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Sims 2 Not Soo Berry Challenge 2.0
So I have realized that the Not So Berry challenge for Sims 2 was already posted by ChisanaAoi, but I realized no one has done the 2.0 version. So I did it here
This was inspired by ChisanaAoi, Lilsimsie, alwaysimming and simmer-emsie! You can always offer changes to make it better!!

Basic rules:

Each heir must represent the colour of the generation (like hair, makeup, clothing), but brightly-coloured skin isn’t necessary.
The colours of the spouses don’t matter as they aren’t part of the challenge. Unless otherwise stated you can do whatever you please with them.
Cheats can be used, but not excessively.
You may live wherever you please unless something is specified in the rules of a generation.
Every generation is supposed to complete both the career and aspiration of the heir unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Keep the lifespan on normal.

Generation One: Onyx
Long story short, your family kicked you out. Whatever. You couldn’t care less! You’ve always been the black sheep of the family, and now you’ve got to go out on your own just like you always planned. You work odd jobs to make ends meet, but you never seem to get ahead.

Aspiration: Popularity
Career: Entertainer
Complete the Popularity aspiration.
Start on an empty lot with 100 Simoleons. Hard mode: Start as a teen.
Complete your sims lifetime wish
Your only friend is your spouse.
Reach Level 10 in the Entertainer Career
Max out the Charisma skill

Generation Two: Sapphire
Growing up, you had a hard life. Your parents were always struggling, and they rarely had time to raise you. You spent a lot of time eating snacks instead of meals and hanging out at the park. Honestly? You kind of resent them for it. You know you’ll never treat your own kids that way. In fact, you’d do anything for your kids… including indulging in a little five-finger discount at the neighbour’s house.

Aspiration: Family
Career: Babysitter (Teen), Business
(For the Babysitter job is is required to have a babysitter job mod, but if you cant have mods just go with any job for your teen sim)


Complete the Family aspiration and reach level 10 of the Business career.
Max the logic, and parenting skills.
Complete your sims lifetime wish
Have a negative relationship with both your parents.
Every time you Woohoo, it must be “try for a baby”.
Add a new piercing or tattoo for every new child you have. ( You will need piercing or tattoo cc for this but you can skip this step)

Generation Three: Morganite

You were raised in a hectic household. You shared a room with all your siblings, and never got an ounce of privacy. To get away from it all, you spent your days on the monkey bars and later on the rock-climbing wall. You get an apartment on your own as soon as you’re old enough in a faraway town, and learn quickly that you’re much more special than your upbringing would have you believe.
Aspiration: Popularity or Fortune
Career: Stylist ( You will need the Hairdresser job mod)


Complete either the Popularity or Fortune aspiration and reach level 10 of the Stylist/Hairdresser career.
Max the fitness bar and the body skill.
Complete your sims's lifetime wish.
Move near to the ocean at the peak of your adulthood
Marry the first sim you meet.
Have one child only (you may cheat for this).

Generation Four: Quartz
Your parent was a bit of a public figure, but you always shied away from the limelight. You like cats and romance novels, and all you really want to do is knit clothes for charity. You lead a book club and sometimes play the piano when the other book club members ask you to.
Aspiration: Knowledge(Or any you like)
Career: Politics

Complete the Knowledge(or any you like)aspiration and reach level 10 of the Politics career.
Max the charisma, skill.
Adopt at least two cats from the shelter and one stray cat.
Complete your sims's lifetime wish.
Have an on-again, off-again relationship with their partner.
Never marry.

Generation Five: Citrine
You’ve always wanted to be the best at everything. You really, really want to impress your parent, but they don’t seem to have time for you between caring for all the cats and the book club. You get the best grades in school, participate in extracurriculars, and you even party the hardest at university. You never want to settle down, but you can’t stop love from sprouting when one day your academic rival winks instead of snarls. Also, you really, really hate cats.

Aspiration: Knowledge

Career: Science

Go to college
Complete the Knowledge aspiration and reach level 10 of the Science career.
Max the robotics and dancing skills.
Complete your sims's lifetime wish.
Go to university, live on campus, and get a degree (Computer Science or Physics).

