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Originally Posted by lordtyger9
@Mrmo how are your Hotels zoned? They look nice.

I just ment that as the building (lot) is zoned "hotel" there are some things I can not do. Then I have to rezone it, build and that zone it back.
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#52 Old 22nd Oct 2017 at 6:49 PM
Your hotels are designed very well. I like the little extras each one has, like a gym or game room or bar.
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#53 Old 27th Oct 2017 at 10:32 PM
Thank you for the nice words. I'm sure there are more players out there who is more skilled then me when it comes to building and decoration but I try to do my best.
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Belive it or not, but updates are comming. I can not say when or what but I'm working on it!

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#55 Old 18th Mar 2018 at 6:12 PM Last edited by Mrmo : 18th Mar 2018 at 6:15 PM. Reason: There's always a reason
Hello all!

Time to clean the dust of this old thread an make some new content.

I have decided to let you meet some of the citizens of my hood. Some of them are new here on MTS but some have been posted in the picture threads. Please note that I'm not going to post all of my sims because it would take a lot of space and I'm sure you would get bored about halfway through. But I will show you some of the sims. Comments are welcome (as always).

So who want to be first? No one? OK, then I decide. Furries!

And why do I have furries in my hood? Because I like them. Sadly enough I have not been able to find a real face for them but I'm OK whit a "human" face and a furry skin.

First out is: The Foxynoirs.

You have seen Cheerilee before but here she is at home whit her husband Ronaldo. The man did reach the top of the medical career and is now "Chief of staff". Please nothe the animal theme in this picture.

Their daughter Monique did go through the Uni studying drama and after that I let her take a job in the Show Business career track there she have reached stage 6 "Supporting Player". I'm going to show you her place some time bacause it's a little different. (Spoiler alert).

Next up is The Powers. A pair of my newest sims. Mother and son "Acinonyx jubatus". What it is? It is a Cheetah! Only this two is partly human.

CheeTa learns how to be a good mother.

And young Glee seems to enjoy studying the fishes. It think he's very cute.

Well, that was not very mush but ther is more to come. Please stay tuned!
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#56 Old 18th Mar 2018 at 7:54 PM
Monique is a pretty blend of both her parents. I also the cheetah skin, and little Glee's hair is so cute with it.

I like a good animal print myself, so I really enjoyed the decor at the Foxynoirs.
Link Ninja
#57 Old 19th Mar 2018 at 2:32 AM
I love how the Foxynoirs have a very dark fur/hair which matches the 'noir' in their name. Cheerilee looks like a rock star. I think it's a adorable the little cheeta-ling is looking at the fish in such interest haha.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#58 Old 19th Mar 2018 at 7:28 PM
I am somewhat familiar with Furries, being in SF Fandom where Furries are quite popular. So I do know something about Furry Characters in SF and Fantasy, but this is the first time I have heard or seen any Furry Sims.

I think you have done a good job in creating them from what I can see. To change the Faces in some more Furry way, you will need accessories. I can't help you make them, but maybe you could make them or post a WCIF on the subject.

I think that your Furry Sims look cute.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#59 Old 20th Mar 2018 at 7:04 PM
Cher64: Thank you! Glee's hair was found here om MTS (but I have forgotten the creators name, sorry) and the skin is from here: .

Charmful: To be honest, I did come up whit the name after creating the sims. Yes, little Glee is quite adorable. He have not been trained to walk yet so he crawled over and stood up to look at them. A few times I thought he was going to fall but he made it (bad balance).

lordtyger9: Thank you. I like furries, furrie art (like furaffinity) and things like that. I did try a custom face once but my game did not seem to like then I used it (had problems whit all my sims who could not wear rings, bracelets and things like that if anyone in the hood did have the custom face). Oh well, case closed.
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#60 Old 30th Mar 2018 at 11:35 PM
Hello all!

Tonight I'm going to tell you a secret... I love vampires. I don't know what I like most about them but I think it might be the red eyes and/or the fangs. So I'm going to intruduce you to some of the vamps in my game. It's not all of them, only the ones I use to "play" whit. And as bonus I show you some of their relatives.

So please say Welcome to:

Miss Beatrice Clarin (Left) and her friend Miss Nilla Burlin (right). Both of them are from the game but only Nilla is a playable sim. She lives together whit...

