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Anime-Themed Sims
Got a sim from an anime? Made one that looks anime? Post it here!

I know there are alot of anime fans in the community, and I hunted through the threads and was suprised one like this hadn't been started already. So, heres one of my little brainchilds for you to look at:

This is my sim Seiya. I made him while focusing around Yaoi anime. He has a boyfriend named Taron, he lives in Ashtown, has the pleasure aspiration, and is very outgoing and neat. His favorite things to do are smooching all over Taron, driving around in his car, and making other sims and humans faint. (I say that because every person I've showed him to loves him, and every sim he walks by in my game whistles at him. It's hilarious.)

Earrings by Lunar_Eclipse.
Hair by Raonjena.
Skin by Teru_k.
Eyes by Me.
Eyeshadow by Bruno.
Brows by Helaene.
Outfit by Noogie.

I hope you like Seiya, and I'm dying to see the anime-themed sims you've made!

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1st Jan 2008 at 1:28 AM
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My sailor Moon

My naruto sims <edited with Adobe Photo Shop =DDD>
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Sheyza: Seiya is gorgeous! I love his eyes.
Miss Megan: Aw, I think he looks like a great L. I've put L together in Body Shop (as well as a few others from that series) but I've yet to introduce them to my anime neighborhood.
Robin: The Naruto Sims are great...!

I've been building an "anime crossover" neighborhood where I'm ignoring all continuity and pretty much just letting them all do whatever they want. Here are a few of my Nana characters -


He's gotten new clothes since I took these pictures.


Still not totally pleased with him. It's hard to find really good spikey hair like his.


Easiest Sim EVER. XD

Nobu and Komatsu Nana

They've become best friends without me hardly doing anything...!

Nobu and Takumi

I love it when anime Sims act in character on their own. They JUST met, I didn't tell them to do this.

Osaki Nana and Komatsu Nana

I can't believe I don't have any good pictures of Osaki Nana yet, considering she's my favorite. I'll have to fix that...
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My Shango-sama He's actualy one of my charaters I am a manga artist of sorts

If you wanna look at the manga/anime version of him

And Shenta Shinazaka AKA. shen Shango's Papa

Anime/manga version here
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Default Konoko from Oni
I used to play this game constantly. But it didn't work when I got XP, so I sold it. Around a year later, they came out with a patch so it would work with Windows XP. Pity the game was discontinued by then :/
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Kacoshiajewl: I like Shango's hair!

Some Sims of characters from the manga-style webcomic Pandect. I've run the official RPG over there for about a year and a half.

The Black Prince; he's a black panther. Very stoic, rarely smiles. You can see him here.

Poor human boy infected with a lust virus that occasionally makes him molest people. He likes Fleance; you can see him here.
He's becoming one of my favorite Sims. XD Knowledge with occasional swaps to Romance.

Human girl who... really likes kitties! Fleance declared her to be his wife; she thinks they're just going out. She's here.

"Pretty please...?"

Kitty love.
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LegolianM, Thanks for the comment T-T your the first person to comment on any of my piccies here *sobs* and Ya I love his hair I recolored it just for him as I couldent stand him haveing solid silver hair It's just not shango with out black bangs also, I love panther boy! Fleance is so Kiwaii!
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Kacoshiajewl... I love your sim He's really cool looking. Very adorable... *glomps*
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OMG Thank you Emmy-chan! glad you like him!
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Kacoshiajewl: You're welcome. ^^

Sims from Berserk, one of my absolute favorite manga ever. These guys are the most amusing anime Sims I have, they get into so much trouble. XD

He looks like a poodle, but oh well. It's practically impossible to find hair like his.

With Guts
"My what a big sword you have...!"

Caska has issues. She's constantly bullying the Nana Sims. Poor Nobu...

One of my favorite characters of all time. I had to resurrect him.
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Default Witch Hunter Robin
I absolutely adored this anime series. So much so that I want it back on the air. The ending is absolutely memorable (sorry, not gonna tell).
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LegolianM, Kacoshiajewl, Robin, Miss Megan & Sheyza great sims every one, Silus I got some of your memorable sims like peanuts characters or Robin from Insim, the same place where I share some of my sims. Here are two of my favorite anime-like sims.


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Originally Posted by LegolianM
Poor human boy infected with a lust virus that occasionally makes him molest people.

:laugh: Haha, you just made me LOL.
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Haha. I renembered I have a sailor moon one too.
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There's one I have where I started him out as a portrayal of Tatsuya Fujiwara's Light Yagami, but he's developed so much of his own personality (not to mention a beard) since I don't associate the two any more. On the other hand, his son's taken that spot now, or has at least begun to.

Light-intended-lookalike Robert is on the right, actual lookalike Sammy is on the left (he looks a lot more similar since he grew into a child).

Lust virus indeed... *laughs*
19th Feb 2009 at 8:32 AM
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Okay, so, here's anime sim numero uno
Yuusuke Genji
The seme in my sims 2/anime boy love story. If you can't tell, he's a pop star.

Pouting because my other anime sim rejected him.
Anime Picture of Yuusuke
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Default Chobits
Hi everybody!

First of all im sorry to revive this thread but I didnt find another one that matches my sims pictures since i made Chii and Freya from Chobits :)
It was my favorite manga in my childhood !

So for those who dont know how it looks like heres a lil pic of the 2 sisters:

and now here's my vision of the two girls (yes I know both chiis are usually blonds but i thought Freya looks better this way :d )
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Here is Deti. <:
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This is Sammoyke and Kakashi from Naruto
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Default Hello
That is my candy doll sims

Mirani no
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this type is already in the download I have no files to download. what happens is that my rejection was not mine

I love the Anime
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Sorry @Modsgt. I just don't understand your post. But it's almost certainly in the wrong place.

This thread is only for sharing pictures of anime-themed Sims. So I came here looking for pictures of anime Sims. And was disappointed. Reading between the lines, it seems you've tried to upload an anime Sim here and had it rejected. Why not upload a couple of pictures of your Sim here and let us see him/her for ourselves? And pictures of any other anime characters in your game. That is what this thread is for. (And that's all it's for!)

All in all, it's not a bad idea to share pictures of your Sims before you even think of sharing the Sims themselves.

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Lum from Urusei Yatsura (unorthodox version)
A clumsy homemade green recolor for a Peggy's hair, also a homemade clothing recolor for Bloom/Chris Hatch's Fashion Model alpha multimesh and here is she.


From now on I'm just a lurker, censorship here doesn't allow a single word from me, the sad truth about this Orwellian sims community is not "off-topic" neither is "politics".
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Default Ash Ketchum
I experimented with making Ash from Pokemon (Kanto) by making him both as an adult and as a teen. Here's the adult one so far, will share pics of the teen one once I do some more work on him.

Right now I'm trying to decide if the jawline and chin need to come up, or if the mouth needs to come down...
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