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#76 Old 30th May 2019 at 8:45 PM
7 months... It's been 7 months! I have not been visiting this thread since the 20:th of October 2018. Shame on me. The rason for doing so is that I did not know what type of content to put into this thread. And then I got other things to do... And after christmas i started playing the sims 3 and learning that was kind of fun so I hardly came to play the sims 2. Oh well, i guess it all looks like bad excuses to you but that the way it is. But i will put up some new content here and I starting tonight. Stay tuned!
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#77 Old 30th May 2019 at 9:56 PM
So, let's begin friends.

After a long period of silence I'm back here and what could be better then to talk about the architecture in my hood. After all, all of my sims have to live somewhere don't they? Well, I think so anyway.

So, what kind of houses (lots) would you find if you could take a walk in my hood? Well, I can tell you straight away that it would be quite a mix and that the most of my sims live in large places. And why is that? Well, most of them got a lot of stuff so they got to have plenty of space. Plus, I find it easier to decorate a big house then a small one. I'm quite a lazy builder so I don't like to build totally from scratch. If I do have the option to rebuild/-decorate a premade house I will do it. But sometimes I like to do my own thing as you will see later. I do use this website for reference and "names" :

So where to start? Well, let's begin whit something smaller. Yes, there is some smaller houses in my hood. They may not be many but I like them anyway.

So let's go home to the family Blyger/Papenburg. They do live in the downtown area of my hood. And the house itself is based on the "Tiny House - 2BR 1BA Driveway".

Quite simple but functional.

And it's made of bricks! I love bricks! And you can not sit down and eat your breakfast without looking at your 1957 Bel Air, that's a no-go.

Next up is Monique Foxynoir and her Big Brother house. Um, that was a typo but as you can see, it close to the truth.

Yes, that's a s..t load of glass!... I build this house as a crazy idea. I wanted to know how it looked if I let the inside and the outside of the house "speak" whit each other.

A look inside. And before you ask: No, that's not an odd looking green's grass! Yes, Grass man!

Speaking about this Tiny house, I made an other creation out of it. A house, and a lot, that I use on many places in my hood. You can call it some sort of "default" lot. I call it "Extra ordinary". Yes, it is the tiny house but whit a second floor. All of this houses do have the same layout but I did chose to visit the family Mason for this.

As told, this building is used all over the hood. It comes in many colors.

First floor. This house does come whit a extra room in the back. Non of the others do that.

Second floor. There is a similar house just down the road that do have a extra (bed) room just under the roof. What should we call that part, the attic?

well, this was the first set of residential lots from my hood. Did you like it? Like always, comments are welcome. Stay tuned for more lots. See you then.
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#78 Old 31st May 2019 at 9:49 AM
As they say: Another day, another dollar. Here is a second set of pics from my hood. this time whit some bigger houses.

And we begin whit a house based on the "City House - 2BR 1.5BA Garage" lot. Please note: "Garage" is here the missing piece. There are houses like this that stick to the original layout but not this one. Anyway, let's go home to the Cool/Mahn family and I tell you more.

And here we are. As you see, the garage is nowhere to be found. Instead I made the house bigger...

...And did use the space for an hobby/music room.

Two larger bathrooms on the second floor. And bedrooms.

The next house is custom made by me. I can't recall using another house as a base for this one but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, here is the house of the familys Papenburg/Powers.

It does look a little like a windmill whiteout wings. Curved walls would be optimal but it's not possible to do that in the sims 2. The part sticking out in the garden is a bathroom.

A pic of the living room on the second floor. From here the family can look down into the kitchen. The next floor is just bedrooms and a bathroom.
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#79 Old 22nd Jun 2019 at 5:57 PM
I love to see what players choose for houses and how they decorate them. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
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#80 Old 7th Jul 2019 at 8:50 AM
Originally Posted by Cher64
I love to see what players choose for houses and how they decorate them. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Thanks a lot! I almost thought no one was interested but now I can upload more pics.
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#81 Old 15th Sep 2019 at 9:00 AM
Hello all!

