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The Skoog family has had an eventful day today to say the least. The oldest son, Isak and his fiancee Maria, graduated from college and moved back to the "Skoog-residence". They both wanted to get married so I fixed an informal wedding party later that day. Right after the wedding the twins, Viktor and Sandra, were ready to become twins. So here they are:


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Ethan Leong and Megan Phillips' twins Blake and Brielle just aged in to teens. They both take after their father with their looks, but personality wise Blake is more resevered like his mother, while Brielle is a flirt like her father.



I just feel like they're going to be so much fun to watch as they develop into their personalities!

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Petra Ottomas, the center of attention at her birthday party. She's talking to Harlan Hawkins, with Sharla and the twins (Ted in the tie, Theodora half-hidden behind him) in the background.

Harlan's gone down to Doc Alan's with his buddy Frank Munny and his Aunt Kestrel Hawkins. Pollux Stacks is leaving the lot in the background while Frank talks to a pregnant Lourdes Newson.

Inside Doc Alan's, Harlan imparts some juicy gossip about college-bound Naomi Gavigan. He and Frank are both Popularity and avidly keep up with all the latest middle- and high-school news.

And, just to round out the four allowed pictures and use up a stray shot, since I'm taking off from sims till February and won't be taking, or posting, any new pictures for awhile, more of Kestrel Hawkins, bonding with her brother-in-law Ezekial over their shared opinion that little Dove Hawkins is much, much more interesting than other peoples' babies!

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During this round some more kids became teens.

First the Schneider twins:


Dirk (he´s probably one of my absolute favorite sims)

Then Joel Berg...

..And Ron Lieb
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A couple of new teens in Pleasantview:

Desmond Broke, recently gone off to university.

His younger brother Fabian, who wants to become a marine biologist.

And Dexter Burb-Beare, who was adopted by Pacey Burb and Kevin Beare when he was just a toddler.
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Vidcund's son Sputnik Curious listens intently as Glozel Howe dishes the dirt:

They've been together forever -- she followed him home on their first day of school and they've been inseparable since -- and are working on their scholarships so they can share a place at La Fiesta Tech:
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These two fellas are my self sim's twin nephews, Lewis and Lennox:

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p.s - ruiku is my nick in other forum

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Here's the daughter of my witch and warlock, Sonu. She just recently grew up into a teenager. It was hard letting her grow up, but she turned out quite pretty. :3 Her first birthday present was, of course, the gift of witchery, which she promptly went outside to test out:

"Yeah...this is cool. I can live with being able to do this." (Also I love this picture <3)

Here's a less dramatic shot of her, after a little makeover, so you can see her face better:

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Juliette poses for a fancy portrait in her senior year of high school. I completely redid Capp Manor, by the way. (What is their obsession with Moroccan furniture? In Veronaville?!) She's in the music room. I changed her OTH to Music- it seemed more likely to me that a big-deal heiress would be more into music than games. Not that there's anything wrong with games! It just seemed more in keeping with the way I picture her, that's all.
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Howitzer Grunt dodges a hug from Jane "the Pain" Smith. He knows better than to think that she's trying to be friendly: she just wants to get him into wedgie range. Fool him once... (And Tank definitely recognizes Jane's maneuver: he used that tactic on Johnny when they were teens.)

But Jane will forever be a pain:

Howitzer complained to Jill -- Jane will at least listen to her -- but Jill declares that she's staying out of whatever little feud they have going. Howitzer looks disappointed while Jane looks smugly triumphant. Jane 1, she mentally tallies, Howitzer 0.
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The twins Hanna and Magdalena Berg became teens today.

Hanna (The only child in the Berg family who didn´t inherit the nose of her father

Magdalena (she looks so much like her older sister Elisabeth)
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We've had a spate of birthdays up at Newsons' Corners, the little bit of Drama Acres where the Newson children have been building their houses all around the old farmhouse where they grew up. Gallagher's girl Minerva had cousins and friends over for her birthday party.

The house is full of aunts and uncles, too, so Minerva and her Hawkins cousins, Gracie (Ginger's) and Harlan (Gabriella's) hole up in her parents' room to dish some middle-school dirt. I wonder what they're saying, that Gracie feels a need to act as lookout?

But the thing that's suddenly on her mind - Minerva's been friends with Marius Curian for ages, so how is it she's only just now noticing how completely dreamy he is?

