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#26 Old 27th Nov 2020 at 1:37 AM
I have a suggestion. Since Annaminna wanted to play during the weekend but she doesn't play with townies, how about we skip the restrictions on partners altogether? I just want people to have fun, after all. This way Annaminna and anyone else who wants to join in can take over when we have an heir, if that happens in time. If we miss the weekend I'll be happy to play the heir, together with anyone else interested.

Ihope I haven't killed this thread now and made everyone feel like I'm nagging about it!
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#27 Old 27th Nov 2020 at 4:43 AM
@AnMal -It's what at least a few of us want anyways as many of us prefer to populate our own towns and I'm biulding mine from scratch with only a community lot and one homestead to start with and my town will basically buils itself since I start playing with bare basics and add to the town as I play it.
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#28 Old 27th Nov 2020 at 4:04 PM
It is okay if I cannot play this weekend. I have other projects to do. One project is minimalistic dice roll legacy (without townies but you need dice roll partner) what adds only 10+ sims to neighborhood. And it goes really slowly.
I think I will be more excited to play a heir from AnMal and anyone else in two separate families at same time.
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#29 Old 8th Dec 2020 at 3:14 AM
So a bit of an update! Unfortunately, I have been absolutely swamped between work and the holidays and probably won't be able to open up my game for a good long while. If anybody wants to try and take my spot and make a new founder, I'd totally be fine with that! I just wanna see how this all goes lol
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#30 Old 8th Dec 2020 at 11:37 AM
We all have lives, and around this time of year they tend to get busy . I have some founders ready, so I'll be able to take your spot.
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#31 Old 8th Dec 2020 at 10:35 PM
Originally Posted by AnMal
Love the founder, IgglyBuff, she has character . I'm having a bad migraine and it feels like it might last another day, but I'll be able to be active and comment properly once that is done.

"Character"..I like that. It's right up there with "but she has a great personality". Luckily Sims know right off if another sim is a cheat, or nice, but they don't care at all about looks...hope you're feeling better.

Namaste... or "go"
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#32 Old 9th Dec 2020 at 1:53 AM
Originally Posted by grammapat
"Character"..I like that. It's right up there with "but she has a great personality". Luckily Sims know right off if another sim is a cheat, or nice, but they don't care at all about looks...hope you're feeling better.

Hehe, admittedly a bit of a backhanded compliment... The post you replied to was old, so another migraine has been and gone since. It'san unbeatable feeling when the migraine goes!

I've got a founder, Glende Neville. She's been played for a week and a half game-time, and has already got a three-bolt husband, two toddlers and a bun in the oven. I messed up by forgetting to load FRAPS when I started the game, which means there are not screenshots for the session. I'll go back to the game tomorrow and get pics of the whole family! The most notable things that happened apart from the twins birth and toddler birthday was that Glenda got offered a level three job in the slacker career and she's since bagged a promotion which makes her level four. SHe's also got a bronze gardening badge (she's growing supernatural crops, once the challenge is over I'll have her quit her job and live off selling supernatural produce).
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#33 Old 9th Dec 2020 at 6:39 AM
I've got a few households to make for my town and the kids will have to be matched up which can be a challenge in my town with a limited population and part of mine is to avoid a town full of clones from having sims marrying somebody who's related.I'll have to get single sim households ready when kids grow up.It's going to start out taking place in a western pioneer town that first got settled in the spring of 1820 in what would be the Dakota territory out west.
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#34 Old 9th Dec 2020 at 10:58 AM Last edited by AnMal : 11th Dec 2020 at 3:59 AM.
Okay, this is my first time uploading images here, so set me right if I do something wrong!

Here's our new founder, Glenda Neville. She loves retro styles, but is too lazy to really follow them. Her lifetime want is to reach golden anniversary, so after the challenge is done she can probably look forward to a life in permanent platinum. She's got a pretty average personality, not extreme on any scale. Her turn-ons were hard worker and creative, I think that worked in our favour, because if her first three-bolter hadn't been free to marry her, she had options.

Her first three-bolter was free, though. He was a random townie that I'd never seen before, and his name was Moist McLachlan (that's my naming mod in action! I've put in some names from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, so if you think his name is horrible you should compare it to his Discworld namesake, Moist Von Lipwig). He was indeed a hard worker, already at level 8 in the business career - which I messed up for him by making the wrong choice on a chance card, so now he's demoted to level 6.

Life in the Neville household can bequite idyllic, when the cat and toddlers are asleep! They must have tried for baby via ACR the same day the twins aged up to toddlers, for she was pregnant allthrough their toddlerhood - lucky for me she has an attentive husband who can cook and autonomously cares for his wife.

What I know you've been waiting for if you follow this thread: pics of the descendants! Stuart has skintone 1, like his mum, Campbell I think has skintone 4, like his dad . Their faces display about the same amount of Glenda's ... eccentricities, I'd say. Writing this I realise I haven't even looked at their personalities yet! I can't tell you who'snice and who's naughty, only who gave me themost trouble: that's Stuart, without a doubt. He has three toddler skills and one skill point now, but it was a struggle and he never seemed to be in a good mood. Campbell was much more easygoing and even learned his nursery rhyme and earned some log and charisma points.

