

The only question that was left, who would win the competition to become Viktoria's right hand man/woman. Only time would tell. But Viktoria seemed a little to desperate. Viktoria was the only knew that there was something...Wrong.

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Default Born of Innocence into the Darkness

"With death there is new life, and with new life there is death. Sometimes I had wondered if it was possible that life could have some serious problems. Thinking of death, hate, and sadistic ways. I never knew what life was about to throw at me, until I had met my family. Somethings were so dark and gloomy, and yet I craved something I knew wasn't right at all. I craved death, I craved anger, I craved even blood. I knew deep down something wasn't right about me.

Funny thing though, I knew right from wrong. But why be good when evil feels so much better."

"My gods, I come before thee. With a soft plea, please let me be able to bare children, let me have at least one. For years I have been told that children will never come into my life, unless, I adopt. Please, please please! I beg of thee! Please here my prayer! Please grant me the strength and the ability to bare a child. My husband and I need to have a child, that brings likeness of both of us to the light. I do not care what gender the child is. Just please...Offer me one time to bare a child. One time, is all I ask for."

Nevena stayed in the corner as she listened to the female pray over and over again. Offering her womb to the Gods, what a foolish child. Nevena didn't move from her spot just kept her bright hues upon the female. No words leaked away from her lips, for she knew if she had, Melissa would certainly know that she was there. After all being the Elven Goddess of Night, Death, Hate, Destruction, Chaos, or whatever bad things someone could think of, she was the Goddess of.

"You wish to bare a child, my dear? Then come here, and I shall show you a way to bare a child, and for this you will never have to worry. This child will be yours, under. . .One condition." Nevena spoke within the female's mind.

Melissa now standing before the Goddess, she kept her eyes on the Goddess. She didn't know what to say, or even ask. Well, Melissa did have one question pop up in her head, and before she could ask with her mouth, she heard,

"You are pitiful. How can you not know who I am?! Have you been living beneath a rock?! Or are you just that dumb?!"

After the words were spoken, Melissa heard a snicker flank her mind, "Is she really reading my mind?" Melissa thought as she saw the female now turn away and yawn.

"Yes, I am reading your mind. My name is Nevena the Elven Goddess of Night. Or well, a lot more after that. And I am here to offer you child to bare. However, there is one little condition. You will raise the child until he or she is sixteen, in which her or she will come live with me. This child you are to bare, is mine, and mine alone. Do not worry, from sixteen and on, I shall be a terrific mother. Do we have an agreement, Melissa?" Nevena asked.

"NO! I want this child as my own! Is that why you came?! To offer something that I wouldn't refuse, then turn around, and tell me that MY child is actually YOURS?! I will not have it! I will just adopt!"

Anger filled the Goddess hues, "Then every time you try to conceive, you will fail. Every time you will be filled with happiness, and delight. But the child will die within you, causing you to have a miscarriage every single time. Your child will never be born, you will suffer every single time you bare. And there will be times you will actually give birth, and that baby will die in your arms. Now, do you wish for this to happen? Or do you actually listen to my words, and give away your child at the age of sixteen? There is no going back after I leave, its either a yes or a no." The Goddess spoke with such a harsh tone, she could see Melissa quivering before her.

Soon the Goddess saw Melissa bow to one knee before her, with a twisted grin upon her features, she waited for an answer that she knew would come out of Melissa's mouth, even if Melissa didn't want to say the word,

"Yes." Melissa finally replied, "I will give unto my child at their sixteenth birthday. The child will become yours, as you wish. But I ask one thing of you. That when my child becomes the age you wish to take them from me, that you take good care of the child."

A smile lingered against The Goddess's lips, "This is a favor I will commit myself to. For the child will be of my own, they will even look like me. This child is yours to bare, a burden you have now taken upon yourself, Melissa. I will see you again when MY child is sixteen."

Years had passed, and to Melissa's heartache, Nevena didn't lie. Melissa would lose children left and right, until the day Nevena was ready to have Melissa bare the child that would represent night. And soon, Melissa was pregnant with the child that would change the world,

"Hey, sweetie...Its daddy. I hope you are doing well, I can't wait to see you! I can't wait to hold you! Daddy loves you!" Viktor was so very happy that they had finally went to the first trimester of the baby's life. But he was also worried, because Melissa would get far within the pregnancy, then lose the child. He stayed positive even through the negative aura that still lingered around them.

Soon Melissa hit her second trimester, she was filled with happiness and hope. But she also knew that if this child was born, that soon she would have to say goodbye, something she wasn't ready for,

"Oh my god! He is kicking! I think he is going to be a soccer player." Viktor stated with a happy tone in his voice,

"And how do we not know that our child will be a girl?" Melissa asked watching her husband rub her growing stomach,

"Well, whatever we are having they will be in a loving family." Viktor stated with a soft smile.

Sure enough Melissa and Viktor bared a little girl in which they named, Schuyler.

"Shhhh, its okay baby. Mommy is here. And I always will be. Its okay, honey, mommy is here." Melissa whispered to calm her baby down from the tears she was crying, "Mommy is here." Melissa whispered, she could feel her heart breaking now, because she was her mommy now, but come of sixteen, she would no longer be her mother.

"Your growing up so fast! You are so cute, you are going to be a gorgeous little toddler! Oh, mommy loves you!" Melissa exclaimed, "Stop growing so fast, Schuyler...Please." Melissa thought to herself, as she cradled her daughter before blowing out the candles for her.

Melissa watched on, as her husband potty trained Schuyler, "Dear god...Soon she will be a child, and soon a teen...And...Soon, its goodbye." Melissa thought, she couldn't grasp that she should be positive with the time she has with Schuyler, instead she was looking at the long term and how she would lose her daughter.

"Why does Schuyler have black hair? Why does Schuyler look so much different than her mother and I? She doesn't even have any of our features...Did Melissa cheat on me to have her? Was it me that was having problems helping Melissa bare our child..." Viktor thought to himself.

Melissa held onto her daughter's hands as she began to help her walk, "That's right baby, you are doing it. You are standing on your own. Come on, walk with mommy." Melissa stated with a smile, but deep down she was thinking, "Too soon...Too soon."