...Miss Bunny Geil (Left) and Alfons Idol who also is miss Burlin' . Fun facts: Geil is a german word that means "fantastic" and "cool" and...someting more vulgar. Anyway, she is a "Round table Knight"

Mr Idol does not always wear a maid outfit. It's not the correct work outfit for an "Rookie Field Agent". When he returned home he was promoted to "Field Agent".

And then there is this two. Wait...what...! There is no vampires in this picture! No, there is not. Or maybe there is...The lady started out as a grand vampiress from the game but I did try to "cure" her from vampireism. But as we all know, it's only halfway doable. There is still some hard coded behaviour that she have to live whit. but I can live whit that. Any way, her name is Sofie and her husband is named Demitri. Surename Ducada. The man is a "High School Teacher".

And this is a tiger. ROAR!
Field Researcher
#61 Old 2nd Apr 2018 at 6:13 PM
I haven't played much with the various supernaturals except witches. It was good to see your vampires and their friends.

Demetri is one well-dressed high school teacher!

The cat is gorgeous. I'm glad you included it.
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#62 Old 4th Apr 2018 at 4:53 PM
Cher64: Thank you. Demitri still wears the clothes that he had when he was a vampire. Yes, I let him get bitten. But after a while I thought it was boring to have them that way and cured them.

I have not played much supernaturals except vampires. I did try werewolfs but quit when I found out that the personality would change and would not change back after the sim being cured. I have not found out how to turn a sim into a witch yet but I want to try that.

Yes, it's a cute cat.
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#63 Old 9th Apr 2018 at 2:59 PM
Originally Posted by Mrmo
Cher64: Thank you. Demitri still wears the clothes that he had when he was a vampire. Yes, I let him get bitten. But after a while I thought it was boring to have them that way and cured them.

I have not played much supernaturals except vampires. I did try werewolfs but quit when I found out that the personality would change and would not change back after the sim being cured. I have not found out how to turn a sim into a witch yet but I want to try that.

Yes, it's a cute cat.

@Mrmo I am back to posting as my Partner is out of the Hospital and she is home now.

At this point I have only played one kind of Sims that are not standard and that is Aliens. I am sort of planning on maybe playing Vampires eventually though. How do you like playing Vampires so far? Do you have any Mods related to Vampires?

Me I have several. creaturefixes.package, Carrigon_VampireDaytimeHackOFB.package, MQ_Wants_Cured of Vampirism_Family_Only.package, Christianlov_VampireHungerUpByBite.package, Christianlov_VampireNoTransformToVampire.package, MQ_Vampire_Indoors_Decay_Hack.package, MTS_poifectly_poiple_NoVampireIdleAnimations, and ruluee_vampirereplacementposes.package,

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#64 Old 10th Apr 2018 at 6:54 PM

Oh, I just play vampires like any other sim I guess. Only whit the difference that they can not go out in the sunlight (but I discovered quite early that they can be awake at daytime and do not have any problems if they saty inside). When I first started to play vampires I thought they would be hard but they seem to be very nice. Miss Nilla (for example) is a real friend. I would have no problems being her friend or having her around. The tricky part whit vampires is getting them a job...

I do not have many mods releted to vampires. I only have Creaturefixes and that's only because they have the habbit of biteing random sims every now and then. Old Mrs C is modded out of my game but I guess there are more NPC's that should not be bitten. A while ago a had one of the "gypsy matchmakers" bitten and I do not know if she's alive anymore (I never pay any attention to them). I recently installed Apartment Life and now I see whitches on community lots. But I do not know if the gypsys are still there.
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#65 Old 30th Apr 2018 at 9:56 PM
Hold on folks, updates are comming! I hope I can have some up this weekend. I had some problems whit my internet computer (it's not the same as my Sims 2 computer) and after some trial & errors I did send the old machine to a co worker who got better knowledge then me. So it's been taking care of.

IRL I do hate that sign!
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#66 Old 5th May 2018 at 9:19 PM
Hello everyone!

My computer is still over at my co-workers place but I use this one instead. It's the same HDD but it's a little slower. Oh well, will do.

Anyhow, I did promiss some updates. I will show you pictures and I will start by correcting an error. Do you remember back in the days when I did show you the furries? I thought I was done but there was one lady I did not spot on the radar. So here she is. Say hello to:

Miss Dana Dancer. She is a "Tap dancer". I did try to make her look a little bit like a raver but as I do not have a clue about rave it's up to you to decide if I nailed it or not.

An other picture. At a fancy location, during a chat whit Miss CheeTa Powers.