And when I went in to take the pictures I heard a 'Shooflee!', so you get a sneak peek of the third little Neville - Cameron. I stopped playing almost immediately after he was born, so I can't even tell you what his eye colour is, but at least I can prove he's not a clone of any of his brothers - they all have different skintones.

I also wanted to introduce the most troublesome part of the family - Flurry. When I made Glenda, I gave her an almost equally weird looking cat. She's not a bad kitty, really, she's just constantly getting sprayed by skunks or challenging strays and losing the fights. And sitting on furniture, she never seems to learn she's not supposed to.

Edit: Dang, I meant to click 'preview' but clicked 'submit' instead. I wasn'tfinished!

Edit2: Posting updates in edit, to avoid doubleposting.

Okay, things have definitely progressed! Last time you saw young Cameron,he was a newborn. Now he's a teen and his older brothers are nearly aduults. By tomorrow if all things go as planned, I can post adult pics of the heir candidates and we can pick our heir!

But first things first. Here are the twins as chldren:

And Cameron as a toddler:

During these sessions, lots of things happened in the family. First, Moist reached the top of his career. Then the twins got into private school, but only thanks to Glenda's charms. He hasn't stopped calling her since! She stays true to her three-bolt husband, though. After that, the twins showed more of their personailities. Stuart is the nice one (stats below!) and he still seems a bit slow in learning new things, but he loves anything creative, so he spent most of his child stage by the easel.That or playing with his brothers and hugging and kissing them. Or hugging the cat. He is a real cat lover and Flurry now prefers him to Glenda. Campbell isn't really naughty either, he has the same amount of nice points as his mum and dad. He loves running around, playing sporty things and jumping rope and he is okay with the cats, but not like Stuart. He still learns new skills fairly quickly. At the toddler stage, Cameron is quick enough to learn his toddler skills, but gets only two creativity points.

What else happens: the twins play a lot with Cameron which helps keep him in platinum and one day Stuart manages to teach him the nursery rhyme in one go. Thanks, Stewie! Campbell walks in on his parents in an inappropriate situation and just stands there staring. They don't shoo him either. Sigh.

Next session I played, it was time for the twins to age up to teens and for Cameron to age up to school child. This is how they looked after:

The twins got fairly suitable aspirations. Campbell ended up a knowledge sims with a lifetime want of becoming a media magnate. Stuart is a family sim who wants to become the minister for Education. They both quickly found the right jobs and could start climbing the career ladder. I also had them collect scholarship money for college - since both their parents and the twins themselves keep rolling wants about college, I decided to clone them from teens and age the clones up to adults in CAS while the originals go to college. Stuart Stuart got a measly three scholarships (top grades, topped teen career, 8 or more creativity points) but Campbell got five (grades, career, 8 bodypoints, 8 charisma points - and another one, I'll get back to that!

Meanwhile, Cameron's personality is starting to show. He is a social butterfly, but with a sting. He'll have friends over all the time and throws the ball too hard at them deliberately. He has a favourite thing to do when he's not bombarding townie kids with balls or shooting hoops in the garden:

If Cameron's childhood was a book, there would be a chapter called: 'Cameron cleans all the things', because that's what happens. It's so practical, I'll just leave him in the bathroom telling him to clean stiff and he'll be happy and kept occupied for ages. This means I can focus on getting the teens neglected social life a boost, They get to go Downtown just for the fun of it (and to scope the rooms...) and lo and behold:

The teen girl is Fleur Frisk, who gave both twins their first kisses and also dated both. Stuart didn't have any bolts with her, but wanted a first kiss, so they dated til he got what he wanted, then he asked her to be just friends and Campbell took over. Campbell and Fleur went really well together, so they staid together. While they were busy making out, Stuart met this townie lady, who wouldn't leave him alone. This wasn't the last time either, his three best friends are this woman and her two besties.

Time just flew by with all of these activities and with Glenda's supernatural garden needing attention and the new kitten to care for. Flurry and one of the strays that she hadn't yet lost a fight with (that came later) tried for kittens and two were born. We sold the dark one and kept the pale one - She is an adut cat now:

But you'll be wanting to see Cameron teened up now. Here he is:

I suspect he'll get to be heir. I was thinking he had just a straight down face 1 like his dad, but it looks like he at least got Glenda's chin. I was quite pleased and was going to close the game when I'd got this far, but wanted to see what Stuart was up to first. And while I checked on him, I heard a scream outdoors, from where I had left Campbell by the telescope...

I don't have InTeen, so at least he got another scholarship instead of an alien baby.

That's it for this post, please, if you have reactions post them!
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#35 Old 14th Dec 2020 at 12:06 PM
It's going to have to be a double post, I'm afraid. I've had a bad migraine after overdoing it with some Christmas preparations and I feel bad about saying I would post pics of the adult heir candidates and not managing to do it, so I won't wait for a reply to the earlier post first. I hope this is okay.