All the way Downslope at the Gavigans', there's some major life events going on, too. Miguel's birthday party was yesterday, which climaxed with the birth of his little sister Deborah. Now it's Mary and Nathan's Golden Wedding, and tomorrow the twins leave for college! All this calls for a big party, with all their friends in the neighborhood. Miguel feels, unexpectedly, a little shy of all these people he's known his whole life. Harlan was right - everything looks different once you're in middle school. And Uncle Jeremiah's right, too - that applies particularly to Hawkinses. He expected all that.

It's the identity of the Hawkins who looks different that surprises him.

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Jonas Cronwall became a teen yesterday and chosed fortune as his aspiration. Since he´s very mean (1 nice point) he has also started to regulary steal newspapers .

While he visited city to buy some new clothes he also had his very first kiss with Magdalena Berg (you can see a very pregnant Christoph Schneider in the background).
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Finally I got some pretty girls as well - so my hunk boys can get some girlfriends

Christine Chrome

Phoebe Matthis

Luise Kasher

Clara Tentra

now the boys only need to show interest in those beauty's...

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Noelle learning that she got an A+ in school :3 I love her, she's maxed out her creativity and logic, she's a witch, and she's been abducted by aliens.

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Ginger Newson is starting to doubt her brother Gavin's sanity: Jane has done nothing but pick on him since they (at his insistance) dropped by, and all he's done is giggle at her crude attempts to drive him off. She's ready to go home, but she doesn't want to leave Gavin behind at the mercy of Jane the Pain.

However, she soon decides she's seen enough and figures that he can fend for himself in this case.
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Benjamin Rai

Kim Moonbeam
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Brother and sister, Kyle and Tanya (named after her grandmother) Thimble. Gen 3 of my Thimble legacy. Their parents are Joe Thimble and townie Allyn... I cannot at all remember her last name. I changed her name to Ally though.
Anyways, Kyle is the older sibling, infact 7 days older than Tanya. I sent them out to community lots to try and find partners for them both, but all they want to do is entertain and talk with each other.
I should probably get a close up...

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Rosemary Thyme, youngest of the Thyme girls, does her best to make friends with Summer, the oldest surviving one, on the eve of her departure for college. Summer and Justine will be leaving together, and Rosemary will be all alone with their dad Hi and the ghost of Spring, the oldest girl, who died in a fire. You can see why she's anxious to cheer the place up while she can.

Ashleigh Pitts-Upsnott stops in at Fresh Rush Grocery after swimming at Sim Center South, and tries to pick up a cashier. Not sure she swings that way, Ash.

It's late, and Ashleigh knows she should be heading home, but she feels eyes on her and a flutter of excitement. Without letting on, she saunters over. "Say, aren't you Gracie Hawkins's cousin?"
"Aunt," Kestrel corrects her, "but it's all one. And you're that friend of hers, Ashy."
"Ashleigh. But you can call me that if you want." There's some kind of delicious smell in the air and she can't look away from those oddly compelling little eyes. Kestrel's homely, and an aunt, and lives all the way out in Drama Acres and is looking back with a steady warm gaze that's almost like holding hands. "Want to hang out a bit?"
"I've got to go catch the bus," says Kestrel. "Promised my sister I'd be back in time to give her and Ma a break with the baby. See you round."
Whoa. Hawkinses are supposed to be all uberhet. But that felt like - just, whoa.

Miguelito Casa has been wanting to date since he turned teen, and today he's taken the bull by the horns and asked Ruby Gorey, the cutest, silentest girl in his business ed class, bowling. There's some awkward moments, but doesn't she smell nice? I know you think there's hearts or kisses or something in the thought bubble leading out of frame, but you'd be disappointed. It's a bag of money.

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John Mole's daughter Joanna:

Who is Q?
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Finally letting everyone grow up



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Mirabella (Okuma) and leo Deppiesse's twin boys Joel and Parker just aged into teens. They look pretty similar, but if anyone really knows Leo (the Maxis gardener) Joel is his mini-me for sure. Parker takes a bit more after the Okuma/Attention side of the family.

Joel is the one in red, Parker is in blue.

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The Pleasant Teens


I don't know if you can totally see because I had to reduce the screenshots so much, but Lilith has 13 was fun to try them all on.


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