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Default Lies And Broken Promises

"Within the walls of a million lies. Within the walls of a mother that never quite understood me. I felt so angry. I felt like the next person I could easily kill, and with no remorse. And I kept telling myself if I keep thinking like this I would certainly act. And yet, I never really cared. I knew I could stop from acting upon my thoughts. But I knew and I could understand that my own parents would look at me like some sort of freak. But I look in the mirror, and see a female that has darkness beneath her eyes. And I see a female that looks nothing like her parents. And I wondered why.

Soon, with death, I would know why. And soon, I would take my rightful place, next to my mother."

"Hello?" Melissa asked softly within the phone, not sure who the person on the other line would be, she only knew a few people. And yet, there was still one person that frightened her the most, Nevena.

"Hello, Melissa. How are you? Wait, you know what, let me put this bluntly, I do not care! Where is MY daughter?! She is now sixteen, and she belongs in her true home. Where is she?!" Nevena screamed threw the phone, "And do not lie to me, Melissa. Or there will be terrible consequences, this I warn you. And this I promise you. Now, where is Schuyler?" Nevena asked with a very angered tone.

"I promise I'll get her to you. Do not worry, Nevena. It'll happen, and you'll see your daughter. After all, my husband is asking a lot of questions. So, do not worry, Nevena, you'll see Schuyler." Melissa lied, she wasn't about to hand over her one and only daughter to a dark evil woman. That is just absurd, Melissa then heard a snicker from the other side, "What is it?" Melissa asked,

"Oh, nothing. Its rather sad, my dear, that you have yet to tell the man you supposedly love that your daughter is actually MINE. Does he think you are cheating on him with a man with black hair? Does he think your cheating on him with a man with pointed ears? Get real, my dear. Schuyler looks nothing like you. And never will. Melissa, do not lie to me, for there will be dire consequences. Something that will not only effect you, but your whole family. And pity, it'll come down to this, Melissa Coldbane. Say goodbye to those you hold dearly." Nevean snickered then hung up the phone.

"Shit..." Melissa whispered, after the click.

"Viktor, you do know I love you, right? You do know that I'll do anything to keep our family secure and protected, right? Viktor...There is something I need to get off my chest." Melissa mustered, she held onto her husband's hands, as she looked into his soft eyes.

"Melissa, you are worrying me. What is this about? Is everything okay?" Viktor asked, "Please...Tell me this isn't about Schuyler and you actually did cheat on me!" Viktor thought.

"Its about Schuyler..." Melissa paused, feeling a lump growing in the back of her throat.

"Wh..What about Schuyler?" Viktor asked,

"Schuyler...Isn't yours..." Melissa mustered,

"I KNEW IT!!! YOU CHEATED ON ME! YOU DIRTY SLUT!" Viktor screamed, "Who is he?!"

"It..Its not like that Viktor! I prayed to the Gods, I was so damn scared that we wouldn't be able to have kids! And I made a promise that I didn't want to keep. And now...I sort of blew it...Schuyler is the daughter of, Nevena the Elven Goddess of Night..." Melissa mustered,

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE IS CAPABLE OF?!" Viktor screamed, "Do you?! Did you ever read on the Elven Gods and Goddesses?! I did! I had to, for my College class. And believe me, she is not one you want to mess with. She isn't the Goddess of Night, Melissa! She is the Goddess of Death! She brings darkness upon people. She is dark, and twisted. When is she to take Schuyler?" Viktor asked,

"Never. Because I broke off the promise." Melissa stated, "And she was fine with it." Melissa lied, not knowing that her lie would come back to haunt her.

"Shane it is an honour for you to be here with us, tonight." Melissa stated over her delicious lobster, "Schuyler, is a very smart kid. She has gotten A's, and has kept her grades up. She is on different sports teams. Her favourite is archery." Melissa stated with a smile,

"Schuyler, why do you wish to be enrolled into Private School?" Shane asked Schuyler,

"Well, it would further my education. I want to go to College, to become a somebody, and get a good paying job." Schuyler stated, with a soft smile,

"Well, congratulations, Mrs. Coldbane, Schuyler is part our school."

Though Melissa was filled with glee, tomorrow was about to bring a much darker side of life.

The next day, out of nowhere Nevena appeared, she was absolutely disgusted. And when a promise is broken with the Goddess of Death, only bad things are to follow, and surely enough bad things were about to follow.

"Ne...Nevena...What are you doing here?" Melissa asked, quite frightened.

"I warned you, Melissa. I warned you that breaking a promise would lead to consequences that you would not want to endure, and yet you decided to not follow one little instruction. I hope that you were close to your family. Because not only will you suffer, but your husband, and MY daughter will suffer as well. Shame on you, Melissa. You should have heeded my words, and yet you were stubborn. Say goodbye to those you hold dear."

"Eternal Night come forth and take the one that belongs with thee. Let the soul of those perish. And let the ones around them be forever scarred with the death of love, and love will now become death. Family strings destroyed. I order thee to take his life!" Nevena stated as the Grim Reaper appeared,

"Yes, milady. In which shall I take with me?" He asked,

"First, take Melissa's father, Michael. Let her feel the knots that will become her own demise of heartache."

Michael was shocked to hear these words, "B..Please...I have a family...And don't take me, I am not ready." He stated in a soft depressing voice,

"Orders are orders. Now come with me." The Grim Reaper stated.

"Did I not warn you?! Did I not tell you, that there would be dire consequences for your mistakes?! You didn't listen did you, Melissa! Now everyone is to suffer, I guess they should thank you for everything that you have done wrong, pity. You should have listened to me. Say goodbye to another."

"Please..Nevena..Please do not do this. I am begging you. Please stop. Schuyler is yours. Just please do not harm my family anymore. I am begging you." Melissa pleaded, with the Goddess.

"Fine, I promise not to harm anymore of your family members." Nevena snickered, "After all, my daughter will be coming home with me."

"Come once again. Let death hinder within the walls, let death come forth and take what is rightfully mine. Let their souls be released from their bodies, and let them forever rest, in the darkness for no man nor woman to see. I command thee to return and take away life, and bring death." Nevena stated, and once again the Grim Reaper appeared,

"Which of these will come with me, milady?" He asked,

"Margaret Coldbane, let Melissa's husband feel first hand, how death feels." Nevena smirked.