Now as I recall it, there was some comments about aliens in this thread. I do not have many, well hardly any, in my game but I can introduce you to the first "greenish" sim I did create. It's not a real alien, more of a cartoon character.

And here is miss Shego. Sun. Friends of Disney will surely be screaming loud right now because her should be She Go but whatever. Anyway, the lady is a "University guest lecturer".

And who was the other girl from the show? Correct, miss Kim Possible. In my game she is a "Deep sea excavator".

What? Why did you say I try to steal the attention? Hello, I'm just a cat here! Missy, the cat that never seems to stay in one place for more then a few moments.

I do think I pause here. there is more to come but I do not want to make my post to long. Stay tuned for part two!
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#67 Old 5th May 2018 at 10:07 PM
Ahh, just what I needed. A nice, hot cup of coffee. Now we can go on whit the show.

So, what did I talk about? Oh yes, aliens. Here she is, the only true alien in my game (and her family).

Say hello to:

Miss Nova Tärnholm. A nice teenager but...

...She do not always agree whit everyone. Ain't that true, miss random townie Carin Lantz?

Mr Jonathan Tärnholm. The father. Or maybe mother. Anyway, he is the one who gave birth to the girl. Jonathan is in showbiz but I forgot to check what level he's on. Sorry...

Mr Tärnholms older girlfriend La Texa (named after latex, the farbric her clothes are made of), and the stray wolf Alpha.

And do not forget Lotus, the family dog.

As you can see, there is a lot of simming going on. By the way, do you remember this lady (in the black dress)?

No? Well, she have changed a little, dark sunglasses and new hairdo but It's still the same old Lea (The diva) from Downtown.

As I told you, she have been going through some changes. For a period of time she did look like this. Back then I thought it was nice but now I don't. Back then she was still married to Arnold Platten (one of my sims)

Miss Lea now lives in a apartment toghether whit her friend miss Teasy Tiger. She's not exactly a furry but she does have yellow eyes, animal ears and a tail.

And that's all for tonight folks! If you want I will be back here whit more actuion next week. I do not know what to show you but I will come up whit something. Until then, godbay and happy simming!
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#68 Old 19th May 2018 at 9:01 PM Last edited by Mrmo : 4th Jun 2018 at 5:55 AM.
Hi everyone!

I'm so sorry that there have not been any updates recently but I had other things to think about. And even if I had the game up and running I did find myself so bored that there was not mush playing at all. So I decided to take a breake and try to come back and enjoy the game as I used to. I hope you don't mind. I will still be around but I will not be posting pictures for a while.
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#69 Old 19th May 2018 at 11:27 PM
It's a game and it's supposed to be fun. If it becomes a chore, you definitely need to do something else for a while! Many of us have probably experienced the same thing at some point, so I'm sure everyone understands. I hope things work out so that you will enjoy your game again.
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I just come to realise something: My thread has 10.846 views! Yay! But it have not been updated in a month and that's a thing I would like to change right now.

In my opinion The Sims 2 is not a game I would like to call "a walk in the park". So what can I show you in this thread? Well, A Park of cause! I'm going to split this block into two post. Hope you don't mind.

Let's go to Bridgewater first and the subhoods own little park. The "City park" was the first I ever created (well, remodeled) but to be quite honest whit you I'm not that happy whit it as it's quite small and full of big trees. But I'm keeping it that way for now.

The City Park. Welcome.

A peek over the hedge.

It's a small park but there's a lot of water in it.

Toilets and a place to play the bass.

So how did you like that? To small? Yes it was. But if you like anything bigger we can always go Downtown to:

The "North SimCenterPark". The name was similar before I rebuild it but I did change it to english. Because I could.

I did not use so many trees in here so the park would feel more open. The small buildings are restrooms.

There is some activities avalible in the park but not to many. If you do not want to use the swings or play chess or darts... can always play the drums. If your good you can make some money to.

So. that's all for the first part. Stay tuned!
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But wait, I I recall correctly there was a "south" SimsCenterPark to. That's right, and here it is:

Your all very welcome. When I started there was not mush to it, only restrooms and a giant pool but now the park is full of things to do.

You can watch and learn the the Fire dance, through an axe, make hotdogs...

...Learn to Breakedance...

...Or find out if the statue is alive or not. Wait, did that arm just move?

And for the children there are a lot of options.

And the adults can chill in the hot spring. (I had to move the spring away from the wall so the sims could walk around it. This picture is from before the adjustment).

I did not know what to add here so I build a bridge and did cut out another exit.

