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Default >>New Arleston Lp >> Full Season 1 Series Done
Hey, it's so crazy to think that I started this LP last July 2019 and as of January 6th, 2020 am finally wrapping up Season 1. Season 2 will be back as soon as I can, hopefully not longer than a couple of months. I want to completely re-vamp the town with lots of CC, Builds and Adding more families. It will look entirely different and my goal is to have you go, WOW! when you see Season 2! Until then I am so very grateful for all the positive feedback and support and I am so happy of Max/Cutpuss being so kind about everything from letting me ask a million questions, and talking to him about future ideas I have.

Season 1 Series
Neighborhood Intro
Household Introductions & 1 Day of Gameplay
Episode 1: I Smell Blood In The Water
Episode 2: Oh Baby, Oh Baby, Like Nooooooo!
Episode 3: The Gross Family
Episode: 4 He Had it Coming, He Only Had Himself To Blame
Episode 5: Braaaiiinns (The Nobel Family)
Episode 6: Race For The Cure
Episode 7: The Heart Wants What It Wants
Episode 8: The Other Harris Family
Episode 9: Old But Not Dead
Episode 10: Take Him, Please Take Him!
Episode 11: Helping the Burglar Get Away
Episode 12: All In The Family
Episode 13: Miss Independent
Episode 14: Young and Naive
Episode 15: Mia Delaria
2nd Round of Gameplay + 3 Days of Gameplay
Episode 16: Wedding, Death and Escape!
Episode 17: Selena Steals Sierras One True Love
Episode 18: The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Episode 19: Carlos Plunges Poppy's Toilet And Then Some
Episode 20: Poppy Wants To Get Married
Episode 21: Marcus Grows Up
Episode 22: Private School, It's Probably Yours, And Making a Friend
Episode 23: Eat Pizza Not Brains
Episode 24: Mando's In The Dog House
Episode 25: Undeserved Second Chances
Episode 26: Getting Older, The Other Harris Family
Episode 27: Two Proposals and a Punch In the Back of The Head
Episode 28: Happily Ever After??
Episode 29: Cold Dead Lips First Kiss
Episode 30: Grayson Pops The Question
Episode 31: What Is The Matta With Amata?
Episode 32: Wedding Crasher
Episode 33: Sister In Law
Episode 34: Puppy Love
Episode 35: Finally A Friend For Susan
Episode 36: Double The Trouble
Episode 37: Life As A Runaway
Episode 38: Booty Call
Episode 39: Teenage Parents
Episode 40: Some Good News For Once
Episode 41: Elderly Couple Getting Frisky
Episode 42: Having Absolutely No Business Experience
Episode 43: Running A Business By Ourselves
Episode 44: Keeping Up With the Colemans
Episode 45: Have A Little Faith

Thank you guys so much for watching the series!
For those interested you can check out my website Sarah Smiles 32 for more info on New Arlestown. There you can find Family Tree's, Individual Personal Bio's that include spoilers and how I think their character development should progress. You can also find episode recaps that I'm in the process of writing. I always love hearing how you play the neighborhood and what you think of the story has gone so far. Anyway, I'll see you guys around till Season 2~!
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I just felt like updating that there will be a new schedule for August for this LP. It will air every Sunday through Tuesday all month so 3 episodes a week.

I just finished editing 7-28's episode and all I can say, is that it is heavily inspired by The Cell Block Tango by the musical Chicago

Maybe these had something to do with Sandi's reaction?

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This series has done really well so far this month and I was thinking about making an entire week's worth of New Arlestown content from September 1st to the 7th but I'd like to know what others think. A comment below or even an agree/love if you rather stay anonymous to this would be helpful <3 Thank you!!
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The rest of September is updated
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It's been a long time since I've updated but everything should be good to go until Season 2!
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