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Default WCIF tutorials on taking and editing sim photos?
I would like to venture into machinima and storytelling. I was wondering if anybody knew of any tutorials on taking photos and editing them (preferably in a free software but I am also interested in Photoshop tutorials).

I’ve always wondered how CC creators took and edited their photos so I would also appreciate tutorials on that.

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Taking pictures: (editing poseboxes in SimPE, addition to the one above, helpful for face expressions) (There's also pose and probably machinima tutorials on Youtube, here's one with voiceover for posing, plus useful links if you click "show more") (some tips and links on portraits)

For tutorials I'm not sure if there are a lot of beginning-to-finish editing tutorials - most of them tend to be very stylized, so it depends what kind of look you want - after a while you'll probably develop your own style, so it's mostly about learning the tools of whatever program you decide on. There are a lot of tutorials if you search Google or Youtube, for various techniques like what the various buttons do, how to add things like frames or sharpening, lightening up, various editing processes, and so on.

Personally I use a screenshot program for larger pictures and Photoshop. I prefer keeping it simple, doing as much as I can ingame with lights and setup, so I have as little editing as possible later. I rarely have the patience to do any "fancy" editing (although I will occasionally do some for fun, but I've never been a pro Photoshop user, and probably never will be. Not enough patience... :/ )

For my pictures, I have made what's called "actions" in Photoshop, which is basically a set of steps it goes through so I don't have to do them to a set of 50+ pictures - mostly it's sharpen, brightness/contrast, and adding a frame. Takes Photoshop a few seconds instead of ten minutes per pictures for me, so that's a good tip if you figure out you do the same things to your pictures every time (I still edit them, but it saves a lot of time since I only have to click a couple buttons - especially the frame). You can find tutorials on how to make actions on Youtube - it's not too difficult, but I do suggest to make sure you don't do anything (like saving or closing the document) unless you want the document and all the rest of them to do these things.
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