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Default Asylum Challenge
Hey, so I'm working on a new challenge series based off the Asylum Challenge rules by discordkitty I'm not going to be playing for points and I have ACR in so whatever happens... happens, including children lol. But everything else I am trying my best to stick the original rules so if you're interested please come check it out

Here is my Neighborhood Introduction I am using Phaenoh's West Weaseles, an empty hood I am populating just for this challenge. I talk about which lots I almost used and do a tour of the asylum that does end up being chosen.

I hope you guys enjoy and follow the series! Videos will be up every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!

The first episode is here called: Heavily Medicated

Episode 2: Keeping Our Sanity

Episode 3: Worried And Afraid

Episode 4: Haunted Asylum

Episode 5: I Should Have Foreseen This

Episode 6: Cause And Effect
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