"Alright, come on." The Grim Reaper stated towards Margaret, surprisingly she left without saying a word.

"YOUR PROMISED!" Melissa screamed, "Why did you keep going?!"

Nevena glared at Melissa, "How does it feel to have a promise broken, hmm? How does it feel to lose the one thing that you cherish the most, your own parents. Your own family! You are taking away that is MINE, my daughter Schuyler! And I will not allow you to keep on with this charade, you either let her come home with me, or I'll kill your husband." Nevena stated, not knowing that Schuyler happened to over hear them screaming, kind of hard not to.

"How could she lie to me?! How could Melissa lie to me?! How could she keep this secret from me?! HOW?! I feel so hateful lately, as if I could kill someone, and not care! And yet...YET SHE LIED! I HATE HER!" Schuyler was literally screamed in her thoughts, "I...I hate Melissa...I hate Viktor...I want to go home." Schuyler thought to herself.

After screaming within her thoughts, Schuyler reluctantly walked back into the room to see Melissa apologizing with Nevena, she just stopped and stared at them,

"Please..Nevena forgive me. Please, I do not anyone else to die. Please...." Melissa pleaded,

"I don't know if I could ever forgive you for what has been done, Melissa. You have taken away, what is...." Nevena was cut off,

With a smile on Schuyler's face, she whispered, "I want to go home with, my mother. Melissa, its been a nice long run. But my place is with my mother."

Nevena smiled, "Then all is forgiven Melissa. It seems that Schuyler has made her decision. And I'll not argue with her. Goodbye, Melissa, and thank you for your services." Nevean stated.

"I knew you would make the right decision, my child. Now let us go home." Nevena stated,

"Of course, mother. Let us go home." Schuyler stated softly within her mother's ear.

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Default Do Not Let The Fools, Fool You

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"Some people justify their actions with lies, and some use those around them to self destruct what they once had. Me on the other hand...Well, what I thought was real, turned to be completely fake. Filled with lust of lies, and determination to destroy everything within a path of darkness. I never thought being born into such a prominent family would have not only sealed the fate of my life, but that of my brother's fate as well. Is there such a fine line of trust and lies? Or is that fine like nothing but a slice of ice, waiting for us to fall to our cold and icy death..."

As Viktoria let her hand run down Dalia's face, a smile was hidden beneath her mask, "She'll make the perfect specimen. And I'll be able to make sure that the child to be bared will have nothing but a loving family. Well...Not so loving." Viktoria left a laughter trying to tickle the back of her throat, but she hid such a laughter.

"Am...Am...I falling for this woman? This woman I can't see...Just her dark eyes." Dalia thought to herself. Her heart pounded, as she felt the gloved hand rush against her cheek.

As Johnathen was setting up for dinner, he looked towards the frail female, "Is everything okay?" He asked, as he placed the first plate upon the table,

"Not entirely. The Madam made me the leader of my siblings. Made me swear that I shall not disobey her, and find another. That we are to only love her, and no one else. But what if I am falling in love with her?" Dalia asked looking towards her hands, and not making any contact with the male,

"I've known the Madam for years, do not fret child. This is where you move forward and do as she says. Do not fall away, for there was another before me. And he was killed from her hands, and this death was rather unpleasant. Let me say...That even in death, he would never be able to speak of her horrid actions." Johnathan stated as he went back to doing what he was told, serving dinner.

"Maybe he is right. For if I disobey her, I'll not only kill myself. But that of my brothers and sister." Dalia thought, "I shall follow the Madam even into death." Dalia thought, as she continued to let her thoughts smother her.

"Milady. We have a bit of a problem." Johnathen stated,

"And what is this problem?" Viktoria asked, as she continued to listen to him,

"I do believe Dalia has fallen deeply in love with you. Should you not back off?" Johnathen asked, and soon he became bold, as he pulled away, then went to grab Viktoria's hand,

"And I too have fallen in love with you." Johnathen stated,

Viktoria pulled her hand away in a fast pace, "Do I look as if I have fallen in love with you, Johnathan?! Do not assume, my dear. For it'll make an ass out of you, and an ass out of me. And more so you, than myself. Do not do this again. And besides, there is now another." Viktoria stated, "And..." Viktoria stopped as she remembered the kiss that her and Frag had shared...

Then their night together, after Frag had grown to a much more mature woman...

"AND ITS NONE OF YOUR CONCERN!" Viktoria screamed,

"It is my concern! What if she is, you know...Pregnant. She'll bare what was Dalia's position. Was she not elected to be the head of her siblings?! TO BARE YOUR CHILD!" Johnathan screamed right back at her,

"GO! LEAVE ME NOW!" Viktoria spat, as she felt a sharp pain scream through her mind, as she saw something flash before her eyes,

"Does Viktoria know?" Crispin asked his older sister,

"Uhm...I don't think so. In fact...I have no intentions of telling her. That I am baring twins..." Frag replied,

Crispin continued to rub Frag's growing stomach, "Wait...Twins...How did you find this out?"Crispin asked,

"I got an ultrasound done. And there was two. A boy, and a girl. I shall name the male, Neo. And the girl Angelina." Frag stated,

And finally when Viktoria came too, she saw Johnathan walking away, "Oh, and Johnathan, find my children." Viktoria stated, as she began to wonder what was now to come of her kids. Not to mention, they were to be Vampiric, but also destined to be witches, due to the fact their mother, Frag was an Evil witch. Two sides of a disturbing puzzle to make a whole.

"Queen of the Damned seeks knight in shining piercings for pleasure, pain and purring"--Scary Mary from the Urbz: Sims In The City

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Default Van Roechoudt Family: Part I

"Disaster! It only needs to start with one person...And then leads to a never ending fall effect. Like Dominos, one moment you feel happy, everything is in the up and up. Then next minute you know, you are being pushed over, and falling flat on your face. Funny how life works, a never ending cycle of hell. Then getting back up. What is that saying? Once you fall off the horse, get back on again and again. I rather stay slammed against my face, then deal with some damn horse. Besides...Being flat on your face only gives the society another reason to walk all over. Pssh, some lame ass society."

After months of trying to conceive, Spyder or by her birth name Samantha got pregnant by her, her then boyfriend. Things were looking happy and splendid, as things should be, seeing her and Jacen were bringing life into the world, isn't life great?