Generation Six: Jade
As the child of an engineer, you’re familiar with mechanics and electricity and the inevitable dark plumes of smoke. As you get older, you realize you want to make up for the carbon footprint of your parent through living an entirely green life. As a vegetarian, you love thinking up new and creative recipes, and the cooking channel is the soundtrack of your life.

Aspiration: (any of your choice)

Career: Architecture


Complete the (any of your choice) aspiration and reach level 10 of the Architecture career.
Max the cooking skill.
Complete your sims's lifetime wish.
Have a “green” lot with extremely reduced bills.
Visit the community center every Saturday.

Generation Seven: Amber
After growing up on collard greens and tofu, you can’t help but eat as much as you can of everything that you can. Your parent was entirely selfless, but all you ever wanted was to be spoiled. You make it your mission in life to be as rich as possible, and to become super famous through acting. Right before your death, you’re overcome by altruism and give the family fortune to charity.

Aspiration: Fortune

Career: Show Business (you need to go to university to get this)


Complete the Fortune aspiration and reach level 10 of the Show Business career.
Max the charisma and creativity skill.
Complete your sims's lifetime wish.
As an elder, master the art & crafts skill.
On your Sim’s final day of life, use the “money 100” cheat.

Generation Eight: Amazonite
Okay, so, your parent went off the deep end and now you have no money. Not to worry! You’ve always been interested in the outdoors and travelling, so you decide to become an archaeologist. That’ll bring in some money… right? You take on a job gardening too, just in case.

Aspiration: Knowledge

Career: Gardener (that you plant only sell crops, so no actual job)


Complete the Knowledge aspiration
Max the cooking and logic skills.
Complete your sims's lifetime wish.
Have twins a few days before you become an elder (you may cheat for this).

Generation Nine: Topaz
You’re a really important person in your career, which kind of sucks because you’re also secretly a magician! When you were very young, you tried to use magic to prevent your elderly parents from dying. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work, but you continued on your spellcasting journey. You use humour to deflect questions about unearthly happenings around you. Your faithful dog is your closest companion, but also much too smart for a regular dog… Hopefully no one at work catches on.

Aspiration: Pleasure (secondary: Fortune)

Career: Business


Complete the Pleasure and reach level 10 of the Business career.
Max the creativity and charisma skills.
Complete your sims's lifetime wish.
Have a familiar (preferably your dog, but it’s up to you!).
Break up with your partner when they realize you’re a witch. Then, marry them to make sure they keep the secret.

Generation Ten: Ruby
Your family has a long and lustrous history. You’ve been told your oldest ancestor had nothing but 100 Simoleons to their name. Well, you have no interest in letting your good name come to an end. You seek to maintain the bloodline forevermore with immortality (…and social media).

Aspiration: Popularity(secondary: Family)

Career: Gamer or Paranormal

Go to university
Complete the Popularity aspiration and reach level 10 of the Gamer career.
Max the Creativity skill.
Become a vampire.
Increase your paranormal scale
Have a good reputation
Complete lifetime wish.
Turn your spouse into a vampire*.
*You may, if you wish, name the Ruby heir Carlisle. You may not, under any circumstances, name them Edward.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge 2! …Now what?

Again thank you to everyone who inspired this. I'm sure it will be really fun to play!
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Interesting. Complicated! Too much for Ms Short Attention Span here.

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Originally Posted by grammapat
Interesting. Complicated! Too much for Ms Short Attention Span here.

Oh I see lol- Atleast I tried
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Originally Posted by Zero_Light
Oh I see lol- Atleast I tried

I'll be sure to try this out after I complete the "first part" of the Not So Berry Challenge. :D
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I love this BUT question- With the 1st generation you are required to fulfill the lifetime aspiration, but your only friend can be your spouse. If your lifetime aspiration is a career, and you have to complete the Entertainer career, how can you fulfill it with only 1 friend? Any solutions?
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