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Is it possible to take a family in the family bin from one neighborhood and put them into a different one?
Like, an off-shoot of the Calientes in the family bin in Pleasantview, but placing them into Veronaville.
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Only Sims 3 does that. You could only clone Sims' appearances through Body Shop and then have those Sims appear in the Sim Bin (available through CAS), but their personality wouldn't be carried over (aspirations, turn-ons, interests, memories, relationships).

You could place a family on a lot and then move the lot (be it empty or with a house) in the Lots & Houses Bin. This would corrupt both the source and destination neighborhoods, though, but would make copies of Sims across neighborhoods.
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Possible, yes. Advisable, no.
A tool to do this shipped with the game, but people who did it found that the moved family had no relationships or memories at all anymore, and over time it became clear that this action corrupted both neighborhoods. As I understand it, what happens is that some of the data for the members of the household goes with them, and some gets left behind. These stray bits of data then become attached to new characters (as the ID Nos of the sims who left get reused), often inappropriately, leading to things like pets walking like human sims and with inappropriate relationships. Meanwhile, the new neighborhood has sims with incomplete data, so they aren't going to work right.

The safe way to get this effect is to clone the sims in the household by copying their appearance in SimPE and adding them to the Saved Sims folder, where you can take the shells and recreate the personalities in CAS. They won't remember Veronaville, but you can simulate many of the things that make them themselves by manipulating interests, hobbies, income, etc., with editing tools and cheats. Meanwhile, if you don't want to play the original household, you can declare them "moved" and make them into townies (such as vacation locals or downtownies) who only show up occasionally in the background; have them quit their jobs and then move them to the family bin indefinitely; or use Simlogical's Prison System to give them prison tokens and keep them away from community lots.

It is generally held that, after cloning with SimPE, that sims should be "cleaned" by cloning them again in Bodyshop. The reason for this is that SimPE clones have much larger files than bodyshop clones, and we don't know exactly why. SimPE clones retain the data for their different states of dress, including Seasons hairstyle changes; but is that enough to account for the file size difference? I don't know of anyone who has experimented with this to find out. This is why people sharing sims will often specify that a sim has been "run through" or "cleaned in" Bodyshop. The whole point of the exercise is to avoid corruption, after all! And we simply don't know for sure whether a SimPE clone has damaging data attached to it, or not.

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Running the SimPE-extracted sim through Bodyshop extracts the face and the wearable CAS info - and only that (the info is stored in the 8x8 digit package file that is created when you clone/make a sim). Any ingame info and personality is removed. If you try to package this sim, you'll get the face file and any packagable CC.

If you try to package a SimPE-sim that hasn't been cloned in Bodyshop, the original SimPE-extracted file will be packaged. This file is the actual sim, not the face file, and it doesn't have the info stored the same way as a Bodyshop clone. It doesn't package any CC.

Packaging sims with houses is a bad idea, and putting an occupied lot down in a new neighborhood is an even worse idea, because it can cause corruption (leftover memories, relationships, etc.) - whether it happens slow or fast would probably depend on how much you play that neighborhood and/or family, and whether you're prepared to stand by with a cleaning crew to fix the mess. The only "safe-ish" occupied lot is the Kim&Kat house that originally shipped with Pets.
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I've taken a few Sims on vacation and every time they ordered room service and ate their food, neither the housemaid or my Sims themselves would clean it up. The housemaid wouldn't make an attempt (but they'd clean everything else) and my Sims would stomp their feet at me. I had to remove them myself with Stuck Object Remover. I did do some research, and I do have "nobathroomdishes" by Pescado so what I'm wondering is... If I put a dishwasher in each hotel room or somewhere else in the hotel (i.e the reception), would this be enough for them to actually clean the dishes up? I don't want to remove "nobathroomdishes"
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@CatMuto because of the problems that other simmers have mentioned, the best way to do this, if you want sims to have their memories and relationships, etc., would be to add Pleasantview as a subhood to the new hood you want. The downside is that you would have to add the whole neighborhood, and so get rid of the sims you don't want (kill them, make them townies, stick a prisoner tag in their inventories, etc.) But the upside is that it will be Nina and Dina with their history and connections and memories. Several people have made main hoods as subhoods; I use ones by Meetme2theriver, but there's newer/other ones out there.

@Fyren5 The housekeeper is notoriously buggy. You want Improved Housekeeping by Simwardrobe/Paladin. Look in the SimWardrobe archive under Objects - NPCs and NPC Fixes. I also recommend Bellhop Repair fix, too.

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