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Tina Traveller aged into athletic gear at her birthday party, which is actually appropriate. She's got an OTH of sports and her aspiration is Popularity, so we're talking Junior Jock here. Even the hair works for it.

The house I spent her parents' money on is too good a party venue for patience, so I used the teleporter cat and had it be one of those "let's invite the whole school" parties, where invitations are distributed to everybody in the class. I did limit myself to either teens/kids who actually live in Drama Acres, or are connected to one of her existing friends. She and Frank Munny are getting along Very Well Indeed. Petra Ottomas there is learning the hula from Frank's brother Mark, whose mission in life is to turn the entire population of the Drama Acres MSA into hula-dancing fools.

Ruby Gorey finds Minerva Newson surprisingly easy to talk to. Minerva's crushing on her BFF Marius Curian and Ruby's crushing on Pollux Stacks, but accepted a date from Miguelito Casa and kissed him - so you know they've got a lot of serious stuff on their minds here.

But her real true forever friend is Petra Ottomas, whom she met through her cousin Amanda. Petra is as shy as Ruby and chickened out of trying for her first date, though she promised Theodora before she left for college that she'd call a boy instead of waiting for one to call her. Ruby invited Petra and her parents over for dinner and had a great time with her friend, but Allegra and Martin could not have a good conversation with Peter and Samantha to save their lives. I think Samantha may have called their decorating scheme "interesting" in the wrong tone of voice. It's a shame I'm not better at taking pictures - the way Ruby's long nose emerges from her protective veil of hair here is just too precious.

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Today Jonathan Nowak became a fortune-seeking teenager. He´s the biological son of Aldric Davis and my custom sim Wilma Nowak. However, when I recreated my neighborhood I ignored all maxis-made sims (with the exception of Stella Terrano), so right now he and his brother Marco actually only have a mother. But that´s okay - she´s a great mother .

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I only have a few pics this time, but I'll try to add more later.

Meet Lain Beltane. She's obsessed with Kawaii and loves hello kitty.

She's kinda weird, but she loves to party.

...maybe a little TOO much.

If you look in the background in the second pic you'll see me dancing with my new boyfriend Lucky. In the background of the third pic are ginger newson and her brother gavin playing red hands.

Mimi Zaxxon (me)

You can read more about me in the storytelling blog in my signature.

Pleasantview High Cheerleaders\

The redhead girl in the front is Bella Knight, head cheerleader. The blonde girl waving is Blanca Nova, and the other blonde girl's name is Buffy Go. Of course most of you recognize the other red haired cheerleader, Angela Pleasant.

Here are my self-sim's brothers Jordan & Tyler.

They live for xbox.

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a little language correction here...
Originally Posted by MimiSim
Meet Lain Beltane. She's obsessed with Kawaii and loves hello kitty.

ehm you mean with neko(ism)..... (catgirl in japanese)
btw kawaii means cute

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#180 Old 31st Mar 2012 at 1:19 AM
I was talking about kawaii clothes.

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lovely all sims
#182 Old 2nd Apr 2012 at 10:41 PM
Mint Schneider became a teen today. Even though she admires her father Philipp (who´s a knowledge sim) very much, she decided that the family is the most important thing to her. She wants to become an education minister one day.
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sorry about that misunderstanding (on my end) mimisim
it is not usually used as stand alone word when pointing out an item, so I did not see what you meant

thanks for making it more clear to us ...
and please don't make a face like my latest teen does

she is named halooo

this monstefaced young lady is adopted by T101 and the TX (terminators)
and holding her young sister nooboo
(in the background her brother T800 is not yet born)

and don't let the face fool you (she can't make nice faces anyhoo)
she loves the little baby she is holding

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Surf's Up!

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Minerva Newson and Marius Curian have been friends a long time, and now they're taking it further, each convinced that the other is The One. For now - I already have a marriage set up between their two families' noses, rendering this match genetically unnecessary, and it's only one bolt, and he's Romance, so they're probably in for some rough times. Minerva can't sing worth a darn, but Marius is besotted enough right now to find it more endearing than embarrassing.