"He is going to be an amazing boy. I can't wait!" Jacen stated with pride and excitement,

"And what if 'he' is actually a she? Will you still be happy?" Spyder asked,

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?" Jacen asked as he continued to rub the belly that was getting bigger, "Do you got any names picked out?" Jacen asked,

"Yes, for a girl it'll be Skylar. A boy Alexander." Spyder replied,

"Skylar? Isn't that a boy's name?" Jacen asked,

"I like to think outside of the norm." Spyder replied.

Months later, Spyder was finally showing off her last trimester. And who couldn't be happy about that? But things were tense between the Van Roechoudt and the Parker family. The biggest reason? Jacen and Spyder were having a child out of wedlock. But that didn't stop Jacen from talking to the unborn child,

"Hey hey hey. Its daddy. I can't wait to actually hold you in my arms!" Jacen stated,

"You are a weird little man." Spyder stated with a smile on her lips,

"Well, what kind of father would I be, if I wasn't excited of our new born?" Jacen asked as he sighed softly,

"What is it?" Spyder asked,

"Nothing, don't worry about it." Jacen replied.

After a few more weeks, Spyder gave birth to a healthy baby girl, in which her name was Skylar,

However, the only one that seemed to care about the child was Spyder and her parents. The Parker family had nothing to do with her, due to the fact of Parker's pride and morals. They wanted Jacen to have married Spyder. But Spyder told Jacen, she didn't want to be married. So, why be a burden to a child? Or for that matter...A whole part of a family.

After raising the child practically on her own, Skylar was ready to venture onward to college, and start a new life for her own. And seeing she would be the first child in the family to go to College, the Van Roechoudt family was filled with joy. The Parker family? Were just happy to get rid of her.

"I am so proud of you, Skylar." Jacen stated,

"Thanks dad." Skylar said with a smile,

"I am sorry that I wasn't much in your life...I just.." Jacen was cut off,

"I got it dad. I was a burden to you and your parents. Its all good. I don't care. And why should I?" Skylar asked, "Just know, I am happy that you care enough to set me free to College. You at least got one wish out of this...Me gone, out of the house." Skylar stated, with that same smile,

"Skylar..." Jacen went to say something,

"Don't fret dad. I'll call from time to time. Later." Skylar stated and headed off to the place where she would spend the next four years of her life.

After four wonderfully long years, Skylar was freed from her hell. College was a drag, and Skylar hated the College life. Studying, tests, and annoying professors, that showed up randomly at her little shack she called her own personal dorm. Of course by this time, Skylar had fallen in love with a skater punk named Skye. And surely, they couldn't be away from each other. At random times of the night, Skye would show up at the 'personal dorm', and just spend the night with her College lover. Isn't love blissful?

"I love you so much, Skye.." Skylar whispered,

"I love you so much more than you love me, Skylar." Skye teased.

After years of waiting for Skylar to get the courage up to propose things, happened like a flash of lightning, Skylar proposed to Skye in her own store, The Haven,

"Okay...So, I know it has taken me forever to do this. And I know it took me forever for me to be ready. But I love that you and I went four years together. Instead of going from one moment being lovers, to being engaged the next. You are everything to me. And I didn't want to rush things, Skye. You are like a skaters dream come true. From your gorgeous personality, to that rocking body. I love you, Skye. And I need to know now...Will you marry me?" Skylar asked, with hope in her eyes,

"Yes, Skylar, I'll marry you. I am glad that you asked me before I was all wrinkly and grey." Skye teased before leaping into Skylar's arms,

"By the way, I could care less if you and I went from lovers to being engaged. Because when I first met, you were like my prey, I was going to have you. I love you Skylar." Skye whispered into Skylar's ear,

"Thats okay, you may have been my sexy predator, and I was to be your prey. But when I first met you, I knew I was going to steal your heart. So, consider me a freaky thief." Skylar whispered, "I love you too, Skye." Skylar mustered,

"So, this is it...No backing out of it now. We are getting married." Skylar stated,

"Are you nervous or something?" Skye asked,

"Well...Uhm...Yes and no...Yes because I am going to blow it in front of my effed up family, and your brother who looks like he is posing for Skater Playgirl." Skylar replied,

Skye tried to hold her laughter back, as she kept her eyes on her prize, Skylar. And Skylar looked at the woman who she stole from the world,

"Alright lets get this bitch started." Fang stated,

"So...Yeah..With this ring, I promise my heart and soul. I promise never to stray away from you. And to be always yours. For you have hunted, and captured, and tore my heart up. To where all it screams, is your name. I love you, Skye." Skylar stated,

"Okay it fits. And its on her finger. She didn't run away. Whew...Good sign." Skylar thought.

"This is one weird ass wedding." Spyder whispered towards her mother

"Yes, I agree. Your daughter is happy, but she is acting like she has not a damn clue on what she is doing. Other than that. An amazing wedding." Spyder's mother stated, as they continued to watch the wedding take place,

"With this ring, I promise my heart and soul. And as you are my prey, you are my thief. And I will never stray from you. You will always be mine. As I am forever yours. I love you Skylar. And believe me, your name is being screamed by my heart as we...Or as I try to speak." Skye slowly slide the ring onto Skylar's finger,

"What the hell is your brother staring at?" Skylar asked,

"Who cares? All I know is. Is I am a Van Roechoudt now." Skye stated,

"That you are babe. That you are. And I wouldn't have it any other way." Skylar stated,

"To an epically weird ass wedding. I toast the new couple. I love you, Skylar. And welcome to the family, Skye." Spyder stated, and everyone tapped their glass for them to kiss.

After a couple years of getting everything settled, both Skylar and Skye decided to give things a try to have a baby, and on the first try...Skye became pregnant,

"My sister has a bun in the oven." Fang stated,

"Nice way of putting things there, Fang." Skye stated, as she watched her brother rub her stomach,

"Soo happy. So happy." Skylar stated as she rubbed her wife's stomach, and soon their lives would turn upside down

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Default Van Roechoudt Family: Part II

"Sometimes when we breath, it is has if we are causing a new burden. Breathe BREATHE! I scream, yet my words come ever so far away from the pain that I must feel day in, and day out. So, if people see as us as a burden...What do we see them as? As assholes? Or just another reason why we realize the society around is nothing but a blinded disaster, funny how life works. Burdens and assholes. Awesome."

