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#876 Old 19th Oct 2021 at 7:09 AM
/spanish / woa.. este desafío es el primero que hago, es realmente dificil, yo descargue los lotes de MTS, y la verdad, la primera murieron quemados, mi sim controlable por desgracia fué el primero así que los demás como no podía controlarlos ,murieron,intenté de nuevo y mi sim es un esclavo de esa panda de vagos.. todo lo debo hacer yo, y no tengo comida ni cama, las reglas son muy estrictas,la verdad dudo que alguien haya podido terminar este desafio sin trampas.
Al final empecé el tercero, y solo me permití un baño, ducha y silla en una habitacion para mi, pero como siempre los sims empiezan a llorar, a mearse, tenia la bici estatica sin el mod, y 2 murieron de hammbre, ahora puse el mod de que no se suicidan en la bici,ya que eso es un error de maxis, si no es así me lo teneis que deci y quito el mod,pero la bici esa que viene en el lote, asesina a los sims, es un desastre,me tocó en 2 desafios ser la mano de poseidon, y no lo he logrado, no sé si vale que se mueran todos,si se mueren todos igual lo consigo,ya que solo debo cuidarme yo xD / english / woa .. this challenge is the first one I do, it is really difficult, I downloaded the batches of MTS, and the truth is, the first one died burned, my controllable sim unfortunately was the first so the others as I could not control them, they died, I tried again and my sim is a slave to that bunch of bums ... I have to do everything, and I have no food or bed, the rules are very strict, I really doubt that anyone could have finished this challenge without cheating.
In the end I started the third, and I only allowed myself a bath, shower and chair in a room for me, but as always the sims start to cry, to piss, I had the static bike without the mod, and 2 died of hunger, now I put The mod that they do not commit suicide on the bike, since that is a maxis error, if not, you have it for me to say and remove the mod, but the bike that comes in the lot, kills the sims, is a disaster, I had to be the hand of poseidon in 2 challenges, and I have not achieved it, I do not know if it is worth that they all die, if they all die the same I get it, since I only have to take care of myself xD
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#877 Old 16th Dec 2021 at 2:56 PM
Just popping in to say that TheMediocreSulk at Garden of Shadows has posted a rewrite of the challenge concept here. I've always wanted to see a variation on the "only one controllable sim in a household" idea that does not poke fun at mental health issues, and here it is!

I'm considering my own variant where the concept revolves around dealing with roommate drama - possibly involving apartments and Squinge's Multiple Roommates mod. I may have to playtest that now I've mentioned it.

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#878 Old 17th Dec 2021 at 4:32 AM
I have suffered from depression since I was a child and I did not feel bad about that challenge, since it is a joke, it is just a challenge, I do not think that it makes fun of anyone, at least I think so, also you should take care of them, but I understand your position, The asylum challenge can also be done like they have been trapped in a house and only one can go out, or as you say a party etc ... I liked it the most and I have achieved it with a sim of knowledge and His lifelong desire was to learn the 7 skills to the fullest, I doubt that it can be achieved in another way, since for professions you must have many friends, or if you choose a family sim and they ask you to see 6 grandchildren married, because the Challenge does not end even with mods.
I think that many write the challenge, set rules and they themselves have not done it, for it to be a challenge, it must have been done and completed, it is not worth setting random and exorbitant rules and whoever can try it and you watch your sims die ... I'm creating one with elders, but I need support for the theme.
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#879 Old 17th Dec 2021 at 8:26 AM
Thank you for sharing your viewpoint on this challenge, @Missdabone - although jokes can sometimes be hurtful, I understand your position too, and I enjoy the challenge of only controlling one sim as well. I'm glad that you can play it without feeling bad, and as someone who also has suffered from depression, I wish you the best in healing. Take care

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#880 Old 17th Dec 2021 at 5:02 PM Last edited by Missdabone : 21st Dec 2021 at 1:05 AM.
Thanks to you for sharing this page, I downloaded 2 lots, they looked great to do the challenge again with some changed rules. Greetings and take care
P:S: your lots or the ones you have referred have a bug. they should clean them
#881 Old 14th May 2022 at 1:38 AM
I freaking finally completed this challenge. Of course, I added my own set of rules. I used premades instead of creating new sims. Anywho, Mary-Sue Pleasant became a City Planner to free everyone from the asylum. Only two sims died (old age), while leaving six other insane sims.

I didn't calculate points or anything like that. I just wanted Mary-Sue to get to Level 10 in her career.

It was a crazy family affair

There's no drama, like Sims drama.

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