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Natacha Morand
Tax day at City hall

Samanthéa Ferland (née Dalle)
Granville's repairwoman. She'll retire soon and I'm currently struggling to find a successor.

Sam Dalle
Retired male maid, he's Samanthéa's twin brother.

Mégan Granville-Carver
Former streaker, she's a widow now. Being an elder doesn't prevent her walking around the house naked.
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Default Why live alone when you can go and stay at "Green Pines" Retirement Home?
The residents of Green Pines Retirement Home spend their days in pleasant pursuits while finding comfort in the companionship of friends and a caregiver who handles meals and cleaning and emergencies.

Meet Belle Mosely:

For years Belle and her husband, Jefferson lived in a small apartment working as hard as they could to support their children in an era of racism and discrimination. Belle was employed as a seamstress and was well known for her fine handiwork and attention to design. Year after year her children took first prize in the Halloween costume contest and when the owner of the local costume shop happened to be in attendance at one of the events, she decided Belle had to come and work with her. Belle's days of finishing underwear in a sweatshop were over and she and the costume shop owner eventually became partners. Belle is retired now and lives at Green Pines but still pursues her hobby of sewing.

Her husband--Jefferson Mosely:

Jefferson worked his way up the ladder in food service. Starting out as a dishwasher, he spent many years in service at local diners trying to get a better job as he studied logic at night school. Much to his wife's dismay, Jefferson was hired to cook burgers at the dive bar in their town. All was not in vain, however. He picked up some neat tricks from the cardsharps playing poker to get skillful enough to go semi-professional for a few seasons after he retired. With this windfall, they had enough money to get themselves into Green Pines. Jefferson still enjoys poker and you can find him dealing the cards every day hoping his pals will come over and get into the action a little bit.

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Harriet, recently moved in with her daughter and son-in-law after the death of her husband. She thought things would never be the same, but spending time with her granddaughter, Eunice, has given her a reason to enjoy life again.

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Zandra Hallowell who was previously Garr.

And her husband Osborne Hallowell with their granddaughter. :D

Aldero Riverside (ts2 bacc)
Glasco family (ts4 gameplay)
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Philip Spalding. Been playing him for about 6-7 years. I think he will die any moment now. Started to give away all his businesses to familymembers.
He also just knocked up his new girlfriend (golddigger) Might be twins

Hmm I think he is thinking about marrying the girlfriend in church before it's too late. Must give those babies the familyname.

Edit to add: He died just before the young bride had twins....
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"Hey, Marylena! Remember me? Sophie! Sophie Miguel! Well, it's Agnarsson now. Yeah, I married into a playable household a while back. And you know what? I never regretted giving up my townie life, or my eternal teenhood. Not once."

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Isabella and Patrizio are so adorable!

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Bessie Clavell took the ladies out for mimosas and brunch.

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Johnny and Ophelia were out on a date. I couldn't help but notice Dora Ottomas enjoying herself on the dance floor!
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These people are Andrew and Cindy Benson. They moved into the Starchild hostel temporarily with their adult son, Max, to bond with their grandson Rowan and possibly put him under their care after their daughter was locked up in prison.
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Drink that lovely cocktail...


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It's too pretty to drink! She has to admire it first!
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As I wrote in an other thread I had quite a problem in one of my apartment blocks. Unplayed my sim Lea Platten was in a endless fight whit her roomates boyfriend. And as he was just a NPC generated by the game I made the decision to replace him. I did take a look in the family bin and found a older woman who I created years ago but never had into play before. So I did place her in the last apartment and there were no more fights in the area.

And here she is: Miss Cornelia Dexter.
I gave her a grey hairdo from the AL EP and it was spot on. The sunglasses, the red nails and the jewellery are new but she's still in the same clothes she was wearing back then. I'm not sure but I do think the bodyshape is from Warlokk.
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This is Father Theo Tortellini and his cat Daisy. She owns this couch. And the house. And the Father.

And here you see the Father praying. A thanksgiving, or a begging for forgiveness, I'm not sure. Because Father Tortellini, who is not married, is becomming a real father. Just now. In his kitchen.

(Found in the neighborhood Europa.)
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Originally Posted by BinahLaGoaty

This is Father Theo Tortellini and his cat Daisy. She owns this couch. And the house. And the Father.

Apparently, someone farted and it's not her...

Je mange des girafes et je parle aussi français !...surtout :0)

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I'm usually bored playing with elder sims, but these two are actually one of my favorite played sims.
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Erm... a little morbid... but I took some pictures of my two oldest living elders before they moved on.

PT9 - Father of 5, foster father of 2, grandfather of 13, great-grandfather of 2 (both adopted, but will soon be welcoming his first biological grandchild)

Carlos Contender - Father of 6 (aware of 3), Grandfather of 2 (he's not aware of). He just missed his only daughter graduating

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John and Jennifer Burb
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Soda and Dream Fiatta

adult Dream adult Soda

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What if God is playing The Sims & he just cancelled your action.
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Emory Lamour-Saurel
First born in game sim in Bonneville, he was the head of my farming family.
He died of old age (78) the day he was celebrating his golden anniversary
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Two elders in my hood- room mates and best friends!

Their names are Dick Fitzwell and Ernest Fondling.

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This elder couple remind me of hugging my much taller husband. I was experimenting with stretch skeleton.

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