A last updatre on Cameron first We left him newly teened up, a popularity sim (suits him so well!) with a mean streak who Cleaned All The Things. He stayed much the same! He kept wanting to hang out with friends and constantly threw balls too hard at them or punched them too hard. He kept giving happy little whoops when directed to clean something and he spent the remainder of his free time shooting hoops. He randomised as gay, so I sent him out scoping rooms at community lots, but he was a bit of a disaster. He'd start chatting some guy up and it would look good until:

Most of the teenage boys tended to loose interest after that. But in the end he met a guy who just noogied back and then kept flirting - Terence Something. They went on a date at Hotel Mountain King and had their first kisses and surprised me by being the first teens ever to woohoo in my game (most of my years playing sims 2 I've played a base game setup, meaning no ACR).

After all his timeshooting hoops in the garden, I thought Cameron would at least get that body points scholarship, butno. He got the one for teen careers and for good grades, but that's it. So he's apparently not very ambitious skilling up. That was Cameorn's update. As for the rest of the family, the two older boys were sent off to uni right after last update, the cats are finally getting well mannered, Glenda topped her career and she and Moist both landed big bonuses. They have been rolling wants all along for a new baby, so when Cameron was nearly ready to be sent off to uni, I gave in and lifted their birth control tokens.

As you can see, it resulted in a baby bump, almost immediately. Thus ends this pic spamming of Glenda Neville and her life! Now I have to finally present the three handsome men who may end up being played for generation 2 - if you have an opinion on who should be the heir (it is going to be Cameron, isn't it? But just for fairness sake), post your vote below!

1. Stuart Neville, as he looks as an adult in my game, and as he looks stripped down to Maxis content (and some of my defaults, I admit.

Stuart's most notable characteristics are that he is very nice, artistic (maxed creativity and got a silver pottery badge as a teen) and a cat lover. Oh, and random older ladies love him.

2. Campbell Neville, adulted in my game, and maxisified.

Campbells most notable characteristics are that he is a quick learner (as proved by him nearly maxing most of his skills before going to uni and getting all those scholarships), a fitness freak who wuld have to be torn away from the trampoline when his needs got dangerousy low, and of course, that he knows what pain means, after that abduction...

3. Cameron Neville, as an adult in my game and what he looks like in all his Maxis glory.

Cameron's most notable characteristics are that he could spend most of his days cleaning things, if his social needs didn't tank so quickly. He also loves (in equal measure) to play any type of sports and to inflict minor pains on others and laugh at their misery.

As soon as we have an heir (and provided I don't exhaust myself with Christmas preparations again) I'll put him in my Box and post the downoad link here for second generation players. I don't expect anyone to really have time for things like this before Christmas, but once the holidays are blown over I really hope someone will continue the challenge - I'm so curious what the boys would get up to in someone else's game and most of all what their offspring will look like!
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#36 Old 14th Dec 2020 at 3:27 PM
My favorite is Stuart. His face is so adorably asymmetric and I don't know how you reached this.
If @simsample is still up for it, she can take a look and choose a favorite.
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#37 Old 14th Dec 2020 at 3:27 PM
I've got some shopping to do though I will also get into my town and get couples created since I use empty templates and have to populate them with my own sims.I've got one town almost ready except for the couples needing to be created.
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#38 Old 14th Dec 2020 at 5:14 PM
Yes, how did you make his face asymmetrical?! And I want to play him!

Namaste... or "go"
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#39 Old 14th Dec 2020 at 6:22 PM Last edited by AnMal : 15th Dec 2020 at 9:31 PM. Reason: Updated info
Wow, two votes for Stuart - who has been my favourite all along. Asymmetry is easily explained: custom sliders. These, by LIFA, to be exact. I used them for Glenda's face and her asymmetry was inherited by both Stuart and Campbell, but looks best on Stuart.

Since I like Stuart so much myself and two others have expressed an interest in him, I've single handedly declared him heir. Stuart is now for download here (Maxis version) or here (CC version). If you want the CC version, there's a CC list (with what I hope is clickable download links) here.
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#40 Old 21st Dec 2020 at 5:51 PM
I've got to find a place to upload a bodyshop template of one of my founding couple's sims templates.I'll also create a few couples to be ready for settling in as pioneer homesteaders in the new town to become Rapid City in South Dakota in modern times.
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#41 Old 19th Jan 2021 at 3:54 PM
Hope to see some activity here soon, hope everyone is OK.

Namaste... or "go"
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#42 Old 19th Jan 2021 at 4:35 PM
I'm fine though I had to defragment my hard drive and will be preparing to upload a neighborhood that can work with this challenge if you don't mind doing it as a new settlement starting out where you're starting the entire community from scratch like mine is.I'll ake a few sims templates in Bodyshop to be included with the town.
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#43 Old 20th Jan 2021 at 12:35 AM
I second that, grammapat! I'm really curious what the descendants of Stuart will look like in someone else's game.
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