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Default Big Brother Sims 4 Edition: Week 1 Day 1
A/N: Hello guys! Here's the update! Quite quick, huh? The truth is, I already have the drafts until Week 1 Day 5 (though still not finish) on MS Word so I have a guide to follow for posting. So I won't take my intro long. Let's head to Day 1!

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#27 Old 4th Sep 2018 at 1:44 PM
Default Big Brother Sims 4 Edition: Week 1 Day 2
A/N: With the speed of lightning, I shall update! Hahaha! Nah, I just really wanna get over with all the prepared drafts I have so I can actually play. I left my Sims on their frozen state to focus on updating so I don't have any backlogs of sort and update real-time. It's not like someone is actually pushing my motivation to do all these, heck, no one has even read my posts yet, but well, it just feels like a waste to not share these guys I have breathed life into. Anyway, let's open the house now for Day 2!

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Default Big Brother Sims 4 Edition: Week 1 Day 3
A/N: Hello! Here's the third installment for our Week 1! Let's get to it right away! *Swooosh*

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#29 Old 5th Sep 2018 at 11:57 AM
Default Big Brother Sims 4 Edition: Week 1 Day 4
A/N: Hello guys! Here's Day 4 update!
Anyways, some might feel that this version will take too long, since I update per day. I will try to update per week, only if there're little happenings to post. Thing is, there are a lot of interesting things worth including (or I'm just making a big deal out of it) so I put all of them in a day update. I also personally don't want to have a per week update, I feel like it's too long. And uploading all those screenshots, if ever, will take a lot of, well, bandwidth data out of me. And as I have said, I am a poor kid. Anyhows, I hope all of you (yeah even if it's just a single soul on this earth) will have the patient to keep up with me. Thanks in advance!

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Default Big Brother Sims 4 Edition: Week 1 Day 5
A/N: 5th Day update!

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Default Big Brother Sims 4 Edition: Week 1 Day 6
A/N: Update!

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Default Big Brother Sims 4 Edition: Week 1 Day 7
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Default Big Brother Sims 4 Edition: Week 2 Day 1
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#34 Old 7th Jan 2019 at 9:02 PM
I mixed it up. I did the stuff with the HoH and Nominees, but instead of the nominee with the lowest relationship, I did the nominee that did the worst. I also added Power of Veto. This is where the HoH, the nominees, and 3 other random houseguests (or less if there is not 3 houseguests left) fight for the ability to save a nominees. If a houseguest won, and one of the nominees had a relationship bar above a certain threshold (or if they both had above that threshold the one with the highest relationship) they would save them. If not they would discard. If the HoH wins, they automatically discard, and if a nominee wins , they save themselves. By the way if a houseguest uses PoV and there are other houseguests left, they cannot be chosen as a replacement. Yes someone will be replaced. BTW If a nominees saved, they can't be nominated. The replacement will be the person with the lowest the lowest relationship (unless they won or they were saved). Anyway it was really fun and I might post what I do as I'm gonna do it again.
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7th Jan 2019 at 9:14 PM
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#35 Old 7th Jun 2019 at 3:02 AM
i know this is a super old challenge, but i'm desperately searching for a challenge that doesn't make me take out mods, play on super short lifespans or have a million kids, so i wanted to try this, & i'm having a terrible time getting anywhere....i get the not controlling your sims part, but i've been playing for 2.5 sims days & not a single member of the household has autonomously painted at all, i can't kick them all out after the 1st week is up, so this is a bit of a predicament
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#36 Old 29th May 2020 at 12:17 PM
Has anyone found a mod that enables autonomous painting at level 0?
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#37 Old 4th Jul 2022 at 5:17 PM
I did this one in a weekend! One of my final two worked out so hard that when he went swimming, he drowned.
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