Ashleigh Pitts-Upsnott takes Kestrel Hawkins bowling and is uncharacteristically diffident about moving on her - they actually bowl. She isn't like Ashleigh's other dates. Or her best friend Gracie. She isn't like anybody, except Kestrel. Ashleigh finds herself talking about coming out, and whether Kestrel's done it, and why she can't bring herself to talk to Mom and Dad about it. "Well, but why shouldn't you talk to them?" Kestrel asks. "If it's bothering you. Mine think it's kind of weird, but when I told them I had a date with a girl they just told me to have a good time."
"So, what, you didn't work up to it? That's brave!"
"I'm not brave," Kestrel demurs. "It's just that Ma and Pa aren't anybody for me to be afraid of. They love me. Of course they're going to take me the way I am."

"So if I were to kiss you, you'd go home and tell them?"
"Not if it meant you wouldn't do it."
So Ashleigh just does it. And Kestrel smiles, says "So long, Ashy," and is gone. And it's gotten really warm in here, even though they haven't done anything, really.

Madeleine Moiselle-Estic didn't want a birthday party. She told her big brother Dominic that. But he couldn't wrap his head around it and invited a bunch of people over anyway. She was okay once things got going and she'd washed down her birthday cake with her first espresso. That face will take a little getting used to. I'll see what I can do with it with hair and makeup. This angle doesn't show the upturn in the nose as much as some others - she occasionally looks as though she has a pig snout. But I think she'll be cute with the right glasses eventually.

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#186 Old 25th Apr 2012 at 3:40 AM
Peggy Retro:

Peggy was actually dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis' Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On.

Peggy posing in her summer outfit after rain interrupted her day at the beach.

Peggy is one Rockabilly Chick.
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#187 Old 27th Apr 2012 at 9:18 PM
Some of my teens from my current game.

This is Victoria Romano, daughter of infamous crime boss Don Tony Romano.

Her brother, Ant'ny Romano

Teen Witch Aesa Le Blanc daughter of Xavier Le Blanc, world famous cult leader.
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#188 Old 28th Apr 2012 at 7:28 AM
My favorite life stage!


What's not to love? He always looks so embarrassed!


In my avatar She's the prettiest Sim in my game, hands-down.


I think he looks a bit like me XD
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The two twins Minna and Martin Cronwall became teens yesterday.

Minna, a fortune sim who wants to become the law. To be honest she´s one of my least favorite born-in-games though.

Martin. He´s a romance sim and immediately after his transition he went to city. He met Hanna Berg there, and I think he´s pretty pleased about the topic she brought up

Claudia Herz also became a teen earlier this round. She chosed fortune as her aspiration - the same aspiration as her grandmother and grandfather.
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#190 Old 29th Apr 2012 at 8:53 AM
Another one that I forgot, Colter. He's also in the Babies & Toddlers thread and the Kids thread if you're interested.
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#191 Old 29th Apr 2012 at 10:37 PM

More of Peggy Retro, rockabilly girl. I took Peggy to the park for a photoshoot on the last day of summer.

A portrait from the shoot.

Another image from the shoot.

Peggy heads to school the next morning in her period dress. Why she is walking in the flower bed, I don't know.
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#192 Old 29th Apr 2012 at 11:08 PM
Danielle Salamander, part of generation 3 of my (sort of) legacy. She is legit GORGEOUS and I LOVE her, but she's super unfriendly to almost everyone, even her three older siblings. She does get along with her cousin Tyler, though. They live in the same dorm at college. She didn't win heir just because she actually picked a fight with every nice guy I offered her.
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#193 Old 30th Apr 2012 at 3:23 AM
This is my teen sim,Zoe.I think she has a little problem with her neck

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#194 Old 1st May 2012 at 5:20 AM
Other teens I have in my Sims games:

The Gothica kids, who live in Strangetown. Despite their name, the Gothica kids try to lead normal lives in the midst of all the weird things in Strangetown.

Annette Folsom dancing in the kitchen while making dinner.