And that's all for this park. It did take a lot of energy but I sure was worth it. I'm not sure when the next update will be or what it will show but there's always room for something. Stay tuned and have a nice weekend! Thankyou and goodnight!
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Hello all! Yes, I'm back again. I can try to explain what happend but the fact is that I don't know myself. So insteda of making up excuses I here plan to upload some of my creations.

As I recall it some of you did find interest in my restaurants so I thought: Why not pick up that track again? This time it won't be any OFB's but I'm sure you won't mind. this post will be quite interesting because I will have the lowest and the highest classed restaurants at the same place. Cool huh? Let's get started shall we?

So here is the first place I want to show you. I was quite inspired by a member here on MTS who made a similar (but far better looking) restaurant (see here: ). Anyway, here it is, the Food Bar (give myself a thumb down for that name).

Sorry for the bad view. There are toilets in the left part of the building. And yes, it's raining...

After the rain from an other angle. I don't know why all this people are standing around talking. Don't they have anything better to do?

So what do you think? No? No wish for fast food? To low class? OK then, let's go the best restaurant in all of Bridgewater (and the rest of Veronaville). Welcome to:

The Cordon Blue.

It does not look much from this angle but just wait and see...

That's far better.

A quick overview. (Sorry for the border on the right hand of the pic). I did change the "content" of the speakers so they do play music like this:

And please do remember that formal clothing is required to enter this restaurant!
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I just happen to notice something. This thread have +13K views!! I did not expect that when I started it and all I can say is: Thank you all!!

And as my thread being viewd by so many I assume that you all want something to look at. Well, I got something new tonight. as you know I like to create restaurants and I will show you two more this time. Let's start whit a little place that I did create way back. It's a place that is not relly true to it's name but it's good enough to show I guess. Anyway, here it is: Restaurant Romantic.

In wintertime. How romantic

A look inside. This restaurant is designed for dates, that's why the tables only have two chairs.

A pic from the dinning room. Yes it does look silly that the sims are sitting in their outerwear but thats sadly how the game works whitout mods. But the question is, why did Camilla Toots, the blond "woman" in the white outfit, change into everydaywear at arrival? My sims Silvio Bartholdi and Bella Gotte are however dressed for winter.

Hm OK, that was not that fancy was it? No you are right, it was not. Good thing I have one of my younger places to show you now. So let's not waste any time and head downtown. We got a table reservation in a nice place called La Brasseria

And here we are. Let's get inside. (No it's not a glinsh, someone just walked through the door that's why it's half open).

This looks nice. I just love to build places whit wood, steel and bricks. It looks so "natural" in a way. And...

...I just love this windows! And here we have Princess Luna Moon eating cake. Her name is some sort of a word play as luna means moon in italian. But I'm sure you all did know that . Her grey cat is named Jupiter.

From an other angle. Poof, please don't stare at mrs Noblessa Otilia (the lady in the furcoat) like that. It's not polite!

So, that was all for tonight folks. Until next time, take care and happy simming!
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#74 Old 13th Oct 2018 at 9:37 PM
So, what's up folks? Ready for a small update? No? Well, I do it anyway (Lol).

Anyway, I did not have so much time on my hand this saturday so I only going to show you one place. I give you the "Jazz Barrom & Cuisine" (Featuring Mr Doc. Helionora Bernstein)

And here we are. Yes, it's a reused lot from Nightlife.

The overwiev picture, from the back this time to show you the tiny glass veranda.

The doc takes a drink in the smaller bar. It's only about 9 in the morning but that will do...

The bigger bar and the dining room.

This cool lady just droped in and sat down in the corner.

And that's all for tonight. Until next time: Take care and happy simming!
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#75 Old 20th Oct 2018 at 8:00 PM
Please, don't say he have yet an other restaurant to show us!! Well, I'm sorry but that is in fact the case. But This is the last one I promiss!

And in this case I want some feedback from you. I did try to make an asian style restaurant/bar/disco and it would be very interesting to know if I nailed it or failed it.

Anyway, here is the Bar Restaurant Tofu.

And here we also have Cerry Imohara, who just arrived in her styled car. Yo, yo!

The second floor whit the restaurant

The first floor whit the bar and the disco

Cerry having a drink. And I must say that the blond bartender is very cute

Time for something to eat. But mrs Imohara, whay did you want mac ´n´cheese? It's supposed to be an asian style restaurant! Oh well, you win...
And the girl in the black pants is Desdemona Capp. Oh my...!

A nightshot
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