"Hey baby. This is your mommy, I can't wait. Just can't wait until I see you!" Skylar exclaimed,

"Uh...Skylar, there is something I should have told you..Remember when you were at work, and Fang had to take me to my ultrasound...Well...We are...Uhm...Having babies. As in twins."

"U...Oh...Hey babies! Its mommy!" Skylar stated with a weird smile on her features,

"You are amazing, Skylar. You didn't run when I told you we are having twins." Skye stated with a warm smile as she rubbed her wife's cheek,

"Skye, I would never run from you or our kids. I am totally in love with you. And though they have yet to be born, I love them as well." Skylar stated, as she was getting ready for the part that hurts everyone. The labor part.

The birth was easy, the part was a little on the hard part was taking care of the babies. Seeing that there was two now, the time was very tense and strung together. But Skye was absolutely pleased, that Skylar would stick around as long as she possibly could before going to work,

"My darling, Bella. I can't wait for you to grow up. I have a feeling you are destined for great things. Mommy loves you."

"Da...Dang, today was a long day. But there is three things I can't wait to see; My wife, my daughters Bella and Tausha. Tausha...You sleep a lot. Mommy loves you though, sweetie."

"What in the hell do I do? Do I just...Let her do her business and look away? Do I look at her and make sure she doesn't get sucked into the baby toilet?! WHAT DO I DO!?" Skylar thought, "Don't worry Bella, mommy won't let the...I will be here and help you through the potty training process." Skylar stated, as she got ready for the potty training process

"Skylar is totally lost. I can feel it. She is soo going to be the weird mom." Skye thought to herself, "Alright, Tausha, now do your business, mommy is here. Don't worry." Skye stated in such a calm voice

"Damn...Bella is learning fast. Its like a little too fast. Slow down there sport. Please...TOO SOON!" Skye thought, "Come on baby, that's it. Come to mommy. You are almost here. If you fall, I am here to catch you." Skye stated, as she smiled with her arms extended,

"Go Tausha. Woot woot! GO TAUSHA! Wait...She is learning a little too fast...Dammit. Stop...Go back to crawling. Go back to crawling!" Skylar thought, "Yeah that's it, Tausha! You are almost here. Mommy is here, mommy is here. Just a little further." Skylar stated with the warmest smile upon her features,

"Bella, we did it. We are teenagers!" Tausha exclaimed,

"Yeah, you make it sound like its this huge achievement. We gotta go to College, get a degree. Party. And paint." Bella replied,

"Paint? What are you gonna be an artist: 'Oh my life is so dark, and I feel so utterly alone. Now...My art shall tell me story'. Well...I guess you are on a good start...You got the beret going on. Sexiness sis." Tausha stated,

"Ha ha ha ha, so damn funny, Tausha." Bella replied

In a childish voice, Spyder began to speak through the bear, "I am so proud of you sweetie. Did I ever tell you I hate art?"

"Mom, what in the hell are you doing?" Skylar asked,

"Don't use that tone with your mother." Spyder spoke through the bear more,

"Mom, your scaring me." Skylar stated,

"Well, at least I am not dancing like your grandparents." Spyder spoke out of the bear, "No, Skylar I am very proud of you. You didn't do what your father did to you, walk away. I love you, and I love my granddaughters. Bella and Tausha are so very beautiful. And the best part...They have you and Skye as parents. I love you." Spyder stated,

"Thank you, mom. And I love you too." Skylar stated with a worried tone, seeing her mother was still holding the teddy bear, "My mom needs help..." Skylar thought, finally smiling

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Default Van Roechoudt Family: Part III

"I was told to hang onto every single moment. Grasp that moment, and to never let go. Who would of thought, that I would take that moment and let it go. Realizing that there was nothing left to give, but yet there was things to take away. A heart, maybe. A soul, maybe. Or what if I told you...That the one thing I took was a life that was so fragile, and that heart was broken because of me, not because I was selfish...Because I needed to protect the one who held my heart so dear...."

Years had passed since Bella and Tausha went through College. They made a lot of friends. Did...A lot of things that shouldn't have been. But hey, they were in College. Those are the years, that people usually get that one moment...Where they can party. Experiment. And sometimes, falling in love, leads to a few things; Heartache, Cheating, and the biggest one...Pregnancy. And unfortunately, that usually happens to those who just can't stay away, such as Bella. Of whom slept with a man named, Marcus. However, sometimes with life, death had to follow.

"Uhm...Keep this on the hush hush, Tausha. But I am...Well, sort of pregnant. And...Like its bad. Its not Marielle's. She thinks it is. I sort of...Well...Made us get it on, so it'll look it is hers. Is that bad?" Bella asked as she whispered into her sister's ear,

"Well...If you consider Marcus had a huge honker. And Marielle doesn't. It sort of shows itself. Sis, what the hell have you done?" Tausha asked,

"I let my slutty ways get the best of me...I think..." Bella mustered,

A few days later:

"Soooo, I decided to propose to Marielle...And let me say this...I really made a mistake." Bella whispered,

"Ha ha ha, you're sooo screwed." Tausha stated,

"No, shit. I really messed up here. Thinking: 'OH! I should get hitched to a chick...That I know I'm going to use to help me raise..." Bella sighed, "My child, without the father. How messed up is that?" Bella asked,

"Welll, if you are referring to the fact you going to use her, then yes that is pretty much the most messed up shit I've ever heard. And if you are talking that your child will be without a father...Well, he got into a car accident, plus, he had found out your eggo was pretty much preggo." Tausha replied,

After a long nine months, Bella gave birth to a healthy boy named, Crispin,

"Hi hi hi." Marielle was excited that she was meeting Bella's son and what to she believed was her son, "He is so handsome."