Her sister Heather returning from school with $100 earned from a secret family recipe "borrowed" for a project. Both Annette and Heather Folsom reside in Pleasantview.

Sarah Rosenthal, of Pleasantview, heads to school in Platinum mood. Sarah and the Folsom sisters are within the circle of friends of the most popular girl in Pleasantview, Angela Pleasant.
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#195 Old 2nd May 2012 at 2:42 AM
Lucy Burb with her baby brother.

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#196 Old 3rd May 2012 at 12:23 PM

Twins, Craig and Tawny Fleurada. Her nose looks much better now than it did than she was a child. Also, Craig looks like a hipster of the man-macking variant.

"HEY. I like girls. I just want to make sure everyone knows how unique I am."

Bessie Fleurada and her boyfriend, Alec Tan. Hot tub fun!

Asks are always open, even to anons. I will always reply to asks, and I do my best to be cordial/less snarky than usual.
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Read some of the informational sticky threads for suggestions and instructions on reducing the file size on your pictures, krazyredd.

The Ottomas house is always chaotic, so David likes to take Sharla across the road to the little rest area/playground/parklike thing on the median to get a little peace and quiet and fun. It's a great place to meet people. Like, this is the CO's kid. Poor guy's stuck with a stupid name. His dad probably makes him wear that face paint, too.

He seems kind of uptight, so David does his best to break the ice.

David isn't sure how that went over, so he's happy when Tank invites him and Sharla to come over after school.

And Tank's still kind of uptight, but they seem to be on the same page by the time David has to go home.
Capricorn/Aquarius, David's got a turn-on for fitnessthat Tank hits, they have the same aspiration , and the dating pool in Strangetown is limited. It would've been wrong not to do this.

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Meet Skip Broke, daughter of Brandi and Skip Broke and born after rolling the pacifier. I think she turned out cute - the only issue is deciding what to do with her. I've already ruined her older brother's lives, should I give her a chance to lead a non-corrupted life? Still a few more rotations before I have to decide.

Oh Noes Not Another Blog! - where you can see my awful custom content and horrible attempts at challenges, storytelling and picture taking.
Not much up there right now, this is only the beginning! :D
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#199 Old 7th May 2012 at 6:17 AM

Tina Traveller runs into Frank Munny at the Convenient Stores and gets him to dance with her. She's really set on making friends with him. He thinks she's a nice kid and he'll dance with just about anybody. She just started middle school and he just started high school - you know how that goes.

Pollux Stacks is also starting high school, and decided it was time to make his own haircut decisions. He likes the result and he's sure the chicks will, too.

Edward Beare goes along with his sisters on their outing with the Ruben girls. Like many of my Fortune teens, he's vitally interested in meeting a girl he can be the rock-solid boyfriend for. Sarah Ruben there...ain't it. Bad chemistry. But he really, really wants to buy somebody coffee and heck, you've got to practice on somebody.

Miguelito Casa tried to round up a bunch of kids to go ice skating with, but only the lovely Ruby Gorey and this guy Marius came along. He barely knows Marius, but he hangs with the cool kids and is worth cultivating. He and Ruby spend a lot more time shooting pool than they do ice skating, but she lets Miguelito hug her so he's happy. Little does he know...her old friend Pollux Stacks asked her out and got to second base, and he just introduced her to another Romance sim. It's not that Ruby isn't a Nice Girl. It's just that she's really shy and is afraid to say "no." Plus, crushing on Pollux since infancy. Miguelito himself is a perfect starsign and aspiration match for Marius's girlfriend...which doesn't mean I'm going to get complex teen soap opera, just that it's a distinct possibility.

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Angela Pleasant and a couple of friends spend an evening at the Moroccan Club. They spend much of their time at the bubble machine.

Angela shoots pool with Annette Folsom.

They join Sarah Rosenthal at the bubble machine. The fun really begins here.

The girls spend much of the evening at the machine and have a lot of fun blowing into the machine and floating in the air.

All that blowing and floating worked up an appetite in the girls. Late in the evening, they head to Bob's Greasy Burgers for a hot dog meal.
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