I'm very sorry that it have been two months but I have been playing the Sims 3 and 4... (OK, you can stop yelling at me now )

Anyway, I did start up the game yesterday and took some snapshots that I can upload here. I do think I have material for one more post but after that I do not know what to show you. Maybe I put this thread to an end after that. We have to see...

But now I'm here. The first house I'm going to show you is the home of the couple Silvio Bartholdi and his girlfriend Bella Gotte. I did try to make the building look like a house from south Germany/Austria and if we have any players here from that region your free to tell me if I did get this right or not. At the time of building my game was far from "fully loaded" so I had to work whit what I had.

I did not plan this, I just got lucky that this lot had "winter" at the time.

As the house is very small I did go for an open floor plan downstairs.

There is some rooms upstairs. Maybe two toilets is to mush but I did put it in anyway.

Now, that house (lot) was very small. In the other end of the scale is the next building. It's the home of my family Oz. Madam Zelda (known from "Restaurant Gothica", Timmy and Ziriam is supposed to be some sort of "goth" themed family but they are all very nice.

An overview picture. No one in the family is interested in gardening but I think the garden looks far better "in theme" like this. And the closest "neighbor" is the cemetery "Gothier Green Lawns". That wasn't planned. Honestly...

This house is very dark. The sims don't seems to like it but I would love to live there.

Upstairs. Bedrooms, a small gym and the hobby room of Mrs Oz.

And to top it off, a small room for gaming.
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#82 Old 17th Sep 2019 at 8:16 PM
Silvio and Bella's little house is really cute. I especially like the kitchen. Having more than one bathroom, if you have the room for it, is always a good idea, I think. I have some houses with only one, and it can be a challenge sometimes getting everyone ready before they leave for work.

The Oz house is perfect for a bunch of goths. Too bad they don't seem to like it as much, because I would think it suits them very much.
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#83 Old 29th Sep 2019 at 9:45 AM
hello again.

found some new houses that >might< be of interest. This is going to be a 2 poster. First of all, I want to apologize for the night pics. I use to save while the sims are sleeping (works well in any game but TS4) and instead of changing to daytime I just went from there.

Anyway, I'm from Sweden, the south-west part. Longer up north there are big old houses called "HÀlsingegÄrdar" and I once wanted to give a Swedish feeling to my game. Back then my collection of CC and other stuff were limited so I just worked whit what I had. I aimed at something like this: and this is what's came out. It's the home of Manfred and Elfride Bissmark.

I call this lot "Old Swede".

I did not try to build any open verandas (as in the linked pic) but I'm quite happy whit it.

Second floor (in a bad angle). My sims use to have a lot of things everywhere but in this case wanted to keep the house "uncluttered".

This is a separate house on the lot where the family can do their hobbies.
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#84 Old 29th Sep 2019 at 10:00 AM
It's late at night, and we are in a part of my hood called "City" (Downtown) visiting Jade Maroo and her boyfriend Tybalt Capp. This house is based on the "Modern Masterpiece but I changed it a little.

From the front...

...and the back. I really liked how the pool turned out.

There is quite a lot of open spaces in this house. From the bedroom you can look down into the living room and the stair ends in the dining area. And why is that hedge there?

Because there is a bathroom there whit big windows. May I have some privacy please? And there is Tipsy, the old doggy. Yes the gardeners have a lot to do, tell you that much.
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#85 Old 29th Sep 2019 at 7:51 PM
I like the closed version of the verandas in the Bissmark house. It makes a nice entry area on the main floor, and a little nook for reading or something quiet upstairs.

Jade's house turned out nice, too. It keeps a modern, open feel from the front, but has some nice privacy features in the back (including that hedge!).
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I have one female Alien sim that is a product of two female sims, one of them Stella Terrano.
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