"Yeah, sure he is. Not to mention, I cheated on you, and had him. Ooops sorry." Bella thought, "Yes, he is. He reminds me of his father, Marcus." Bella thought, but instead she said, "Yes, he is." Bella stated

After giving birth to Crispin, Marielle was there for Crispin, and took care of him, as if he was hers. Bella got the nerve to tell Marielle the truth, and she still stood by Bella and Crispin,

"Alright here we go, Crispin. I do believe you'll get the handle of this. I am here." Marielle stated to Crispin with a smile upon her features,

"Okay, so...Uhm. Can you say desk?" Bella asked, as she watched her son,

"D..D..Desk.." Crispin managed to get out,

"Oh my god. You did it. I am so happy!" Bella exclaimed,

"Come on Crispin, come to momm....Er, Marielle, you got this. Come on, honey." Marielle stated as she watched Crispin take his first steps towards a woman that he thought was his mother,

Marielle looked towards the stomach that was now growing quite well, "I can't wait for our child to be born. She or he will be amazing." Marielle whispered,

"Marielle, you need to know one thing, okay? You remember when I told you Crispin wasn't yours...And you got the nerve to still take care of him. That was awesome. However...There might be a slim chance that this child could be someone else's. But I am pretty much hundred precent sure that the child is yours." Bella thought as she watched her lover rub her stomach, "Yes, he or she will be amazing." Bella stated,

"Peek a boo. Peek a boo!" Marielle stated as she began to talk to Bella's stomach,

"What the hell..." Bella thought, but kept one amusing smile upon her lips.

"Thank you for being such a strong boy, Crispin. I love you." Bella stated as she hugged her son ever so closely,

"I love you too, mommy." Crispin replied,

Those wonderful months led to the birth of Frag:

"Hey little sis. Its big brother, Crispin." Crispin stated with excitement,

"You are too adorable." Bella thought, as she watched her son take to his younger sister, "He'll be very protective of Frag. I know it." Bella thought,

"She is beautiful..." Michael McCoy stated as he held a child that wasn't even his,

Then those wonderful times, of well, getting the child ready for the real world, walking talking, and potty training. Makes times so amazing,

"Come on, Frag, you so got this. All of the Van Roechoudt family has learned really fast." Bella stated, as she rubbed her daughter's cheek,

"Lets take those first steps, sweetie. You can do it. I'll even hold you up." Bella stated as she helped her daughter and her few steps forward,

"Can you say desk?" Marielle asked,

"Desk." Frag said bluntly in a toddler voice,

"Wow...That was really good." Marielle stated,

The Frag and Crispin became close, and of course Crispin is protective of his younger sister, why wouldn't he be?

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Good story can't wait to see more . Although I do want to ask you a question if you do'nt mind me asking, do you have problems with the speech boudle in sims 2?

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Originally Posted by Artimis
Good story can't wait to see more . Although I do want to ask you a question if you do'nt mind me asking, do you have problems with the speech boudle in sims 2?

If you are asking about the bubbles getting cut off, I sort of took the picture trying to cut out the bubble, unfortunately, I couldn't...So, I remembered what they were talking about.

And I am glad that you are liking it, Artimis Thank you ^.^

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Default The Misfortunate

"A Journey with untold memories. A Journey with not a single dream nor a nightmare. Why must us mortals live in agony? Why must we fear the things that shouldn't be feared? Why must we live in a world of hiding and despair? And why was I chosen to cease all existence of life, and yet, keep on with my own. Is there a saying that goes: 'With death there is new life. And with new life there is death.'? So, if this is true, why do thing happen were my mother only brings death, and there is no life to retrieve what was to come? On days like these, I ask again...Why was I chosen?"

Frag had watched her daughter and two sons grow up to be very well off children. But there was a secret that she was hiding from her daughter, Angelina. That her child whether be a boy or a girl. That child would be cursed for all of Eternity. He or she would be the true child of Viktoria. Viktoria, the true Goddess of Death. Frag hid the emotions well, when she had learned that her daughter bared a daughter, in which she named Melinka Dawn, things seemed fitting. But Frag knew of what was to come. Her granddaughter, would never know what life was. But to suffer death over and over again. And unfortunately, she would be the cause of this destruction of man.

By this time, Bella had divorced Marielle, and married a man named Johnny. But thanks to her old ways, she kept seeing Marielle behind Johnny's back. And her twin sister, Tausha, finally settled down and got married to Cale. Luke and Neo had even married. But that wasn't the problem. Everyone was truly happy, with their new lives. New life was being brought into the world, of misfortune. But the day, Angelina announced she was pregnant, hearts stopped:

"You are beautiful, yes you are. Yes you are." Angelina stated with a smile, as she began to talk to her daughter, Melinka.

Hailey watched her wife talk to their daughter, "She is beautiful, isn't she?" Hailey stated in more of a questioning tone,

"Yes. She is very beautiful." Angelina stated, as she looked at their daughter more and more, there was something a little off. She gave off, coldness. Though she was a happy child, or baby in this sense. She felt...Cold.

"Hush now, little one. Dream sweetly. Let the waves of the dreams take you somewhere you have never been. Let the whispers of sweet angels, sing ever so sweetly as your dream, of the beautiful skies. The crisp oceans. Dream sweetly little one, for tomorrow is your first birthday. Sweet dreams, Melinka." Crispin whispered, "As I now pray for your soul. I pray that...Viktoria doesn't take your innocent soul towards the destruction of man. I hope that she sees that you belong mortal, not of immortality. My beautiful great niece, please, once your soul has been take away from the light, and unto the darkness. Do not forget the ones that loved you. For, we are here....Why did Frag have to tell me this...Why..." Crispin thought to himself.

"Day one. We shall potty train you, Melinka." Hailey stated with a warm smile, "Alright, pretend this is your diaper..." Hailey cut herself off, "Is that what I really say to potty train a child?" Hailey thought to herself, "Just uhm, do your business, Melinka." Hailey stated, as she watched her daughter.

"Day two, sweetie. Lets learn how to talk. Hmm, what can I get you to say?" Angelina thought, "How about mama?" Angelina whispered, and ended up getting no response, "Well, that was depressing. I'll try again." Angelina thought, "Can you say mama?" Angelina asked,

"M..M..Mama." Melinka finally replied,

"Yay! Thats correct, Melinka." Angelina stated, as she clapped for her daughter,

"Day three, baby. Walking. Alright, here we go, sweetheart. Mommy got you. Don't worry, I'll never let you fall. You are my precious package of love." Hailey stated, as she kept teaching Melinka how to walk. This was a beautiful moment for Hailey, Angelina, and Melinka. Nothing could go wrong, right?

