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Default Sims 2 Tutorials, Quiz's and More
So for part of the month of September and all of October, I am taking a break from making Lets Play videos and instead taking this time to learn more about the Sims 2 and just make some different types of content in general. I thought it'd be fun to share them with the community and I'm interested to know what other people's takes are.

These are videos that will be out later this week/or very soon:
How to Free the Burglar In the Sims 2
Feeding Fish to Penguins
How to Photoshop Pictures Without Photoshop For Free! (using the Sims 2)

Ranking Pleasantview Playable's From Best To Worst
How Well Do I Know the Sims 2?
How to Take High Quality Screen Shots With The Sims 2
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