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Default Add your stories here!
I see I need to get this place going!
So, you can add your stories here, you must add screenshots from the game,
it's much more fun then, and remember to say what type of story it is at the beginning. Is it a comedy ? Romance ? Action ?

Like, whatever.
My nickname is Eve
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Default The story of Teresse Olay-Comedy part one
Everyone in Pleasant Hills knows their town's super model-Teresse.
Life is not easy as she finds out being a superstar is not always like in heaven. Her friends turn their backs to her in the hardest moments of her life, but you know what? My stories always have happy endings!

Teresse moved out of her family's house looking for a good job as a model.
She was not accepted in SimCity, so she was very anxious about coming
to the warm town called Pleasant Hills. Teresse wandered around from one model agency to another.
''ModelsDirect'' she read to herself as she walked into the building.
''Really? Thank you so much!'' She said joyfully after she was accepted.
Pleasant Hills is a small town, so as Teresse walked on catwalks and was photographed, the news spread quickly. Three months later she became a superstar everyone new about.

One warm summer's morning she came outside to get some fresh air and collect the newspaper. She sat on her sofa with her coffee and the newspaper. She looked at the front page spitting the coffee out, stunned. In huge, bold letters, right in front of her, was the title:


She gave them NO pictures!
Teresse flicked quickly through the newspaper and found the photos.
''How dare they spy on me! How dare they hide in my house!''
Teresse was fuming.
''Paparazzi's in trouble with me!!!''
She looked at the pictures again.
''Impossible! Why do I have guards? You are fired! And you! How couldn't you see the paparazzi?! You are supposed to be trained!''
The star threw the open newspaper on the floor and stomped out of the house.

To be continued.

Like, whatever.
My nickname is Eve
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