After years and years of raising Melinka. Melinka decided to strike out on her own. And she went to college. She knew that this was the best opportunity for her. Not only to be own individual, but to also carry on the Van Roechoudt tradition. To go to College, and make something out of herself. And which she did.

"This is just way to soon. Why Melinka...Why did you have to go...Do you know awaits you now...Why did Frag have to tell Angelina and I...What is to come of our child?! WHY COULDN'T SHE PICK SOMEONE ELSE?!" Hailey thought in disgust, "Why..." Hailey continued her heartbreaking thoughts, but kept a strong smile on her face,

"I am so very proud of you, Melinka. Please never...Ever..." Hailey tried to hold back her tears, "That I love you. Angelina loves you. And your entire family loves you." Hailey whispered, as she hated the idea of letting Melinka go,

"Mom, calm down. You act like I'm going to go out and die. Don't worry, I love you, mom, and my family very much. How could I ever forget the love and the cherishing that you all gave to me?" Melinka asked,

"Please...Melinka never forget us." Hailey thought, "I know. I love you sweetie." Hailey managed to get out, as her tears cascaded down her features.

"I love you, mom. And take care of mum. Okay?" Melinka smiled, as she began to turn towards the house she would be living in for the next four years.

After years, of stressing over their daughter's well being. They feared the worse when she stopped calling. Melinka had stopped calling her family. And eventually met up with a woman, that her family feared, Viktoria.

"Ahh, Melinka. So you did decide to show up. Its an honor." Viktoria stated,

"Yeah, you asked me to come here. But...I also felt drawn here." Melinka replied,

"Good. Now, I have to ask you something. Have you ever heard of the prophecy? That three Gods, and three Goddess are to bare children and bring unto this world salvation." Viktoria asked and stated,

"Uh...Let me think. Yeah, actually. The Goddess of Death, The Goddess of Life, and the Goddess of Chaos are to bare children to bring balance to the world. Or at least try to. Where is the God of War, The God of the Sea, and The God of...I can't remember the last one." Melinka whispered,

"The God of Love. I know. Its rather strange. I would have thought the Love part would have been under the Goddess department." Viktoria stated, but then got serious, "Yes, Melinka. That is all correct. However, as you stand before me. You must know of your place upon this Earth. I am the Goddess of Death. I am the Goddess of Destruction. I bring no hope nor light into people's lives. I bring darkness and hopelessness. And you, Melinka, are my true daughter. Your mother, Angelina brought your into this world, for me, to take away. Bring into what is to be protected. You and your soon to be siblings are to bring nothing but balance. For there is a battle to be had. The Goddess of Life and Light was to bare the first child. And yet, I bared the first." Viktoria stated, but was caught off guard by the reaction of her daughter,

Melinka busted up into laughter, "That is too fucking funny!" Melinka continued to laugh,

"Do you not believe the words of your mother?! Do you not believe that these things can happen?! Or do you not believe at midnight, you'll become what you were born to become?" Viktoria asked, "Shall I count down? After all, you have but five minutes of your mortality left."

As time continued to whine down, Melinka was getting agitated with this woman's allegations,

"Five." Viktoria began,

"Blah blah! I can't hear you!" Melinka stated, as she began to feel quite weird. "Just stop, Viktoria! STOP! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!" Melinka screamed as she kept her ears plugged,

"Four. Three. Two. One. Goodbye, mortality. And awaken your immortality." Viktoria stated,

Soon, Melinka would believed what Viktoria was saying, she felt something within her body. She felt coldness, and she felt something that she never wanted to be;

The daughter of the Goddess Of Death.

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Very creative! I applaud your awesome work!

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Thank you, SeeMyu, it means a lot to me

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Default The Band

"Discovering that I was the dark child of the Goddess of Death. Was just another reason to take my rage out. Best way for me? Singing dark, truly dark and hateful lyrics. And I did, I managed to gather sad mortals to join, MY quest to fame. And more people wanted to see more of me, than them. I am not sure, but I think it was the mysterious ways of my music and my look. Plus...My eyes."


Age: 22

Position In the Band: Keyboardist, Violinist, Back Up Vocals

Likes: Partying, Rage ((Her boyfriend)), singing, writing, and playing her instruments.

Dislikes: Drugs, Drinking, Smokers, and Liars.


Age: 23

Position In The Band: Bassist

Likes: Alice ((His girlfriend)), Partying, and playing the Bass

Dislikes: Liars, Abusers, and Users


Age: 24

Position In The Band: Guitarist

Likes: Damsel ((His girlfriend)), reading, writing, and playing his guitar

Dislikes: Liars, Jerks, and did he mention liars?

Ravyn ((Alexandria)):

Age: 21

Position In The Band: Lead Guitarist, Back Up Vocals

Likes: Melinka ((Her fiancee)), playing her guitar, daydreaming, and writing

Dislikes: Cheaters, liars, being hurt, and jerks


Age: 20

Position In The Band: Drums, Back Up Vocals

Likes: Razor ((Her boyfriend)), playing drums, writing, dancing, and singing

Dislikes: Preps, assholes, and liars


Age: 100 ((But looks 24))

Position In The Band: Lead Vocals

Likes: Ravyn ((Her Fiancee)), blood, death, and whips and chains

Dislikes: Cheaters, liars, people who are stuck up prudes, and preps

Meet O.D., short for Overdose. A band that has now broken down the fundamentals of a band, and the reasons of being so dark. And their interview...Will take a new turn, especially with the lead singer, Melinka. Probably the most dark and destructive member of the band.

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Default The Interview With O.D.

"I knew that there was something wrong with me. I felt hot, though my flesh was so cold. I wanted...Out. I wanted to escape. I wanted to be away from the dirt bags of these pathetic mortals. Part of me loved Ravyn, but part of me, a louder part screamed; 'GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!', but I knew that sooner or later, things would have to end, because of who I was. And who my mother was. She never had a long lasting relationship. I guess you can say this...Love is a burden that no one wants. And I knew of this burden, once I got with Ravyn. And my mother is right...People like her and I are not meant to be in a committed relationship. And I'll soon figure out why..."

