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Default Fashion Wishlist!
Is there a piece of clothing that you really want? Or perhaps you want something else associated with fashion, for example, a dress mannequin for designing.

So yeah! Use this thread for your many wishlists, and perhaps questions or queries on where to get certain things.

My turn..
I have wanted some 'two tone tights' from Chanel for ageeeees! I have no idea where to get them from though, as they are no longer available on the website, they are probably really expensive too
I would love them in this colour:

Your turn?

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And this:

Most of my wardrobe is soul cal from republic. :P

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I absolutely adore Balmain jackets and would love to get my hands on one!

Ffion, you can get some pretty nice replica Chanel tights online.
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I have so many jackets than I know what to do with! Jackets are wonderful because they can instantly change an outfit and don't really go out of season.

I pretty much died over the Christian Dior Fall show. So gorgeous, and I absolutely love the concept. It's artistic and dramatic, without being silly.
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Anything really from Miu Miu's last collection (F/W 2010) or the current (S/S 2011) Prada collection.
I love the whole balloon sleeve concept, and on top of maxi stripes and briht colours... mm.
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