A.J. Darkmoon: "Alright, I am here interviewing the new hot sensation, O.D. aka OverDose. And I am actually happy in doing so. The first question that seriously comes to mind, why did you call yourself O.D., doesn't it seem you are giving the audience the wrong idea?"

Melinka: Her voice chimed in, "I named the band O.D., because I had a really good friend die of overdosing on heroine. So, I thought it would be a way for us, to show the people that listen to not do drugs. Its a pathetic way out of the pain. I rather cut myself, and watch the pain slither away from my wrists. I like to watch pain fade away from me, than watch my body age to an old hag, and I am only 25, ya know?"

A.J. Darkmoon: "That is one way to put it. Next question. Are any of you dating? And does it make things difficult on the road?"

Rage: "I am with Damsel. And it doesn't make things difficult unless some unwanted bitch throws her panties on the stage. I can actually see Damsel stabbing the girl in the eye with her bow for her violin. Or throw the keyboard at her. It would be kick ass."

Damsel: "You make me seem like an aggressive asshole. But he is right. I get so damn jealous, and I get jealous fast. I fucking hate bitches who know that we are together, and throw dirty panties at MY man."

Razor: "I am with Alice, the best drummer ever. Enough said."

Alice: "I am with Razor. And he can cut me anytime...Did that come off wrong?"

Ravyn: Her voice chimed in, "Sis, that was more than inappropriate . And disturbing. But I wouldn't mind cutting into someone, either. I am currently engaged to the sexy lead singer, Melinka."

Melinka: "I am with Ravyn. And believe me, we have to change the sheets every time her and I get kinky. Its not like there is blood...Alright maybe a little here, and there." Melinka grinned beneath her mask after her statement.

A.J. Darkmoon: "Wow...A little much information there. Who are your inspirations of making the band, or making you want to play the instruments?"

Rage: "Shit that is a good question. I plea the fifth."

Damsel: "Emilie Autumn. I love her skills amazing stuff, that is."

Ravyn: "Shit I agree with Rage. Its hard. I mean...I am not sure who got me really into playing the guitar. I am going to show off my huge ego. Me. I am my own inspiration."

Melinka: "Mmm, ego. Jonathan Davis. He kicks ass. Oh, and Marilyn Manson. Love him. And for some reason...I don't know why. But there is a couple..Or a few Japanese singers I love, like; Kyo from Dir En Grey, Riku from The Gazette, Hizumi from D'espairs Ray, and I don't know...Megurine Luka from Vocaloid. I guess I like her voice."

Alice: "Mercedes Sherida Lande, enough said."

Razor: "Me. I knew I wanted to play the bass...So, myself."

A.J. Darkmoon: "Wow, a lot of ego people in the band. And Melinka your list goes on and on. A lot inspiration there for you. My next question, is it hard for the image of the band knowing that there are two lesbians?"

Rayvn: "Whoa...Whoa. I am not a lesbian. I am bi-sexual. And I usually go towards men. Not women. But there is something about Melinka that makes me just...I dunno, how to explain it."

Rage: "I think its cool. Melinka is kick ass. And Ravyn being bi, is cool too."

Damsel: "I don't give a flying shit. If it ruins the image who cares...Its not about image for us. Its about pleasing the fans."

Alice: "Point taken there sis. I agree with my sister, Damsel. It shouldn't matter."

Razor: "I love my lesbian singer! LEADER!"

Melinka: She remained silent, not knowing the one she was engaged with, liked men more than women. She didn't saw a single word, just listened to everyone else. And she knew things would be better not to say anything.

A.J. Darkmoon: "Melinka...Is it hard being a lesbian in the band?"

Melinka: "Fuck this. Yeah. Alright. Its all about the fucking image." Melinka now stated angrily. "Can we move on?" Melinka asked as she felt heat rising in her inner core. She felt angry, and she didn't know why.

A.J. Darkmoon: "Well, then, moving along. If there was one member of the band that truly pushed their way through the light, and finally pushed themselves to go the extra mile, and stood up after being pushed down repeatedly, who would that be?"

Rage: "Melinka. She has showed that there is nothing that she can't do."

Damsel: "I agree, Melinka. She has been through so much, and yes she keeps going."

Ravyn: "My sisters, and Melinka. I know you said...One. But still all of them are amazing. And we have been through a lot. And to just keep rising up, and up is amazing."

Melinka: "Ravyn. She was inspiration to keep going. To keep pushing me through everything. And yet..." Melinka sighed, "Move on to the next."

Razor: "Melinka, enough said."

Alice: "Melinka."

Ravyn: "Melinka, what's wrong?" Ravyn asked in a soft whisper, "Why are you acting like this?" She asked,

Melinka sighed heavily, "You know why. Thanks for letting me know that you are into dick...Not what I wanted to hear...At all." Melinka whispered back, as she let her attention go back to the interview.

Ravyn felt her heart break a little, "D...Did I really hurt her that bad?" Ravyn thought, as she just wanted to hold her fiancee, "I really...Fucked up." Ravyn thought,

As the final questions kept going. Melinka's answers were getting shorter and shorter. And sometimes she didn't reply at all,

A.J. Darkmoon: "Thank you so much for your time. It was amazing meeting all of you. Thank you."

Alice: "No thank you." She had her preppy looking smile on.

Razor: "Thank you, A.J., it means a lot."

Melinka: "We need to talk..." Melinka whispered, "No, thank you, A.J., I am glad that we could get our voice out there." Melinka stated, as she felt her heart about to fall into her stomach.

Ravyn: "Y...Y..." Ravyn couldn't even get the words out, as she felt her heart crumbling within, "You're welcome A.J."

Rage: "Its whatever, ya know. We had fun, discussing apparently our sex life, and whips and chains." Rage shrugged

Damsel: "You are welcome, A.J., have a safe trip back home."

Things got a little tense after A.J. left. Melinka was planning on breaking things off, but will she? Who knows. But one thing Melinka didn't know, is that there was an uproar with the Gods and Goddesses because of one decision by the one and only, Viktoria or by her true name, Mileena. And how far she had pushed them all with her decision of having the first child. In which she wasn't.

"Queen of the Damned seeks knight in shining piercings for pleasure, pain and purring"--Scary Mary from the Urbz: Sims In The City

"A Famous Explorer once said: 'The extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are.'"--Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 2013
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